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This was a fun romance. I liked the plot and the characters were a lot of fun. Very much recommend this book.

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I have read all of the Wilder series by Serena Bell so I was super excited to read about the Hotts and revisit some of my favorite characters. Hott Shot didn't disappoint. There is something very endearing about the way Bell writes her characters, making them so relatable and frustrating at the same time. Quinn wasn't my favorite leading man in the Wilder/Hott series but he's still (!). Sonya is a force to be reckoned with and I am here for it. I recommend this one for sure. While you can read it as a standalone, I highly suggest starting with the Wilder series as it will make more sense.

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This book turned out to be a delightful surprise! The inheritance plot added an interesting twist to the story, and I couldn't help but be charmed by the grumpy yet endearing Quinn and the sunny and independent Sonya. Their forced proximity, sizzling chemistry, and witty banter made the romance truly enjoyable. The small-town setting and the Hott family members added to the charm of the story, and I appreciated that it didn't rely on overly dramatic situations. It's the perfect blend of spicy romance and humor, and I highly recommend it. Plus, the continuation of the series with different couples is a bonus!

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This book was a pleasant surprise for me. The story’s (and the whole series’) starting point with the inheritance situation was quite interesting. Sonya and Quinn’s gumpy/sunshine duo with their forced proximity, chemistry and banter made the story really enjoyable.
The small town community and the Hott family members were all charming, too. And thankfully, there weren’t much dramatic situations that couldn’t have been rectified relatively easily.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of the book.

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I absolutely loved this book! It’s the perfect combination of spicy romance and witty banter. The MMC is the classic grump, and he meets the hometown FMC who is independent and sweet and has to thaw his heart. I also love that the series continues with a different couple, so you don’t have to read them in order if you don’t want to. I do truly recommend this book 100%!

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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy. I really enjoyed this and will be getting copies for my shop.

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I loved this grumpy sunshine romance and the Spice was just right for me. I absolutely adored this book and I read it quickly. I can't wait to read more in this series.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was sweet, full of tension, great tropes, and some spice. This rom-com was easy to read while still holding my interest and making me laugh. I am interested to see what happens with the rest of the Hott brothers!

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I loved this book. it was amazing; so fun and heartwarming to read, I almost couldn't put it down. All the tropes ere top notch. Can't wait to read more books from this author.

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WARNING: Grumpy and Sexy Science-Nerd Alert!

I really don't generally love Crazy-Inheritance-Stipulation romances, but damned if Serena Bell can't sell me literally anything as long as she writes it. HOTT SHOT totally won me over. I'm ready for the coming Crazy-Inheritance-Stipulation books in this series.

Quinn and Sonya are the perfect Grumpy+Sunshine pair! But Quinn was so much more than just a grumpy asshole. He is socially awkward, overly blunt, and feels on the outside of his family. I loved seeing a grumpy character written with this level of depth and how he did grow, but didn't magically become an entirely new person by the end of the book! Sloan is also likeable, but flawed and she also has a great character arc.

The side characters that will have their own books were introduced, but didn't dominate the entire nook with their introductions. Well played, Serena Bell. I can't wait to read more stories from this Hott family!

HOTT SHOT belongs on your TBR if you like Opposites Attract, Small Town, steamy romances.

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Hott Shot is the first in Serena Bell's new Hot Springs series and had me HOOKED from Chapter One.

Quinn didn't expect to be working at the family resort, definitely not the family salon. Yet the only way for the family to get their grandfather's inheritance is for him to abide by grandfather's wishes. He's a fast worker and can do anything he puts his mind to. What he doesn't expect is for Sonya, salon manager, to put a wrench in his plans in more way than one.

Sonya needs things to go well at Hott Spot Salon and Spa. This is her home, her lifestyle, her everything. Not even grumpy Quinn will allow her mood to falter. He may think he's a hot shot but he's got another thing coming.

Serena Bell wrote the perfect enemies to lovers, grumpy sunshine romance. The short chapters and dual point of view (every other chapter) kept me hooked and wanting to flip the pages to get to know her new characters. I found Quinn to be lovable and was rooting for him the most. I cannot wait to read Serena's next book in this series!!

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I love Serena Bell's books! Hott shot is the first of the spin-off series from Wilder Adventures about Hanna's brother's who are forced by their grandfather's will to come back home.

Quinn is the youngest brother, almost thirty, and founder and head scientist of a pharmaceutical company. Now, he's also the receptionist at Hott Shot spa and salon.

Sonya is the spa's manager, working to hire those from her late mother's salon her father lost gambling, the people who helped raise her when her mother passed, and there is one person left. But when her ex-receptionist embezzles from the salon, she can't afford to hire the last person. On top of that, grumpy, unkempt, no-people-skills Quinn is supposed to work the job most responsible for the sales needed to afford the employee.

Whereas Sonya is sunshine and can-do attitude and actions, Quinn is quiet and observant on the sides instead of with people. But, they both get past each other barrier's, Sonya's independence and Quinn's heart.

I loved how Quinn just helped Sonya who won't let anyone help when they ask- he simply did it without asking or having to be asked. He was ready to be their for her while respecting her knowledge, experience, and position.

Overall, loved both characters, and all our supporting ones. So ready for the next Hott brother!!!

Thank you to netgalley and Jelsba Media Group for an arc in exchange for an honest review!

Feat: roommates, smut, solid spicy talk, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract

5 stars
3 spice

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the first book in a new series, but you will recognise some of the characters if you have enjoyed the Wilder Adventures series – and if you haven't read them, I would highly recommend them too!

Quinn and his male siblings all left town to pursue their interests and make their fortunes, leaving their sister, Hannah (who's married a Wilder), to run the family business with their grandfather. He has now died, and his will has some very strict instructions to follow – or all the land will be going to a local mining company, which will destroy everything.

So, Quinn, a genius scientist whose Biotech business has been researching and finding cures recognised on a world-wide scale, now has to spend time on the reception of the Hott spa. His temporary boss, Sonya, is not at all happy about this. She has been scrimping and saving on the budget so she can employ the last of the people who she had to let go from her mum's salon. The fact that he is a grump, and hides in a lab for a good reason, is not going to help her plans at all. That they also share accommodations is the icing on the cake of this dysfunctional pairing!

Quinn does not understand why Sonya is so invested in a business which is not her own, but as he does start to figure out what is going on, he wants to support her. In fact, he starts to invent products for the spa... or really, for her.

It is a lot of fun watching Quinn remind himself what he loved about home, and how Hannah deserves the support of her siblings – and obviously his burgeoning relationship with Sonya.

Cannot wait for the next installment – in fact, I am just as impatient as I was with the Wilder gang!

Veronica – ☆☆☆☆
HOTT SHOT is the first book in the Hott Springs Eternal series, which is a spin-off from the Wilder Adventures series. You can still read and enjoy HOTT SHOT even if you haven’t read the previous series.

Quinn Hott and his brothers have returned to their hometown of Rush Creek, after the passing of their grandfather. Quinn quickly finds out that in order to keep their grandfather’s name, Quinn needs to spend the next two months working at the reception at the family’s spa.

Firstly, I have to say how mad I was when I found out Quinn hadn't returned to Rush Creek for his sister Hannah’s wedding. But he steps up and agrees to play receptionist at Hannah’s spa, even though his business and life was on the other side of the country.

Sonya, the spa manager, has to deal with her new receptionist, Quinn, and the discovery that her previous receptionist had been stealing from the business. I loved the instant chemistry between Quinn and Sonya and how respectful and considerate of each other they are.

Sonya is such a strong independent woman, and it is so sexy that Quinn, who is an intelligent, successful guy, is so strongly attracted to her. Even though on the surface, Sonya and Quinn seem to be very different, they actually work well together. I particularly liked that while there might be problems going on around them, the romance between the couple was fun and low angst.

HOTT SHOT is a fun, easy to read, adult romance with a dash of spice and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more books about the Hott brothers.

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A fab read the story of Quinn and Sonya. Quinn is forced to work in the spa on his family's ranch to meet the terms of a will.. He is not supposed to be staying but will his attraction to Sonya change that? A great start to a new series, can't wait for the next book.

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Rating: 4/5

I loved this grumpy sunshine story. Quinn is grumpy but I wouldn’t call him quite beast. He was closed off but quickly became a teddy bear. I love that Quinn is sexy and nerdy. They don’t write enough books with that type of MMC. The chemistry between Sonya and Quinn is pretty hot. The build up was just the right amount and the forced proximity was great.
Thank you to Net Galley and Jelsba Media Group.

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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

This is is a spicy, opposite attract and sunshine grumpy romance perfect for a lazy day or when one is in a reading slump. The book was hilarious and I cannot recommend it enough. The book follows one of the Hott brothers who is tasked to work at the reception of a spa in order to claim an inheritance for two months. He didn't encounter in finding love while working there with the Spa Manager . It's witty , unique and definitely a page turner.

Actual rating: 3.5

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I was happy to relax and enjoy a comfort read of Hott Shot, the first book in the Hott Springs Eternal series, which is a spinoff of the Wilder Adventure series. This setting for this book is the Hott Springs Spa--Hanna is the FMC from Wilder at Last--which is now owned by Hanna and her five brothers.

The Hott Springs Spa was a working ranch until a few years ago when Hanna and her granddad decided to convert it into a wedding venue with a spa. It has hot springs, cold pools, saunas, and a salon near towering mountains and a dense forest and it sounds so beautiful I wish I could visit. The story opens with all of the brothers returning to Rush Creek for their granddad’s funeral. None of the brothers want to be back in Rush Creek and I wasn’t exactly sure what happened to cause this, other than they had issues with their grandfather and were busy with their jobs. (I’m wondering if more will be revealed about their estrangement in future books?) Their grandad’s will stipulates that each brother must complete a specific task and if they don’t, the land will be sold to a mining company. The first one up is Quinn Hott and he can't believe what his crotchety old grandfather, from the grave, is making him do: he must work at the front desk of the spa and salon as a receptionist for two months.

Quinn is a brilliant scientist that develops drugs, like one that gets rid of the side effects of an ALS drug. Like many scientists, Quinn feels more comfortable with numbers and formulas than with people--his ex convinced him he isn't a "people person." He is frustrated about being away from his science lab to work and extremely irked he has to be a frickin' receptionist at the spa. But, even though he's a big man of few words, with a beard and hair that needs a trim, it turns out he knows just what to say to the Spa's mostly female customers. One thing he isn't unhappy about--having to spend time around the beautiful Sonya, the spa manager. She's the sunshine to his grump and I  enjoyed watching the two fall for one another. (Like most of Bell's books, this one has wonderful heat, especially when Quinn and Sonya end up having to share a cabin.)

Sonya works for Hanna who is in the hospital having a baby and she’s asked Sonya to be in charge of the spa. At first, even though Quinn and Sonya are attracted to each other, they both tell themselves getting together is a bad idea. For one, Sonya is technically his boss and, for another, Quinn is Hanna’s brother. Plus, Quinn is only planning to stay in Rush Creek for the two months required by his grandfather’s will. Fortunately for the reader, these reasons don't stop them from ending up in between the sheets!

Though is a short, sweet read, the story has some depth. Quinn and Sonya both had bad breakups in their past and are wary of being in a relationship. They also have fears of abandonment that stem from their childhoods. I liked seeing their growth throughout the story and how they brought out the best in each other.

As was true in the Wilder books, family is a big part of the story. All the Hotts as well as the Wilders show up at different times in the book, often for comic relief. I laughed as I turned the pages. This is a feel good read.

The story stands well alone but I think it’s helpful to have read some of the Wilder books first, my favorite being Walk on the Wilder Side. I think readers that like romcoms and those who enjoy the Wilder Series will have fun reading Hott Shot.

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Upon the reading of the Hott brothers’ grandfather’s will, it appears that there are some unusual requests. In order to keep the land in Rush Creek in the family, each brother has a work in the town. Quinn Hott has to fulfil his obligation by working as a receptionist for the family spa, for the next two months. It is here that he meets, Sonya who is the manager of the day spa. Sonya is uncertain how this arrangement will work out and as Quinn is proving to be a grumpy receptionist, she is frustrated in his lack of customer service skills. As they work together to try and make the situation work, they find themselves attracted to the other.
This is a great start to the ‘Hott Springs Eternal’ series and these two characters definitely hit the spot with their grumpy/positive natures fuelling the opposites attract scenario. I found their conversations quite entertaining and found myself quickly engaged. The secondary characters also add to the storyline and insert themselves in such that it is easy to see how another story may come along.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Generally I liked this and would read the rest of the series. The characters are interesting, but it also was hard to get into these leads being together at the begining as the connection wasn't really working for me, but I did like the resolution.

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Quinn Hott is a brilliant scientist working in Boston to create groundbreaking new drugs to save lives. But his grandfather's will requires him to return to Rush Creek and live on the family ranch for two months working as the receptionist in his sister's salon, Hott Spot. Quinn definitely isn't receptionist material, bearded and burly with a gruff and grumpy personality. Sonya is the Hott Spot's manager, desperate to recover the losses of an embezzlement by their last receptionist. The last thing she needs is an unkempt beastly man scaring away her customers. But the more time they spend together, the more Quinn wants to help, from a new haircut to creating the salon's own product line. At first he couldn't wait to get back to his real life, but maybe now he has a reason to stay.
After reading Hannah and Easton's story in the Wilder series, I was intrigued by her Hott brothers so I'm so excited they're getting their own spinoff series. Quinn seems like the guy you want to avoid, introverted and grumpy, but under that shell is a true cinnamon roll sweet guy. He'll do anything for those he cares about, even putting his brilliant career on hold to save the family ranch. Not your average nerdy scientist, this Hott man is all muscle under that lab coat!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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