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Ama loves her job as a wedding planner, and she is given an opportunity to plan the weeding of a celebrity, but that it comes with the catch that she has to work with her ex, Elliot who is hired as the florist. A quick read about second chance of love.

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I recently had the opportunity to read Forget Me Not by Julie Soto as a very special buddy read with @readforeverpub on the book club app Fable. I confess I had originally skimmed past this book when I first saw it on Netgalley based on the cover. I am so glad I gave it a second look, because YA'LL I loved this romance!!

If you are a fan of the rom-com classic The Wedding Planner with JLo, you will absolutely love this book too. I loved that Forget Me Not was dual pov's and dual timelines. I love when a second chance romance really delves into the backstory. It makes the second chance more believeable to me. And I was totally sold on Elliot, the gruff florist with a soft interior. Read this one if you love:

💜 m/f contemporary romance
💜 second chance romance
💜 work place romance
💜 gruff tattooed florists
💜 dual timelines
💜 strong career oriented heroine

A wedding planner and her grumpy ex must work together to plan a celebrity event in this deliciously spicy and funny novel from fanfic sensation Julie Soto.

Ama Torres is an optimistic wedding planner who doesn’t believe in marriage. But weddings? They’re amazing. Elliot Bloom is a brooding florist who hates owning a flower shop…until a certain bright-eyed, donut-loving workaholic shows up at his door.

Once upon a time, they collaborated on events by day, and by night, Ama traced the intricate flower tattoos etched along his body. Then Ama shattered his heart and never spoke to Elliot again.

Now they’re working on an event that could make or break both of their careers—except neither of them has gotten over what happened two years ago. Things are not helped by the two brides, who see the obvious chemistry between Ama and Elliot and are determined to set them up, not knowing their complicated history. But as the wedding takes on a life of its own, Ama and Elliot are about to discover that some things can survive a complete catastrophe . . .

Smart and hilarious, Forget Me Not is about two people giving themselves—and love!—a second chance.

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This delightful second chance romance exceeded my expectations when it came to delivering a light and sweet story.

Ama, the talented wedding planner, is a delightful bundle of sweetness (particularly due to her obsession with donuts), hard work, and humor. She radiates sunshine wherever she goes, even in places where her presence might not be initially welcomed. The only hiccup in her otherwise sunny disposition is her undeniable commitment issues, which, I'll admit, occasionally grated on my nerves. However, overall, I couldn't help but adore her.

Elliot, the florist, is the polar opposite of sweet when it comes to his interactions with almost everyone, except for one special person who holds the key to his softer side. He wears a grumpy exterior but conceals a heart of gold underneath. Brooding and adorned with tattoos, Elliot falls in love first and fast, which was an unexpected twist, considering his aversion to commitment. He's absolutely endearing, and I couldn't help wishing for more glimpses into his perspective.

The story is presented from dual points of view, with alternating timelines between the past shared by Ama and Elliot and their present-day circumstances. After two years have passed since their breakup, the lingering history between them resurfaces when Ama is hired to plan a significant wedding, and, to her surprise, Elliot is the chosen florist. You can only imagine the awkwardness that ensues as they are forced to work side by side. Despite their contrasting personalities, they manage to blend their talents seamlessly. When they weren't at odds with each other, I relished the moments when they worked their magic together, supporting each other in pursuit of their dreams.

Here's a fun tidbit: Ama is named after a flower, but when she and Elliot part ways, he no longer carries that flower. The emotional weight of this detail is palpable!!

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I ADORED this book so much!! I am obsessed. This was probably one of my fave reads this year. I am so in love with Ama and Elliott and need a second book of them like yesterday.

I loved how this book was told with dual POV and time lines. It really rounded out the story.

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I was looking for a book to go in between some of my darker and heavier reads and this WAS IT. I am getting married in a couple of weeks and thought it would be fun to dive into the wedding planning world. I adored this book. I got a mix of The Wedding Planner meets 27 Dresses. I immediately loved Ama from the beginning. Elliot was the perfect grump. I am a sucker for a second chance romance but make it a grumpy/sunshine and I AM A GONER FOR IT. I thought the dual timeline of Elliot's POV from the past and Ama's POV in the present really added to the depth of the story and the whole second chance aspect. The lighter, funnier romcom parts of this book made this book so much fun to read. AND WHO DOES NOT LOVE FLOWERS AND DONUTS?!

what to expect
- second chance romance
- grumpy florist
- sunshine wedding planner
- dual timeline
- lots of donuts & lots of flowers
- well the fun wedding planning drama!
- The Wedding Planner meets 27 Dresses

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I absolutely loved this one! I'm not usually a big stan for second chance romance, but this one was done perfectly. I absolutely loved the wedding shenanigans that were included in this one! Such a fun read!

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Forget Me Not was definitely a spicy and angsty enemies to lovers romance. I hate to say the biggest issue I had with the story was Ama. It's hard to believe a person with a peanut allergy would buy peanut butter donuts. I also felt like her and Elliot's reasons for not wanting to talk or be around each other, when they clearly liked each other, was just angst for angsts sake. I did really like the storytelling style, with the flashbacks from Elliot's POV telling us how they met and what happened. It was a really great way to keep me excited for those chapters because they were filling in all the missing piece.

I would still recommend this book to my friends and followers. I think even though the angst wasn't totally for me, it will definitely be appealing to others.

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4.5 stars

I have to admit, the hype over this book had me equal parts nervous and curious to read it, but it completely lived up to the hype for me. Full of angst and pining, a spicy second chance romance between a broody grump and a sunshine, and a great mix of humour, real emotion, relatable issues, wedding-planning chaos, and steam, I loved Forget Me Not. I enjoyed watching Ama and Elliot’s relationship unfold in the past and present, and I loved both of their jobs and how passionate they were about them. This book was just so, so good.

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I had high expectations for this one, & it totally lived up to them all!!

Ama & Elliot are fantastic! Ama was so relatable, authentic, & always bringing a bright light wherever she goes! And Elliot is someone you can’t help but fall for 🥰 The chemistry between the two of them is clear to absolutely everyone, & with all the other factors thrown in it was cool to see them navigate each day.

This was everything I wanted & hoped for, & I couldn’t get enough! The writing, the story, the characters 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it was superb!!!

What to expect:
✨dual POV
✨second chance
✨tattooed MMC
✨forced proximity

Overall verdict: A fabulous read filled with love, weddings, flowers, heartwarming moments, & laugh out loud scenes 💕

Thank you so much @readforeverpub & @netgalley for the copy ❤️

📚 FORGET ME NOT is definitely one to add to your shelf 📚

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Steamy and engaging! I enjoyed this romance grumpy sunshine. That peanut donut scene! Florist and a wedding planner is a great pairing.

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4.5 ⭐️—oooouweeeee what a unique, sweet, spicy romance @juliesotowrites blessed us with 😌🧎🏻‍♀️

Ama Torres is a wedding planner and hopeless romantic: she loves love, loves celebrating love and loves helping couples bring their wedding day to life ❣️

Of course, she swears off dating/love for herself though (TW generational trauma)

And of course, the couple she’s working with insists on one floral company in particular… and OF COURSE it just happens to be Elliot Bloom, Ama’s ex 🫣

Read if you like:
❤️‍🔥 Second chance romance (kind of a workplace romance too??)
❤️‍🔥 Dual+Past and Present POV done well
❤️‍🔥 Grumpy, broody, one word answers in our MMC, Elliot Bloom
❤️‍🔥 Weddings and florals
❤️‍🔥 Steam
❤️‍🔥 The best supporting characters and best friends/cousins/step siblings for Ama
❤️‍🔥 Donuts

Overall, I thought this second chance romance was done really well and I mean, Elliot 🥹 we love him!!!

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Julie Soto is amazing! This was so gooooood! This is a classic second chance romance, which normally isn’t my cup of tea but this was phenomenal - touching and spicy!! Couldn’t put it down. Elliot has to be one of the top ten book boyfriends ever written and I loved Ama’s character arc as well. I was worried the wedding planning scene would be a bit trite but it worked perfectly for this lovely story of two soulmates reconnecting and getting it right the second time! Divine.

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This was a fun and romantic read! It did take me a while to get attached to both the characters and their relationship, but the witty dialogue soon won me over. Not to much the pining. Ah, so much lovely pining.
A promising debut novel from Julie Soto. I will definitely be following her work.

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This is a story about faith and that one soulmate or there are more soulmates for one person. Also in this love story they cannot communicate but when they are close to each other they care about each other and they cannot walk away. Having different view on marriage should or shouldn't brake relationship? For a perfect soulmate would you compromise on your lifestyle?

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PERFECT. I absolutely adored this book. I was shell shocked to learn this was a debut from Julie Soto and cannot wait to read more from her.

The unique plot of this story is what drew me in, but the characters made me stay reading. I loved the idea of a wedding planner who hates the idea of marriage, as well as a male florist who naturally cannot avoid weddings. When Ama and Elliot are forced to reconnect for the wedding of their careers, they are also forced to face their past.

I loved how this story had past and present chapters. I have found some books can get confusing with this type of organization, but it made this story even better. We got to see how Ama and Elliot are towards each other today compared to when they first met, which is a night and day difference. It constantly kept me wondering what happened to create such animosity between the two of them and if it’s salvageable. We see their relationship develop both in the past and present as they navigate their careers. The huge wedding they are currently working on naturally adds extra stress/tension, but these characters have plenty of that just between the two of them.

The plot of this story was so fun to follow and unique enough to stand out amongst other romances. All the details that make up this story keep you intrigued as a reader and wondering both where things when wrong, as well as if they will ever be right again. Ama and Elliot’s personalities are similar enough to butt heads and create tension filled moments, but their feelings also create plenty of tension/angst they try to ignore. This was such an unexpected, entertaining romance story that quickly became a favorite.

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I didn’t read the premise of the book before I started reading it, so I had no idea what to expect.

1. The cover does not do this book justice. It’s not dark and moody like I expected.
2. If I had realized it was about a wedding planner, I would have started it so much sooner.

This book was such a join to read. I binged it in a few hours and could not put it down. I enjoyed it so much. A great romcom!

An ARC was provided by NetGalley and Forever in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you to Forever and Netgalley for an ARC of Forget Me Not!

I'd heard great things about this book and it totally lived up to the hype.
As a wedding planner, Ama Torres has landed her dream client. But there's a catch - she'll be forced to work with her ex-boyfriend, Elliott who's already been booked to be their florist. But this wedding could be a game-changer for her career.
As the story goes on, they have to confront what went wrong in their relationship and find a way to pull off the dream wedding for their couple.

I loved Julie's writing and will definitely be reading whatever she puts out next!

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Forget Me Not
Julie Soto

sugar, spice, and everything nice!!!

-Sacramento, CA setting
-grumpy x sunshine
-dual POV + jumping timelines
-wedding planner who never wants to get married and a florist who didn’t really want to get into flowers
-squeal-able banter that had me cheering for these two!

ok yeah maybe some parts are too good to be true but that’s the fun of getting lost in this romance! easily one of my favorite romance reads this year. If you loved Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez like I did, I think you’ll LOVE this!

doughnuts, weddings, flowers - how could I NOT love this book?!

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Julie Soto has debuted with a stellar novel Forget Me Not, where darkness meets sunshine and cynicism meets romance between two wedding industry folks who once dated and are now forced to work together for a large celebrity wedding.

Ama is a wedding planner who loves to plan the most romantic and special day of her clients lives but cannot imagine getting married herself. Whole planning a huge celebrity wedding she is forced to work with her ex, Elliot, a florist who would someday like to find love and wedded bliss. As the two work together on this wedding,outsiders, aka the celebrity couple finds the chemistry between Ama and Elliot to be top notch.

The question remains, do these characters end up finding love together or do they end up going their separate ways. And how do they feel about one another once this wedding is finished?

Julie Soto has written a story that inspires, it takes us through all the feels and genuinely made me want more. The characters as re brilliantly written and relatable. And the storyline is one that I never wanted to stop.

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to read this book early! I really enjoyed it. I thought the writing was very well done, and the story kept me interested. I believe my students/patrons would also love this book and will be acquiring it for the library!

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