How to Kill Men and Get Away With It

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Pub Date Jun 13 2023 | Archive Date Jul 04 2023
Harper 360 | HQ Digital

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‘A MUST-READ for fans of dark fiction!’ Readers First ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘There’s a new serial killer in town’ Readers First ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meet Kitty Collins.

He was following me. That guy from the nightclub who wouldn’t leave me alone.

I hadn’t intended to kill him of course. But I wasn’t displeased when I did and, despite the mess I made, I appeared to get away with it.

That’s where my addiction started…

I’ve got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I’m killing it.

A deliciously dark, hilariously twisted story about friendship, love, and murder. Fans of My Sister the Serial Killer, How to Kill Your Family and Killing Eve will love this wickedly clever novel!

Readers LOVE How to Kill Men and Get Away With It!

‘I literally couldn’t put this book down, I was just so engrossed in Kitty and what the heck she was going to do next!!’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘This book has got to be my favourite so far this year.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘There are just so many good things I could say about this book. I absolutely tore (pun intended) through this read. Everyone needs to go read it.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Being a man I really shouldn't like this book. Well I didn't like it. I loved it! Oh I just couldn't stop reading this.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Kill Men was an absolute treat to read, sending out American Psycho and Promising Young Women vibes.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘One word!!! AMAZING!!! Where has Kitty been all my life?’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘This is one of the most clever books I have read in quite a while.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘A well-rounded cast of characters, quick pace, and thrilling twists make this one of my favourites of the year!’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘A twisted but witty read which will keep you up all night.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘A MUST-READ for fans of dark fiction!’ Readers First ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘There’s a new serial killer in town’ Readers First ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meet Kitty...

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Featured Reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed this story. Kitty Collins seems like the average girl next door who just happens to be a big Instagram influencer, with a whole lot of followers. Very well known in her town, yet down to earth and enjoys the company of her girlfriends.

As you go on this venture with Kitty, you discover her past and how she became this dark vigilante who is done with letting men go too far, getting handsy with women, and who refuse to take "no" for an answer.

I love how calm Kitty is during each of her outings to track these men down, and her attitude after it's all said and done. She can take care of business and make it in time for brunch, all while still looking like a million dollars. This story is fun, fast paced, humorous, and all about a girl who is determined to keep those she loves the most safe from a scary world.

Thank you to NetGalley for letting me read this one. I've added Katy Brent to my list of authors to follow and I look forward to seeing what she brings us next.

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Alexa, play Kill Bill by SZA

Thank you Netgalley and Harper 360 for providing me with an arc of How to Kill Men and Get Away With It in exchange for an honest review.

This was a very dark and morally gray-ish?? kinda book and I devoured every single page of it.
Except for the very pick-me lines in the first few chapters, I loved the ride this book lead me through. The horror and terror I felt when she killed the footballer's younger brother though? That shit put me through a dark few hours and it goes to show how well the book gets you attuned to the character's feelings.

Kitty is my role model. /j or am I...

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This was a fun read! Even with Kitty being kind of unlikeable and a little off I was rooting for her😅 it’s the same as Dexter, you know morally he’s a bad guy even though he’s killing bad people but you end up rooting for him. I understand trying to make it relatable and current with her being in social media and being vegan but it didn’t really feel genuine or necessary

Was this review helpful?

Such a dark twisty murder story. This book has a Dexter vibe to it except with female lead. Kitty is a social media influencer. To her social media following she seems like the total IT girl who has it all. Behind the scenes she has a dark side. She’s sick of men making their own rules and doing what they please so she takes things into her own hands. When she accidentally kills a man who was attempting to assault her, she thinks she's finally found it.m and knows she can get away with it. Kitty is loyal and loving to her friends and wants nothing more than for all women to be safe. I like the character of Kitty and get her feelings. I do think this book needs a trigger warning for the dark graphic scenes and sexual content. It’s a dark psychological thriller and interesting to read. Many thanks to Harper 360 HQ Digital and NetGalley for the digital review copy of this novel. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Thank you to both #NetGalley and Harper 360/HQ Digital for providing me an advance copy of Katy Brent’s debut fiction novel, How to Kill Men and Get Away With It, in exchange for an honest review.

#HowtoKillMenandGetAwayWithIt offers a raw and refreshing take on crime thrillers involving women revenge plots while satirizing the genre to emphasize its themes of sexual assault, self-image, decadence, unhealthy relationships, animal rights, and of course, women’s empowerment. The author was adept at interweaving these themes, knowing precisely where to infuse hyperbolic humor and when to apply a more nuanced approach in addressing such heavy topics.

Kitty Collins is an IG influencer, with a core group of girlfriends—Tor, Hen, and Maisie—who all have their own versions of golden tickets to be admitted entrance into London’s elite social scene and are each equipped with their own unique set of baggage. Kitty’s baggage, however, is a bit heavier than the others. She has a bloodlust that can only be quenched by murdering and avenging women who have been sexually assaulted by the male species; a self-proclaimed female #Dexter, complete with a moral code.

After a murder that goes horribly wrong and leads Kitty down an even darker path, Kitty realizes she needs to change her life or risk losing it all. Just as she begins to turn things around with the help of her doting and do-gooder boyfriend, Charlie Chambers, her IG stalker finally decides to blackmail her for her latest slew of sinful deeds. Only it is not money that her IG stalker is after…

A hilariously twisted and insightful novel, I highly recommend adding #HowtoKillMenandGetAwayWithIt to your #2023mustreads list.

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TW: sexual assault

Kitty Collins is a vegan Instagram influencer with a secret hobby - murder. Targeting only the scummiest of men, she takes to Tinder and the news to find targets. Can she keep it up? Will her stalker out her?

This book had me laughing and cringing along as Kitty singlehandedly took on the worst of the men in London vigilante style. A murder turned romance that you won’t be able to put down.

Thanks to NetGalley and HQ for the ARC in exchange for a fair review.

Was this review helpful?

Was this a work of art? Definitely not, but I had a blast reading it. It was the title that made me want to read it, and the cover that makes it look like a typical "chick lit" book. It was fun, the character was a little annoying, but nothing to make me stop reading.

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Thank you to the publishers & net gallery for the ARC in return for my review.

Think - Crazy rich Asians meets Dexter in this exciting novel! Kitty Collins has it going on. She’s living the life of luxury with her besties. Follow Kitty as she navigates the positives and negatives of being a social influencer with a horrible past - and what happens when she decides to murder men who have SA’ed numerous women. She is the hero, bringing justice when the justice system fails women…right? Question your morals as Kitty blurs the fine line of ethics and you find yourself defending her, or screaming at her!

I am glad this novel shines light on what women have and still continue to go through in a modern way, regardless of social status. Although it did seem a bit repetitive at times (she murders and does something with the body, what more can you do?) The novel keeps it up with twist and turns to keep you engaged. About 70% in it really started to pick up! It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, and honestly I would be satisfied if this was a standalone. If you are a fan of the Finlay Donovan series, you will be a fan of this as well! Little bit of spicy romance, mystery and thriller and comedy in one. I’m glad I stuck it out and continued to read, although I found the twist to be somewhat predictable( if you REALLY pay attention to details in this novel) it was still a nice and quick read to get me out of my book slump!

Was this review helpful?

This story is basically inspired by the #metoo movement and what would happen if a woman started Dexter Style killing men who are sexual predators. It does remind me a lot of Dexter, as there are many points in this book that we are following her living a normal life. Being a rich influencer on Instagram and finding new love..
This book is dark and I'd say there are definitely sexual assault triggers. The murders done by Kitty can be a bit gruesome. But none of it took away from my enjoyment of the book. Although dark, there is a bunch of dark humor mixed in.

Was this review helpful?

Female Dexter?! Yes, please!! I definitely fell into the hype on that one! Slow start, but once the murders started to take place, I became more invested. I had to look past all of the Insta, hashtag, materialistic celebrity nonsense to really enjoy it though. I cannot stand superficial hag queens, but I was still drawn to the story, and I did not let my annoyance affect my review. I knew what I was getting into prior to reading and I chose to suffer through it.

This book was definitely 5-star worthy, but it fell flat in some important areas for me. The characters were weak and whiny. I didn't like any of them, including Kitty. The humor was off. I think I only laughed once. But most of all, there needed to be more killing!! It just wasn't dark or sociopathic enough for me. It was very fast-paced, and I did enjoy it. I just can't say that I loved it.

3.5 stars rounded up!!

Thank you to the author, Harper 360 and NetGalley for allowing me free access to this eARC in exchange for my honest opinion!

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Kitty Collins, she's your average vegan Instagram IT girl, heir to the famous Collins Meats, her dad has been missing since she was 15 and she's taken up a new hobby...killing sleazy men. That guy that feels like he's entitled to you because he bought you a drink and he just won't take no for an answer, Kitty will kill him. Men who are drugging drink, not once Kitty finds out.

All of the characters are slightly unhinged, Kitty is hilarious and basically the female version of Dexter. This story kept me interested from start to finish, there are twists that I felt coming but others that completely blindsided me (hello Kitty's stalker)

I'd like to note that this book does mention topics that some might find triggering (assault, miscarriage, SA, pedophilia, and murder obviously.)

Overall a wonderful and entertaining debut novel.

Was this review helpful?

Deep down, we all know we love a anti-hero! I know you’re not supposed to root for the killer but Kitty Collins was serving justice and I couldn’t help but cheer her on. This book was amazing and had me hooked from the prologue!

Was this review helpful?

Okay, I actually LOVED this. Kitty, her life, her friends, all hooked me from the very beginning. The story concept isn’t new, but I feel like it came off pretty fresh and entertaining. I got about 30% in and couldn’t put it down. And I am really looking forward to seeing her story continued on.

The only thing that bothered me was the vegan murderer spin. I’m supposed to believe that she didn’t even want Charlie to kill ants at a picnic, but she will kill some of these men in the MOST brutal of ways? And then throw them into a meat grinder for people to eat? Like….what?!

There are LOTS of triggers (SA, murder,etc) so TW TW TW!

Thank you so so much to Katy Brent and Harper 360 for allowing me to read!

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely adored Kitty! I think that this is one of the best Books I've read so far this year. Everyone needs to read it! I am obsessed with this and can't stop thinking about it or singing it's praise.
I just reviewed How to Kill Men and Get Away With It by Katy Brent. #HowtoKillMenandGetAwayWithIt #NetGalley
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How to Kill Men and Get Away with It is a mash up of Sex and the City and Dexter. Kitty wants to rid the world of bad men. The victims deserve justice. So she handles it her own way. Along the way we meet her group of friends, get a buzz of romance, and find about her dark past. The whole book is done in style. Bougie parties, Louboutins, and penthouse apartments give you a glimpse into the ultra rich. Pick this book up immediately. Katy Brent takes you for a ride. Thank you Netgalley for the advanced copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you @netgalley @harpercollinsuk and @but_katy_did_it for the digital ARC.

Loved this!!! Kitty Collins might be one of my most favorite characters ever. I really enjoyed the "Dexter, but make it girly" vibes.

Kitty is an heiress turned influencer who finds something lacking in her life. When she accidentally kills a man who was attempting to assault her, she thinks she's finally found it. Kitty is loyal and loving to her friends and wants nothing more than for all women to be safe.

I am definitely recommending this to all of my friends!

Was this review helpful?

Was not disappointed. Loved it all. Was waiting to see what would happen. Great read. Go and get it. Now I can’t wait for more.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

Super Fun Darkly Comic Thriller? Yes, Please!

Kitty Collins by accident determines her life is a whole lot better when she clears out some of men who prey upon women. As she says ,"I’ve got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I’m killing it." The question is, however, how long can she get away with it?

I absolutely loved this fast moving story and you will too! If you always fantasized about revenge, wished for a super hero woman to patrol your nearest city, or just want a dark comedy to read, How To Kill Men and Get Away WIth it is for you! #Harper360 #KatyBrent

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Book: How To Kill Men And Get Away With It
Author: Katy Brent
Publisher: Harper 360
Pub Date: June 13, 2023

This book will not be for everyone but holy moly it’s for me!!! I requested this book based solely on the title and it lived up to my every expectation. There is a lot going on besides killing men but it all circles back to that. I adored the influencer aspect of it because one of my favorite things is to watch influencers. Every time she mentions one of her friends she lists how many followers behind her name. I loved the dark humor in this book so much that it made killing seem funny and okay. No big deal. It’s described as a dark, hilariously twisted story and it truly is every bit of that. The character developed was on point and the twists kept coming. I guess the only part that was a stretch was her moving these bodies. I’m not sure it would have been that easy. It’s told from one POV and even the titles on each chapter was just another reason to love this book. And the ending….the ending was perfect! The creeper was definitely a surprise although if you read carefully you can see it coming. Wicked and clever are two words that come to mind to describe this book. This is Katy Brent’s first book and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. The writing in this book will draw you in and keep you there….if you like this sort of thing. This seemed to be a break from my norm and I’m so glad I got this book! Well done!

Thank you Harper 360 and NetGalley for this sneak peak! Publication date is June 14, 2023.

Was this review helpful?

I know we’re only 24 days into the new year, but I have found my favorite book of the year. The main character is a rich influencer in London (I typically hate plots that have to do with current apps & trends but the author did this SO WELL) who kills men in her free time. She is witty, sassy, and her inner monologue is just hilarious.

It reminds me of Dexter, Promising Young Woman, & You, all wrapped into an amazing book. The plot twist at the end is insane & you think it’s over & then you get hit AGAIN. Loved the way this story was told & very happy with the ending!!

Was this review helpful?

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is the debut novel from Katy Brent.

"Kitty Collins is an influencer. She's tired of dealing with men's boorish, aggressive behavior where they treat women like things instead of people. One night while walking home from a bar, she accidentally kills the stalker who was threatening her - the man just slipped. Now she wants to spend her time ridding the world of all of the jerks who deserve it - until one night she kills the wrong man..."

This is a dark book from Brent. It is full of lots of drinking, drugs, sex and murder. Kitty Collins has a lot of issues with men and there are very few decent men on the pages. She reminded me of characters from Swanson - you know, characters you like but they don't mind a little murder. Kitty comes across as a little self-righteous too. You might not ever eat sausage again when you find out how she disposes of her victims.

At times this feels like a rant against all men - in light of current events it's probably justified in a way.

Nice twist from Brent at the end. Didn't guess who the creeper was.

A different kind of villian/hero from Brent.

Was this review helpful?

It's been awhile since I had so much with a book! I'm not sure what surprised me more — that I read the whole thing in one night until 5am or that this murder-comedy freaking made me cry thanks to a particularly touching scene.

The short chapters were super bingeable and protagonist Kitty made it all the more addictive. I adore her! She's so badass but still has a touch of vulnerability that I could relate to. Her wit, humour and voice radiated through the pages.

I also love how the story doesn't take itself too seriously but yet makes critical and astute observations about rape culture, misogyny and sexual violence. It's hilarious, it's shrewd, the action is over-the-top and I relished every moment.

I have to admit there were times it all felt a bit too much and the climax felt mildly problematic + unaligned with the rest of the novel. Yet my enjoyment level was seriously off the charts.

Compulsive, thrilling and delightfully wicked, this is one book that you'll tear through!

Was this review helpful?

Katy Brent's satirical look at the possible motives a female serial killer might have is eminently readable. Like Dexter meets Sex and the City, Kitty Collins is a popular Instagram influencer with a dark side. Fed up with the way men use and abuse women, she sets out to even the score...through murder. Unfortunately she has a stalker who seems to know her every move, which isn't really helpful when you're trying to avoid getting caught.

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is a quick read, helped by short chapters and a fast paced clip. I can't say I really enjoyed the overwhelming wealth of the characters or the general vapidness of the secondary cast, and the book does take an unexpected turn at the end that had a definite chilling effect, but I found this enjoyable and compelling.

Was this review helpful?

Don't be fooled, this is not a how to book. Kitty Collins is an extremely wealthy influencer with access to a meat processing plant. If that's not you, do not follow in her footsteps. The first kill is not really her fault and is handled with farcy dark humor. However, as Kitty goes on to become a defender of women vigilante I worry about the police in Chelsea and worrying lack of cc surveillance. Kitty puts all the British detective shows I've watched to shame. The author admittedly evokes Dexter and his code. She even alludes to his love for his knives. However, Kitty isn't quite as good at designing a kill room.
This book was such fun to read. I couldn't put it down, but I didn't want it to end. I totally fell for the red herring and when the true creep was revealed, I was pleasantly surprised.
Kitty Collins is like one of Sophie Kinsella heroines with a side of vigilante murderer.
Thank you Net Galley, Katy Brent and Harper 360 for the arc. I can't wait to read what Katy Brent does next.

Was this review helpful?

This was a very engaging, intriguing and interesting book! Although it covers dark topics, its characters are engaging and entertaining. It is a bit graphic with regard to violence at times, so warning to those who might be sensitive to those matters. Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to more books by this author, Katy Brent!

Was this review helpful?

What a book! How to Kill Men and Get Away With It was dark and delightful! It’s giving Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn in the best way! I loved reading about an influencer turned vigilante for woman of London and stayed up way past my bedtime multiple nights in a row so I could read just one more chapter!

Was this review helpful?

Kitty Collins is a killer online influencer, literally and figuratively. She is the type of vigilante you root for even though she is flawed and killing isn't socially acceptable.
Is what she's doing bad? Can true love save her? Only Kitty can answer those questions. You'll have to go on the journey with her as she struggles with these questions and more.
The novel takes you on a joyride packed with violence and social justice with a bit of spice and a lot of humor, so I can promise you'll enjoy every minute.
How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is Katy Brent's debut and it's delicious. I sincerely hope Kitty Collins returns again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think you will too!
Check out what song I paired it with at everydayireadthebook.weebly,com

Was this review helpful?

The title drew me in. If you're a fan of "You," "Killing Eve," or "My Sister The Serial Killer," then you will probably enjoy this read.

The narrator is a bit spicy and blunt, which makes her character almost likable at times, even though she is a serial killer intent on taking out sexual predators. There is a comedic arc that lightens the darker moments throughout (reminds me very much of Killing Eve in that sense). There were several surprises in the plot that I was not expecting, as well as the ending. It kept me engaged throughout and was a quick page-turner.

Thank you NetGallery for this advanced copy!

Was this review helpful?

When how to kill your family meets Dexter.
I have a confession to make i love unhinged women alot, only in books.

The book is as interesting as the title, which is with really attracted me to reading it. I swear my heart was pounding hard with every chapter especially the last 10 percent, I wanted to literally throw my kindle at the wall AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE PLOT TWIST, LIKE I KNEW FOR SURE WHO IT WAS BUT I ENDED BIENG WRONG. The writing was easy to read, but the romance was a little off. This was going to be a 5 star read but the way she disposed of the body.....yea, no thank you.
The characters were likable but I wanted kitty to be a little more unhinged. I loved the dark twisted plot of this book so much.

Thanks to netgalley for a eARC in exchange of a honest review.

Was this review helpful?

4.5 Stars!
“Before all this started, I’d thought that squeezing the life out of someone would be easy.”

That hooks you immediately, and it doesn’t let go! Stalkers and murders oh my!

Kitty is my hero, honestly. In this #MeToo era, the poignant commentary on how the world treats victims is a magnificent take. It’s just the right dose of righteous anger and indignation mixed with sarcasm and humor—because sometimes in between murdering horrible men you have to have a laugh with the girls.

Read this book. It was nothing short of greatness.

(Check trigger warnings for mild touches on: rape, murder, sexual assault and drug/alcohol use and abuse.)

Was this review helpful?

How to Kill a Man and Get Away with It was kind of right up my alley. Dark humor, an interesting protagonist, and murder? Yes please. Think Dexter meets Promising Young Woman. How the tension builds as Kitty gets deeper and deeper together with a looming stalker works well and will keep the reader guessing. This is a perfect summer read.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This book caught my attention from the terrific cover.I had so much fun reading the characters come alive a unique fun story.Will be recommending book and author #netgalley#harper360

Was this review helpful?

This book was amazing and funny. The main character is a trip that you will love. So well done and a perfect weekend read.

Was this review helpful?

Wow! Brilliant. This is going to be the book of the year for 2023! I'm speechless with how much I loved this and related to our heroine. Vegan, rich, beautiful.... and a social justice warrior/ robinhood/ vigilante. WoW! I really enjoyed reading this, and was on the edge of my seat the whole time hoping she doesn't get caught. So glad she got a happy ending too.

Was this review helpful?

I am so glad I chose How to Kill Men & How to Get Away With It. I really enjoyed the characters & how this group of friends interacted together. They have been friends for a long time & they seemed to be there for each other. They even tried to have their boyfriends fit in with the group. I was so surprised when I read how Kitty , the main character, handled men that treated women disrespectfully. I was even more surprised when I found out who had been stalking Kitty and knew all of Kitty's secrets.
The book had something for everyone. There was mystery & suspense, murder, betrayal, as well as love & romance. I would recommend this book to my friends & I am looking forward to reading another book by Katy Brent.

Was this review helpful?

“He doesn’t look like a monster though. But they don’t, do they? Otherwise, they’d never get the opportunity to be monsters.”

At first glance, Kitty is a stuck-up influencer and fashionista who is just too good for the world around her…and maybe she is all those things. As boujee as she might be, Kitty is also a woman who cares for women. That’s why she kills men who do terrible things, right?

This book was witty, mysterious, and perfect for fans of the Finlay Donovan series!

Was this review helpful?

This is exactly what you would expect from the title and it’s giving Promising Young Woman and You vibes in the best way. Kitty Collins is the perfect personification of the anger women face in the world.

I want to first say that none of the characters in this book are very like-able expect for maybe Charlie. But I think that’s the point. Brent gives us very complex characters who don’t always make the “right” decision and most of the time act on instinct or impulse.

This book is full of twists I didn’t expect coming, a hint of spice that I found surprising, and a lot of moments that really made me stop and think.

I do want to say that this is not a light read. The content is heavy and much deeper than just the surface level of a woman fighting back and killing men. There are deeper themes of criticism of social structures, misogyny, sexual assault, pedophilia, suicide, etc. (There are no content warnings at the beginning of this book so please be cautious of these heavy themes)

These deeper themes were unexpected but added the depth that this story needed. I also appreciated the representation of female rage in this story as well. I think it was a true representation of how women think and feel on a daily basis but it was exaggerated to a level that would make anyone understand what women go through every day.

Speaking on structure of the book, I really enjoyed that each chapter was a different location. This made it really easy to read through and also easy to put the book down if needed. I haven’t read a book structured this way but it made it a much faster read.

Despite being outside of the genres I typically read, I found this to be an insightful, entertaining, and thrilling story. I couldn’t put this book down and I will definitely be reading more from this author.

(*Review is already posted on GoodReads. It will be posted on Instagram on release day @makennasbookclub)

Was this review helpful?

I was immediately pulled into this story holding my breath. The author knows how to keep a reader’s attention. I stayed up late reading more because there were no drawn out paragraphs or chapters. It has a Dexter feel to it, but with a female killer. She ends up doing what all women, who have been assaulted, wish they could do to the men. Things are going smoothly for her until some twists come into play. I found myself laughing, holding my breath, and slight anxiety throughout this book. I absolutely loved it! If you love a good thriller with Dexter vibes, grab this one!

Was this review helpful?

If you're exhausted with the never-ending atrocities that men commit against women, you may enjoy this one. It was a bit of a Dexter, morally-grey vibe to it. I couldn't stop reading because I just had to know what crazy thing Kitty would do next. Is it realistic? Well, not really. But if you are willing to just go along for the ride, it's a fun one. I did appreciate that Brent included some of the unintended side-effects of vigilante justice as well. I definitely recommend this one!

A huge thank you to the author and the publisher for providing an e-ARC via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.

Was this review helpful?

Dark and hard to read at times but I like the concept of an avenging angel serial killer. A female Joe Goldberg but with more of a rightful mission lol. Good twists and really liked Charlie. Unlike anything I've ever read. Could be a series tbh and has us rooting for her and her love!

Was this review helpful?

This book was snarky, violent, unbelievable and just so GOOD.

Kitty Collins is an Instagram Influencer who has a secret hobby --- killing scummy men. The fact that she is the reluctant heiress of a meat empire makes for easy disposal of her prey. But one of her followers is watching her every move -- and she will have to outsmart her stalker to stay out of jail.

This book was sarcastic and filled with lots of dark humor that I loved. Not for the faint of heart!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Harper 360 and netgalley for giving me this ARC.

I really enjoyed this book. I love an unlikeable protagonist and Kitty Collins is that. She's the stereotypical instagram influencer that had money first who happens to be a serial killer. There are times you want her to be caught, but others you definitely want her to succeed. I ended up loving the way her past was sprinkled into the story as it progressed. Very much Dexter vibes, in a good way.

Was this review helpful?

What a roller coaster ride! Kitty is an Influencer AND a killer. She wants to get rid of men who rape, beat, and abuse women. Yet tries to live a normal life. If the reader can suspend belief at times, you'd really enjoy this book! Fast and enjoyable read. Kitty to the rescue! And some how I don't feel bad about the victims. 4 stars

Was this review helpful?

Of course, the title and cover got me. The whole book wasn’t realistic at all, but I was totally expecting that. It’s dark, witty, sarcastic and fast paced throughout. There was a lot of name dropping and pop culture jargon but that just made Kitty much more believable as the deceptive and annoying character she’s supposed to be. And she wasn’t ashamed of any of it. There was one point in the book where my heart just dropped (right before Kitty also went into shock), but I still wanted to know what would happen. So yes; I was hooked. The ending? Clever. Very much on brand.

I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher, in return for my honest opinion.

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If you like Dexter you will enjoy this one. It had some funny moments. It was a very interested Kitty Collins character that I loved instantly. I would remind everyone that this is not a cute cozy book. It was dark and wonderful loved every page.
#HowtoKillMenandGetAwayWithIt #NetGalley

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This book was so fun!! It kept me entertained the whole time! I highly suggest it to those who like a thrill with a little bit of humor mixed in!

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I. Loved. This! This book was a great break from some of the others out right now! It was a fun and quick read that leaves you cheering for the main character and all her flaws!

Was this review helpful?

I loved this one! Definitely for the fans of Finalay Donovan. I loved the general concept of this book and how love/hope was still in this book. The only thing I would have liked more was I just wish it was a bit more punchy with the twists. I loved the double cross at the end but I feel like the relationship could have been exploited more. So excited to continue the series!

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I learned a lot from reading this book.

-Killing is good for your complexion and instagram follower count.

-Men should come with wristbands so we can tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. Women should display a copy of this book to remind men that we are the ones handing out the wristbands.

-Sarcasm and a healthy ego makes killing more palatable.

-Dexter might not be the best role model.

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I had such a good time reading this book!

I must admit the title intrigued me, thinking this was another cute light read with a tough feminist allegory. However, it was anything but that! Dark and gritty, and at times super gory, this story shows exactly how tough women can be - and how far we can go to get what we want.

The small mystery of "who is Kitty's stalker" turns into the best twist in the book.

I loved the pace of the story that kept the pages turning - and the ending that was absolutely *chef's kiss*!

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How to Kill Men and Get Away With It gives off total Dexter vibes. This was not at all what I expected, and surprisingly I ended up loving this.

Was this review helpful?

This has major Dexter plus Killing Eve vibes. This is the conundrum of if a murderer kills a murderer ( or one who commits major violence towards women) is it a crime? This continues my trend of reading about influencers but this one is fun, bloody, and suspenseful. I have a feeling this is not the last we have seen of Kitty Collins.

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I absolutely loved this book! Everything about it was up my ally. Kitty is a babe and she’s out here doing the world a favor by eliminating the vermin. What makes it even better in my opinion is her being an influencer who quite literally hates it more than anything. I loved how the insecurities between the group of friends was something everyone among the group was aware of but was not spoken out loud. Each friend had their own issues regardless of the endless amount of wealth and popularity they possessed. The only thing I usually don’t like is pop culture references but in this case it seemed normal and not out of place or forced. Adding to the story and making it seem like something that could happen in real life. If you pay close attention to the story it’s easy to spot the person behind the mind games but at the same time the author makes you second guess yourself. Like the title implies this book is about killing men and getting away with it but even knowing that you still find yourself rooting for the killer. I’d say If your a person who enjoys dark subject matters this is a good book to pick up.

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What do you get when a female, vegan, influencer goes full Dexter? A totally awesome book that is just as intense as it is darkly funny! I was a little wary of the main character being an influencer but Kitty owned up to all the obnoxious elements of influencers which just made me love her more. This book is truly (as the dedication says) for any woman who has walked at night with her car keys between her fingers.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in advance of publication,

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Talk about edge on your seat book that’s such a fun read! this is my first book by this author and it blew me away. It will be one I add to my list to recommend to others. I enjoyed every page and couldn’t put it down.

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"Meet Kitty Collins.


He was following me. That guy from the nightclub who wouldn't leave me alone.

I hadn't intended to kill him of course. But I wasn't displeased when I did and, despite the mess I made, I appeared to get away with it.

That's where my addiction started...

I've got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I'm killing it.

A deliciously dark, hilariously twisted story about friendship, love, and murder. Fans of My Sister the Serial Killer, How to Kill Your Family and Killing Eve will love this wickedly clever novel!"

Hopefully the Killing Eve books and first three seasons because if it's anything like season four it's a big hard nope.

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A female Joe Goldberg? Yes, please. I found this to be quite amusing, dark, and humorous at times. I liked Kitty. I didn’t find her to be shallow like some others did. She found a purpose & went with it, even though the majority of us wouldn’t have…lol. The only reason this didn’t get five stars was because of the animal cruelty scenes & some of the conversations with her friends were quite crass, which I’m not a fan of. Otherwise it entertained me & if there’s a sequel I will read it.

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This was A LOT darker than I expected from the cover and definitely warrants the reader to read any warnings about this book before diving in, but it was also pretty hilarious and sardonic. I enjoyed reading this book even if I did have to skip a few pages here and there for my own sake

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This one was fun! Love any female empowerment in books that actually has me rooting for the FMC easily. Really enjoyed it!

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Super fun, vigilante justice with a influencer veneer. Really enjoyed this read!! Thanks for the ARC copy

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Kitty is insufferable but that’s the point right?! I think it’s important readers go into this with a satire lense, otherwise it could be really hard to read. Having not taken it too seriously- I enjoyed! It’s like hate watching reality tv! Perfect pool read this summer!

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Wow! So this is definitely Dexter-esque, yet incredibly unique and original. Just like in Dexter, Kitty is a very likable character- honestly, even her vain friends are likable.
Some scenes were a little gory- which isn’t really my thing, but it was necessary for the storyline.
Occasionally I was confused by some of the lingo the author used, but I figured it out.

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A contemporary story that puts a twist on the #metoo movement. One woman, a social media influencer, takes matters into her own hands and goes on a killing spree to serve up her own kind of justice. Sort of a female Dexter. I liked it!

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FIrst of all, I read this book based on the title alone. The rest of the book was ehh. It was a fast read from the start, but incredibly predictable. The characters were not anything special, I found them to be flat and at times annoying. All that being said, the book was incredibly engaging. The title, amazing. The premise, amazing. I just wanted a little bit more from all of it.

Kitty, a wealthy influencer, finds herself on a killing spree. After being followed home one night, she pushed him, he fell on a broken wine bottle and died. The rush was so good that she found it impossible to stop killing the bad guys. But is there an issue with it when it is for revenge and the safety of women everywhere?

Thank you netgalley for my advanced reader copy.

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I was intrigued by the description of the book. After reading it I would describe it as Dexter meets Sex in the City. Kitty is a socialite/social media influencer with a group of long time and quirky friends and their various love interests and all the drama that entails. There is a need to suspend belief with some of the plot but it is fun read with a good twist at the end. I really enjoyed Kitty's character and her somewhat twisted sense of purpose in her choice of victims. I will definitely be recommending this to people I know who enjoy a witty main character with a bit of a mystery.

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How to Kill Men and Get Away With It follows Kitty, a social media influencer by day and Tinder vigilante/serial killer by night. Kitty makes it her mission to kill men who have wronged women, but what happens when her nighttime hobby catches up with her?

To start this off: I absolutely loved this book. It was an easy read that flowed smoothly, I could not put this book down once everything started to get rolling, but what made this book special is how the author wrote Kitty as a true morally gray character. You know what she is doing is wrong, but you oddly cannot stop rooting for her. The ending was incredibly satisfying and tied everything in the story together nicely. This was an engaging read for anyone who likes true crime, revenge, and that SNL skit about watching murder shows.

Something to keep in mind is that this book does get gory in regards to both humans and animals, and the author does not shy away from this aspect. If this is a trigger for you, I do not recommend reading this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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On the day the physical ARC of this dark, twisted, and audaciously funny novel showed up on my doorstep I knew I was going to love it when I read it simply from one little thing that has since been removed from the cover but was on my copy: If you look in the lower left hand corner of my picture, in very fine print, it says, “For legal purposes: a novel”.

Cheeky. I snickered over that small bit of fine print for a little bit and even took a pic of it and sent it to my bestie because I thought it was that cheeky.

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It isn’t a cheeky book, however. It’s dark, twisted, wicked smart, tragically funny, merciless in its anger, and unforgiving in its social criticisms. Katy Brent managed that rare feat of literary alchemy of perfectly weaving exposition into narrative without skipping a beat or losing a single bit of momentum in what had to have been a hard book to keep on track and keep even in both tone and pacing.

While men are the most obvious target of anger and criticism in this book, don’t think that a single character (including Kitty, our protagonist), is immune to being a target of the book’s criticisms. The second largest set of people this book targets with anger and criticism are people who are glued to their social media accounts and what they’ll do to grow their accounts, keep their followers, and keep the money from collaborations and sponcon coming in. The third largest set of people to be razed and criticized are the rich and their tendency to do things purely for the power of virtue signaling (eco-tourism, holding huge charity galas, visiting orphanages in war-torn countries, adopting war orphans only to have nannies raise them, etc).

Kitty Collins is the vegan heiress to a meat corporation. She’s been on her own since she was 18 and her mom moved to the south of France. Her dad went missing a couple of years before then. Kitty may be rich, but her posh apartment was set up for her by her mom before she left the UK and Kitty doesn’t spend any of the money she gets from being the heir to what she thinks of as blood money: she gets plenty of money and free products from just being Kitty Collins, one of the most popular influencers on Instagram. Her only family are her fellow astronomically-high follower count influencers, who she fully admits all have eating disorders, daddy issues, and absolutely have love affairs with alcohol and drugs of different shapes and sizes. They don’t tend to hang around other people, because who else is really worth their time?

Kitty doesn’t really like people, but especially men. When one follows her out of a bar after she turns down his advances they have a physical argument and the man falls onto a broken half of a champagne bottle, which goes straight into a major artery. Kitty can’t help him and knows it wasn’t completely her fault, so she leaves the man there and goes home.

The next day, she feels revitalized. She feels like she’s glowing. She doesn’t feel any guilt or remorse for what happened. She feels energetic and better than she has in some time. She took out a predator. A man who wanted to take what she wasn’t willing to give. She has no issue with that. She wouldn’t change a thing.

I love how Katy Brent engineers Kitty Collins’ “code” for killing to make it look like Kitty is doing her own kind of virtue signaling by committing these vigilante murders: No kids, no women, no disabled people, no veterans, no homeless people, etc. As if murder isn’t murder no matter how you frame it. Not to mention, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and rules were made to be broken. As Kitty sits down to write herself her “code”, you can’t help but get the feeling that this code is going to come back and bite her in the butt later. You have to be careful with murder. You can’t risk recklessness. That’s how you get caught.

The barbed, mocking tone that permeates this book is a joy to read simply because it matches up so nicely with the vacuousness of social media culture. Think of how easy it is to mock the people who are famous simply for being…them? How does one get famous and rich simply for being spotted at that one party that one night at the same time as that one celebrity and now somehow they have 10K more followers on Insta and are being sent sponcon and asked to collaborate for companies that aren’t scams? But once you’re up there with the influencers who have more followers than the population of a decent-sized city, what else is there? Who else is there? All day, every day, you’re just treated like an empty piece of meat for the public to consume. What will you do about it?

I was provided a digital galley of this title by NetGalley and the author. I was also provided a physical ARC of this title by the folks at HarperCollins through their influencer program. All thoughts, opinions, ideas, and views expressed herein are mine and mine alone. Thank you.

File Under: 5 Star Read/Dark Comedy/Murder Thriller/Psychological Fiction/Satire/Suspense Thriller/Vigilante/Women’s Fiction

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Katy Brent will leave you rooting for the main character, even when you feel like you shouldn’t!

Synopsis: Meet Kitty Collins.
He was following me. That guy from the nightclub who wouldn’t leave me alone.
I hadn’t intended to kill him of course. But I wasn’t displeased when I did and, despite the mess I made, I appeared to get away with it.
That’s where my addiction started…
I’ve got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I’m killing it.

After Kitty Collins accidentally kills a man stalking her after leaving a nightclub, she realizes she likes the feeling of wreaking vengeance on men for all the females out there. Revenge tastes sweet when she dishes it up and the men she targets are lowlife.

This is a delightfully wicked story! And as far as dark humor...Kitty Collins is a twenty-something, vegetarian heiress to a fortune made from meat, who chooses to support herself through her earnings as an Instagram Influencer. Kitty is not the person who her Instagram followers think she is. In reality, she’s a killer who uses Tinder to hunt men whom she believes deserve to die. Based on what Brent shares of those men, it’s often hard to disagree.

The first death is accidental, though he sort of deserved it. The rest of them are 100% on purpose. Plus she actually seems to enjoy it. She justifies her actions as though she's doing a service. There’s a glitch in getting away with it all. A stalker seems to know about everything she does. Whoever it is... is watching her every single move.

Some of my favourite scenes were, bizarrely, the murders themselves, especially the first couple that were accidental. We spend a good portion of this story in Kitty’s head, listening to her reasoning, planning the later murders after getting a taste for it, and then doing the deed. While those scenes are undoubtedly dark, they were also hilarious and a little thrilling.

This book stirs the question of right and wrong. While Kitty’s murdering habits are gruesome and graphic, they are always for a good cause. The men she kills are horrible people and as you read the story it is not hard to justify her behaviour. Until she gets it wrong. And then again, towards the end, Brent serves up another twist for her readers.

Read the book and then stay for the authors notes of how she came up with her story. She was a bit ahead of the times, because after she started writing along came #metoo movement and tv series such as Killing Eve.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Harper 360 for sharing this twisted, dark humoured love comedy, mystery, romance, and a lot of thrill. It checks so many boxes!

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Kitty seeks out men who seriously abuse women and lands up killing them, intentionally or accidentally. Seems her early family life and past love life have made her into a vengeful woman who hands out justice on her own terms.

The crimes she commits begin to be similar and just before the book goes from being absurdly funny to boring, the plot enters a new phase and we wonder what will happen to Kitty in the end.

I would recommend this book to adults with a great sense of humor, who won't take Kitty's gruesome crimes seriously, but with a great dose of salt.

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I believe How to Kill Men and Get Away With it is the first book by Katy Brent. Trigger warnings abound here, most notably sexual assault, graphic violence, drug use and crude language. If all that doesn't bother you, throw in some humor and this is your perfect book! Just for kicks and giggles, leave this book out with the title showing when your husband or boyfriend is around. Betcha it makes them nervous! "Why, yes, honey, it is a how-to guide. Why?" (Apparently I'm a bit twisted myself.)

Kitty Collins is a huge Instagram Influencer. She's popular, rich, and has three wonderful friends in Tor, Hen and Maisie. Her dating life is almost non-existent since she broke up years ago with her boyfriend Adam, but still, life is good. But then the killing spree starts. First a man tried to follow her home and when she fought back he was killed when he fell on a broken wine bottle. Sure, it was an accident. But she liked it.. So she searches for men who have assaulted women and takes her vengeance. Apparently she had a certain knack for it. There's only one problem...Kitty has a stalker called The Creeper. Will her secrets be revealed?

This book was violent, crude and lewd...and funny as hell. Go figure. Kitty seems rather normal at first, besides being such a huge Instagram Influencer who has become rich off of it. She also has a huge, beautiful home that her mum gave to her after Kitty's father disappeared and mum moved away. Kitty spends most of her time with her three best friends, going to parties, taking pictures of themselves, posting online and going out and getting drunk. But Kitty has her secret of killing men and disposing of them mainly in her missing father's abattoir, putting them through the mincers. (It's possible some of her victims may end up in a sausage roll. Ewwwwww.) She can be creative, though, if she cannot dispose of them there. As things roll along, however, we learn bits and pieces of Kitty's background, and they are not pleasant. She finally gets a caring boyfriend, Charlie, and works hard to keep her secrets from him. Kitty's main fear is The Creeper, who seems to know what Kitty is doing. The identity of her stalker gobsmacked me. I wasn't even close to correct! The book was full of humor, but had more than its share of foul language, murders which were quite detailed, sex and sexual assault. Kitty's friends were quite weird, but they were entertaining. I particularly liked Tor, who seemed most normal of the group (though that's not saying a lot!). The only thing I found highly annoying in the book was the social media thing. Influencers? Hashtags? Let's just say I don't know much about social media and don't care for what I do know. I found this story hugely entertaining and I'm certainly looking forward to more books from Katy Brent!

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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I wasn't really sure what to expect with this book. I have a friend who read it and loved it and we usually like the same books so I gave it a whirl.

I didn't expect there would be actual killings but I still enjoyed the overall story. Kitty Collins, a rich and pampered Instagram influencer seemed content with her shallow existence, despite being aware that there was more to life. She complained about being an influencer, yet reveled in her luxurious lifestyle and the perks that came with it.

Kitty would post alluring photos, frequent exclusive clubs, surround herself with other beautiful and privileged individuals, and had a secret hobby of eliminating men who had harmed women and didn't deserve to live.

Over the top, unexpected and good story. Solid 4 stars from me.

Was this review helpful?

This was a lot of fun! It’s a quick and easy read that is perfect for fans of Killing Eve and Dexter with a little You and Gossip Girl sprinkled in.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Katy Brent, Harper 360 and NetGalley for allowing me to read this ARC e-book. This was such a clever book. It was dark and witty and just totally well rounded. It had all the feels of American Psycho and Dexter mixed in with a female lead. I know it was murder but couldn't help but fall in love with the main character and almost cheer on the "addiction" she had. This book was great something totally different but had all the elements of a witty crime and the story in itself became addicting (pun intended).

Was this review helpful?

Wow. This was dark and funny and surprisingly sweet and I really really enjoyed it. There are obvious problems with our MC, including the fact that she’s pretty hypocritical, but I did enjoy the story. I did not expect the ending!

Was this review helpful?

Kitty is an influencer who spends her time getting the perfect Instagram photos and also has a stalker. When she ends up in a dangerous situation and someone dies, she realizes maybe she has a bigger calling in life. Unfortunately someone is watching her every move. I really disliked the beginning and thought I might not finish it, but I pushed on and it ended up being worth it. 4 stars.

Was this review helpful?

How To Kill Men And Get Away With It is horrifically comical! Narrated by a woman killing men, in a sincere unapologetic voice, who by the way, the reader will fall in love with and root for as she takes us on her “spree”. It’s so sadistic that it’s fun!

Kitty Collins is an influencer whose best friends are all influencers. She is very rich and is very polite to her followers, although she doesn’t really care about them. But the one thing she has a distaste for is men who treat women badly. This unfortunately stems from her terrible childhood where she learned a few things. Although she does try to control her urges, she just can’t seem to stop killing them. And she’s good at it.

She always gets away with it.

What started out innocent enough has become a second job. After she takes care of a man who ghosted one of her best friends, she decides to put herself on a dating app and be the Robin Hood of the broken-hearted. Not that anyone asked her to.

Kitty does have a few problems. She has an on-line stalker who seems to allude to the fact they know what she is doing, which kind of annoys her. How could they know? Also, she has just started dating a philanthropist named Charlie who she begins to fall for, the first since her disastrous last relationship which ended up with her ex cheating on her. This can be quite the downer when you’re kind of killing men and he comes knocking at your door!

But Kitty is smart and is able to juggle her two separate lives. Until she makes a mistake and kills an innocent person. Oops! So she goes into therapy, leaving a few things out of course!

All Kitty really wants is a normal life with someone she adores and who is good to her. And she has definitely found that in Charlie, but there is still one unfinished job she must do before she retires and when things start to go wrong, she is worried this will all blow up on her face!

How To Kill Men And Get Away With It is simply a fun read, yes, about murder, but you can’t help but laugh out loud at Kitty’s great adventure! I must say, author Katy Brent killed it!

Thank you #NetGalley # HarperCollins #HowToKillMenAndGetAwayWithIt #KatyBrent for the advanced copy.

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How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is a twisted and yet also funny debut novel from Katy Brent. It is the story of Kitty Collins, an influencer who is the daughter of a missing man and a mom who left the country. One night, a man follows her home from the bar and she accidentally kills him. She soon thinks about what would happen if she rid the world of more predators.
I think the author did a good job of balancing the humor with the more serious parts of the book. There were a few pieces that were a bit too convenient to me (shopping bags, really?), which would have caused me to give a lower rating, but the twist at the end saved the book for me.
I recommend this to thriller readers who aren't afraid of some humor amongst violence.

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Kitty is a lot of things. She is young, rich and beautiful. She is an influencer with over a million followers. And she knows How to Kill Men and Get Away With It. Not just any men…only those cads that treat women like dirt or worse. You know, like her first and last boyfriend, Adam. But then she meets charming Charlie. Could he be her true love? Or is he her online stalker, who appears to know about her avocation, clothed in a handsome facade?

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is such a fun read! We’ve all seen men who “deserved to die”. Now, we can vicariously kill them through Kitty’s story. That being said, a lot of the plot can be summarized in two words, female Dexter.

So, while the plot is a bit derivative, this book would make a perfect gift for a lovelorn friend. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars.

Thanks to Harper 360 and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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If you're looking for a dark read this summer, then How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is perfect for you! If Dexter Morgan were a woman, wore designer clothes, and lived in London, he would be Kitty Collins. An Instagram influencer with millions of followers, Kitty kinda "fell" into her Dexter-like lifestyle. For those not familiar with Dexter, he's a vigilante serial killer.

This was such a different read for me, but I liked it! While I watch all kinds of shows and movies featuring serial killers, this was my first fictional book about one.  I was in such disbelief but couldn't look away.  From page one, the reader is sucked into the whirlwind of Kitty's life. Fans, friends, and nights out fill much of her time, but under this glamorous exterior, Kitty's hiding a much darker secret.

Read if you like:
• Dark Fiction
• Psychological Thrillers
• Dexter

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Sex in the City meets Dexter. An internet influencer has a new hobby. That is murdering men who have assaulted women. While this plot is not new to the novel world, Brent adds her own bite to the cause. At times tongue in cheek but at others were talking serious subject mater and Brent spares no detail in murder, rape and assault. This can make it an uncomfortable read but with some sex and wit. Graphic depictions but well thought out characters. A fast read.

Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley

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Honestly, this book was wild. I thought the title was great so I had to request it and when I dove in, it wasted no time getting to the action. Kitty is a social media darling and so are all her friends. They have more money than they know what to do with and love to go out on the town. Kitty is growing tired of this life, but after one disasterous relationship broke her heart, she isn't ready to get back onto the dating scene. After an unfortunate incident out at the bars and getting rid of the body turns out to be easier than she expeceted, she is all in on ridding the woemen of all the scum that comes for them everyday. When one of her besties heart's is broken, she downloads the dating app she knows she will match with him on and only wanted him to apologize, but things take a turn again and she feels like maybe she has a knack for this.
Until she meets Charlie. Charlie is getting under her skin and breaking down her walls. Can she put the past behind her and move forward with him? Will she find out who her stalker is before they destroy her?
I'll admit I didn't see some of the twists at the end of the book coming and the last few paragraphs had my mind spinning. Will there be a follow up? I have so many theories racing through my mind right now!
Thank you to Harper 360, Netgalley and Katy Brent for an early copy.

Was this review helpful?

If Dexter was an influencer. Kitty is hilarious, not in the traditional sense, but I love her deadpan way of dealing with the world. I loved how her adventures in the beginning just sort of happened to her. It was goofy, but I loved every second of it.

As I went further into the story, I found myself rooting for Kitty as she became a vigilante who was done with how men steamrolled their way with women. It may be because most of us women understand the fear of walking down a street alone or being approached by strange men. But I was rooting for her to not get caught.

She took care of business, calm as a cucumber, and still had the time to go out with friends and say hi to her doorman.

Loved, loved, looooved, this book and would recommend it to anyone who wanted some dark fun in their book reading life.

Was this review helpful?

In your feminine rage era? Then this one's for you! The story follows Kitty Collins, a popular Instagram influencer/Nepo kid, who takes matters into her own hands when she accidentally kills a man and discovers her affinity for vengeance.

With a dark sense of humor and unexpected twists, this book keeps you hooked as Kitty justifies her actions and navigates the complexities of her secret life. As Kitty's world collides with a stalker and the potential for a new relationship, the story takes thrilling turns that will leave you guessing until the very end. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises with this captivating read.

Was this review helpful?

4 ⭐️

Thanks so much to Netgalley for this digital galley in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Katy Brent’s ‘How To Kill Men and Get Away With it’ was the weird and perfect blend of comedy, murder, romance, and mystery. It was a very quick and engaging read.

This book follows Kitty Collins, who’s a social media influencer who murders rapists and bad guys on the side. I really found myself empathizing with the “villain” of the book, and absolutely loved it.

There was some big plot twists and reveals at the end, and I literally was not able to guess it at all. The reveal really took me by surprise.

Overall, I would rate this book four stars. It was really engaging and quick to read! Would definitely recommend reading.

Was this review helpful?

Enjoyed this. It was unique and plucky. Fast paced and just a little bit gory. I could do without ever reading about influencers again though. Do people really take them seriously? I don’t get it. The twist was kind of obvious but worked well. Ending was decent.

Was this review helpful?

What a ride! This is dark and morally grey and weirdly, so much fun. Kitty, our girl-next-door social media influencer, seems to make an honest mistake that results in death, but as her story unravels we realize that may not be the case. I wasn't expecting a couple of the twists and turns along the way and overall this book was a fun read, and one that has me looking forward to what Katy Brent may give us next. Thanks to Netgalley and Harper 360 for the ARC!

Was this review helpful?

This book ended up being really weird for me, but ultimately, I liked it a lot. I was expecting dark humor and the first half kind of was. The second half felt much deeper, and honestly, it was that half that I couldn't put down.

Kitty is a social media influencer and a vigilante serial killer on the side. She's killing men who have hurt other women. I couldn't help but root for her. She was actually very likable.

It was a quick read filled with murder and villainy, but also filled with numerous plot holes. The plot holes are what's keeping this from being a 5 star read for me.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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A Dexter type story but the lead was a female, wealthy blogger. The author mad her lovable, but I still hoped for justice in the end.

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How to Kill Men and Get Away With it by Katy Brent is a mixed bag for me, in the best possible way.

Kitty Collins is an influencer who accidentally kills her first victim and then the next thing you know if you are a male who is an abuser, sexist, misogynist, cheater and so out, you're fair game for Kitty.

The book is full of dark humor and you (kind of) root for Kitty as she takes out people who really aren't good people, but you then think - we're rooting on a serial killer? Well, yes, yes, I was.

The book is fast paced and I finished it wanting more.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review. Everything is definitely my own opinion.

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Oh I just know that this is going to be loved by so many people already. Especially for someone who’s looking for a book that effortlessly blends humor, wit, sarcasm, and dark entertainment; for them this is an absolute delight! And, so it was for me too

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Kitty is a vegan heiress to a meat industry fortune. And she has a deadly secret - she murders people. A swirl of high society, drinking, drug use, and justice killings, our unreliable narrator, Kitty, brings us into her world. I could not put down this book! 4.5/5

Thank you Netgalley and Harper 360 for sending the book for review consideration. All opinions are my own!


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4.25 stars

This book was snarky and hilarious and dark and just so fun. Kitty Collins is a mega-famous Instagram influencer. Her likes are brand deals for products she never uses, shopping, and her best girlfriends. Her dislikes are brand deals for products she never uses, shopping, and her best girlfriends.

Kitty's feeling apathetic about her luxurious life, until she gets followed home from the bar by some drunk douchebag who can't take no as an answer. In fighting him off, Kitty accidentally k*lls him. Oops. She can't bring herself to feel too guilty, considering, and when she gets away with it, it opens her eyes to a whole new hobby. Of course, she only unalives misogynists and r*pists, so it's basically, like, philanthropy.

But when a stalker who knows what she's been up to appears in her DMs, it complicates things. This is a fun romp of a book, but the author has a deft hand at portraying complex emotions and the trauma of past relationships, both familial and otherwise. The contrast between the few heavier scenes with the bloody frivolity made both areas even stronger. I'll probably be rereading this, and will definitely read more from Katy Brent.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publishers, & the author for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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I am so thankful to Harper Collins/Harper 360, Netgalley, and Katy Brent for granting me advanced digital access to this jarring thriller. I couldn't put it down and can't wait to consume more of this like-minded content going forward.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Veronica – ☆☆☆☆
Kitty is a rich and very successful influencer, and an heiress to her father’s abattoir business. When we first met her and her rich, spoiled friends, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her because I wasn’t sure I could relate to her. By the time Kitty had accidentally killed her first man, I was totally on her side.

Following Kitty while she tries to juggle murdering in secret, starting up a new romance, and maintaining close friendships kept me turning the pages. The mystery of her stalker was always in the background and kept me guessing.

I loved the dark humour of this story, and I laughed out loud repeatedly. I also had a new experience with this book, I experienced secondhand guilt from Kitty. The only way I got past the uncomfortable feeling was to keep reading.

HOW TO KILL MEN AND GET AWAY WITH IT combines gruesome murders, romance, and great friendships in a highly entertaining story. I had a great time reading HOW TO KILL MEN AND GET AWAY WITH IT and I wonder what it says about me.

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What a delight!!

Kitty is a mega-influencer, set up financially for life thanks to the family meat business. She wants to do good with her life instead of just being an it-girl on Insta. …and so she goes out and disposes of human trash, like the vigilante she is.

I loved every word of this book, even the stressful parts. Kitty is a hero for the ages, clapping back at men who take what they want without regard to consequences or consent.

Content warnings for rape, sexual assault, drug abuse, and generally shitty behavior by men.

Overall, a fun read I’d recommend to everyone! Especially anyone who identifies with the dedication…every woman who’s walked home with her keys between her fingers.

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My kiddos loved telling their friends I was reading How to Kill Men and Get away with it! I have to admit the title of the novel is why I picked up the book.
The lead characters is a female with her own sense of justice. Yes, you are reading about a female seral killer while I should say it's terrible it's not. It is charming story with humor and steamy times for romance readers.
I promise you will laugh while reading this story of murder.

Thank you Netgalley

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This was SUCH a fun book! When main characters Kitty is followed by a guy from the club she takes matters into her own hands. From there she slowly spirals into an addiction of justice. I've recently read a few books where the main character takes justice into their own hands. They've all been fast, fun reads and this falls right into that niche.

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This was definitely a dark and very twisty book but oh was it fun! And hilarious! While I would never recommend murder as a problem-solver, this author makes it seem plausible and somehow appropriate. I loved every minute of this book and will certainly read more by this author. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.

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Thank you Netgalley and Harper 360.

This was a fast paced fun read! Not my typical genre of books, but I really enjoyed this book! I can’t wait for more from this Author.

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This dark comedy is all about Kitty Collins, a well-known influencer in the UK. She doesn't really intend to kill anyone, but she finds out pretty quickly that she's good at it, and with access to her family's meat processing plant, it's easy to destroy the evidence.

This book is a wild ride. It's dark, but hilarious in its outrageousness. I highly recommend it, but it is a little cringe-inducing at times. Maybe don't read it when home alone!

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How to Kill Men and Get Away With It by Katy Brent is a gripping book that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The story follows Kitty Collins, a complex character who is a friend, lover, and killer. The way the author portrays the protagonist's addiction to revenge is both chilling and fascinating.

The plot is well-crafted, with unexpected twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end. The writing style is engaging and descriptive, making it easy to picture the scenes in my mind.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thrilling and suspenseful read. Katy Brent is a talented author who knows how to keep her readers hooked from beginning to end.

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4 stars!

"How to Kill Men and Get Away With It" by Katy Brent is a biting, twisty, turny, murderous dark comedy with a fantastic commentary. This book is a fast-paced trip and one heck of a wild ride, vigilante $h1t. It's obvious to me why so many people don't like this book: they can't imagine a woman being a serial killer and ostensibly enjoying it. There is a meme online that says, "I support women's rights, but I also support women's wrongs, too," and that's exactly how I feel about this novel. This book is great. The main character, Kitty, is devilishly hilarious with her quippy inner monologues, her vapid friends, her blasé attitude, and her penchant for justice via chopping up m3n who have wronged others. I do think that a little mystique gets lost the longer this book goes on. It drags a bit in the last half. As the book goes on, Kitty feels progressively more and more guilty about her favorite pasttime. I enjoyed the twists I never saw coming. I found this to be a fun, fast, enjoyably different read. I laughed a lot and was shocked a lot at this devious, twisted thriller.

Thank you to NetGalley, Katy Brent, Harper 360, and HQ Digital for the complimentary ARC of this book. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for my review.

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This book is brilliant! American Psycho meets Bridget Jones’ Diary x SATC….unbelievably witty and unique. One of my faves for the year!

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Killing Eve meets Dexter in this novel filled with dark humor. Kitty, our protagonist, is a social media influencer. Bored with her superficial life, Kitty looks for ways to bring excitement into her days, and boy does she find it (through killing men who may or may not deserve it). From its morally gray characters and its attention-grabbing plot, I absolutely adored this story.

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Thank you to.l NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
Great book of dark humor. Entertaining and interesting read.

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This was an easy read, and was an overall enjoyable experience. Kitty is one of those characters that you both love and hate in equal measure - I found myself both rooting for her to get away with all her misdeeds, and hoping that she'd get some sort of comeuppance. It's hard to believe that in today's over-surveilled society, anyone could actually get away with all those murders, but who really knows? This is certainly a worthy read from an author I will be actively keeping an eye on in the future.

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I love the cover and it was what first grabbed my attention to pick up this book. The second was the story about an influencer vigilante killer. I mean come on!

I was definitely surprised by this story as I didn’t expect it to be as fun, clever and humorous as it turned out. It is a quick and easy read that left me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what this author comes out with next.

I want to thank NetGalley, Katy Brent and Harper 360 for the e-ARC of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are honest, my own and left voluntarily.

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This was easily the best mystery-thriller I read in the past year and I suspect it will be a top read of 2024 for many! I have already planned to read, The Murder After the Night Before. I hope the author continues with this combo of humour, mystery and thriller because it makes for an absolute top notch storytelling.

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This was such a a cute cozy. I really enjoyed reading about the odd characters in this sweet little town. I thought the plot was mysterious and clever. It's a very entertaining story.

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