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Dragon Cat Wins the Lottery

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This was silly and a bit weird. Dragon cat enters the lottery, wins, then has 100 otters descend on his home and cause havoc.

The images have a lot of energy and humour, and I liked how the author solicited the input of the reader on a resolution to the story.

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If there is one sentence that shows how amazing this picture book is it's, "Now that's a reason to put on pants"!! I could not stop laughing the entire time. This picture book was hilarious. I thought I would wish it was in color, but the art is pure perfection in its chaos. I love this so much and will absolutely be getting a copy so I can read it over and over again.

5 stars

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I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own opinions.

I really enjoyed Dragon Cat Wins the Lottery and all of the shenanigans it's winnings cause. The interactive aspect is fun and the idea of a Dragon Cat pleases me.

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Cute little book. I love the idea using "otter" from lottery, and I think kids will too. The chaotic pages with lots of otters would definitely be fun to color. Bonus star because I just spent five minutes looking up pictures of dragon cats on imagesearch. I always like it when books inspire me to do something :)

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A silly book for younger children to enjoy. Not quite a lottery win; 100 otters instead.A chuckle worthy read.

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I wish I had this physical book! I will purchase for my kids once it is published, This is such a fun book where you decide the ending- i remember when I was a kid and Goosebumps books had this!

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This book was super silly & ridiculous. I love that it's open ended & it's up to the reader to finish off the story. I'm sure children will love coming up with silly endings, letting their imagination run wild. It'd also be a nice little keepsake for parents as kids get to add their own personal touch to the book.

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Dragon Cat Wins the Lottery is as much a coloring book as a story book! The pictures are all black and white, and young children are invited to color in the story. Dragon Cat sees an ad in the newspaper for the lottery to win 100. (It doesn't say 100 of what, from what we can see!) Turns out, he won the lottery, but it was 100 otters, not dollars, that he won!

Hilarity ensues when 100 crazy otters arrive in his house. The best part of the book? The last two pages are blank, so after your child colors in the beginning of the story, they can draw the ending! Wonderful affirmation for kids they they will be able to come up with a creative solution to the problem. Adorable book for little ones!

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this advanced review copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review on the book!

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This book was so adorable, I loved everything about it, the illustrations were so well done, they suited the book perfectly, the story was amazing as well, even thought is very short I could really connect with the characters. I’m sure the kids are going to be just as enthralled with this amazing book as I was. I will definitely recommend! Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this early copy

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When Dragon Cat buys a lottery ticket, he doesn't realise the prize is 100 otters (not dollars). What follows is utterly bonkers chaos and creativity prompts for the reader to make their own ending. How DOES Dragon Cat get rid of the otters before Bear comes home? The story is completely open ended.

This is a fun, whimsical childrens book which is at once a story, activity book and colouring book all together. One could also point out the cautionary tale against gambling (the lottery) and not reading the fine print, but even without overthinking that part, it's an engaging take for younger readers.

The layout is clear and easy to follow, and the illustrations are fun and inviting. I love the affirmation when inviting the children to fill in the blanks that "you always know how to make things better" and the acceptance of glorious chaos, to help kids boost their confidence.

Aimed at younger readers, this is a delightful little book.

~Many thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review~

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This is a whimsical cartoon-based story that also serves as a "create your own ending" and coloring book. This would be great for a preschool or early childhood classroom as it offers hand-on activities (there is also a free online PDF coloring activity one can download).

While silly at heart, it could be used as an age-appropriate talking point for young children regarding the dangers of gambling or being careful what you wish for. A lottery may just actually turn out to be an ottery!

Thank you to NetGalley and Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.

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This is a super-cute and utterly daft cartoon story about Dragon Cat who is at home alone while Bear is away.

When he decides to buy a ticket for the lottery he doesn't realise that the 100 that he could win is not $100 but 100 otters...

With only one otter chaperone to manage 99 young otters, a riotous time (plus tea and pancakes) is had by all, Dragon Cat included - karaoke and competitions being part of the fun. And at the end, the reader is invited in to help clear up the chaos!

For such a short read, this is actually a lot of fun. And it would be an excellent colouring book too. It's worth getting a physical copy for your young ones to enjoy.

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I didn't like this. It didn't really have any content to it. I suppose it might make very young children laugh with the appearance of the otters but I cannot see it becoming a favourite for many.

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