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The Island (A Fiona MacLeish Crime Thriller Book 2)

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Hmmm. I still haven’t read this book because I did not really enjoy the first book. but however, I have this book on my kindle and ‘maybe’ i’ll eventually get into it in my free time.

Once i do, i will update my review.

Thanks to netgalley and the author for giving me this book.

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The Island is the second book in the Fiona MacLeish series. Set on a remote island in Scotland while a storm blows in, Fiona is searching for a little girl who has gone missing, but there is a second crime, a murder. Will she manage to both survive the storm and get off the island where they are all trapped?
This was a good read; Fiona is still as fierce as ever and will stop at nothing. I found myself struggling to start with, but it soon changed as the story progressed, it had me on the edge of my seat several times.
I wouldn’t necessarily class it as a thriller, it is more suspense and mystery
One thing that I didn’t like was the number of times she mentioned the death of her parents and finding out who did it. I felt like every scenario was a chance to mention it.
Overall it was a good read.

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This is the second book in the series. This book was action packed , there is so much going on. Lots of dialogue between the characters.

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Fiona is back and this is another gem. Another remote location and another crime to be investigated. This time it’s missing Cait Yorke.

Although this is part of a series, it does read well as a standalone. However, I highly recommend reading both as you really get to know Fiona more deeply.

This demonstrates how Fiona’s workload has doubled. This gives the reader a real sense of the pressure she is under.

There are plenty of twists and turns in this book to keep you hooked. I definitely found this one unpredictable.

This is a series which is getting better and better. I am absolutely hooked. This is brilliant from beginning to end.

A must for the TBR.


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The Island (A Fiona MacLeish Crime Thriller Book 2)

Having recently read and enjoyed the first book in this series, - The Flood, I couldn't wait to start this one.
Fiona MaclLeish, now here is a woman that been through the wringer. My goodness at times i wanted to just look after her and give her a break. What a great character the author has created. Mother nature doesn't seem to like Fiona.

From the book description

When eight-year-old Cait Yorke goes missing on a remote island off the coast of the wild Scottish Highlands, PC Fiona MacLeish is quickly sent to investigate. But a gale is gathering force, and Fiona becomes increasingly concerned for a little girl braving the strong winds alone. As Fiona questions the locals, she soon realises that they are hiding many secrets. What is this island, and who really lives here?

This is where things start to go wrong on the island, this is where Fiona is going to need her A game. Thrown into the deep end she's alone and in charge. A missing child and a murder, has Fiona got what it takes to bring a child home and a killer to justice.
What a roller coaster this was. Tense yet exciting, I can't wait to start book 3.

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Fiona MacLeish is at it again. She’s physically cut off from the outside world by Mother Nature, with a young girl to find. As it’s dark and blowing a gale, this is not easy but things are a little harder on the island of Luing when a murderer is thrown into the mix.
Fiona is a hero, full of tenacity. She’s determined for find missing Cait but when she spots a pleasure cruiser full of passengers running into trouble, her concern is divided. I really felt for Fiona and her split loyalties especially when she went aboard the fated ship!! Oh my what a sight appeared in my head as Fiona made her horrifying discovery.

I thought The Flood was claustrophobic but The Island took that feeling to another level. Using the cover of night as well as the high winds made everything that little bit closer and tense. Driving the country roads in a car more suited to less rural surroundings with the elements against you trying a child and a murderer in the dark is not a task that’s east and I was far from envious of Fiona.

Despite being the second in a series, The Island can read as a standalone. Any nod to The Flood was brief and complete; however I do recommend reading it if you gave the chance. Smith has orchestrated a tight police procedural which was a mammoth task for his lead at the best of times and twisted it under the cover of night in horrific weather in to a dark heart pounding crime thriller.

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The Island by G.N. Smith is the second book in the new PC Fiona MacLeish Crime Thriller series and this was another brilliant book from start to finish. Once I opened my kindle I became hooked from the very first few pages and it was just as tense as the last book with great twists and turns throughout with a great storyline.

But with this book I have given it 5 stars especially as you learn more about PC Fiona MacLeish and she is an excellent character.
I am looking forward reading more books within this series.

Big thank you to netgalley, and Bookouture and the author G.N.Smith for an early copy of her book.

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The Island (A Fiona MacLeish Crime Thriller Book 2) by G.N. Smith

The killer was trapped in the remote island…

8 year-old girl called Cait went missing on the island. PC Fiona McLeish was responsible for the case. During the investigation, Fiona noticed the people there were hiding secrets. Meanwhile a body was found. It was apparently a murder case.

Now Fiona needed to race with time because she knew that the killer was nearby.

Even though this is the second book in the series, still it can be read as a standalone. The richness of the story, the darkness of the story plot and the way that the author led us to solve the crime with PC Fiona McLeish which was a great book to read!

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This was the second crime novel with PC Fiona MacLeish, and can easily be read as a standalone.
As a police woman Fiona seems to be very unlucky as she keeps finding herself alone having to deal with some very tricky situations. This time round she has found herslef trapped on an island in a bad storm with no way off and no way on. She initially goes to help find a missing girl and finds herself caught up in looking fo a murderer.
The problem is which should take priority the murder or the missing child? This story had so much going on from the beginning and the problems for Fiona just kept building.
Really enjoyed it. Another great crime story from GN Smith.
Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review.

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While this can be read as a standalone, I'm sure there were easter eggs I missed because I didn't read the first installment. I love a locked room mystery and the details were rich in this book. I did feel the details were a little TOO rich in some areas, but I'm a character driven girl and don't always care about the details. Good story.

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This is a common review of the books in this series: The Flood, The Island, and The Shelter.
This is a good series: gripping, tense, and a quite dark.
Fiona is not a character you will like since the beginning: flawed, damaged, obsessed by the murder of ther parents. She grew on me and I appreciated her after a bit.
The stories are well plotted and and the solid plot kept me guessing.
I recommend it as it's an intriguing set of mysteries.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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I think book two is even better than book one. So much going on. A missing child, a sinking ferry and a murderer all in the same story. Again this is somewhat of a locked room mystery as everyone is trapped on the island due to a storm. And again Fiona is working alone on all three of these issues. I like that she is so determined to find justice and do it all. Just like in the first book, there is so much tension and this one is at a continued fast pace.

Part of what makes Fiona so likable is that her parents were killed and that sets her drive to be the best police officer she can be so she can use those skills to eventually solve her parents murder. You just want to root for her to succeed. Not something I have really thought much about in my crime procedural previous reads.

With book two even stronger than book one, this is a great series to start.

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Will not be going on with this , found it to be repetitive with some of the stuff we already knew about the main character .

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PC Fiona MacLeish is asked to go & help search for eight year old Cait who has wandered away from those she was playing with. The family are holidaying on Luing, one of the slate islands off the West coast of Scotland. As Fiona arrives on the island a storm is brewing & it looks like she is on the last ferry. Back-up is not going to happen. Whilst searching for Cait she sees a pleasure boat in trouble at sea & takes the difficult decision to try & help the people on board. With help from some locals they manage to get most of the people ashore but when the last passenger is injured Fiona goes out to help her & discovers the body of the captain- he has been stabbed viciously. So now in addition to the lost child there is a murderer or murderers on the loose! Although working alone she at least has a phone connection to her detective friend Heather but she feels torn in many directions.

Once again this is a fast paced story where the setting is as much a part of the story as the characters. I know the Isle of Luing so it was great to be able to visualise where the action was taking place. I really love this series of books & look forward to the next. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.

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This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. This is the second book in the Fiona MacLeish Crime Thriller series.

When Fiona, a police officer with the Scotland Police, is sent to an island during a windstorm to find a missing child, she gets more than she bargained for. While trying to rescue people from a ship that is about to run aground, she discovers a body. Because the ferry stopped running due to the high winds, Fiona cannot receive help from the mainland. She is on her own to find a missing girl and to find a killer.

I love the main character. Fiona never gives up. I also love how she enlists the help of the inhabitants of the island and how willing they are to aid her in her search for the child and even the murderer.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes thrillers/police procedurals. This book has a lot of excitement, and you definitely won’t be bored. The third in the series, The Shelter, will be coming out in November, and I am looking forward to reading it.

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PC Fiona MacLeish has returned to duty, her first assignment is to find a missing eight-year-old girl, but soon a body will be found and nothing will be as it seems.

Fiona is once again trapped and she must use her knowledge and skill to find the missing girl and stop the killer before they strike again.

Smith gives us a tension-filled novel that had me unable to put this novel down. This author knows how to give descriptions and details that had me visualising and feeling everything that was happening.

This was a great second instalment to this series and I look forward to book three.

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Wow this book hits you full throttle and doesn't let up! Fiona is looking for a missing child and then she finds someone who has been murdered, with a child missing on the island and a killer on the loose it takes you on one wild ride. I didn't think it possible to get better than book one of the series but it has exceeded my expectations and then some. I can't wait for the next book to see what this author comes up with next. I read the whole book with my heart in my throat!

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This another locked room style mystery but this time Fiona is sent to a remote Scottish Island alone to respond to missing child alert for a little girl called Cait when she arrives she soon discovered the missing girl is not the only crime that’s occurring.

This story is as also so rich in detail, which made the story even better in my opinion.

It was so gut wrenching how it went from a missing girl to something even more sinister, my heart was in my mouth during the “boat scene”.

I enjoyed how Fiona always thought of her beloved Aunt Mary and how’s she’s so special to her and thinks what would she do in this situation?.

I’m exited to see what’s next for Fiona.

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Fiona Macleish is a police officer in the Scottish Highlands and Islands and is called to investigate a missing child on a remote isle just as a violent storm is building. When she arrives, the imminent inclement weather means the island is cut off from the mainline, making Fiona the sole police officer. A missing person inquiry soon becomes a rescue mission when a boat runs aground, and discovering a suspicious death means a killer is on the isle. The second book in the Fiona Macleish series is readable as a standalone. I like the sense of danger and darkness as the island's secrets are revealed. The location's remoteness and the wild weather make this atmospheric and claustrophobic reading. The pacing is good. I like the setting, the detailed investigation and the chilling ethos.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

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THE ISLAND is the second book in the Fiona MacLeish crime thriller series.

This reads well as a standalone novel but there's extra enjoyment in following Fiona's story if you read THE FLOOD first.

As with the previous book the author cleverly uses a remote location in Scotland along with the elements to create a locked room mystery.

Police officer Fiona MacLeish travels across to the remote island of Luing to start an investigation into the disappearance of eight year old Cait Yorke.
Has she wandered off and got lost or lying injured somewhere in this rugged landscape or is there a more sinister reason for her disappearance?
Unfortunately an oncoming storm leaves Fiona stranded without backup. The team of detectives won't be getting there until the next day.

Before the search has barely begun Fiona becomes involved in rescuing passengers from a pleasure craft in trouble and makes the shocking discovery of a murder.

Fiona now has two major cases to handle all on her own. Find Cait & find the killer.

The rising winds and gales will make things as difficult as the growing agitation of the islanders, stranded holidaymakers and Cait's parents. Will Fiona succeed or will there be more death before the day is out?

Multiple plot strands, twists and turns and a whole lot of emergencies make this a fast paced crime thriller and Fiona MacLeish is really growing as the main character.

The Scottish setting of the remote island is well portrayed. I really felt like I was there with Fiona cheering her on.

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