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Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book! I really wanted to love this book because it sounds like a lot of other self-help books I am interested in. I felt like this book really was just recapping another in a new voice which isn’t a big deal but I just feel like it wasn’t anything all too interesting.

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This book has been a great listening experience. Thanks to the author and the publisher for bringing this book to life.

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I didn't feel there was much fact or science-based material used to support the general premise of this book. It was a bit of a breezy read that doesn't cover much new ground regarding relationships.

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This was an interesting audiobook. The writing pretty good, and the narrator was a good fit. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to listen to and review this audiobook.

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An interesting was interesting to see different perspectives of communicating with others and what might barriers might exist....some of the ideas I never really thought about, but are important to consider.

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A short and sweet self help book.

Quite liked the narrator, and the content is interesting at times. I thought the examples a bit overdone and too much though - dialogues seemed quite forceful.

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I normally don’t rate self-help books. But I was pleasantly pleased with this one! This was a different take on communication styles than what’s typically been published… I almost felt like I was going through an Enneagram test to see where I fit. In fact, on that note, I highly suggest skipping ahead to take the test in this book, and then going back to listen to the appropriate chapters. It turns out I had equal answers for two communication styles. Everything mentioned in this book was 100% relatable for business or couples or friendships and even with your kids! Make sure to listen to all the styles, though, so that you understand different ways to speak to each person in your life. This was the perfect layman’s guide to understanding individuals and it left me wanting to do better.!

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This was very interesting and I'm going to look how I can use this in my life.
Because I listen to books during my commute I want to go back to the exercises when I have time to make notes.
I think everyone can take something from this book to learn more about yourself and/or about people with a different emotional magnet.

The author is also the narrator ans she did a good job, she has a clear and nice voice to listen too.

I did the quiz on her website and did have some troubles picking the right answer for some questions. Maybe because it came to the conclusion that two main emotional magnets, but maybe it was a bit to specific in some answers and then the answers didn't feel good to me.
There are more useful extras on her website.

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Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC (Audiobook Version) in exchange for an honest review.

This book introduced me to the idea of emotional magnetism. I immediately resonated with the idea and was excited to see how the four different emotional magnets fit into my own personality, my husband's, my family's, and even my co-workers'. The book breaks down the concept that there are four main emotional magnets that people live by: safety, accomplishment, value, and experience. The book includes the emotional magnetism quiz that can help you understand your own emotional magnets as well as that of your loved ones. Additionally, it helps you to identify how these emotional magnets affect your communication style and communication needs.

I think this book should be required reading for any group working on long-term projects and can definitely be helpful in family, friendships, and romantic relationships. As an audiobook this book was truly enjoyable. The author does a great job at presenting the content and to show off some of what I learned here is are a set of reviews for this book based on yours emotional magnet.

Safety - The book was easy to listen to. The author makes it clear when to pause and take notes and provides clear examples of how to apply have your emotional communication needs met without offending your partner/boss.

Accomplishment - This book will add to your communication expertise and will help you make a good impression on your partner, friend, and/or boss as you become a magnetic communicator!

Value - As someone who listens who listens to audiobooks regularly, I highly recommend the audiobook version of this book. The author's voice is clear and easy to understand. The content is well organized and useful for improving personal and professional relationships. You can listen to the entire book in under 5 hours so it is very easy to finish this book within a week. If you are nervous about the time investment request it from your library so that you can get the most out of the content without having to spend money - that said this is the type of book you may want to go back to so it is definitely worth the investment.

Experience - I am an avid audiobook listener because it is the best way to get through those day-to-day tasks that I would otherwise hate doing. I listened to this entire book in a week while washing dishes, doing laundry, and cooking dinner. Let me just tell you I was looking forward to hearing this book so much that I actually cleaned more this week than I have in the entire year. Sandy's presentation of the book in incredibly pleasant and often times I felt like we were in a conversation instead of me just listening to her book.

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Very informative perspective on relational styles of individuals. I was able to listen to the audio version of this book and I enjoyed it even more that way. I found myself pausing to take the quiz associated with the book, and to flip back and forth to see which style I was and really learn more about myself, as well as others. The narration was great and this was a quick an easy listen. I also enjoyed that each subsection was its own chapter. Highly recommend if you want to learn how to relate to others more effectively.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to review an advanced copy of this book.

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Emotional Magnetism - Sandy Gerber

Let's face it, we KNOW we should read self-improvement books, we ALL have areas we need to work on improving. However, although I strive to

Therefore, if I was asked to recommend a resource with easy- to-follow advice that can greatly improve BOTH your personal and your professional life, this is easily the one I would recommend.

The author (Sandy Gerber) presents the information in this book in a way that makes it enjoyable to read and to implement. Although it will require a bit of practice to learn and effort on your part to learn and implement, Gerber's method has the power to greatly improve both your personal and your professional life with minimal effort.

I have worked professionally in the communication field primarily as a technical writer (online help developer and so on) for the past few decades, and I have worked in Information Technology / Information Systems for my entire career. Obviously, I can communicate professionally, however I have always had a struggle with successful verbal communication in my personal and my work life.

Note: Although I previously mentioned these books are not typically my favorites, I have read a wide range of the most popular of this type, particularly related to improving communication.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Page Two for approving my request for the audiobook and the e-book.

Humans are so complex and everytime you think you have figured someone out,another layer of complexity arises and you are back to square one. Emotional Magnetism is a book that tries to unravel that layer, and teaches us about the four emotional magnets that can be used as a leverage for better communication. The book itself is divided into three parts.

Part one is understanding emotional magnetism. It talks about understanding what people need and then using communication to get the desired outcome. The acronym used for the four emotional magnets is SAVE. S-Safety, A- Achievement, V-Value, E-Experiences. To communicate better, we need to appeal to the person's emotional need and once that is figured out and communicated, there are high chances that almost all conflicts can be resolved.

Part two goes in detail on these emotional magnets. The author provides multiple examples from her personal, and professional life,along with stories by other people, to explain what each emotional magnet is, what the motivators are for people with that emotional magnet, the speed bumps , their behavior in different scenarios and what the entire picture looks like.

Lastly, part three includes a quiz that allows us to find our emotional magnet. It then goes into detail about identifying them, what we can do with that information, and ultimately improve our communication.

I found the book really insightful and the acronym used is so easy to remember. There were many Aha moments as I read about the emotional magnets, because I was simultaneouly thinking of people in my life that behave the same way and thinking of how they must be motivated by these magnets. I also got to know my own emotional magnet , which I was not at all surprised by.

I actually was approved for both the audio book and the e-book, and that made my experience so much better as I could highlight lines in the e-copy and listen to the book on the go. The narration was done by the author herself, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Overall, a quick read and definitely worth reading. You might learn a lot about yourself or someone you love and have interesting conversations with them about these emotional magnets.

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This was exactly what I needed as I have been struggling with communication my whole life. Gerber outlines the four different types of communicators. We are a blend of the four - much like love languages. Learning about what type of communicator/emotional magnet you and your partner/spouse/friend/boss are will really help with getting your point across in a way that they can understand more. I’ve applied these magnets and I already see the difference!
Great self-help book!

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- I found this to be interesting and insightful and got some good ideas that I see myself implementing with relationships at work and personally in terms of communication style. Unlike many self help books that I want to like but am disappointed by, because they feel too similar to others, this is one I will refer back to!

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As a communications professional, this book helped me improve my writing, especially for larger groups when appealing to or motivating different types of people. Reading tip: I’d recommend starting with the quiz (page 109 or online to learn what your type is (Experience, Value, Safety, Achievement). If you leave this book lying around, don’t be surprised when everyone wants to pick it up and do the quiz themselves! With 13+ awards racked up for this book, you aren’t alone in reading this and applying the techniques.

Reading the example scenarios of how each type might respond to situations like buying a car, having a surprise house guest, or taking a road trip were helpful in guessing what the magnets for others in my life might be. And importantly, why they would react differently to situations than I would.

This is an approachable book to dive into, you get the author’s personality (and west coast Canadian flavour, eh?), plus more on improving your relationships to understand and make yourself better understood.

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This book explores how four core values can be thought of as emotional magnets, and how being conscious of what our magnet is, and what it repels and attracts, can improve our communication. The four magnets are Safety, Achievement, Value, and Experience. Someone can have aspects of all of these, but through the descriptions and examples provided, it was easy and interesting to determine my own core value. I think I used to be Achievement, but after some life, I am totally a Safety magnet. The author’s goal is to show how understanding of the magnets and their strengths and weaknesses can help people be more compassionate to one another by understanding each other better. I love this thought, but I also found some of the rationale oversimplified. Overall, a good read, with some perspective I’ll be thinking about in my relationships.

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This book was well written and easy to listen to. It was full of those ah ha m0ments that had me thinking I should have already thought of that. Communication is so important and I love the way skills were taught. It makes it easy to start implementing the skills. Recommending this to everyone.

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Emotional Magnetism was a book filled with ideas that kept making me think "Why have I never thought of that?" The author does a great job of shedding light on things you should be thinking but may not be.

The author's main focus is on the major issue we have in our everyday communication with our partners, friends, coworkers, etc. She does a good job of giving a lot of examples that are easy to relate to as well as providing actual exercises to work through. She explains in depths how to relate to others and communicate on a better emotional level that will resonate with them.

I am so glad the author narrated her own book because her voice was very fitting for a narrator. Her voice is nice and soothing and you can definitely hear how passionate she is when explaining her ideas.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This book contains some very interesting and helpful tips on communicating with others. I plan to put some of those tips into action.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the publisher via Netgalley. My review is voluntary and the opinions expressed are my own.

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This book was extremely helpful. The author did a great job of helping me understand myself and the different types of emotional needs that other people have. I definitely felt like this book helped me figure out how to better communicate with others. For example, I was doing something I didn't even realize I was doing during communication. When other people come to talk with me, I often will have my own personal story to share after they've told me their story. Sometimes this is okay but many times I need to do a better job of listening to others instead of jumping in and telling them my story. This book challenged me to be a better listener and really take the time to understand the emotional needs of the people that are important to me. I thought the author did a great job of narrating the book, as well. Huge thanks to Netgalley and the audiobook publisher for allowing to listen and review this audiobook.

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