Cover Image: The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions, Volume 2

The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions, Volume 2

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A great devotional for families. I asked my 17 year old to also read. He said that this was mainly for City people and the things in this devotional one person or another in our family has already tried. The only chapter I will have to disagree on is about pornography. We have taught our kids especially our boys about the dangers of this from the time puberty hit. This is not and should not be a hush-hush subject. The more open you are with your kids the less likely they will try the "forbidden" because the consequences and 'sin trap' are already known so it holds no appeal.
I recieved a free copy so that I might tell you what I honestly think. Hope you enjoyed my review. Now go enjoy the book

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This is such a fun book to add some Jesus and connection time for the whole family! It includes fun activities, a list of everything you'll need and the devotion. It even goes into detail about the importance of tiny things such as borrowing items and returning them. Just a really great interactive devotional for the whole family. I believe it's geared towards school aged children, but they could be simplified for younger children.

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Innovative & experiments meet Bible lessons.

In this creative book, you can transform family devotion time into something your family will look forward to.

Each lesson has a theme, a supply list, prep needed info & instructions, Bible verse & more. They are not "heavy" on the Bible reading, it's more meant to be a supplement to help teach lessons. Could be a valuable resource for Sunday school or VBS, etc as well.

(I was able to preview this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.)

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In the introduction of this book we read “Don’t leave all the spiritual training of your kids to the church. Don’t let learning about God be something that bores your kids”. Well that grabbed my attention, because that’s how I feel about raising my kids with faith in God. It’s first and foremost our responsibility as parents. And yet, in the everyday craziness that is life with young kids, I often find myself in need of some ideas and tools to teach them about God. This book is definitely one of those tools.

Thank you NetGalley and Revell for the Advance Review Copy. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

The family devotionals in this book are really cool. I feel like that may be the best “old person”-word to describe them. They all contain a fun activity, these are not “sit down and listen” devotionals! But of course the activity does lead to a teaching moment, backed up with Scripture.

I’m not particularly fond of the fire related activities…! But that’s just the protective mom in me. (And the book does outline safety precautions). But a lot of other activities are great. I love #6 “Bridge Builders” for example, which challenges your kids to build as long a bridge as they can with all kinds of objects, in order to save a stranded person on the other side of the yard/house. The lesson being that sometimes people become isolated and sometimes God calls on us to “build a bridge” and reach out to that person. So simple and so true.

There are activities and lessons for all different ages. Like the title says: it’s for families. So young and old can participate. You don’t have to go in order, but can pick and choose activities that work best for your family.

The author also encourages borrowing any items you need for an activity, from neighbors or friends. I love that the author included little pointers like that, and explains how those little actions can lead to community building and gratitude.

All in all, a very positive book that leads to fun times, but above all, moments spent building your kids up and helping them in their walk with God.

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