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Really enjoyed reading this one. Was full of twists and turns. Fast paced. A real page turner. On the flip sides de sad as these stories are to often true. Still to this day . Well written

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Kyle lived at Rose Hill Asylum as a child until he was adopted by a loving family. He escaped the horrors of the asylum and had a great childhood with his adoptive family. However, Kyle had to leave his little brother behind. Fast forward 28 years, Kyle revisits the abandoned asylum with his friend. His past choices come back to haunt him. We find out that an unknown person wants revenge for those who wronged him at the asylum. This dark figure comes after Kyle and his loved ones. And Kyle is not going down without a fight.

It's an interesting story. It is not a typical horror asylum. Rather, many of those at the asylum were just regular individuals, who became damaged by the system. It is not a typical psych ward thriller.

There were some good twists and turns in this book. I did not see the big reveal coming at the end. I recommend this chilling read for anyone looking for a thriller with more dimension to it.

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Well it was fun. It gave me the creeps up until the big reveal, but then it drastically subsided. It’s still so enjoyable and exciting to follow tho. I had fun reading it, although I think the villain wasn’t entirely clever with his plan.

I think it would be perfect for spooky season. An asylum and a killer clown really do make a thrilling combination. I didn’t much care about the main character because he was so unlikeable, half wished that he would be killed, in fact. But later I understand that he got issues, we all do, and especially so when you were born and raised in a horrible asylum.

It’s such an easy and quick read. Also the ending was really eery. Have we really revealed the mystery of Kyle past? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I received this Arc from The Wild Rose Press Inc. on Netgalley.

I enjoyed this book. The storyline was intriguing and gripping and I loved the creepy setting of the abandoned Asylum. I didn’t really like the main character, but this didn’t make it difficult or make me enjoy the book any less despite this, as it sometimes does reading a book where you don’t like the main character.

I enjoyed the multiple third person POV’s so we were able to get a glimpse into what Stitches, Beth and Kyle were thinking and doing. However, I did feel like Stitches character lacked some depth. I enjoyed the ending of the book and was glad that Kyle and Roy did get to meet again and reconcile a relationship.

I found this book quite easy to read and very enjoyable!

I rated this book 4⭐️.

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Asylum starts out slow then builds up to a heart racing end. While it's not a paranormal horror, it's still certainly a horror in the sense that the humans are the monsters. Since it was my misunderstanding about what subgenre this is, I'm giving it five stars, however.

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I received this book as an eARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review and opinions. Thank you for the opportunity!

This book is a hard one to review.. I absolutely LOVED the story. I loved the spooky, scary setting and it definitely gave me nightmares! With that being said.... I did not enjoy the characters. Every one of them bored or aggravated me, personally.
However, I do still highly recommend this read to anyone interested since it may very well be just me that doesn't like the characters and the story is still quite enjoyable!

Happy reading!

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This was a weird book. I felt a lot of the dialogue was canned and the main character, Kyle, is kind of a twit. I don't get why he would continually put himself in danger and completely disregard his wife and daughter in the process. I get he had a crappy childhood growing up in an asylum and then being adopted (with a twist - no spoilers) he would have some baggage. However, making stupid decisions didn't seem to be a part of that.

I also guessed the big reveal before it happened, probably because it's been done before. Plus the hints the author dropped made it fairly obvious.

I finished the book but the ending felt unsatisfying.

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This was weird AF and extremely creepy. I loved the setting. Urban exploring is so fun and I guess I get why our guy would want to go explore, however I hated him and basically everyone else.
Beth was cool though. She deserves a lot better than this crap.
4/5 stars for giving me nightmares.

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