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🤩 Sibling story
🤩 Adventure story
😍 Romance lite
👏 Chinese mythology
👏 Gorgeous prose
😍Slow burn romance
😍 Monster'fucking' (kissing)

Her Radiant Curse is my first Elizabeth Lim series and will certainly not be my last- as I understand this is a bit of a prequel to Six Crimson Cranes but can be read as a stand-alone.

The story follows Channi, who is sacrificed to a demon by her father to save her sister and mother. Rather than die, she is saved by the serpent king and is transformed into a 'monster' with toxic blood and scales: the serpent queen. Years later, she sets out to save her radiant golden sister Vanna from the same demon coming to collect her heart as was supposed to happen all those years ago.

Elizabeth Lim's storytelling is unparalleled in YA, I ate this book up. I joked in my updates that I had a concussion while reading my ARC on my e-reader and literally suffered to finish it.

The characters...oh wow. Her Radiant Curse is a character's first story. It is not a romance story- and so the cast of characters has a lot of room to breathe and each one gets a considerable amount of attention. You adore the heroes and despise the villains (of which there are many, yep).

Channi and Vanna are amazing, but every character has such light. The siblings have a beautiful, complex relationship twisted up in dedication, jealously, and codependency. Channi is a deeply fleshed-out and interesting protagonist- one of my new all time favorites. Her sister is demure by comparison but you often find yourself curious to know more about who she is and what her motivations are.

Then you have everyone else. The tragic half-dragon Hokzuh who is desperately seeking the pearl that he feels will complete him. The sly and charming snake Ukar, prince of serpents. The monstrous king Meguh and the other villains who color the story in dread. These characters are all brought to life by Lim as larger-than-life fairy tale characters- yet they are all so deeply, painfully human at their core.

There is a romance in this story, but it is quiet and overshadowed by the relationship between the two sisters. Ultimately, the real romance of the story is how these two girls are willing to give anything for each other and how their differences have shaped their relationship for better and worse.

That said, the romance also bangs. Its beautiful and tragic, with a dash of enemies AND lovers. Both characters are monsters with visible "ugliness" aka they aren't just hot people with ears. Channi is a serpent girl and Hokzuh is a literal dragon with some humanoid features. There isn't a lot of blushing and swooning about how "actually you are really hot"- the two characters connect due to a mutual loneliness and experience being an outsider with power far beyond most. If you are a fan of Reylo or other 'soul bond' romances, this one will be really attractive to you.

Her Radiant Curse is for everybody really. I can't think of a single demo that this won't appeal to- especially if you like unique spins on classic 'fairy tales'. I wasn't even bored for a paragraph.

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If you haven't read Six Crimson Cranes yet, let this be a sign to do that! In Her Radiant Curse, Lim crafts a gripping story of sisterhood, friendship, loyalty, and loss.

Like Shiori's bond with Kiki, Channi's friendship with Ukar was a delight to read about. But, by far, Channi and Vanna's relationship was the sole focus of this book. Their sisterhood was pure unconditional love, fierce devotion, and loyalty. They had a bond so strong that they would do anything for each other, and it was truly touching. All of this made the ending much more tragic, even though I already knew it in advance. I'm sad this is a stand-alone, but I'm glad it gave deeper insight into Channi's backstory, even if it was a heartbreaking one.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Knopf Books for Young Readers for sharing with me an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.


I adored the Six Crimson Cranes duology and so I was ecstatic that we were going to be getting a spin-off prequel following Channi's story. I was not ready for the amount of pain this book was going to cause me.

Since we get the overview of Channi's origin in the original duology we did know that her story, before Shiori's story begins, is filled with tragedy. We knew that Vanna was not going to survive this story. It's like picking up a book titled "They Both Die in the End" and so you know they don't survive the story beforehand. What you don't expect is for that ending to still ABSOLUTELY destroy you.

I cried through through the last couple chapters and the epilogue. Elizabeth Lim did a fantastic job of giving us this very emotional end to a character we knew wasn't going to make it out, but the part that really hurt me was Channi in the aftermath of this loss.

This is probably the ultimate tale of sisters who would give everything for each other (RIP Elsa and Anna). They meant everything to each other so when Channi lost Vanna I am so glad we got such emotions from Channi. Even with having feelings for Hokzuh, Channi didn't easily forgive him for what he did. I loved (but cried during) that moment when Channi, essentially, banishes him until she passes because of what he did to Vanna.

In general, this addition to the world felt a good amount darker than the previous entries. We get this amazing story of a girl whose life has been nothing but challenges, but still Channi pushes one for the one person she truly loves and the only person who truly loves her. We knew that Channi was such an intricate and badass character in the duology, so it was amazing seeing her that way in this story. Between fighting dragons, killing kings, and taking on a demon witch and her army this story was amazing top to bottom!

I will always hope for more entries into this world but this definitely one of my new favorite books. I cannot wait to tell all my friends, followers, and anyone who will listen to read this story.

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OK. LET'S GO I've been obsessed with Elizabeth Lim's books for a while, I think she's a WONDERFUL author and I love all of her work. It was no different with "Her Radiant Curse". In this book, we have a protagonist that I would call an antihero (you might think otherwise). And I just LOVED her, I loved understanding why she made each of her decisions, I loved being able to curse her at times and I loved ROWING for her. Elizabeth Lim always works very well in creating the world of her books and that's what she did here again. I expected no less from her. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE, it's just amazing.

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Her Radiant Curse was absolutely fun! Elizabeth Lim wrote yet another fantastic story that was so well written I found myself flying through the pages, unable to put the book down, pondering what would happen next. My favorite piece of this entire story was how believable the characters were.

The writing is clear and clean, and very immersive. The book hums along at a good clip, but the pacing makes sure we're given time to breathe between plot-intensifying moments. The story was absolutely engaging and the work that went into the settings was noticeable and superb. I felt absolutely transported and I'm so incredibly glad I was able to read an arc of this story.

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What a beautiful story! Two sisters, one with a heart that glows, literally, and the other cursed with the face of a snake.
The sisters are very devoted to each other. However, this is not the case with their father . He is very devoted to his beautiful daughter, Vanna, and he can barely tolerate his other daughter, Channari. She is forced to wear a mask and is ridiculed by everyone. She finds friendship with the snakes, especially Ukar. The curse was placed on Channari by a witch and she has stated that she will come for Vanna on her seventeenth birthday. Channari will do everything in her power to protect her sister.
I really enjoyed this story! There’s adventure, friendship a bit of romance as well. Happy reading!

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Once again, I requested a book in a series without realizing it. NetGalley, do better. I'm certainly not going to.

Obviously not having read Six Crimson Cranes, I wasn't sure how this was connected. I don't care about spoilers, so I looked up exactly how this was connected, and it didn't really surprise me. I've always preferred the villain in the story anyway.

I, too, would die (and maybe kill) for my siblings, so I understand Channi's devotion to Vanna. Their dad is an asshole, but who here is shocked? I was tired of hearing about Vanna's beauty. I get it, she glows. Boo fucking hoo. Who cares?

The ending is connected to the title, but I suppose everyone that read this in the correct order would know that. I'm funny, as always.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher.

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After being cursed as a child, Channi wants nothing more than to track down the one who cursed her and save her sister Vanna. Through a series of misadventures and close calls, Channi might just find a place to belong.

This was a great villain backstory companion to Six Crimson Cranes. Being able to understand the where's and the why's of Channi's history really brought her character full circle and added another layer to this world.

Recommended for any fans of retold tales, previous fans of Six Crimson Cranes, and anyone who loves a good retold fairytale.

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Oh my goodness, where do I begin? First and foremost, Elizabeth Lim never misses! I've been a fan of her Six Crimson Cranes/Dragon's promise books for a while and I was so hype to see this as an ARC! I absolutely loved it, the plot was amazing, the characters were compelling and I simply got lost in the book just as I did with SCC/DP! ♡ I cannot wait until this hits the shelves because I def will be buying it asap! (Thank you to NetGalley for letting me have early access to this book!) #HerRadiantCurse #NetGalley

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This was good. It kept my interest and was very entertaining. I loved the storyline and the characters were great. Great YA fantasy from a great author.
I just reviewed Her Radiant Curse by Elizabeth Lim. #HerRadiantCurse #NetGalley
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4.5/5 stars!!

If you loved Six Crimson Cranes then you will love Her Radiant Curse! It was so great being able to learn more about Channi! She was such a complex character in Six Crimson Cranes and I wanted to learn about her so badly. I’m glad Lim decided to write this prequel. It’s so beautifully written. Channi is such a strong character. There is so much adventure and action. This is such a quick and easy read. Highly recommend!!

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Elizabeth Lim does it again in this novel, I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Lim for a while and this novel worked well overall. I was hooked from the fantasy elements and getting to know Channi and Vanna, it was a beautifully done story going on. I loved the fairy tale elements going on and it left me wanting more.

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As soon I opened this book and read the first chapter my interest was piqued. I could tell that right away that little things the author was writing about would be important to the plot later on. And I was right in the end everything came together beautifully.

The world building was impressive and well thought out. Everything just gets built upon and the book just flies by. It feels much shorter than it is because of how enjoyable it is. Can’t wait to read more from this author.

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Oh poor Channi. I can’t decide if it was better or worse knowing how it ended. This positively lovely prequel to Six Crimson Cranes follows the early life of Shiori’s stepmother. Channi is offered up to a demon in exchange for his wife’s life after giving birth to their second child Vanna. Instead the demon curses Channi, a small child, with the face of a snake, a dead mother, and a promise to return for her sister in 17 years. What follows in Channi’s sad journey that we already know the end to having read Six Crimson Cranes. I cried even more for Channi, knowing what she went through and would continue to go through. This is a must read if you enjoyed Six Crimson Cranes. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this great book.

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I enjoyed this book. The characters were well thought out and the plot was paced in a way that made sense. I would recommend this book to others and would enjoy reading other novels by this author.

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I just love Elizabeth Lim's writing and books. Her Radiant Book is yet another book of hers I will be recommending far and wide. I love books that focus on sisters and I was absolutely enthralled by the relationship between Channi and Vanna. This is such a heart wrenching, beautiful read and I couldn't put it down. Also, can we get a little commotion for the cover? Gorgeous as always.

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EL is known for her duologies steeped in lush Asian mythology, so I was excited to see what she could do with a standalone. So imagine my surprise when I started reading and discovered this is actually a spin-off prequel to the ‘Six Crimson Cranes’ series.

I never actually gave much thought to the particular character this follows when I read ‘Six Crimson Cranes,’ but I found this backstory to be very interesting.

As per EL standard, this story delivers in terms of artful world-building, easy-going writing that expertly tells intriguing legends, and strong characters who are worth rooting for. As anticipated, this is a really well-rounded story that lives up to expectations on every front.

Fans of ‘Six Crimson Cranes’ will really enjoy being back in this world and seeing it expanded. And readers who have not read the series will come to love EL's storytelling and magic.

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Elizabeth Lim is a master at writing spellbinding prose that transports the reader into her worlds. I was wholly immersed in this story - the pages just flew by.

I absolutely adored Channi - her fierce determination and love for her sister. Like all of Lim’s stories, this book heavily focuses on familial bonds and sacrifice. I loved Channi’s serpent family, especially Ukar, and how they raised her when her own father deemed her “monstrous.” Although Vanna is the “pretty one,” Channi shows the reader what it means to truly be beautiful.

I read Six Crimson Cranes quite some time ago and have yet to read The Dragon’s Promise, so I can attest to how well this prequel stands on its own. The ending left me in tears and I’m eager to pick up Shiori’s story again to reread and continue where I left off.

If you’re looking for beautiful and heartrending stories woven with Asian mythology and featuring strong female characters, look no further than the Legends of Lor’yan. I cannot recommend this prequel enough!

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Children’s/Knopf Books for Young Readers for the e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This is everything I've come to expect from Elizabeth Lim. Beautiful. Immersive. Strong family bonds. And heartbreak.

We got a taste of Channari in the Six Crimson Cranes duology. This delves into her entire backstory. From the very first page and opening sentences, I was enthralled. She just has a way of roping you in with her writing.

Her Radiant Curse follows the backstory of Channari and Vanna. Two sisters burdened by separate curses. One to scarred and serpent like, hidden away by her father. The other beautiful, with a radiant golden light emitting from her. Channi is fiercely protective if her sister, believing that she must one day fall so that her beloved younger sister may rise. She fights hard for her sisters freedom, never realizing that hers is also on the line.

This tugs in your heart strings in a way I didn't think could when I first read of the character in Six Crimson Cranes. By The Dragon's Promise, I wanted this story desperately. No matter how tragic and heartbreaking the trials the characters go through, Elizabeth creates a world of beauty and enchantments. The magic flows from the pages.

This is everything in the prequel we deserve and need. A justice done to this enchanting world.

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The presequel to Six Crimson Cranes is beautifully written. This story follows Channi, burdened with a curse . She has a serpent face and poisoned blood, as a result of her attempting to save her sister Vanna's life. Vanna grows up to be beautiful and has many admirers, Channi endures a lonely life of isolation . Her only companion are snakes that inhabit the forest, including her best friend Ukar. Vanna becomes the target of the Demon Witch, Angma, as she prepares for her marriage to a prince, Channi will stop at nothing to prevent her sister from dying at her hand. This story is fast paced, full of twists, and the power of familial love.

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