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Perfect if: you love weddings, second chance romance and lots of spice!

I really enjoyed this book. It felt unique compared to most second chance romance troupes. The characters were likable and the plot/pacing kept me intrigued!

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Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of this story, all views are my own. I have been anticipating this book all year and it did not disappoint. This debut book by Julie Soto has the perfect mix of emotion, fun, snark, romance and character growth.
From the first chapter I was pulled in by the characters and wanted to know more. I love the banter between the MCs and never felt the story lagged in pace.

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What a cute story! I love the cultivated magic of shows like Say Yes to the Dress and this book gave that to me. The plot was predictable and the commitment-phobic main character is one I’ve seen many times but the addition of creating a magical over the top wedding left me eagerly reading. Some of the *ahem* “romantic” scenes brought the story from cute new adult to solidly adult fiction and left me rolling my eyes a bit but that was just my opinion and it didn’t stop me from plowing ahead. Overall a solid, enjoyable book and one I’d recommend to friends.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.

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Rating: 3.5 ⭐️

Forget Me Not was a fairly enjoyable read. While there were several elements I enjoyed, the romance was a bit underwhelming.

I was able to listen to the audiobook at the same time and the narrators were great and definitely made the story a bit more enjoyable.

It’s dual POVs of the main characters, Ama Torres and Elliot Bloom, and there are some great tropes like grumpy-sunshine, forced proximity, opposites attract, workplace and a second chance romance.

The story goes back in forth with Elliot’s chapters being in the past and Ama’s chapters being in the present. I will say, I definitely enjoyed the past chapters more as we got to see more of their romantic development and history.

The overall premise of them working together for a wedding after years of not seeing each other was pretty enjoyable. There was a lot of angst, pining and heartache. There was also some amusing, sweet and spicy moments. The flowers and wedding aspect was really interesting as well.

My biggest issue with this book though, was how slow paced it was in terms of them reconnecting and truly communicating again in the present day. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other for over 2 years and once they start working together again, they don’t really talk or are around each other that much to be honest. There were scenes and moments where they wouldn’t see each other for weeks.

Their romance in the present day was also quite a letdown, as there really was no romantic development between them until almost the end. I wanted to see them together and in love in the present day more. While, in the past their relationship was filled with some amazing banter, tension and spice, we don’t really get to see any of that in the present day. Again, they don’t really communicate that much in the present day so there really isn’t any romantic development.

There was open-door spice, which was amazing but it does occur in the past chapters.

They were separated for 2 years and during that time she had some hookups but he didn’t. I will say, it did feel like Elliot’s feelings for Ama were a bit stronger than hers.

The ending was okay but I just wanted more from their relationship. An epilogue would have been nice as well. But there was still a nice and sweet conclusion. Overall, a decent read I was just expecting more from the romance.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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What's not to love about a second chance romance with a grumpy florist and a sunshine wedding planner?!?!? Forget Me Not was beautifully written with just the right amount of sizzle. Well-rounded characters (both the main characters and the side ones) who you couldn't help but root for. Loved every second of this book!

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Forget Me Not is the story of Ama and Elliot, a wedding planner and a florist, who break up but two years later are forced to work on a wedding together. A dual timeline and dual POV story, we get to see Ama and Elliot's relationship, as well as their current timeline from each of their perspectives. At times, I found that this meant we were brought out of a place that would have been nice to stay, jumping in the timeline, but ultimately Soto handled that well and it was never confusing or hard to follow.

The wedding storyline that brings Ama and Elliot together was well written and didn't feel just like a catalyst for their relationship. There was drama and lots of descriptive imagery.

I don't think this is billed correctly as enemies to lovers, since Ama and Elliot were already together in the past and it didn't have that magnetism of "will-they-won't-they" but it was a fun grumpy-sunshine, second chance romance. Readers of contemporary romance are sure to enjoy this!

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Absolutely LOVED this book. The main characters, the plot, the wedding, etc. Just all of it was chefs kiss.

Thank you to Netgalley for giving me this book in exchange for a review!

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This was a fun summer read! I thought the way Soto wrote the timeline of the book was fun and interesting especially with the duel pov! The spice in this book was really good! I really liked Elliot by found Ama a little annoying at some points during the book but I liked seeing their story unfold! I feel like everyone in this book could have communicated better but it was still a fun read!

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I really enjoyed this story. I had trouble connecting with the characters and not because they were underdeveloped but because their personalities were completely opposites. Grumpy/Sunshine to the max. If you have ever met someone with a flat affect, you can understand why I say that. Her on the other hand was like the Tasmanian devil on the "past" chapters, and in the present she is so mute when in front of him. It was a weird dynamic. That aside, the story was super cute and I love how even with their issues they were in sync at all times when working together.

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Loved it! The author managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. Just the right amount of spice and drama. 4 stars!

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I am obsessed with this book! I cannot remember the last time I felt so many feelings while reading a novel. Wow. Absolutely amazing. I felt so seen by Ama, being so into her work and traumatized by her past. And ugh I cannot even describe how I feel about this book. I was just in my feels the whole time and you won't understand until you read it. This is the blueprint for second chance romances!!!

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My friends told me that "Forget Me Not" was the name of a flower I was like AHHHH! That's so smart.

It was really refreshing to see a man who was all in while the woman was the anti-relationship one. So often it is portrayed the opposite way where all men hate relationships. Elliot was all in for Ama. A little too all in for her. Ama's refusal to believe in relationships was frustrating to read but also very understandable for her as a character.

I really enjoyed how the book was laid out with the dual timelines. Usually I have trouble recognizing whether it's the past or present but with the switching of the POV, it made it so much easier.

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Ama is an up and coming wedding planner who just struck gold by planning a celebrity wedding. Elliott is the hot florist just taking everything one day at a time. Once talking to her new clients, Ama realizes she has to work with the Elliott. Oh, he's also her ex and she broke his heart years ago.

The cover caught my attention but the book had me hooked from the first chapter. Working together to plan this wedding put then back together in the adorable bubble. The way Elliott looked out for Ama was just the absolute cutest. She tries to handle a lot on her own but I loved how he was always there for her when she didn't even she needed someone. I hope we see more of them in the future!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This book reminded me why I love second chance romances so much! The quiet grumpy MC, the dual timeline and POVs, the tension, everything was perfect! I read it in one sitting and recommend it for anyone who wants a quick and beautiful romance.

Ama runs her own wedding planning company and Elliott is a florist. They have a past together and haven't seen each other in two years. Now they are forced to work together when Ama has the chance to plan the wedding that could bring her company to the next level.

You get the present timeline in Ama's POV and the past in Elliott's. It was the perfect mix of tension, passion ans heartbreak.

Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of this book!

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3.75 Stars.

I definitely understand why this is such a highly rated book. It’s sexy and angsty and Ama is a professional powerhouse, even while battling insecurities. Between her wedding business and Elliot’s flowers, it’s a gorgeous visual feast, layered with taciturn grumpiness and high energy individuals. Dual timelines and POVs with Elliot’s in the past and Ama’s in the present. It’s a great mix.

BUT I did have one big problem. The reconciliation and reconnection in the present is severely lacking. It’s all professional interactions and internal reflection from Ama but there isn’t any significant conversations with Elliot to get to that HEA in any believable way. All the connection is in the past POVs. Leaving the present severely lacking, even while other interesting and high pressure things are happening. It was a misstep in my opinion.

What we do get in the years past though is delicious and engaging. Adorable and sexy. Their chemistry is great. And in the present, the nerves and animosity, is a fantastic start. I just wish the reconciliation had more gradations. But the wedding drama is still a fantastic read.

My only other criticism was in the secondary characters. Those wedding clients were far too even keeled. They were too easy and friendly. It didn’t seem believable, for once more drama was called for.

Overall, though, I binged this one with pleasure.

* I received a free copy from the publisher

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“An ambitious wedding planner must work with her grumpy florist ex, whose heart she broke, on the most high-profile wedding of her career, in this spicy and emotional romance from popular fanfic author Julie Soto.”

I liked a lot about this book. I enjoyed the descriptions of the flowers and venue (which is good, as it comprised most of the book). I enjoyed the Grumpy Sunshine, many of the secondary characters, and the climactic comeuppance.

I just couldn’t get into the main couple, though. They had history, but no connection, and that left me fairly ambivalent.

This is, however, the author’s debut novel, so I’m very interested to see where she goes in the future.


Thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for this ARC.

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One of my most highly anticipated releases of 2023. I enjoyed the dual POV, seeing things from the past in Elliot's point of view and seeing how the present circumstances unfold from Ama's eyes. It did take a while for the book to catch readers up to the present dynamic between the two, but it kept me from putting the book down because I just wanted to know what happened between our characters so bad. I loved Elliot's character. His tattoos? *chef's kisses*

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This was a really cute story with the perfect amount of spice. I enjoyed the dual point of view and how Ama was in the present while Elliot’s point of view was in the past. A great second chance love story with fun characters and a great female main character. Thank you Net Galley & Forever Pub for the advanced copy of this book!

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This was a really interesting format for a romance, and I really liked how the different perspectives were used based on the time period that the chapter took place in. I did feel like we didn’t get enough of Elliot’s POV to fully grasp his character and backstory, and that impacted how I was able to understand Ama and Elliot’s relationship. I loved the setting, the way that Ama and Elliot worked together professionally, and Hazel, Jackie, and Mar’s characters. I’ll definitely be reading the next Julie Soto book!

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Forget Me Not by Julie Soto was a pleasant read. It was so cute and heartbreaking at the same time. I can't wait to recommend this to everyone on my Instagram account for them to read. Loved the characters and the second chance at love. So good!

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