Antônio: Vampires in Europe

Vampires in America, Book 15

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Pub Date Nov 11 2022 | Archive Date Aug 05 2023
BelleBooks, Inc. | ImaJinn Books

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Porto, Portugal—home to writers and poets, to revolutionaries and dreamers. And down the river to the sea, a grand estate rises on green hills of latticed vineyards—the home of the powerful and deadly vampire who rules Portugal.

Darkly handsome and charming, Lord Antônio Silveira is a warrior at heart. But his future was warped in an instant when he defended his Sire against overwhelming odds and emerged not only victorious, but the Vampire Lord of Portugal in his own right. It was a title he never sought, but one he will defend to the death.

Rachel Shepherd knows nothing of loyalty or family. Abandoned by her powerful mother to be raised as an orphan, she is chosen to serve an ancient society as an assassin, a weapon to be pointed and fired with always fatal consequences. But Rachel has begun to question those who command her to kill, and when they send her against a vampire lord known for his ferocious battle skills, she begins to wonder if maybe, this time, her superiors are hoping she'll die trying.

Brought together by a threat to both their lives, Antônio and Rachel join forces to reveal their true enemies and drag them from the shadows, where together, vampire and assassin will decide who lives and who dies, and ensure an end to their enemy's poisonous intrigues. It is time at last for the hunters to become the hunted…

"…an exciting action-packed storyline and a romance that will have you fanning yourself. "—Fresh Fiction on Xavier

"…a can't-put-it-down story that will leave you wanting more."—Fresh Fiction on Nicodemus

"… guaranteed to give you all the tingles!!! A SEXUAL TENSION PACKED GEM!!"— on LACHLAN

Author bio:
D. B. Reynolds is the RT and EPIC Award-Winning author of the Vampires in America series of paranormal romance, and an Emmy-nominated television sound editor. She lives in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she's not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else's. Visit her blog at for details on all of her books, for free stories and more.

Porto, Portugal—home to writers and poets, to revolutionaries and dreamers. And down the river to the sea, a grand estate rises on green hills of latticed vineyards—the home of the powerful and...

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Featured Reviews

When I received this book I was able to read it from the very beginning to the very end in one day. The story line was very good and the character built up was instrumental to this story in my opinon.

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Love this series from DB Reynolds, in fact they are a stay up all nighter reading.😁😁😁 Now I have to wait for the next book.🥺🥺

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Another exciting and sincerely smoking hot addition to this imaginative series. I was a tad surprised how long it took for the couple to actually meet but that was clearly a plot device to allow the reader to understand their backgrounds and motivation. Both of this couple have had to step up to the mark and not only survive but shine and truly they do both deserve someone who loves them unconditionally.
Rachel will no doubt resonate with fans of Cyn as she's a younger version but certainly just as capable and dangerous. Antonio is a heartthrob without a doubt, loyal to the core and most definitely a man of action both in and out of the bedroom ! The Vampire politics and machinations keep this story ticking along nicely and it leaves this reader wondering just who will feature next ? A must read for the fans of this series and I cannot wait to read what happens next.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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Centuries before, Lord Antônio Silveira, became the reluctant Vampire Lord of Portugal. Antonio was all about the battle to the extent of becoming a beserker at times. Ruling from his large estate in Porto, Portugal, Antonio is being required to host one of the higher ups in the German Lord Walther's court knowing the Lady Inge would like more than just a political alliance with him. She brings along Rachel Shepard as a translator; however, Rachel has her own very deadly agenda.

Rachel was essentially abandoned by her powerful mother who works for an anitsupernatural group known as the Society. Raised in one of their orphanages to be a merciless weapon assassinating anyone she is assigned to without explanation, Rachel begins to question not only her loyalty to the shady group but whether the next victim actually deserves the death sentence.

Once Rachel meets her next target who happens to be Antonio, she finds herself intensely attracted to a man or in this case, a vampire, for the first time in her life. It seems someone has set Rachel up as a target herself so she is determined to find out who and why as well as change her original plans after joining forces with Antonio. With Rachel, Antonio feels he has met his mate. They both know the German contingent is up to something nefarious and neither one plans to let their enemies carry it out.

While I enjoyed Rachel and Antonio's interactions and as a couple, it is not until well into the story about a third of the book that they meet. Their back stories take a long buildup so there is less time together for them on the page. Fans of the series should enjoy this latest addition.

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Strong characters, solid storyline with heavy backstory on Rachel and Antonio that does leave the lovers to meet for their story further into the book. The plot against the vampire Lord of Portugal was a great story, and it showcased Rachel's assassin's skill. Nice Karma at the end. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book from Netgalley.

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This is an erotica vampire romance story. If you are not into erotica it is not for you, because it is full of heat!

If you are into it, then wow! You will truly enjoy. The book his a story of power and control, betrayal and vengeance, love, acceptance and understanding.

It is book 15 in The Vampire in Europe serries, but is easily a stand alone book

I must go back and read the others! How did I miss this author and series? WOW, Wow, wow.


Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publisher, ImaJinn books, for granting me an advance copy of this book in return for my honest opinions

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Nothing excites me more than a new Vampires in America novel by D.B. Reynolds, and while awaiting the release of ANTONIO, I decided to do a thorough reread of the entire series (Vignettes and Novellas included) and after 13 years of reading this author and her compelling, captivating and ferociously passionate Vampires, my appetite for this series has never diminished.

ANTONIO starts differently than other stories in this series, as our heroine is front and centre in the first few chapters while her backstory is revealed to lay the foundation of the relationship between a charming, yet brutal Vampire Lord and human female whose enigmatic persona is equal parts intriguing and captivating. I found the slower pace perfect as we discover the wretched childhood that Rachel has endured, and how it moulded the strong, independent, and formidable woman she has become.

An exceptional author for me, is someone who writes a story that I start and finish in one day because I simple can’t put it down, and ANTONIO certainly fits that category; and as the story unfolds heartache, deception, intrigue, and passion are just some of the elements that will keep you riveted till the last page is turned.

ANTONIO is a fabulous addition to an extraordinary and dynamic series and an absolutely fabulous read.

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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of Antonio: Vampires in Europe by D.B.Reynolds. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to NetGalley and BelleBooks, Inc for this ARC.

The D.B. Reynolds vampire series is one of my favorite vampire romance series, and I was excited to read her latest release. I was not disappointed. Rachel was a very fleshed-out female lead, and I loved her journey to the top assassin and later her romance with Antonio. I appreciated that she was a fully developed character, and we got a lot of backstories before the romance began. And it goes without saying that the two of them together were super steamy. While insta love is not my favorite trope, it worked here, and I had fun reading this book. I give this book a solid 3.5/5 stars.

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3.75stars--ANTONIO is the fifteenth instalment in DB Reynolds’ adult VAMPIRES IN AMERICA/ VAMPIRES IN EUROPE erotic, vampire romance series. This is Portugal’s Lord Vampire Antonio, and vampire assassin Rachel Shepherd’s story line. ANTONIO can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Antonio was first introduced in book fourteen XAVIER.

Told from third person perspective using present day and memories from the past, ANTONIO follows vampire assassin Rachel Shepherd on her latest task, an assignment from The Society to take down and kill Lord Vampire Antonio. Working as the translator for German vampire Lady Ingeborg Fischer, Rachel finds herself up close and personal on Lady Inge’s visit to Porto, Portugal with the man she has been ordered to kill but Rachel knows there is more to this assignment that she has been told, and our heroine finds herself the target of some very powerful people.

From the age of twelve Rachel Shepherd found herself a virtual prisoner of The Society, a group of powerful men and women who claim to take in unwanted orphans, and train them to become lawful citizens but Rachel knows better, and The Society’s focus is on the take down of the supernatural, one vampire at a time using highly skilled assassins in the process. Lord Antonio’s attraction to Rachel is immediate and visceral, something Lady Inge is reluctant to accept but Antonio suspects there is more to Rachel than Inge’s language translator, and Antonio is about to seduce the truth from our story line heroine.

We are introduced to Antonio’s right hand man Breno and their head vintner Amadeu Pinto; German vampire Lady Ingeborg Fischer and her assistant Frau Rose Margrit; Lord Walther and his lieutenant Gerhold; and fellow assassin Barnabe, Rachel’s mother Mavis, and vampire mistress JoJo Griffin.

ANTONIO is a story of power and control, betrayal and vengeance, love, acceptance and understanding. The slow building premise is complex and detailed told mostly through internal dialogue, reflection, contemplation, consideration and narrative. The romance is passionate and seductive ; the characters are determined and dynamic-to most vampires Rachel is considered nothing more than human fodder with which to toy, unaware of the powerfully trained assassin.





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I really enjoy Reynolds, Vampires in America and Vampires in Europe series. This one didn't disappoint! Rachel and Antonio are great together as are all of the couples the author writes. The action is non-stop and the epilogue makes me think D.B. is already cooking up her next thrilling book.

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Another exciting and hot addition to this imaginative series. I was a tad surprised how long it took for the couple to actually meet but that was clearly a plot device to allow the reader to understand their backgrounds.

Rachel will no doubt be popular with Cyn fans, she's a younger version and just as capable and dangerous. Antonio is a heartthrob without a doubt, loyal to the core and most definitely a man of action both in and out of the bedroom! A must read for the fans of this series and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!!!

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And just like that I’m back in the Vampires in America, or in this case Europe, game. I have to admit that I was beginning to find VIA a bit repetitive. However, Ms Reynolds has reenergised the series with this book. Antonio is a great protagonist and Rachel is an engaging heroine. The story was action packed and kept me engaged the whole way through. The romance was built well and the next story arc is off to a great start. Looking forward to the next book in the series! Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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A good but different start to Antonio the newest book from Db Reynolds. Getting an insight to Rachel Sheppard front and centre to start this book gave it a fresh and exciting approach and you understand why. Antonio Silveiro is Portugal’s Lord Vampire he maybe be charming, but he is also brutal. A story of vengeance, power, understanding, and love Antonio is an edgy, dynamic and intriguing read, I was engaged throughout and will definitely recommend this to readers.

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It was great to return to the Author's Vampire in Europe series - what's not to like when you have a book featuring Vampires , Assassins and Intrigue

Vampire Lord of Portugal , Antonio , is a reluctant host to Lady Inge who is supposedly seeking an alliance on behalf of her Sire , the Vampire Lord of Germany
As part of her entourage Lady Inge has employed a human translator , Rachel Shepherd - however Rachel is no ordinary translator , she is an assassin in the employ of the Society .......... her target Antonio
As sparks fly Rachel begins to doubt her mission and when she discovers she has been double crossed by the Society she knows where her loyalty really lies .............

This is yet another enjoyable , fast paced , paranormal romance from the Author - Rachel shows touches of a younger Cyn .

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Was this review helpful?

This series is like going to the source of my love for reading - I started with paranormal books so - Vampires are my jam. This series consists of many installments and travels from America to Europe. This time we will visit more than one country which is interesting and shows how different Europe is from America.
Antonio didn't want to become Vampire Lord, but fate changed when he killed the current Portugal Lord. It was his worst nightmare he wanted to stay by the side of his beloved Sire - Xavier. Yet after a few centuries, he's still a Lord that rules from Porto. Right now he is about to host a delegation from the German court - something h would like to avoid... but... then they come, and with them, there is a translator that catches his attention... A HUMAN!
Rachel had a harsh upbringing - she was not loved by her mother and then abandoned... my heart cried for her as this was terrible. She was bred to become an emotionless assassin that would kill when told... but then something happens so would not oblige to everything she was told!
Antonio is the target on Rachel's list, but unexpectedly she got attracted to him and this is something that no one was ready for. they are matched for each other - keeping on toes will be included and banter where she will try to not fall for him. I would love to have more "couple" time in this book - as this feeling developed quickly, not allowing reader to grow exactly for them. And with this ending, I'm intrigued by what Ms. Reynolds will bring us in the next installment.

Was this review helpful?

Antonio is book #5 of the Vampire in America paranormal series by D.B. Reynolds. It is told in 3rd person from dual POV with a happy ending. A great addition to the Vampires in America series!

★ World building: 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎
★ Character development: 👤👤👤
★ Plot: 📚📚📚
★ Romance: 💕💕💕
★ Overall Rating: 3.5

When assassin for hire Rachel Shepherd is sent by the society she works for to kill the vampire Lord Antonio Silveira, the suspicion she’s had about her superiors wanting her to die in the line of duty are confirmed.

As they connect to reveal their true adversaries, Rachel and Antonio form a deep connection of trust and loyalty they never thought possible.

Rachel and Antonio are interesting characters. Rachel reminded me of Cyn, as she’s a total bad @$$, while Antonio is without a doubt a delicious alpha male.

I’ve been a longtime fan of this series, and although I did enjoy this story, I did find it curious that the main characters didn’t meet almost until the middle of the book. Yes, their backstory was substantial, but I would have liked more interaction between them in the present instead of the insta-lust/love they had.

That said, I always enjoy going back to this world and that epilogue which hits at North American Lieutenants is super intriguing. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Was this review helpful?

Assassins and Vampires what’s not to love in this fast paced story. Antonio, Vampire Lord of Portugal is next on Rachel’s list. When these enemies meet the romance is red hot. There enemies have plenty to worry about when they join forces. This story rips along at a great pace which will leave you wanting more.
Thank you NetGalley and (publisher, Belle Books Inc) for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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It had been a while, but suddenly a new story on the European vampires popped up at Netgalley. This story picks up after Xavier has become the Lord of Spain. One of his best friends, Antonio defends his honour and accidentally defeats the vampire Lord of Portugal. Antonio doesn’t want to be a Lord. He was happy in service for Xavier. But now, he must rule Portugal. Fast forward to now, when Lady Inge, second in command to Lord Walther of Germany, comes to visit Antonio. Lady Inge has made it clear, that she thinks she and Antonio would be a great match, whereas Antonio really isn’t attracted to her. But to maintain the good relationship with Germany, he will receive her and her entourage. The human translator in Lady Inge’s party is a lot more intriguing to Antonio. Although just a mere human in a palace full of deadly vampires. Rachel doesn’t seem afraid. Not the normal for a translator, or so it seems. What Antonio doesn’t know, is that Rachel has infiltrated into Lady Inge’s team, with the single purpose of killing Antonio.

Rachel has been raised by a secret group, called The Society, who target vampires. As an assassin, she doesn’t learn why she has to kill her target. But lately she has been getting more and more dangerous assignments. It almost looks if someone wants her dead. Her latest assignment, taking out Osiris, was however finished by Nicodemus (rings a bell?! So, yeah, there are some storylines of DB Reynolds interacting, but all the stories can be perfectly as a standalone. But it’s sooooo much better if you read the other stories as well. And then you can also enjoy the similarities between badass Cyn (from Raphael) and Rachel. Same as DB Reynolds other stories, Antonio has some twist and turns and keeps you entertained throughout the night. 

Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Was this review helpful?

Another hit in the series by a great author. Love her books! Hard to believe this is book 15 already, and they just get better and better all the time. Set in Portugal, with a Vampire Lord and an Assassin who instead of fighting each other work together to find out who is pulling their strings. Good story and characters. Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

Well HOT damn!!! This was freakin awesome! Although I should never be surprised by this author. Honestly I have read ever book in this series and how they never get repetitive or boring speaks volumes of this author. I freakin loved the energy they had and the amazing chemistry! Great characters and intriguing storyline.

Was this review helpful?

Loved this read. When an assassin sets to to kill the most important vampire in Portugal will she succeed., or has she bitten off more then she can chew?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

Was this review helpful?

Loved reading the engaging and mesmerizing paranormal romance story. Rachel, an assassin, is hired to kill Lord Antonio, the vampire ruler of Portugal, but Rachel is having difficulty completing her mission. Read the highly. recommended, wonderfully written, and a riveting must read love story.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to the author and publisher for the arc of this story. It was my first foray with this author and I was drawn into the world that had clearly been created over several books.

While entertaining enough, this ultimately fell on the lighter side of urban fantasy with many of the common pitfalls. Characters that lacked real depth, instalust, a heroine who’s described as being a badass, but kinda fails to show it.

If you’re happy to put all that aside, it’s not a bad book to spend a few hours with, but not something to come back to again and again.

Was this review helpful?

NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

This is Antonio and Rachel’s story. This is a continuation of the Vampires of America series. This is a standalone book. However, you will want to read the entire series as Ms. Reynolds is a prolific author and the characters are breathtaking. Antonio is a vampire elder and Lord, Rachel is an assassin who hates and hunts supernatural beings. I was sucked in from the very beginning. I love slow building romances with action thrown in.

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