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City of Vicious Night

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Wait, MORE queer space violence and cyberpunk adventures in a seemingly anime inspired future criminal underworld? Sign me up!

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City of Vicious Night was such a great read!

I enjoyed reading this one a lot, even though it took me so long to finish it. I fall in love with a greatly done world building and diverse and interesting characters so I easily loved the world and the characters in City of Shattered Light. I absolutely loved Asa in City of Vicious Night. Her growth and complexity is much more noticeable than that of Riven. Tbh, Riven frustrated me sometimes when she would do things without thinking about the consequences. I loved reading about Asa and Kaya’s relationship.

Overall, City of Vicious Night was an enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi books with great world building and lovable characters.

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I loved this duology so much. The world-building just got better with this one even though it's book two out of two and no more will come after this (or will it?? Claire???). You have not only diversity in sexual identity but race and disabilities too. More than one character is suffering from a chronic illness, be it a physical one or mental one and they are not reduced to their illness. Rather all the characters are multifaceted. If you love sapphics in space and found families, this whole duology is the one for you.

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It took me a while to get back into this one and remember who everyone was and what had happened in the previous book, but once it hooked me I really enjoyed it. It was fun to see Riven and Asa and the gang on their new adventure, and it was good to see them learn things.

I feel like it wasn't concluded as conclusively as I would expect for the end to a series. There were too many loose ends and too many things I wanted answers for. Things were also pretty easy for our band of misfits. They tended to coincidentally find whatever or whoever they needed to solve any problem.

It was a solid adventure though overall and they all had some character growth which I appreciated. It also kept me hooked and I enjoyed the whole thing.

The audiobook was performed well and added to the story.

*Thanks to NetGalley, North Star Editions, and Flux for providing an early copy for review.

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🌺ARC Review🌺
City of Vicious Night by Claire Winn

Date finished: 24th July 2023
Publish date: 23rd May 2023

Series: Requiem Dark #2


Thank you @Netgalley for approving this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

CoVN starts about 4 months after the end of the previous book.
This book was fast paced and action packed. With really high stakes for all the Boomslang crew members from the get go. Never a dull moment.

This book kept me on my toes the entire time. I never knew what would happen next. Or even who was going to survive this book.

I really liked learning more about Asa and her sister, Kaya. They had such a sweet and wholesome relationship.

The biggest annoyance for me, was Riven. She was very impulsive in the first book, and somehow, got worse in this book. She was constantly going off on her own and endangering everyone around her with her half baked plans, without ever thinking about the consequences to her actions.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. Would love to see some spin-off books centring around the rest of the crew.
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The first book was much better but still, the bar was so high (for me personally) that this hardly could've reached it. I am not in any case saying I didn't love this because I would be lying. Getting into more specific aspects, I have to mention the character of Riven and her, at times, insufferable attitude as one of the things that completely put me off, I wish we had seen a more mature and thoughtful side of her, I understand she's still young but her impulsiveness gets too much.

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Another magnificent cyberpunk adventure. I love these characters with all my heart and I loved reading about their new plans and the way their group became even closer. Claire Winn is a master of the found family trope and I wish I was a part of this gang.

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this might just be perfect! sapphic fantasy/sci-fi with robots and artificial intelligence in a fleshed-out word that feels so, SO immersive!

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I absolutely loved the first book so when I got approved for this, I was so excited and it did not let me down! I loved being back in the world and following the characters! I can’t wait to see what else Claire Winn brings us!

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City of Vicious Night was an enjoyable and fun sequel! It picks up right after the event of the first and follows Riven, Asa, and Ty. I really enjoyed coming back to this series again, and cannot wait for more from this crew.

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Thank you to Flux and TBR and Beyond Book Tours for a copy of this book!

In this breathtaking sequel to City of Shattered Light, Riven decides the way to truly leave her mark and help her crew is to become the Matriarch of a syndicate. Riven, Asa, and the rest of the Boomslang Faction enter the ascension trials, but a mysterious entity called Redline is trying to stop them. Meanwhile, Ty has his own problems...

It's so hard to review sequels without leaving any spoilers for the first book!!! This was the PERFECT ending to this duology. There is not a single page that lags in action, angst, and romance! I loved every part of it.

I'm so glad we got more information on Ty, Diego, and Samir. Also more Morphett!!!! I love her!

Asa and Riven. I don't even know how to talk about their relationship without spoilers but I love it so so much! So well developed!

This duology is amazing and incredible! Read it!

Cw: death, torture, captivity, blood, injury detail

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City of Vicious Night is an excellent sequel that improves on the greatest features of the first novel while also introducing new people, storylines, and settings. The world-building is rich and intricate, the characters are well-developed, and the action is fast and furious. Despite its weaknesses, such as a convoluted storyline and an unsatisfying finale, it is a novel that readers of heartfelt science fiction should read.

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If you enjoyed City of Shattered Light, then you’re likely to also love this thrilling and action-packed sequel.
I read the first book in this duology last year, and thought it was really fun, so I was super excited when I received an arc of this book.

Through this book we get even closer to the Boomslang crew as we see them trying to defeat their enemies, while also running for the throne of the matriarchs. Claire Winn did an amazing job writing all the characters, and I really adored all of them a lot.

The worldbuilding in this book (and the duology as a whole) was super interesting, and I loved learning more about how everything worked.

This book had a lot of amazing representation and diversity in terms of not only sexuality, but also race and disabilities.

Thank you to NetGalley and Flux for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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I enjoyed this duology so much!! I think I’m entering my Queer Sci-Fi era in books and I’m loving it!

Our found family from book 1 is back again and taking on a whole new set of challenges and heists to protect themselves and gain power within the Requiem. Asa’s dad is trying to win her back to his side while she tries to face how badly her past actions have assisted his plans and caused pain to her friends and the whole colony. But even as she tries to manage her guilt, her feelings for Riven are growing - but who has time for romance when a rogue AI is attacking them at every turn and causing them to be constantly on the run?

If you missed the feelings of found family and heists from Six of Crows and want to dabble in YA Sci-Fi, I think you’ll enjoy this host of queer young characters trying to survive in a world focused on taking them down. I was engaged the entire time as event after event occurred and I loved these characters so much!!

5 stars!

Thank you to North Star Editions and NetGalley for an E-ARC copy of this book.

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When I first picked up the Requiem Dark series as an ARC reader back in 2021 I absolutely fell in love with the world, the characters and the story. So when I finished the first book thinking it was a standalone it was a sad moment, however the incredible Claire Winn has done it again with this sequel!!

This book is everything I could have wanted for the sequel, from trials and sacrifice, to friendship and romance it was the perfect mix of everything. Also give some hope for continuation of the series!!

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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing this eARC. I really enjoyed reading this sequel. It picks up where we left off in the last book. It's fast-paced and follows the 3 POVs of Riven, Asa and Ty. They and the Boomslang Faction must navigate their lives and try to stop Asa's Dad from his evil plans. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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Rating: 3.75
So first of all, I want to thank NetGalley and Flux, for allowing me to read this book. It was in fact one of my most anticipated books of the year, I even had the opportunity to do a cover reveal, and it was so great.

So I liked this book, it is a good sequel and ending to this story. I was so happy to go back to this found family and see the relationship between Ava and Riven evolve, because of the pining and the fact that they can’t get their shit together. I love messy characters. Also, let’s be honest, Ty… I love this character. But I also liked that we learned more about Diego, Samir (and their beautiful and messy love story), and even Morphett. Like, clearly, this girl is scary and can kill me so quickly, I love girls that can kill. And to be honest, Kaya was a good character, she’s funny, bisexual, and hates the authorities. Another thing that I like was Redline, the mystery surrounding them, and the trials. Also, the ending, to be honest, yes I liked the ending, even if I kind of see it coming at some point (for Ava at least).

But… I found that the story was too fast-paced, a lot of things were happening in this book, and I think 456 pages were not enough, or maybe it could have been two books. Because some events felt almost rushed sometimes. I would have loved that every event, and character, got the time they deserved. And another thing that I really did not like, well I found it “meh”, was the love story between Kaya and Ty. Like, yes they are linked, but it would have been great to see a platonic relationship between the two youngest team members.

So yes, it’s a good book and a good sequel. I will probably read the next one, but it is not the best (for me).

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I always love a good found family story and this is exactly what that is!! Asa and Riven are back and more chaotic than ever! I was fortunate enough to be a part of the cover reveal for this book and receive a physical copy as well. When I tell you I love this duology so much!! It has everything: disaster bisexuals, heists, deadly trials, romantic tension and so much more. I can’t wait to see what Claire Winn does next.

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This was such an exciting read! It was so much fun to dive back into the world of Asa and Riven, and to find out what happened next. I’d forgotten how tense the story could get, and found my self stuck reading it way past when I was meant to be asleep!

I love the way Winn writes. She can really bring a scene into my head, so I can see it play out as well as read it. This can make for some rather intense reading, but with this genre that’s what you want.

The plot moves along steadily, but with some faster paced chapters that break it up nicely. Though I did find that there was quite a bit to keep track of with the different pov chapters, though this didn’t always cause an issue.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for an exciting and well written novel. Especially if you love stories with kick-ass characters and themes of found family. Just make sure you read ‘City of Shattered Light’ first!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for sending me this free eARC (eAdvanced Reader Copy). I am leaving this review voluntarily. This title was published 23rd May 2023.

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