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I wanted to get back to reading Memoirs, and I am glad I picked this up.
I cannot even imagine what I would have done if I was in her place, however, I am certain, I may not have created the wholesome life she has.
It was a really inspiring read, and someday I hope to read more from her, and perhaps even meet her.
How lovely it would be to have people like her in your life and ecosystem :)

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"Limp Forward" reads like a blend of insightful life lessons and an intimate heart-to-heart conversation with a trusted friend. The author’s storytelling exudes an energy that lets me find solace and familiarity within the pages. Her fearless approach to life, marked by her enduring grit and unwavering determination, stands as a testament that surrendering to adversity is never an option.

I alternated between reading and listening to the audiobook. As I delved deeper into this rare gem of a book, I found myself in awe of the Libo's ability to weave her life's wisdom into a modern-day Tao De Ching. Within each chapter, her storytelling transforms into a practical guide for navigating the complexities of life. The audiobook, narrated by the author herself, adds a personal touch, making it feel like she was sharing her hard-earned insights directly with readers. I find this memoir to be a valuable life instruction book that teaches us how to thrive in this world.

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This was a really inspiring and interesting memoir. I always enjoy learning about people who have different backgrounds than mine, and growing up in China, Libo had a very different childhood than mine, not just due to her polio. She is a very determined person, who sets high goals for herself and meets them, and looks for ways that she can mitigate the impact of her disability. I also really enjoyed the way she shared stories from her ancestors, as far back as her great-great grandfather, up to her father in current day, who is writing his own book as well. As a special educator, I also found it really fascinating to see the ways in which Libo has experienced discrimination both here in the United States and in China. I enjoy memoirs a lot and would recommend this memoir to anyone who also does!

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Limp Forward
A Memoir of Disability, Perseverance, and Success
by Libo Cao Meyers
Pub Date 27 Jun 2023
Lioncrest Publishing
Biographies & Memoirs| Nonfiction \(Adult\)| Self-Help

Lioncrest Publishing and Netgalley provided me with a copy of Limp Forward for review:

Her journey in life has been steeped in rich family legacy and fueled by determination, growth, and love, from a little girl with polio in a village in China to a tech executive at Apple. Throughout the years and miles, she has embraced her differences and has never let anyone, including herself, limit her.

However, just because she's been successful doesn't mean it's been easy. Not by a long shot.

As an immigrant in a new country, a person with a disability, a mother, and a woman in a male-dominated industry, Libo has overcome challenges along the way.

With Limp Forward, Libo boldly shares her story-both the hard and the beautiful-to encourage you to see yourself, to realize your inherent worth, and to find the strength you need to face your own challenges.

Each journey is unique, but Libo's experience contains insights that can be applied to all journeys. A fascinating, unbridled exploration of what we can achieve when we pursue our full potential, Limp Forward shows what is possible when we do so.

I give Limp Forward five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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I completely appreciate the authors story but I felt like this memoir lacked the requisite depth in storytelling. It very much felt like inspiration porn - “I succeeded in spite of my disability, so you can do anything you set your mind to!” That’s just not true for most people.

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Fantastic & inspirational memoir about overcoming obstacles, keeping a positive attitude and working hard for your dreams.

I loved the accounts of growing up in China in the 70's and 80's and what everyday life was like for her. It's interesting the things we remember and that leave an impression. Her family life, living conditions, village life, being away from her parents & healthcare are all covered.

Must read!

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Libo Cao Meyers has hit it out of the park with her memoir, Limp Forward. She was born in China and was diagnosed with polio when she was eleven months old. It was human error that led to over 80 children being diagnosed with polio in her village. A nurse had overlooked providing the sugar cube polio vaccine to that community.

Libo is the 87th generation of the Cao family and has the Cao family history books that trace her lineage. Women who are born into a family in China are not recorded in the family tree since they don't typically carry the family name once they marry; however, women who marry into the family are recorded in the book. Libo was able to challenge and change that custom and have her name, along with her husband and two sons' names, placed in the family history record.

Perseverance is the primary incredible quality that Libo possesses in overabundance. Chinese children's stories have themes of resistance and perseverance. Her father and mother were both resolute in their quest for a better life. When Libo was born, she was raised in a tent. Once she was diagnosed with polio, her parents worked and saved in order for her to have several surgeries with the hope that her polio would improve.

The surgeries did not improve Libo's gait and she became determined to live the life she wanted and to achieve her full potential. In 1992, Deng Xiaoping, encouraged entrepreneurship, boldness, and wealth building. It was a pivotal moment for China and for Libo's family. Her father opened his own business and the family was able to move from poverty to middle-class wealth.

Libo constantly set aggressive goals for herself and created plans for achieving her BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals). Her powerful personal journey includes bachelors, masters and PhD degrees, immigrating to the US, working at startups, obtaining her green card, competing in a century-mile bike event, learning karate, and continually tackling challenges.

Powerful passages include:

* When I am told no, I make my own yes

* I chose not to select the easy routes

* Life lesson: look ahead while still pedaling for the present

* Never forget what you truly want and keep inching toward your goals; keep moving

* View yourself as successful regardless of other people's opinions

* Timing can cause technology to succeed or fail in the blink of an eye

* A black belt is just a white belt who will never quit

* Comfort and growth don't go together

* Leap forward rather than limp forward

* My heritage is my fuel, shield and strength

Libo is an inspiration with her unwavering grit, determination and perseverance.

For readers who enjoy Limp Forward, they will also enjoy reading Standing Up After Saigon. It is a true story of Thuhang Tran, from Vietnam, who was diagnosed with polio as a toddler. Thuhang faced her challenges of family separation due to the Vietnam War, poverty, and immigration to the US with the same perseverance and drive as Libo.

Highly recommend!

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