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A good book that gives insight into bettering ourselves. Everyday is a struggle. And it does take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. This book may perhaps not be as effective as therapy, but it certainly is a good first step to those seeking some insight.

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going through a bit of a self discovery drive in my reading and so this book claiming to help me think myself resilient appealed immediately.

Part memoir part motivational speech Elliott provides his practical advice based upon personal experiences and those he’s helped build up their mental resilience. I found the addition of his personal experiences to be incredibly effective in providing context and authenticity to his writing.

I don’t feel there is anything revolutionary in his concepts but it is delivered without pretence in a simple down to earth manner. I listened to the audiobook which Elliott in his friendly and approachable northern accent added to the accessibility of his words.

There are some real points of reflection I experienced whilst listening and the exercises were simple, not elaborate and easily applicable in a busy life style. There’s a few I have adopted since listening.

Finally I feel (although as a woman would not like to assume) but the fact that Elliott as a former military man discussing this topic can only help reduce the stigma and make it more acceptable for men to discuss their mental struggles.

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I liked the author's structured approach of breaking down the aspects of building resilience, then providing exercises and check-ins and a present day/future dreams style organisation of each chapter. I think this book would be especially helpful for general readers, or don't feel the need to access therapy or professional support. For those dealing with extreme childhood trauma, however, I'm not certain this book speaks to the depths of the complex struggles one might be dealing with, so I would just suggest considering where you're coming from as a reader and what you hope to get out of the book. I am grateful to the publisher and NetGalley for providing access to an ARC copy in return for an honest review.

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I liked how the author links is own personal stories, to explain the science behind what he is talking about. This made it more enjoyable to read, as it was more real. The book has a lot of detail & is helpful.
I've read a lot of similar type of books and this one was a good one.
The section on physical fitness was also interesting and linked in well with the rest of the book.
Thanks to the publisher & Netgalley for an advanced copy.

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Think Yourself Resilient focuses on how to let us turn surviving into thriving. The book is written through the author's observation and practice, from his professional and personal life.

We pursue greatness and face tragedies every day and we have to have faith in our abilities to handle these situations. Resilience is the emotional robustness to succeed when there are many inevitable and obvious reasons to quit. Resilience is working towards any goal, it is courage, endurance, and adversity.

James Elliott introduces a model called the Five Pillars of Mental Resilience, which is the idea that an individual’s mental resilience is supported by five key building blocks:

- confidence,

- emotional intelligence,

- physical health,

- goals,

- and relationships.

Each of those chapters contains a detailed plan on how to develop each pillar to maximize our mental resilience using the MIND method,

A very useful guide to achieving the understanding that we can undo or unlearn whatever blocks us. We cannot perform beyond our own level of self-worth and self-esteem. We really can learn how to build mental resilience.

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Thank you, Thread Books, for the advance reading copy.

I would say this is more of a memoir than a self help guide. The author describes his life and his experiences so far on what him resilient today.

References in the writing have medical terms with some background explanations on the same. However they are short and written in such a way that anybody can read the book, gain something good out of it.

If you pick up this book, I feel you would gain more from this section on “The Five Pillars of Mental Resilience”. It benefits me the most when I read the book.

I appreciate the fact that the author focuses on important parts that build us as social beings: on building confidence, building connections, discussion on emotional intelligence, relationships and physical health.

Also, try to think and analyse about the “MIND” method in the book. It helps.

If you are particularly down and looking for a quick lift-me-up, then go for the second half of the book. It works like magic for me!

This is such a good, short uplifting read. Totally recommended.

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I requested this book without paying attention to the fact that it’s related to the military, which is a subject that I’m not interested in. When I realized this, I thought that there was no possible way I would enjoy it. I’m pleased to say that I was wrong, I learned quite a bit about becoming mentally resilient, and I saw ways to apply the techniques to my life. I wasn’t a big fan of the military stories, but other than that, this is a great book with a wealth of useful information.

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A memoir in part, and also a useful handbook that I will refer to often, on how to overcome trauma, among other things, as the author did. He also teaches how to overcome a number of psychological issues. And he quotes an ancient Greek philosopher whom I will paraphrase that its not what happens to a person but how they react to those problems that matters. Of course some people have it worse than others, as the author makes clear. For example the author grew up in poverty, and got out of it, with sheer determination. I recommend this book highly for the wisdom within its pages.

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