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Bad Hombres is the sixth book in the Slash and Pecos series, featuring two adventurous and fearless freighters who travel across the Wild West. In this installment, they face their most formidable enemy yet: a mysterious and ruthless stranger named Benson, who has taken over their town with his army of outlaws. Slash and Pecos must use their wits, courage, and guns to reclaim their home and stop Benson's reign of terror.

The authors deliver a fast-paced and action-packed story that keeps the reader hooked from the first page to the last. The characters are well-developed and realistic, with distinct personalities and motivations. The dialogue is witty and authentic, capturing the humor and grit of the western genre. The setting is vividly described, transporting the reader to a time and place where life was hard and danger lurked around every corner.

Bad Hombres is a thrilling and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of westerns and historical fiction. It is a standalone novel that can be enjoyed without reading the previous books in the series, but it also offers enough references and connections to satisfy loyal followers. It is a book that celebrates the values of friendship, loyalty, and justice, while also exploring the dark side of human nature and the consequences of greed and violence. It is a book that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for the good guys, while also making you think about the complex and often ambiguous moral dilemmas of the frontier.

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I love this series and these two old timers or two of my favorite gunslingers if you love great western send you definitely should give Bad Hombres a listen Thanks to the evil Judge Luther Bledsoe Slash and Pecos were still Free men something the judge love to throw in their faces. On this day they’re Transporting a load of goods to a man named McCall but when he refuses to pay the ex robbers they don’t take too kindly to it. Before they can draw and shoot three other guys who knew McCall and had been dogging their route to the warehouse got the drop on them and told them to leave and not look back. When they got no satisfaction from the Marshall they could do nothing but turn and go back home but they wouldn’t stay there the town and it’s Marshall we’re up to nefarious things in/in Pecos wanted to know what. Before that happened however a guy named Benson was visiting the town of paradise doing a reconnaissance mission and learning the ins and outs and the towns worth he did this so he could go back to his lieutenant a man name Raymond who ran a group of Raiders that looted whole towns and killed its citizens. These are the guys that/and tacos will have to face in order to quench their curiosity in the meantime the coast will fall in love and once again/will contemplate killing the judge but thanks to Jay cooler heads prevail. It is always a race to the finish in a gun fight royale at the end of any John stone novel in Bad Hombres is no exception I cannot get enough of these books and I’m so glad they’re such proficient riders. I want to thank Kensington books Ann net Galley for my free Ark copy please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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There is no such thing as a bad Johnstone western. Each series is built around main characters whose belief in the law and family is absolute, even if they've had to be reformed to get there. From Preacher, the original mountain man to the Jensen family to Perly Gates, to.....well, you get the point. Many times, characters from one series will show up in another as supporting hands. The communities are true to the era, clothing, guns, food and troubles are all what you'd find if you looked them up in the history books. No two stories are the same, each character or set of characters is unique and so are their stories. The writing is skillful, readers are pulled into the story and you will laugh and cry right along with the characters. I made the mistake of picking up a Johnstone western my uncle was reading. Ive been hooked ever since. Now I share them with my reading family and will continue as long as new Johnstones are released.

Slash and Pecos, two semi-retired outlaws that just can't seem to remain retired. These two only fight when the odds are against them, but somehow, always seem to pull through at the last. But the show they put on as they fight......pull up your chair and get the popcorn....the show is about to begin.

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This book launched with top notch writing and intriguing scenes. The two main characters are pure-Johnstone brand. Well rounded and strong enough to have readers follow them in their treks.

This time the evil they are sent so solve builds up to a near-save-the-world level. It gets ridiculous, but fun. The duo interaction really adds to this series.

One line that really caught me and defined the bad guy, "...then placed it carefully on the table with a move so precise there wasn't even a tiny click of glass toughing wood." Outstanding line.

Bottom line: I recommend this book. 7 out of ten points.

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Love a good Western with interesting and exciting Cowboys. The adventures that they can have brings intensity and drama to the story. This story has characters you love and characters you don't. Good interaction and description of events and between characters. Good read.

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Slash and Pecos series has been on a downward slope for a time but Bad Hombres sure resurrects the series. It starts with a mysterious man and his notebook and then violence, lots of violence. Then because of their past and a bad deal with the US Marshal Slash and Pecos are once again thrown into the fray. In this book my favorite characters must be the strong women. They should really have their own western series. This book is a good western by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone or whoever it is that writes them today. Thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for supplying me with this advance copy.

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Bad Hombres is an action packed and adventurous Western. Just what I would expect from a Johnstone novel. Five stars.

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This is anther installment on the adventures of Slash and Pecos, bandits who have turned good. They are in the clutches of a US Marshal Bledsoe who uses their pardon to "force" them to do things regular law enforcement cannot. Each installment is a stand alone story so even if you have not read others, this is a fine one to start.

There are a bunch of "Bad Hombres" who have been at work pillaging towns and leaving no one alive to tell the tale. The towns themselves are usually burned down with all citizens, even dogs killed. The attacks have a military precision and the gang is ruled by a man referred to as Colonel, but no obvious connection to the military is obvious. The gang of cutthroats have stolen Gatling guns form the military as well as mountain howitzers and thousands of hand weapons and rifles; each with adequate ammunition to start a war. War is exactly what the Colonel plans on doing and enriching themselves in the process.

Slash and Pecos two "old-timers" with plenty of street-smarts and a lot of grit, get involved with the gang. They have developed a plan to bring them down but the old saying " laid plans of mice and men" applies. Improvising the men get some timely help from unexpected sources and are ready to risk if all (their lives included) to thwart another deadly, town-destroying attack.

Definitely recommend this to readers familiar with the two main characters - Slash and Pecos-- but also to any reader interested in a good western adventure pitting good against evil. It is a quick read but there is lots of carnage of both good and bad people--so be prepared for this.

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Always enjoy reading an entry in the Slash and Pecos series, it had what I was looking for and am glad I got to continue this series. It has the Johnstone charm that I enjoy reading and the plot worked with the other books. It left me excited to read more in this series.

"Slash caught his breath and looked at Pecos. They came to a decision who was to tell their general manager about the stack of crates piled at the rear of their storage shed. When they had “gone straight,” they started a freight company and quickly found they were good at moving and hauling and, even getting on in years as they were, able to tote heavy boxes."

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