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3.5 Stars: I really enjoy the Candy-Coated Mystery series, but have gotten a bit behind. In this Christmas novella, protagonist Allie McMurphy's sleuthing partner Carol Tunisian is front and center solving this holiday homicide. Carol and her team are getting the Senior Center ready for the Senior Christmas Ball. When they head over to do some clean up they find that the center looks like it was broken into and they find a local resident dead inside. It seems like he had been living there and we learn more about that as the story progresses. Officer Rex Manning tells Carol not to involve her book club in solving the mystery, but Carol doesn't listen well. Rallying her troop of silver-haired sleuths—and with some support from Ally, Carol sets out to discover who the killer is and why.

This is a novella that was just long enough to solve this mystery. I liked that Carol was the main sleuth in this one, giving Allie a break. It was interesting to see how technology was used to solve this case, as well as recruiting younger people to help out. Allie was still around and gave Carol some suggestions, which helped solve the crime. There was some danger to Carol when others found out she was poking her nose into the crime, but she is a smart cookie and managed to save herself. The crime wasn't too difficult to solve, and Carol and her friends did a great job figuring this one out. A great story for Christmas and while waiting for the next full length book to come out.

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I wasn't really a fan of this novella since we were not following Allie the main character of this series, instead we are following a very minor character from the series while she tries to solve the mystery. I found the story to be rushed in numerous places with too many details crammed into the plot. The big reveal was a big let down to me. I can't wait to read the next book and have Allie back instead of Carol.

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Carol Tunisian is looking forward to putting the finishing touches on the Senior Center Christmas Ball. However, when she arrives at the center, she finds the door has been jimmied and a dead body inside. The victim is a local, so why has he been sleeping at the center at night? Carol rallies her group of silver-haired sleuths to solve the murder.

This was a fun, cozy Christmas novella. The characters are intriguing, realistic, and humorous. It was nice getting to know more about the seniors on the island. Even though the story was short, it was well-plotted and moved at a good pace.

All thoughts and opinions are my own; in no way has anyone influenced my opinion.

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Carol finds a dead man inside the Senior Center who has been sleeping there. The local police don’t want her book club to investigate as they have before, but this doesn’t stop them. Since this is a candy cozy mystery, fudge is involved as the club tries to find out who is spoiling Christmas and why. Good little cozy mystery.

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A nice filler novella that has Carol Tunisian as the amateur sleuth instead of Allie and her ever-present Bichonpoo Mal. To be honest, I needed a break from the usual protagonist and her trusty sidekick that can sniff out a dead body miles away. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but this one has more skill than Sherlock Holmes.

This quick read novella hits all the right cozy and wintery spots. I did question a few things, but that is what cozies are, friendly books that might have a few things that make you wonder, but are woven with enough antics to make you easily forget about the “whys” and the “would a person really do that” parts.

A dozen books in and I’m going to stick with the characters I know since the next book in the series, ‘Three Fudges and a Baby’, is due this spring.

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This story is about Carol Tunisian, not Ally McMurpy. Car0l often helps Allie, but this time she is on her own. She shows up at the the Senior Center to finish up plans for the Christmas Ball. That's when she discovers the Center has been broken into and there is a dead man on the floor. Carol decides that she with help from her friends will solve this puzzle. Who is the dead man, why was he living in the Center, and lastly who killed him.

It is cute cozy. Carol and her team are fun. They story is short and easy-to-read. Quite enjoyable.

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Book Review: Having a Fudgy Christmas Time by Nancy CoCo

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ stars

First off, let me start by saying that the cover of Having a Fudgy Christmas Time by Nancy CoCo is absolutely adorable and perfectly captures the festive spirit. This novella provides an entertaining read that is both quick-paced and suitably festive, making it a great choice for those looking for a cozy mystery to enjoy during the holiday season.

The story follows Carol, who is excitedly preparing for the Mackinac Island Senior Center Christmas Ball. However, her plans take a dark turn when she discovers a dead man inside the center, with the door jimmied open. As Carol delves into the mystery surrounding the victim, she finds herself rallying her group of silver-haired sleuths to uncover the truth and catch the grinch who tried to steal Christmas.

CoCo's writing style is engaging, and the plot is well-structured, keeping readers guessing and eager to uncover the truth alongside Carol and her book club. The characters are likable and relatable, adding depth to the story and making it easy to become invested in their lives and interactions.

One aspect that stood out in Having a Fudgy Christmas Time is the inclusion of delicious-sounding recipes. CoCo's descriptions of fudge and other treats will leave you craving a sweet treat while reading. These recipes not only add an extra layer to the story but also provide an opportunity for readers to try their hand at creating some festive delights themselves.

While Having a Fudgy Christmas Time is an enjoyable read, it does have some minor flaws. The novella's brevity limits the opportunity for more in-depth character development or intricate plot twists. However, considering its length, CoCo manages to create a well-plotted mystery that will keep readers engaged until the very end.

In conclusion, Having a Fudgy Christmas Time by Nancy CoCo is a delightful novella that delivers on its promise of a cozy mystery with a festive twist. The adorable cover, fast-paced plot, likable characters, and mouthwatering recipes make it an entertaining read. If you're looking for a quick and enjoyable holiday-themed mystery, this book is sure to satisfy your cravings for both fudge and sleuthing adventures.

So pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, grab a fudge recipe from the book, and settle in for a cozy evening with Having a Fudgy Christmas Time.

⚠️This review was written based on personal opinions and experiences with the book. Individual preferences may vary⚠️

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This is a novella length book. It's not the delicious fudge keeping our attention in this edition of the Candy-Coated Mystery series, though mentioned a few times, It's the break in at the senior center with one of the seniors being found deceased. Mackinac Island has the snow flying and the snowmobiles screeching around as we see senior Carol Tunisian's point of view coming to life instead of fudge shop and hotel owner Allie McMurphy. When Carol finds a body in the senior community center all she wants is to reopen the center for the holiday festivities, but the police say no go because it's a crime scene. With the police being too slow for her taste she takes matters into her own hands to get this crime solved. Carol rousts up the other seniors on the island as they may just be putting themselves in harm's way to get this thing solved. Get ready for an adventure of threatening late night threatening phone calls and hushed warnings. Will Carol be able to solve the crime before any more harm comes to her or her friends? A great addition to the series that had me guessing until the end.

Pub Date: 26 Sep 2023
I was given a complimentary copy o fthis book.
All opinions expressed are my own.

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A short read for fans of Nancy Coco’s Fudge Shop Series. This time the sleuth is Carol Tunisian, not Allie. The senior center is broken into, one of the seniors is murdered, and Carol ropes the other seniors into investigating.

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This was not my cup of tea. I usually love this series but this one not so. However this is a great series and I recommend you read it also you may like this book.

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Having a Fudgy Christmas Time by Nancy Coco is a cute story. The story is told from Carol Tunisian’s point of view instead of Allie McMurphy’s. It did take me a beat to adjust. Carol is amusing. I love her attitude. It is winter on Mackinac Island, and I could feel Jack Frost nipping at my nose thanks to the author’s vivid descriptions. I like the author's writing style. It is friendly, which makes the story easy to read. Carol is quick to rally the troops (aka the book club) when a local man is found murdered inside the senior center. Rex Manning may have “requested” (aka told) Carol to keep her nose out of the case and to not involve the senior sleuths. Carol had no intention of listening to Rex (I believe her fingers were crossed behind her back). The mystery is not complex, but it is fun to follow. There are some incidents along the way and the seniors learn sleuthing can be dangerous. I thought it was amusing when Carol would stop a moment during the investigation and wonder what Allie would do (Allie has created a monster). I love the members of the book club. They are a lively, quirky group of seniors. I would be honored to be a part of this book club. There is plenty of holiday cheer as well as tasty treats. The ending was not what I expected. Having a Fudgy Christmas Time is A Candy-Coated Mystery Novella. Fans of the series will enjoy this enjoyable novella and it can be read by those who are new to the series. Having a Fudgy Christmas Time is happy holiday tale with a murdered man, senior sleuths, a cold climate, flavorful fudge, Christmas cookies enticements, menacing calls, and a scheme to catch a killer.

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I really enjoy the non-traditional cast of senior citizen sleuths. This is a quick cozy mystery with truly enjoyable characters. Sure, it's a bit predictable, but that doesn't matter. It's still a fun read to help get you in the holiday spirit. And the recipes are a yummy addition!

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In this candy-coated mystery holiday novella we see Allie's geriatric sidekick Carol taking on the lead role in solving a mystery in Mackinac Island. When Carol discovers a body in the senior center, she's determined to solve the crime and reopen their beloved community gathering place. With some help from her fellow senior friends, they put their heads together to figure out who was behind the murder.

I absolutely adored this novella. While I love Allie, I have a soft spot for old lady detectives (e.g., Miss Marple, Angela Lansbury) so having Carol at the helm was a blast for me. The crime was interesting and came together nicely in a way that felt surprising yet not too left field. I had everything I needed, despite it's short length, and didn't find the pacing to be too rushed. I think it's probably easier to pack more substance into a novella when working with well-established characters and places in a long-running series like this, so it had that advantage. I can't wait for the next book in this series, but I would love to see more Carol-centered novellas!

Thanks to Kensington for my eARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 stars - 9/10

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Princess Fuzzypants here: The fudge shop mysteries is an entertaining series. This time out, it is the usual supporting cast who take the lead. Senior Carol loves to get involved the various investigations the heroine, Allie, takes on. It has put her in peril before. She’s been around this world long enough that she has to have figured out some life skills but she dives right into the murder of another senior at the seniors centre. Rex, the very capable and long suffering lawman asks her to back off.

Instead of listening to him, she enlists the help of other senior ladies to set a trap to lure the killer. Phone warnings in the middle of the night do not convince her to stop. Getting caught back at the crime scene does not make her stop. Even the attack on one of her friends does not make her stop. And when she has evidence that would give the police a very good clue, she hesitates to share it and puts herself in grave danger.

What finally redeems her from being nominated for a Darwin Award is she belatedly realizes she is at risk and comes up with a strategy that she will be forced to use. The fact that the seniors are not caricatures helps too. Sadly some books can only portray elders as blithering idiots, dangers to themselves and everyone around them. The characters here are highly relatable. Four purrs and two paws up.

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The story follows Carol Tunnerman, a retired English teacher and fudge maker, as she investigates the murder of a local senior at the Senior Center.

It was a bit different from previous books, kind of different to get into with a different known character, then the usual one.

The mystery is well-paced.

There are plenty of suspects to keep the reader guessing, and the ending is satisfying.

The characters are also well-developed and likable.

Carol is a relatable and resourceful protagonist, and the supporting cast is full of colorful characters.

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This was a really cute short story. I thought it was great to see the story from the point of view of a character other than Allie. I think Carol was a perfect choice. I really enjoyed seeing her point of view and seeing more of the senior center. The mystery was great. I am really looking forward to reading the next book.

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I love that this novella is from a different point of view. Carol, a friend of Allie and the book group takes it upon herself to investigate a murder. I will say that she is one tough cookie and I admire her spunk and tenacity. While the murder mystery is handled well, I liked that there were moments of humor. And Carol had my stomach growling wishing I had a friend who would bring over a tin of cookies! Yum! I am really enjoying the books in this series and can’t wait for the next adventure in Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Cozies for my advanced review copy. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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A senior center break-in turns deadly and the seniors "book club" is once again studying clues in order to track down a killer.
This novella is told from the perspective of Carol Tunisian. Carol is an active member of the senior citizen group that often helps Allie, the main protagonist, in the other books in the Candy-Coated Mystery series. It is a quick read set on Mackinaw Island that keeps the clues coming all the way through the short story!

I love Novellas they’re so quaint but packed full!

Thank you Netgalley, Kensington Cozies, and Nancy COCO

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A great short story centering around Carol Tunisian and her senior sleuths. When Carol is trying to finish up her plans for the senior Christmas Ball she and her friends discover a dead body . Who was the man and who would want him dead ? A great mystery and addiction to the series.
Ms. Coco had me guessing until the very end .

I just reviewed Having a Fudgy Christmas Time by Nancy Coco. #HavingaFudgyChristmasTime #NetGalley

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This is a short story part of the Candy Coated mystery series set on Mackinac Island. This time the lead is not Allie McMurphy but her senior friend Carol Tunisian. Carol goes early to open the senior center and finds the center has been broken into and she finds a body on the floor. Carol thinks the body is that of Martin Oxford who was supposed to be spending the winter in Texas. Turns out Martin has sold his home to help pay for his granddaughter’s medical bills and returned to the Island and was spending the night at the senior center. The police close down the senior center and tell Carol and her friends no sleuthing so of course all that does is cause the seniors to want to sleuth. Carol begins her investigation and immediately she begins to get creepy phone calls and then her neighbor Missy is attacked and she is next if she can’t figure it out. Carol is one smart cookie and I like how she saves herself when her home is broken into. Carol helps crack the case. This was a quick and enjoyable read.

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