Flower Girl

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Pub Date May 02 2023 | Archive Date May 02 2023
W. W. Norton & Company | Norton Young Readers

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From celebrated and best-selling author Amy Bloom comes a jubilant story of self-love, individuality, and gender expression.

Nicki’s favorite aunt is getting married, and Nicki is excited to be the Flower Girl: she is all in for love and pretty petals. But when the family goes shopping to find outfits for the wedding, Nicki doesn’t feel like herself in any of the dresses her mom and aunt pick out for her, and all her happiness and excitement for the wedding evaporates. Nicki must find her voice—and her own style of expression to match it—to make Aunt Carmela’s big day absolutely perfect.

Infused with intelligence and charm and complemented by art by Jameela Wahlgren that’s as warm and tender as a hug, Flower Girl celebrates the magic of finding the clothes that help us shine.

About the Author: Amy Bloom is the author of three New York Times bestsellers, three collections of short stories, and two children's books. She lives in Connecticut.

Illustrator Jameela Wahlgren is a Philadelphia-based artist and educator. She is the founder of the Philadelphia Illustration Guild.

From celebrated and best-selling author Amy Bloom comes a jubilant story of self-love, individuality, and gender expression.

Nicki’s favorite aunt is getting married, and Nicki is excited to be the...

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Featured Reviews

I absolutely loved this book! Flower Girl tells the story of Nicki who is so excited to be the flower girl at her aunts wedding, until she learns that she has to wear a dress. Books like this are so important for kids to get to see characters that are like them. I love how Nicki gets to be herself and gets to be the flower girl in the wedding. I also really enjoyed the illustrations and thought they went well with the story.

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Nick is a little girl who's asked by her aunt to be the flower girl at her wedding and is very excited at first! Until it comes to shopping for flower girl dresses and then Nicki isn't so sure she wants to be a flower girl anymore.

This is a short and to the point story about being able to dress how you want, not necessarily how tradition or anyone else says you should. Books like these are so important for kids to know that just because things have been a certain way in the past doesn't mean that's how they have to stay.

I also loved the illustration style!

Thank you to NetGalley and Norton Young Readers for making this available in exchange for an honest review!

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Nicki is so excited to be a part of her aunts wedding, but gets discouraged when she her mom and aunt take her dress shopping. Eventually she is able to find another outfit, a nice suit, to wear instead.

As a former flower girl who hated dresses, this book connected with me. I love how kind and flexible her family was when she was able to choose her own style. I think any kid would enjoy this but especially kids who don’t like the strict confines of gender roles in childhood.

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Flower Girl by Amy Bloom is such a special and important book. It's message is not complicated but clear and concise. It teaches healthy boundaries between children and parents / extended family, who listen and allow for the child's free expression. It deserves to be in libraries everywhere.

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Flower Girl tells the story of Nicki, a girl who loves her Aunt Carmela so much and can’t wait to be her flower girl in her wedding. The only problem is Nicki realizes she’s maybe not a dress type of flower girl. This sweet story shows us that we can be who we are even if that looks a little different than what people expect.

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This is such a sweet picture book

Nicki is a little girl who loves to her aunt, and her future uncle, so when she is asked to be a flower girl at the wedding, she thinks that is perfect. That is until they try to get her in a dress. She does not wear dresses. That is not who she is. She still wants to be a flower girl, but the thought of having to wear a dress depresses her.

So, her father gets it, and takes her shopping for a suit. And that solves the problem.

It is so great that her father figured it out. There are many parents that might not have gotten it. That would have forced a screaming and crying child into a dress because that was the way it was done.

It is good that there are books out there that show it is ok not to always fit in a mold, and where what you want to wear.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>

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This book followed Nicki finding out that she is going to be the flower girl at her aunt's wedding and finding the clothes that best express herself. Nicki is excited to be the flower girl at her aunt's wedding, but her excitement dwindles when she is only shown dresses. Nicki doesn't feel that dresses are showing her "true self." Nicki wants to be able to express herself at her aunt's wedding in a way that is comfortable and fun. In order to do that she needs to speak up for herself and her needs. This story and the art is fantastic. Self expression is a hard topic for some children and this book addresses it well! I would recommend it for ages 5+. #NetGalley #NetGalleyARC #ARC

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This is the sweetest book about a little girl who wants to be flower girl at her aunt's wedding but doesn't like to wear dresses. When she's asked to be in the wedding she's very excited until it's time to pick out a dress. She's not a dress kind of girl and decides she'd rather not be in the wedding than wear a dress. Her dad takes her out and she finds the right thing to wear and has a great time at the wedding. The is such a great book about acceptance and love and family.

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I cannot wait for this book to come out May 2, 2023 so I can recommend it to everyone! I absolutely adored this picture book, and think it should be in every library and on home bookshelves everywhere. The love and acceptance in this book reminds me of Julian is a Mermaid, another affirming and powerful picture book I love. What a great message about finding yourself and what makes you comfortable. The supportive adults in this were fantastic, and the message was straightforward and beautiful. The illustrations were also fantastic (particularly loved the hairy legs on one of the female presenting wedding guests in the end). I loved the representation in this, and all children, and everyone really, will benefit from reading this.

Thank you to NetGalley and W. W. Norton & Company for an advanced copy to review.

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I love to read books to students that meet a diversity of needs and interests. This book does a great job of honoring the main character's perception of self with support from the grown-ups around her. Illustrations were fun and engaging. Would absolutely add this our school's library collection.

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This is an excellent book with much needed thoughts. Nicki is a cute, bubly character as is evident from the first POV story. The pretty, eye-catching illustrations are brilliant and perfect for kids. Though the story is very short and to the point, the message easily comes across as 'Be who you want to be, and dress as per your liking'

I think children will benefit from Nicki's experience in today's world of peer pressure and traditions. Parents too, please accept you children's wishes and let them express however they want to! Definitely recommend you to buy this book for your loved little ones.

Thank you to NetGalley and Norton Young Readers for the ARC in exchange of an honest review!

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Nicki and her Aunt Carmela have a special bond so when Carmela tells Nicki she gets to be the flower girl at her wedding to "Big Dave," she is ecstatic. She says she's all in for love and pretty petals! After a special outing where Carmela, Nicki, and her mom go looking for dresses, though, Nicki realizes she's not "all in" on dresses... But she isn't able to express that at first and says she doesn't want to be a flower girl!

With a comforting conversation with her dad--and Super Blueberry Pancakes--Nicki is finally able to express the dress is the thing she isn't comfortable with, and she and her dad find a compromise! This is a sweet story of acceptance and celebration with cute characters and a soft color palette that brings it all together!

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This beautiful children's book tells the story of Nicki, a little girl who is very excited for her aunt to get married. When her aunt asks her to be a flower girl, she excitedly agrees, although she doesn't actually know what a flower girl is. When she finds out she has to wear a dress, she doesn't feel like being a flower girl is such a great idea any more. Then Nicki's dad takes her to a men's wear store and they pick out a suit for Nicki, this feels much better. In the end she enjoys herself at the wedding. I love that this book shows that gender norms around clothing do not need to impact people on their wedding day. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this book! I would definitely recommend it.

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This book was very sweet and cute. It was filled with great illustrations and a great story, showing kids it's okay to be themselves. All the characters were really nice and supportive. My kids ages 6,4,2 all enjoyed the book and we would read it again.

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This book is wonderful. A little girl is excited to be her aunts flower girl. That is until she learns she has to wear a dress. She would rather give up the honor than wear a dress. It’s just not her. Luckily, she has an understanding family, who find the perfect suit for their flower girl on the big day.

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I loved this so, so much. I thought it was such a great look at how kids are totally within their rights to admit that hey, dresses make me uncomfortable. I still want to participate, but in a way that makes ME comfortable too. I think that autonomy is super important to teach kids early on and this does such a great job doing so!

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