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The ChopChop Family Cookbook

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The ChopChop Family Cookbook is a great cookbook for parents wanting to involve children in the making of food, enjoying a family experience from beginning to end. There is a great introduction on how to get kids involved, from teaching essential skills to integrating science lessons into the process. The author goes into how to read nutrition labels, cooking terms, and general information written with kids in mind.

The cookbook is separated into logical sections, which I have listed below with some of the standouts.

Breakfast: Tropical Smoothie; Orange-Banana Parfait; Blueberry Refrigerator Oatmeal; Morning Rice Pudding

Lunch: No-Knead Bread; Rainbow Sandwich

Salads: Tahini Dressing; ChopChop Salad; Kitchen Sink Salad

Soups: Tomato Soup with Cheddar Cheese and Basil; Lentil Soup with Spinach and Coconut

Snacks: Classic Hummus and Variations; Rice Cake Granola Bars; Whole-Wheat Flatbread

Dinner: Easy-Crust, Any Vegetable Pizza; Red Beans and Rice; Mustard and Rosemary Roasted Chicken

Sides: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Desserts: Snickerdoodles; Pineapple Frozen Yogurt; Apple Cranberry Oat Bars

Essential Ingredients and Equipment: Section introducing knife skills at the end, with measurements, helpful how-tos, and how to roast common vegetables

Overall, the cookbook does not talk down to kids and gets them involved. There are helpful text boxes throughout, like how to wash your hands, all about bananas, and let's talk about eggs. There are kitchen science pages like what happens when you overmix batter, or why do bananas turn brown. This is a great family cookbook with many healthy recipes, so I would recommend it to parents and kids.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy by NetGalley and the publisher. The decision to read and review this cookbook was entirely my own.

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I really enjoyed this cookbook! I love that there where pictures of some of the recipes. It was nice to see that there where basic things that kids can learn about how to store certain fruit and the different benefits of them. Pics and instructions on how to cut fruits and vegetables is also very helpful for those just learning to cook. All the recipes looked delicious and i cant wait to make some of them with my kids.

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This cookbook is truly for families.

The recipes are mostly simple, or for well known meals, but they are great for teaching children/teens how to be in the kitchen and approach some food independence.

The instructions are fairly easy to understand and there are a solid amount of photos, but this is still where the book falters a bit. Keeping in mind that this is for families, some more photos of the steps for recipes would've made this book excellent.

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Vibrant images, delicious ingredients, fun recipes, and great organization... This was a fantastic book good with fun recipes. It family can't wait to try them!

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A fantastic child friendly cookbook! Simple, easy to follow recipes that are healthy and delicious! This book would be a perfect gift for a child and an essential buy for the school library. I wish there were more photos of the recipes in progress to make the book more accessible to those who are not confident readers. Many of the recipes are common ones so better suited to beginners/young cooks.

This is an unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this review copy.

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Looking for recipes to cook with your family, and teaching kids how to cook? The ChopChop Family Cookbook: Real Food to Cook and Eat Together; 150+ Super-Delicious, Nutritious Recipes is an excellent choice for the cookbook shelf. The recipes are kid-friendly, and are appealing to all ages. They include breakfasts like smoothies, different kinds of oatmeal and other grain-filled dishes, and even basics like scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes, and French toast. Featured are also breads and lunches that kids love: quesadillas, sandwiches, and kid-type salads. The book also includes several excellent salad dressing that will persuade children to eat more healthy salads. This cookbook also features several mouthwatering soups, as well as healthy spreads and dips for healthier snacks. There are also dinner choices like oven fried chicken and salmon, as well as a few yummy desserts.

This cookbook includes great pointers for cooking with kids, and teaching them good cooking skills. There are articles on different ingredients, such as eggs, greens, cucumbers, and grapefruit. The recipes are mostly simple and are easy to follow. They are written in the traditional manner and will be easy for both beginning and advanced cooks.

All told, this cookbook includes appealing and healthy recipes that everyone in the family will love to eat, and that will be fun to cook with kids. There are beautiful photographs of the recipes, and the book will appeal to kids because it is so colorful. Incidentally, the book will also appeal to adults who like colorful, healthy food.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

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I was not familier with Chop Chop Family magazine. But this was a fresh, colorful, inviting cook book! There are so many compelling ideas – accessible, appealing, and joyfully doable. The explanations take just the right tone, so that children and their grownups will fall in love with cooking while learning both techniques and nutrition wisdom. I can’t wait to try some of these dishes myself. And I will be checking out the magazine.

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This is a colorful cookbook which features more than 150 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It appeals to both adults and kids. The recipes include Overnight Oatmeal, Double Vegetable Fried Rice, Free Form Lasagna and One-Ingredient Banana Ice cream. The book gives simple cooking and meal-prep instructions. It is designed to help families develop the know-how and confidence to cook and make the homemade meals together. The book is broken down into breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert chapters. I plan on ordering a copy of this easy to use cookbook in order to cook with my grandchildren. If you like easy to use cookbooks then you would love this book. Thanks to NetGalley and Storey Publishing, LLC for a copy for an honest review.

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Great eats - easy to prep... and some pretty good photos (that's what makes or breaks a cookbook for me).
I enjoyed both the recipes and additional text information provided.

Reading this within the NetGalley app that eventually disappears or expires is not the most ideal - especially for cookbooks that I'd love to have access to after it pubs.

I want to thank NetGalley, the author and the publisher for providing me with an eARC of this publication. In return, I have promised to provide an unbiased review. I really wish more cookbooks were formatted better and offered as a Kindle version.

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Great photos, with easy read make recipes with common ingredients. Recipes even a finnicky would like. Good for libraries and home use.

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Talk about a great first cookbook for kids! These aren’t dumbed down recipes. They are really interesting recipes and there’s something for everyone. Perfect to get your kiddos in the kitchen with you.

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This book is amazing!! So many ideas and beautiful illustrations! Lot of options if you don't eat eggs or are vegetarian for example. I have so many to try and I love to cook with my daughter!

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Don’t let the title fool you that you need to come from a household of parents and children in order to enjoy this cookbook. It’s easy, fairly budget-friendly and nutritious recipes that cover a variety of flavor profiles, the helpful informational sections on various foods and ingredients, plus the little variety-packed mix-and match graphs make this a rock-solid addition to anyone’s kitchen library.

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Super accessible cookbook designed to get kids involved in cooking. I really liked that it included pages featuring certain key foods (like bananas or eggs) that gave you insights about those foods, ideas to eat them, and good pairings. No way would my kids eat everything in this book, but I appreciated it as aspirational in encouraging kids to branch out and try new things. Great, colorful photos, and lots of tips for getting kids engaged. Excited to try some of these recipes out!

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A great family cookbook and a guide for kids wanting to get into cooking.

Split into your main meals, plus snacks, there are ample recipes from all over the world to suit all pallets.

The books is easy for kids to follow. It includes some great titbit of info on food and nutrition.

Highly recommend as a resource to get your kids enjoying helping in the kitchen.

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3.5 stars
The book starts with a note to adults, but from there it is written for kids or for the family to use together. I really liked how there was extra info regarding some of the ingredients interspersed, along with info about nutrition/healthy eating. These bits were called things like "Let's Talk About" and "Did You Know?"
Recipes are in chapters on Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner.
Many of the recipes incorporated fruits or veggies and/or used whole grains where a traditional version wouldn't have. Otherwise, none of the recipes were super unique.
The book is colorful and appealing. I do wish there were color photos of all the recipes, because I think seeing finished dishes helps when looking through a cookbook with kids.

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It has been proven over and over that, if your kids cook with you, they are more likely to eat what you have cooked. There are some seriously yummy and family-friendly recipes in here that will get you into the kitchen and having meals that do not incite wars, threats and tears.

The recipes are easy to do and don't cost a lot which is a major bonus these days: many of our clientele have to decide between shelter and food and what is more important. Scary, but true. I will highly recommend this book far and wide.


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I love this cookbook! There are so many recipes that I can see making with my family - healthy, simple and delicious. I will certainly look into purchasing a copy for my recipe shelf!

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Exactly how a child should learn to cook - The ChopChop Family Cookbook is a culinary journey highlighting food facts and nutrition, offering up the how and the why for making delicious food. One of the most extraordinary features is the multicultural approach to the selection of recipes and accompanying photos. This is a handshake across the globe, tagging in one type of cooking and then another, but all in approachable pathways to meals and treats children will ask for again and again. I loved the sidebars and facts, like a comparison of the nutritional value of oranges and bananas. This collection of recipes, traditions, prep skills, and planning sets the stage for a healthy future for children and an appreciation for cooking across cultures. I plan on giving this as a gift, along with ChopChop magazine, to many children in my life.

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Thank you to @netgalley and the publisher for this free eARC.
I am always in search of interesting and fun recipes I can get my kids involved with and this cookbook is just the one.
Plenty of recipes for each meal, simply described and nicely photographed.
Most recipes are good all year round,and since I'm not from the US I really appreciate it.

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