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THIS BOOK!!!! This romance was so sweet and it had me feeling a roller coaster of emotions throughout! Readers know that something happened between Elliot and Ama, but we are made to wait while the chapters time jump from past to present until it’s finally revealed, Elliot was such a great male lead and I just loved his caring nature. His flower creations sounded amazing and I loved his passion for it. I also really enjoyed learning about the different flowers and the thought behind his work. I had complicated feeling about Ama but as more was revealed about her past, I really came to find an understanding for her and why she was so guarded. She was so talented at her job and it was really nice to see her find her voice later in the novel. There were many times I laughed aloud and the steam in this one felt just right! So grateful that I had the opportunity to read this one early and to be part of the Fable book club, it was so much fun!! I will definitely be recommending this romance to other readers!

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Will this be my favourite book of the year? Definitely a contender!! Ama and Elliotts story of second chance romance was beautifully written. The chapters about their past from Elliott’s perspective added so much to his storyline and you got insight into what he was thinking/ going through. Cannot recommend enough!

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Wow! I think I’ve found a new favorite book. From the witty writing to the steamy scenes it was perfection!!!

Meet Elliot a grumpy flower shop owner and Ama and up and coming wedding planner. They have a past (although we aren’t sure what) and admittedly now avoid working together at all costs…. Until now.

Forced proximity? Check.
Sunshine x Grumpy trope? Check.
Second chance romance? Check.
Steamy scenes? Check. Check. Check.

Julie is a master at her craft and is sure to make you laugh out loud and feel all the feel within a matter of minutes. Can’t wait to read more from her!

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I was really excited because I have read this authors work previously. And when I found out they had a published book coming out I jumped at the chance to read it… however, this didn’t have any of the magic and pull that their other work did. From the first page I did not have that pull to keep reading it. I wasn’t feeling the characters, nor the story or any aspect of this book. Disappointed:(

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Wow this was an addicting romance from Julie Soto! Second chance romance is definitely one of my top romance sub-genres because of the angst, tension, and pining that comes between the two main characters, and Julie Soto did not fail to deliver any of these with Ama and Elliott. I was on the edge of my seat scrutinizing every single one of their interactions during their wedding planning collaboration, and I really enjoyed the dual POV as well. I thought the storytelling was so unique in the way that most of the time, Ama's POV was in present-day and Elliott's POV was in the past. I feel like this allowed us to see two different sides of each character, and really added to their development. I also found the recurring personality traits among each character--such as Ama's love for donuts and Elliott's procedure of making a symbolic bouquet for each customer that walks into his shop--really fun. The wedding planning aspect of the novel was also super interested and made me so invested in Hazel and Jackie's wedding even though I don't know the first thing about weddings.

I'm curious to know if Julie Soto has more books planned in this universe and if so, which characters we'll be following next! Definitely pick this book up if you're a fan of second chance romances!

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100/10. I was instantly drawn to this book because of the cover because look at them?! but I literally devoured this book so quickly you would’ve never known i’ve been in a reading slump for 4 months. This was the most perfect slowburn second chance romance. & when i say slowburn, i mean it.

Ama is a wedding planner who recently started her own business after working for a raging bitch named Whitney. She books her first high profile wedding and the couple has a non-negotiable florist, Elliot, they want to use. Who just do happens to be Ama’s ex? fling? tbd.

This book is super well-written, it does have a very wattpad fanfic read to it (which is not a bad thing at all!!)It’s defiantly more witty millennial humor but not the cringey inserting pop culture kind. Which was great especially considering i’m that wierd inbetween of Gen Z and Millennial. It really sucks you into the story so we’ll. The need to know how this wedding plays out, and ESPECIALLY why there is this weird tension between Ama and Elliot and how their story years prior led to now.

It’s been a mintue since i was staying up late when i had to work super early because of a book so that really says something. It was amazing, heartbreaking, and heartwarming. Talked about self confidence, breaking generational thinking. So well done.

Thank you to NetGalley & Forever for the opportunity to read this eARC. ❤️

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Wow. This book left me a little speechless, which doesn't happen often, as my close reader friends would know.

This is probably the most romatic and perfectly imperfect story I have EVER read. And it's probably my dreams came true in book form. I can't even write this without getting weepy. It was very special, deeply emotional and personal for me, because of my years if experience with wedding planning, flowers, setting and my true view of 'marriage' and 'commitment' and how much I related to EVERYTHING. Like, literally, EVERYTHING. At the 4% mark I was already telling my friends to pre-order and how it felt like someone wrote a book about my life, almost.

Forever/Grandcentral, thank you for the ARC!!
You made my day - and my year, as in July I will be deep in wedding season and a half-functioning human and I probably won't be able to read it then. :( (I hope international release date is the same though, as I will need a physical copy and keep it as my bible.) Also, if you want an unbiased opinion of this book, maybe ask someone else? I'm too obsessed and 'in' it to keep it objective, I don't think I ever connected so much with a story and the characters.

But beside my personal connection, Forget Me Not is all around awesome. From the dual POV and dual timelines, to the heroine's voice, the wedding adventures, the second characters, the vibe, the spice - everything, superb.

This a very well written, well balanced, realistic, quirky yet emotional story that I'm sure a lot of Romance (RomCom) readers will love. Ali Hazelwood's fans will eat it up! It's going to be the next phenomenon and I'm grateful to get a first look at it. It's addictive, beautiful and has the most gorgeous settings, hilarious characters and intense feels. You get a second chance romance story with all the angst, questions, love and insecurities that tie these two lovelies together. It's dual POV, so get ready for the Then and Now it all its raw, heartfelt and at times awkward glory.

Also, Julie, mind if I steal some of these wedding ideas? I'll give credit. And discounts. And I'll even make my florist take a pic with the book when it comes out, with his tattoos and studio on display. :D

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You may think everything ends one day, but you haven’t had ‘everything’ with me.”

As someone who has loved Julie's writing for a long time, ao3 dramione reader here. I went into this book with high expectations and I was NOT disappointed! If anything I was blow away by how much I loved this book. I could gush about it for hours, I am not even sure how many highlights I have in my kindle for this book but it was quite a few! There was many things to love about this book starting with the fact that it has two of my favorite tropes...grumpy/sunshine and he falls first. I am sucker for those, throw in that he is a moody, tatted florist and completely in love with the cute and lovable wedding planner....I was sold immediately. Elliott is one of my new favorite book boyfriends and he reminds me a little bit of a certain blonde book boyfriend *cough Draco* that I know Julie loves but he stands on his own as a top book boyfriend in my opinion. The amount of chest pains I had while reading this was insane, so many feelings both good and sad. These characters have been through a lot and while I have never been through the same things, the way they responded to the trauma and dealt with everything was so relatable. In short this book gave me tingles and anxiety, both in the best way so you should go preorder this book asap!

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Oh my goodness!
Never in my life would I thought that I’d be this IN LOVE with a florist. Elliot with his gosh darn TATTOOS and the meanings behind them 😍. Also, can we talk about how absolutely beautiful the name Amaryllis is???!!!!!
I absolutely love a grumpy/protective/ hostile main man!
But I love how Ama doesn’t take anything and will get what she wants 😍
Honestly can’t wait for the next book because I also love a good proposal story;)

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This was absolutely delightful! I was lucky enough to get an alc of the audiobook and I read it in just about 24 hours because I couldn’t put it down.

I loved the premise. A wedding planner and a grumpy florist she is forced to work with, except they’re exes. I also really liked the format where Ama was telling their story in the present and Elliot was telling them story from the past until they met at the end.

I loved the wedding planning aspect and seeing how Ama out the wedding together. This was a little steamier than I was expecting but I was here for it! I also loved the narration and it was so well done.

I can’t wait for more books from Julie Soto!

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Julie Soto is my favorite author ever. Period.
She knows how to write longing SO WELL. I was obsessed with Ama and Elliot and their tension from their first 3 “sentence” phone call. Elliot is the perfect grumpy but smitten book boyfriend and Ama is so relatable and witty and such a girl boss. I love reading about a love that supports and encourages and makes each other better. Julie was able to fit that into this story so well. This story was the perfect balance of funny, witty, and emotional. So many fluffy feelings. It’s early in the year, but I have no doubt that Forget Me Not will for sure be my favorite read of the year. Julie Soto has a number one fan in me forever.

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This book was so cute! I love the grumpy : sunshine trope. I also love all things weddings so this was so fun. I read it in a matter of hours and couldn’t put it down.

Thank you NetGalley for eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I am not going to do any review justice, so for now just know I am OBSESSED with this book and it seems impossible that it’s not coming out until July?! Please I need everyone who is a fan of romance books to add this to their summer reading list. Dual POV, past and present timelines, SECOND CHANCE. I mean..

Okay this is not a full review this is just chaos but my brain is scrambled and I need a donut

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No like, IM OBSESSED. Julie Soto was already on my radar as the author of my favourite fanfic, so when I saw that she was publishing her debut i honestly had ZERO doubts that it would be a 5 star read. I was right: Forget Me Not has all the elements that Julie Soto is so good at: tension, characters you fall in love with, and an amazing story to boot. The story follows Elliot, a grumpy florist, and Ama, a sunny up and coming wedding planner, as they reunite 3 years after their messy break up. Cue the TENSION.
Thank you so much to Netgalley for the ARC; I can’t wait for you all to meet Ama and Elliot. They will be your new favourites!

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I loved this book so much! Ama and Elliot had such good chemistry. The extinct flowers living on Elliot's skin Swoon. Grumpy x Sunshine? YES. I loved the elements of TLC and The Wedding Planner throughout the story. It was adorable and spicy and just perfect.

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Forget Me Not was is for the readers who love a silent, broody hero.

As you can probably tell from the cover, this is Reylo inspired. As a Reylo fan I do not mind this at all haha. Plus the cover is gorgeous! The colors and the way they are looking at each other, plus his hand on her cheek?!? *swoon*

The writing style took a little getting used to but was so interesting. Ama's POV is the present and Elliot's is the past. I thought that was an interesting take on the dual POV and helped fully flesh out their relationship. I would have liked for them to interact more in the present since they were working together on a wedding and this is supposed to be a second chance romance. I felt their second chance romance needed more development and most of their romance is in the past. I liked both characters (my favorite was Elliot!). I think they had good chemistry and I wanted to see them end up together. I also liked that they never doubted each other's skills, that was super cool considering they were at odds. The steam was good and worked for the characters.

Overall this was an entertaining read! Would recommend if you like second chance romance, grumpy/sunshine, workplace romance, forced proximity, angst, hero falls first, and mild steam.

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Gosh I loved this book!! This was one of my anticipated reads of this year and it didn’t disappoint. The beginning is a little slow going but after the story kicked in I was completely engrossed in the story. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves second chance romances, grumpy x sunshine, and broody MMCs w/ tats ;)

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Thank you Netgalley and Forever for the ARC!

Did I request this for the cover? Absolutely. So beautiful. Thank goodness the story was a success, just like the cover art!

Be warned- spoilers ahead!

I loved this book. Very very much. Elliot? 😙🤌 he was perfect in every way. He was grumpy yet gooey, silent but spicy, averse to people yet kind. He was everything I could’ve hoped for from this MMC. Actually, he was a little *too* silent for the story because we didn’t get a lot of depth in his conversations with Ama but his inner monologue filled in some of those emotional gaps for me as a reader.

The problem with a perfect MMC is that it makes me hyper focus on the ways the FMC falls short. I loved Ama for the most part. She was a badass boss babe who was courageous, selfless, knowledgeable and kind. With that said, I didn’t love the conflict towards Elliot. I didn’t love that she was listening to him cry after she said no to the proposal. Soooo harsh, especially after having just told him she loves him. Cry together! Show him kindness! It didn’t jive for me. The end also was so rushed for me. I wish Elliot had his chance to tell her all the hurts she caused directly to her face rather than the Bluetooth moment during the wedding. There needed to be more follow through on the makeup/redemption aspect with Ama. She needed to grovel a bit more for me. Also, Hazel?? At the wedding doing the IG live and barely apologized for throwing Ama under the bus? Didn’t love that.

So 4 stars for me overall! I had an absolute blast with the humor, the spice was top notch and I’d gladly own this book with how pretty it is 😍

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Thanks to Forever for the copy of this book!

Did I request this solely for the male MC with tattoos on the cover? Absolutely. Did he live up to all my expectations in this book? Also yes. I *love* a grumpy/sunshine trope, especially when he’s sarcastic and secretly super sweet florist. Elliot is just so endearing - I loved him so much. Ama was his perfect counterpart, and I loved her profession as a wedding planner organizing a high-profile wedding during the course of this story. Ama and Elliot had such a great dynamic in both the past and present timelines, and stemming their relationship from the perspective of wedding planning and marriages worked so well. Julie Soto wrote a great romance with lots of good plot and a fantastic villain - I’ll definitely be back for more of her writing!

Read if you:
- love the grumpy/sunshine trope
- dig a guy with tattoos
- are interested in wedding planning
- can handle some steamy scenes or are fine flipping a few pages

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Thank you to Forever for the ARC in exchange for an honest review! <3

For fans of Ali Hazelwood & Elena Armas, expect this book to be a new favorite!

Julie managed to somehow take tropes I usually despise and craft a story that was fun, unique, and just the right amount of sexy for a stunning debut!

I’m usually not a fan of second chance, dual timeline, or “it’s not you it’s me”, but Julie pulled it off incredibly well. The chapters from the past never felt boring or like they were holding the present storyline back, the second chance was realistic, and the way the “it’s not you it’s me” was woven into the character’s personality and storyline didn’t make me want to rip their hair out, but instead go “there, there, you’ll realize soon sweetie”

The spicy scenes were what I consider a perfect balance for a story like this. Enough to give an extra oomph, but not too much that it distracted from the story.

I liked the pacing, the side characters, and the wedding plot line. It kept it light, quick, and overall very enjoyable!

If you like:
- second chances
- broody but sensitive hot men with tattoos
- sparky, confident boss women
- a little spice with your fluff
- dual timeline & dual pov

then you’ll adore this!

As a fanfic writer and reader myself, I was incredibly excited for Julie’s debut, and am thrilled to say it did not disappoint!

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