Dogboy v Catfish

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Pub Date 20 May 2023 | Archive Date 31 Dec 2023


On the day of her second wedding, Katherine Fisher, aka 'Catfish' set the date for her divorce. In precisely 18 months, she would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her five- year-old daughter, Emma, turns 18. Just as Catfish was about to take her husband, Lindsay 'Dogboy' Kramer (a successful businessman and dog whisperer) to the cleaners, he goes missing.

The police investigation into Dogboy's disappearance leads them into the dark world of counterfeit designer goods, money laundering, and drug smuggling. With Dogboy's assets frozen and the mob protecting their interests, the missing persons case escalates to homicide. Catfish is in a race against time to get hold of Dogboy's assets before the police get hold of her.

One question remains - is Dogboy dead or alive?

On the day of her second wedding, Katherine Fisher, aka 'Catfish' set the date for her divorce. In precisely 18 months, she would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance...

A Note From the Publisher

After 18 months of being in a defacto relationship in Australia, the courts can determine that the assets of both parties are split equally.

Seven out of every nine suicides in Australia are male. Seven!

The trade of fake designer goods worldwide is higher in value than the exports of Australia each year. Counterfeit designer goods of greater value are produced each year than all the coal, iron ore, natural gas, agricultural products of a nation like Australia combined.

After 18 months of being in a defacto relationship in Australia, the courts can determine that the assets of both parties are split equally.

Seven out of every nine suicides in Australia are...

Advance Praise

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Luke Gracias delivers a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, keeping readers guessing and engrossed in the high-stakes world of deception and disappearance. With its well-developed characters, intricate plot, and atmospheric writing, this book is sure to satisfy fans of the genre looking for an exhilarating read. - Sagar Naskar on amazon

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Perfect from start to finish, from cover to cover, this book will likely be my favorite for the year. The plot is highly original supported by subplots that are just as interesting. The characters are well drawn and neatly balanced with good and evil people. I found this a real page turner and highly recommend it it, as't kept me reading until 3 AM and I read the last word.
Dog Boy and Catfish are the nicknames for the two main characters, Lindsay and Katherine, an unlikely married couple whose union is on the rocks. Lindsay is is a kind, very successful entrepreneur who has amassed quite a fortune and his mysterious disappearance in Melbourne, Australia where they live attracts a lot of attention. Katherine meanwhile, a greedy and manipulating ex-beauty queen owns and operates a boutique that specializes in high-end clothing and accessories, and as the two detectors assigned to her husband's missing persons case discover, most of her clients seem to be local criminals involved in drugs, gunrunning, and money laundering. Is this a coincidence? Or is her husband's mysterious disappearance somehow related to these three intertwining snake like occupations? Each sub plot seems to twine around the other, as the author pulls willing and entranced readers through each page and incident, making sure to explain the intricacies and fine lines laws of Australia's legal system, from selling fake accessories to there somewhat unbalance way divorcing partnered are treated. . The writing is clear and no stone is left unturned as we flip the pages quickly, eager to discover where a plot will end. The resolution is also clear with a few surprises here and there among the characters who show bonds of friendship, honesty, and integrity. There's a lot to learn in this interesting novel which explains a lot about the value of a knock off item and why it could be so valuable in the retail market and why manufactures help track them down. Perhaps there is also a message about genuine friendships compared to Fairweather, fraudulent friends friends.

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After reading the synopsis of this story, I thought it sounded really good but I wasn't sure as I hadn't read a book by this author before. I needn't have worried! It was a fantastic plot, with lots of research done, giving me a fascinating time reading about a marriage break up with money laundering, drugs, fake designer items and a man who could control dogs!!!. It was action packed!.
The characters were so real that I could see them in my mind's eye! I was telling them off, laughing out loud at some of the antics described as the case carried on. I was all in!!
If this sounds like your cup of tea, I would buy it!!
Many thanks for the arc copy via Netgalley from Luke Gracias.
#Netgalley, #author_luke_gracias.

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Melbourne financial tech wizard millionaire Lindsay Kramer got the nickname ‘Dogboy’ because of his amazing affinity for attracting and communicating with dogs. A quiet, unassuming millionaire he meets ex beauty queen and social influencer Katherine ‘Catfish’ Fisher when she rents a shop from him for her high-end fashion shop. A young widow left with a child, when her husband committed suicide in Thailand, she sees an opportunity and it’s not long before she’s moved in with and then married the smitten Lindsay. Eighteen months on she’s preparing to file for divorce so she can get her hands on the bulk of Lindsay’s fortune in the settlement, but is thwarted when he disappears while on a business trip. Now he’s a missing person she’ll have to wait 90 days to get power of attorney over his bank account and seven years before he can be declared dead and his will read.

This is such a fun, clever, suspenseful thriller, full of twists. Catfish is smart and devious and likes to think she’s pulling all the strings, utilising her social media profile to garner public sympathy. But Dogboy is even smarter and has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. As the police investigate his disappearance, they begin to focus more and more on Catfish and the disappearance of her previous husband and soon a lot of red flags are being raised. As they dig deeper, the suspense rises as the fast-paced plot reveals a clever international crime ring but have to work out how it operates so smoothly. An excellent page turner that will keep you reading just one more chapter.

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Dogboy V Catfish by Luke Gracias is a captivating literary journey full of suspense and intrigue that keeps you guessing from start to finish. The well developed plot unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, making Gracias storytelling masterful. The characters are meticulously crafted, each with their own layers and motivations, making the story feel incredibly real. The title and the book cover made me want to read this intriguing thriller encompassing drug dealing, homicide & money laundering. The story is set in Australia and covers a topic very much in the media right now "Seven out of nine suicides in Australia are men" The female protagonist in the book, Katherine Fisher AKA Catfish, decides to divorce her husband Lindsay Kramer AKA Dogboy, one day exactly after 18 months of marriage. This book is a real page turner making it a must-read for those who crave originality and creativity in their literary adventures.
Thank you to NetGalley for an APC copy to review. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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<b>Not About Superheroes</b>
<i>Review of the Authors Upfront Kindle eBook edition (May 18, 2023)</i>

Despite the quirky title, this book is not about superheroes. It is about a battle between opposing forces though. The entrepreneur Lindsay Kramer is nicknamed Dogboy as they have been known as a “dog whisperer” since their youth. The story involves the aftermath of his marrying a Miss Australia beauty contest finalist and later social media influencer Katherine Kelly Fisher, nicknamed Catfish as a contraction of her name i.e. “Kat Fisher”.

Katherine Fisher shows up at a lawyer’s office to start divorce proceedings on Lindsay Kramer. The lawyer’s suspicions are aroused by the timing of exactly 18 months after the wedding (after which she is entitled to a substantial portion of the marriage assets) and the degree of advance financial research which she provides. At the same time, Lindsay Kramer disappears from a hotel where he had been staying on a business trip.

The book carries on with Katherine’s machinations to obtain Lindsay’s assets, only to find that he has anticipated her every move and has already made an advance countermove. Meanwhile, he himself may have committed suicide as he cannot seem to be located. The suspense ratchets up as further revelations occur, including the discovery of the suspicious death of Katherine’s first husband in Thailand. Might she have murdered both of her husbands?

I thoroughly enjoyed <i>Dogboy v Catfish</i> with its devilish game of a gold-digging influencer versus a husband on the run. Luke Gracias was a new name to me, and appears to have previously written horror books, but this lawyer / crime novel was extremely entertaining and even had a satisfying redemptive finale.

I read this Free Reading Copy of <i>Dogboy v Catfish</i> in eBook format thanks to the author Luke Gracias, the publisher Authors Upfront and the NetGalley website in exchange for which I provide this honest review.

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As a big Jeffrey Archer fan I felt this book for me had certain similarities to the plots of an Archer novel. It's twists and turns keep you guessing and gripped. Although set in Australia that is not a great impact on the story. The counterfeit goods smuggling, money laundering and suggested suicide all feature heavily. An enjoyable book read in a day. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to review this published book.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I give this book a solid 5 star review
When I first started this book I thought it was kinda hokey. But as I got into it it was nothing of the sort. Suspense, crime, twist a book that you don’t wanna put down. A story of crime so intertwined it holds you to it!

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I thank NetGalley and the author for providing me an ARC copy of the novel which I freely chose to review.
I have read Luke Gracias’s previous novels, full of adventures, mysterious documents, and threats to humanity, and I was intrigued when I heard about his new one, especially as it promised to be a totally different kind of story. And it is, although, like the previous ones, it is not easy to categorise.
The novel is divided into three parts: Part 1 (Greed v Trust), Part 2 (Power v Justice), and Part 3 (Dogboy v Catfish). After a brief introduction to one of the main characters (Lindsay Kramer, the ‘Dogboy’ of the title) through the narrative of an episode involving him and some of his friends that took place when they were university students in Melbourne —where we also meet some of the other characters who play a part in the story and discover the reason for his nickname—, we move on to the mystery which drives the novel: a man, Lindsay Kramer has gone missing. OK, so this is a missing person story, you’ll think. And you’d be right. But it is much more. Throughout the book, we get to learn about Dogboy’s relationship with his wife, Katherine Fisher (known as ‘Catfish’, for reasons you’ll learn if you read the book), the ups and downs of that relationship, the dubious reasons for Catfish’s marriage to Kramer, her manoeuvring to get hold of his many assets (he is a very rich man) soon after his disappearance, and how that raises suspicions from everybody she gets in contact with. She milks the social media attention and sympathy, trying to get what she wants without having to wait the requisite time required by Australian law. There are parts of the novel that read like domestic noir, and Catfish is a fascinating character with a great capacity for reading people and exploiting their weaknesses.
Other parts of the novel focus more on the investigation by the police, who are trying to locate the missing businessman, and the readers get to follow Detective Finlay and Inspector Green, who soon discover that matters are much more complicated than they seemed at first sight. Initially, the disappearance pointed to a possible suicide, but the death of Catfish’s first husband in Thailand made them start to unravel a complex web of deceit, crime, and murder. The amount of detail about their investigation, the difficulties they find at every turn, and the many people they have to follow, interrogate, and collaborate with turns this part of the book into a police procedural novel, and one that is gripping and fascinating. Like most people, I have come across counterfeit luxury goods (mostly pretty bad fakes), but I never gave much thought to the huge industry behind that, the money it moves, or where this money comes from. Here, the complex net involves also money laundering and drug smuggling, and the factual information and the sheer amount of research evident when reading the novel are staggering. I am sure readers of police procedural novels, especially those interested in complex and twisted plots and unconventional crimes will have a great time reading this novel.
There is an actual trial as well (I am trying not to give too much of the plot away) but it does not occupy a big part of the book, and it is fairly slim in details.
The book, which is written in the third person, is told from different points of view: sometimes one of Dogboy’s childhood friends, sometimes the police, sometimes Catfish, and some of the other characters, although we hardly ever see or hear anything directly from Dogboy, other than through documents or statements he has left behind. He is a bit like Laura from the movie of the same name by Otto Preminger: Laura goes missing and the rest of the characters give their versions of her, which say more about each character than about the real Laura. The writing is functional and serves the story well, with plenty of detail to help readers understand the nature of the crimes (and once we get to see how it all works, we also appreciate the significance and the symbology behind the cover), but not so excessive that it slows the story down.
The novel talks about love, greed, crime (counterfeit designer goods, drug smuggling, and money laundering), manipulation, legal and illegal pursuits, loyalty, friendship, success, media use, and abuse. Its ending is satisfying, and it works especially well for readers who prefer not to have any loose ends or any questions left hanging when they close a book. Everything is explained, and I think most readers will be happy when they get to the end.
Would I change anything? This is a book that focuses mostly on the plot, which, as I said, is complex. There are plenty of twists and turns and quite a few surprises along the way. There are many adventures in a variety of locations (in Australia, Thailand, Portugal...) and a lot of things take place in this novel, but I missed learning more about the protagonists. Although we spend a lot of time investigating Catfish and her actions, there are only brief snippets of what she actually thinks or how she feels, and the same (but to a greater extent) applies to Dogboy Kramer. Although the rest of the characters play smaller parts, we learn very little about them as well, even those we spend a fair amount of time with (like Green and Finlay). Such a complex story and the planning involved made me curious to learn more about the people behind it, but that would probably have slowed it down, and turned it into a different kind of narrative.
A great story, complex, full of fascinating detail about counterfeit designer goods and the illegal activity behind them (a mind-boggling world), and some of the most manipulative and memorable characters I’ve come across in a while. Unmissable for those who love unusual police procedural novels with a twist or two.

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Many thanks to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A brilliantly written thriller full of mystery and suspense. Gripping and a must read.

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one of the best books I have read lately. it was different and for some reason just impressed the hell out of me.

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An incident in September 1999, when Lindsay Kramer attends the University of Melbourne, explains why he is known as “Dogboy“. Remember, dogs are very good judges of character. In 2015, Melbourne boutique owner, Katherine Kelly Fisher, a.k.a. Catfish, wealthy, immaculate and beautiful meets with family lawyer, Freya Keogh. Katherine marries Dogboy/ Lindsey in 2013 but she believes he has cheated and she wants to get even. To say that Kat has thoroughly prepared for the meeting is an understatement and her eagerness has an adverse effect on Freya. Is Catfish well named? However, where is Lindsay? He’s gone missing from the Excelsior Sydney where he’s been staying. His case is investigated by Detective Stavropolous in Sydney and in Melbourne by Detectives Green and Finlay who soon discover that things are way more complicated than anyone foresees. The novel is into three parts – Greed versus Trust, Power vs Justice and Dogboy vs Catfish. It is fair to say that what starts out in one place, ie divorce proceedings ends up some place entirely different.

I really like the way that Luke Gracias tells this complex and well thought out story as it has a kind of documentary feel to it which works really well and makes it easy to read. It seems to give a gravitas to the plot which gets deeper and murkier with the mystery of both key players intensifying so provides an authenticity which is more than can be said of one character in particular. Right from the start Catfish gives off the wrong vibes and if ever there’s a character I want bad things to happen to, it’s her! She gives a whole new spin on manipulation. She is all too easy to picture and though Dogboy is central to what unfolds he isn’t present much but you definitely feel as if he is.

The fast paced, ever evolving plot takes the reader into the shadowy and dangerous world of the massively lucrative counterfeit designer goods industry and once that ‘bump in the road’ is established the danger levels rise and plot tentacles spread wide. It’s a very intriguing and well thought out plot that has exciting twists. It’s entertaining, engaging and enthralling with tension and suspense.

Overall, an enjoyable rollercoaster of a read.

With thanks to NetGalley and especially to the publisher for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.

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Thank you to NetGalley for the copy of this book!

The title was intriguing, but when I started reading it, I could not put it down. I had to read it twice that's how much I loved it. I have never really tried reading a legal thriller before, but I may have to change that after reading this.

Katherine “Catfish” Fisher gets married to Lindsay “Dogboy” Kramer, a wealthy businessman not long after her first husband committed suicide. She marks the date 18 months from her wedding date as Australian law entitled women to half their combined assets and maintenance payments until her 5 year old daughter turns 18. But just as Catfish was about to set her plan into action, Dogboy goes missing.

While the police look into Dogboy's disappearance, the investigation takes multiple shocking twists.

The book is split in three parts:
* Greed v Trust
* Power v Justice
* Dogboy v Catfish

This is the first book I have read by Luke Gracias and I am officially a fan! While some aspects I could kind of see where its going, it was written so well that I didn't even think about that. I enjoyed the multiple perspectives of what was occurring during the book. Catfish truly is the most awful character her actions are all powered by greed and yet you can't help but wonder what is going to happen to her.

Please read this book!!

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Synopsis (from Netgalley, the provider of the book for me to review.)

On the day of her second wedding, Katherine Fisher, aka 'Catfish' set the date for her divorce. In precisely 18 months, she would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her five-year-old daughter, Emma, turns 18. Just as Catfish is about to take her husband, Lindsay 'Dogboy' Kramer (a successful businessman and dog whisperer) to the cleaners, he goes missing.

The police investigation into Dogboy's disappearance leads them into the dark world of counterfeit designer goods, money laundering, and drug smuggling. With Dogboy's assets frozen and the mob protecting their interests, the missing person's case escalates to homicide. Catfish is in a race against time to get hold of Dogboy's assets before the police get hold of her.

One question remains - is Dogboy dead or alive?

First off, I love the cover ... adore the cover. Exalt the cover ... it is so clever on so many levels. The book is a thrill ride and suspenseful and worth staying up way past your bedtime to finish. Be careful what you wish for...but pick up this book with abandon and recommend it to all your friends and family to read next summer on the beach!


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Thank you so much NetGalley, for my advanced reader copy and the opportunity to review Dogboy versus Catfish by Luke Gracias, I was drawn to this book by the cover and title, this is the first book I have read by this author. I enjoyed the story, it’s twists and turns, delving into the seedier side of town nestled in amongst the glitz and glamour of Catfish Kelly's exclusive designer handbags.
From money laundering, drug dealers, sparkling diamonds, the markets of Bangkok, Gracias's web of deceit and wheeling and dealing heats up amongst shots being fired, with bullets ricocheting off the tree’s at close range.

Katherine thinks she's smart, so much smarter than Lindsay, as the saying goes ‘dogs are such good judges of character’ –
let the dogs decide 🐶

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Lindsay Kramer, Dogboy, was a very successful entrepreneur in Australia. He made the mistake of becoming the second husband of Katherine Fisher, Catfish. Her first husband died in Thailand and was suspected of being a suicide. One day, Lindsay disappears. Katherine, being Katherine, immediately starts proceedings to attempt to gain his estate. The story is about her attempts to gain everything as his grieving wife and the Australian Police along with his friends attempting to prevent her from doing this and hopefully locating Lindsay. It deals with money laundering, fabricated designer goods, drugs, criminals of all kinds and a very successful finale that, if one did this for a novel, deserves applause. Thanks to Net Galley and the Author for an ARC for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

When Lindsay Kramer - Dogboy married Kath Fisher - Catfish, he married for love but she married with an eye on his fortune. That is the premise of the book but as the story unwinds you find that it is much more than that. A very interesting tale set in Australia concerning counterfeit goods, drugs and the criminal underworld. The solid police investigations uncover surprises and twists at every turn.
Thank you to NetGalley and Luke Gracias for the chance to read this book.

Was this review helpful?

This was a very unusual police procedural book full of details about counterfeit goods and illegal activities with a twist or two thrown in for good measure. A completely different read from the usual books by this author, I absolutely loved every page. Thanks to the author and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this fabulous book.

Was this review helpful?

Very enjoyable read. Two very clever minds at work, one conniving, the other astute. Mix them with lawyers, detectives, and a cast of criminals, the web is spun. Exploiting Australian family law rarely figures in crime & mystery thrillers but is masterfully laid out in this tale.

Was this review helpful?

‘Each time she approached the glass panel doors Katherine admired her reflection.’

Meet Katherine Kelly Fisher, known as ‘Catfish’. Lindsay Kramer, known as ‘Dogboy’ is her second husband. Dogboy is Catfish’s second husband: her first husband, and father of her daughter Emma, apparently took his own life in Bangkok. Not long after, Catfish married the wealthy and reclusive Dogboy. And, on the day they married, she set the date for their divorce. Catfish was aware that after eighteen months of marriage she could claim half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her daughter turned eighteen.

We first meet Catfish at a family law firm in Melbourne, Australia where she is seeking to initiate her separation from Dogboy. Alas, sadly for Catfish, Freya Keogh ultimately declines to take her case. And then Dogboy goes missing.

The police start investigating Dogboy’s disappearance and Catfish tries hard (using social media and various contacts) to get her hands on Dogboy’s assets.

What an awful person Catfish is! I nearly didn’t read this novel because of the title, but once I started, I found it hard to put down. The police investigation into Dogboy’s disappearance takes them to Bangkok where they find the circumstances surrounding the death of Catfish’s first husband are suspicious. But how is Catfish involved and where is Dogboy? A missing person case becomes far more complex when the police uncover connections between counterfeit designer goods, money laundering and drug smuggling.

The novel is divided into three parts: Greed v Trust; Power v Justice; and Dogboy v Catfish. There are more than a few twists in this story, and I would hate to spoil the read for those yet to undertake it. A complex plot which is an intriguing blend of thriller and police procedural with plenty of suspense and more than a little intrigue.

‘All you need is the head of one snake and the endless knot will unravel.’

Note: My thanks to NetGalley and the author for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith

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Lindsey Cramer is a money magnet genius. He has always had that sixth sense on how to invest and make his money work for him. However, there is another ability he is known for by his close friends and that is his exceptional almost supernatural ability to attract dogs to him regardless of who their masters are. To his close friends he has always been called Dogboy. When Dogboy got married to Kath Fisher people thought they had the perfect marriage, but not everything is as it seems.
Dogboy seems to be missing and Kath seems to be trying to find him. But does Kath have a secret? Is Dogboy really dead and not just missing? Does Kath have something to do with it?

This story stirred up every emotion I had. The author meticulously leads you throughout with a lot of twists and turns plus the characters are very realistic.
Have always enjoyed this author's writing style as well as his choice of topics. Very much recommend!!!
Got this through Netgalley but the review is all mine.

Was this review helpful?

Dogboy Vs Catfish, set in Australia on the themes of gold digging partners and money scams. It was an interesting story with a backdrop of money laundering schemes spread around the globe. The story in the midst of it all that of Dogboy and Catfish was almost surreal in the midst of a global scam/ Con.

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247 pages

4 stars

This novel is a great high tension ride!

Katherine “Catfish” Fisher marries wealthy Lindsay “Dogboy” Kramer soon after the suicide of her first husband. On her wedding day, she marks exactly eighteen months until she can file for divorce. For in Australia, a marriage dissolved after eighteen months entitles the woman to sixty-six percent of the husband’s assets.

Dogboy is a relatively shy, but very shrewd businessman.

Just days before Catfish launches her plan, Dogboy goes missing.

Enter the police. They are suspicious of Catfish. Catfish goes on the offensive. She turns to social media lambasting the police and the two honest attorneys (friends of Lindsay’s), the police have interviewed. Catfish is manipulative, abrasive and entitled.

When the police officers travel to Thailand to investigate the “suicide” of Catfish’s first husband, they uncover a plethora of sins and crimes.

Catfish is relentless in her attempts to get her hands on Dogboy’s assets. Remember, Dogboy is/was a smart businessman.

This book is a thrill ride. I found myself hoping that Catfish would reach a dead end no matter what she tried. I was rooting for Dogboy, wherever he was. Mr. Gracias is an excellent writer. His characters are real and believable. I truly enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down. I was, however, disappointed by the ending. As acquisitive as Catfish was, I very much doubt that she would be as “generous” as she was at the end of the book. Narcissists do not change.

I want to thank NetGalley and author Luke Gracias for forwarding to me a copy of this very good book for me to read, enjoy and review. The opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

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An addictive page-turner of domestic drama and crime fiction.

Lindsay Kramer (AKA Dogboy) is the second husband of Katherine (Catfish) Fisher. Kath's first husband, and the father of her daughter, Emma, had died in Bangkok, but she found and married the wealthy Lindsay shortly after. Now after 18 months of marriage, and well versed in Australian law, Katherine visits a family law specialist to initiate a separation. Kath's behavior in the attorney's office is so unpleasant that Freya Keogh, wary and suspicious, ultimately declines to pursue the case. It's then that Lindsay goes missing.

This conniving woman is not the mourning wife that she pretends to be on social media. She's got her fingers in a lot of, shall we say, illegal business interests. But, thinking she is much smarter than the police, she attempts to carry on her activities involving drugs, money laundering, and counterfeit designer goods. She leads all on a merry chase with the big question always there -- where is Lindsay?

This was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it hard to put down as I wanted to see how this would all end. So different to this author's previous two books, I was a bit nervous about reading this one since I had really loved the others. No worries. The characters were great, and it was easy to root for the good guys all the while wondering how Australia can have what seems to be terribly unjust divorce and property laws. The details about the scam were intricate and extremely interesting and the reader can tell that the author did a lot of research as always. I liked the writing style and the clever plot. Enjoy!

I definitely recommend this one!

Was this review helpful?

Well that was a little bit different! It was a good book but definitely different than anything I've really read! It had light suspense, intrigue, action, murder, revenge, gas lighting , great police work and some crazy twists and turns! The storyline was interesting and kept me glued to my Kindle! I will recommend reading this book as it was well worth reading! It wasn't one of my top favorites but it was still a very interesting story and an enjoyable read! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!

Was this review helpful?

The book is so unpredictable and twisted. People have facades and hidden truths are buried beneath lies & deception . I didn’t read this book in one reading due to thorough investigation that turned into homicidal investigation and psychological suspense. There were different perspectives of people that kept me glued and made me even more curious to figure the mystery of disappearance of Lindsay and her wife trying to acquire his assets. Yet it’s more twisted than you think it is.

Before the disappearance of Lindsay, Katherine wanted to separate from her husband. Lindsay Kramer goes missing and his wife files a complaint to police of his missing, she approaches lawyers as well and the government but her activities comes under suspicion and she comes at a point where she becomes the primary suspect. She gets tangled in the web of suspicion, crime and money laundering. But if anything happens to her, who will take care of her daughter, Emma? What if no will be able to find Lindsay?

There were so many unsolved puzzles embedded in the book. The Will Lindsay made, money, assets, private detective’s mystery, husband and wife’s personal life, Katherine’s ex-husband death, and disappearance of Lindsay. The ending was so twisted and unpredictable.

I could able to figure out forty percent things. But when the complete truth came in light, it trembled me. It’s a real page turner, you will find yourself engulfed in deception, mystery, suspense and crime. The twists will keep you at edge

•Mysterious Disappearance
•Mystery, Crime & Suspense
•Twists and Turns
•Police Investigation
•Homicide Investigation
•Multiple Crimes
•Psychological Aspects

Thank you Netgalley, Author and Publisher

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Lindsay ""Dogboy" was a gentle soul with an affinity for dogs. Honestly, don't think Katherine had a single redeeming quality. It was a well written story, and Lindsay's friends were interesting and loyal. The story had many twists and turns, suspense and mystery. I had to keep reading to figure out the disappearance of Lindsay.

Was this review helpful?

This is completely different to the previous books by this author. This is a thriller suspense with lots of twists and turns.

Lindsey aka dogboy is married to Katherine who has a large following on the social media. She appears to be heartbroken, but has ulterior motives. It's innovative with the most unusual and interesting plot.

The plot thickens as the story develops. Where is Lindsey? It's very intricate and slowly the police begins to solve the puzzle. Except there is a couple of more twists. It's very clever and well relayed. It keeps you in suspense until right to the end. It's a most enjoyable read I received a free ARC from the author for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

When introverted fintech entrepreneur Lindsay 'Dogboy' Kramer marries beauty queen Katherine Fisher (Catfish), he marries her for 'love.' She however marries him with an eye towards making it through 18 months so she can take him for most of what he is worth in divorce. She is preparing for just that, seeing a lawyer with financial statements, when Lindsay disappears.

When Melbourne detectives investigate the disappearance, they begin looking closely at Kath and her high-end designer goods business. She retaliates with posts on her popular Instagram page, garnering sympathy. But something seems off with her business so the police keep digging.

Meanwhile, Kath is still after her husband's money but Lindsay's best friend, Michael, a lawyer, does everything he legally can to thwart her. Will she have to wait for seven years until Lindsay is officially declared dead? Will she finally get what she deserves?

This suspenseful thriller is a departure from Gracias' previous two books and quite fun and exciting. Many thanks to the author for providing a free copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and the opinions expressed are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I don't usually read this genre of book, however I found it interesting and clever enough to want to finish it.

The character construction was good enough that I really didn't like Katherine at all and was hoping for her comeuppance.

There were sections of the book where I wasn't able to second guess what was happening or going to happen. I did guess somewhat about the ending, but only a little.

So if you want a mystery then certainly take this book up and read it, you won't be disappointed.

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What a complete change of direction from the previous two books!! This deals with scams within the high end fashion industry and involves a gold digging female and a man who loves and understands dogs.
Dogboy is a nickname given to Lindsay Kramer whilst at University, he had a reputation for always showing great affection to stray dogs, a sort of dog whisperer. Catfish is the name his wife is known as, Katherine Kelly Fisher, a boutique owner and a social influencer.
After eighteen months of marriage, Katherine wants to sue for divorce. This is where all the fun and scheming starts which amazes and disillusions in equal parts.
Most people will root for Dogboy, he married for love and followed his heart. He made money to support his wife and step daughter, and was always loyal to his oldest friends. He is a character you really care about, a person you want to hold and reassure, he is worthy of so much more than the hand he has been dealt.
Catfish deserves all she gets, it is slightly unsettling that such deception and scheming go hand in hand with cold heartedly marrying for money, but both parties are calculating, ruthless in business dealings, yet one seems more deserving in the end.
The research is phenomenal and I have learnt so much about the high end fashion industry, and it doesn’t cover itself in glory.
The tension in this novel is really ramped up, it was so realistic, cunning and so emotional, the pace leaves one breathless in so many ways!
Absolutely intriguing and deeply engrossing story, real seat of the pants action, a real page turning thriller! A five star read , no doubt about it, and what a film this would make! Anybody who loves dogs, cannot be all bad.
My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers, AuthorsUpFront for my digital copy, freely given in exchange for my honest review.
I will leave reviews to Goodreads and Amazon UK.

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This book is action packed, fast paced, giving moments of tension and anxiety. Dogboy v Catfish by Luke Gracias is one such book that is sure to give that thrill and suspense that is expected from a thriller.
The aspect that I liked less was the informative way that the author used to talk about the laws and the divorce procedures. Taken that out it is am amazing thriller.

#dogboyvcatfish, #LukeGracias, #netgalley, #thriller

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I came across Luke Gracias as an author, back in 2016, with his first book, The Devil’s Prayer. That was a really good story and I would recommend that to anyone who has not read this, or indeed his follow up book, No Shadow Without Light. Although Dogboy v Catfish is a completely different tale, this is another book I would recommend. We first meet Dogboy with a group of friends from the University of Melbourne under his real name of Lindsay Kramer. He gets his nickname because of his amazing control over dogs, even those he has never seen before. This skill comes to fruition when he and the group of friends are attached by a bunch of thugs, who are themselves attacked and chased away by a pack of dogs that arrive out of nowhere to support Dogboy and his friends. Years later we find Lindsay married to Katherine Fisher, another character with a nickname. For her it is Catfish, from the shortening of her name. By now a very wealthy man, Lindsay had offered to set up Katherine with her own luxury good shops in a building he already owned. We then learn that Katherine’s first husband had died in mysterious circumstances whilst on a business trip to Bangkok. We come back to that mystery later. The next thing that really gets the main story line started is about 18 months into Katherine’s second marriage, when she gets in touch with a divorce specialist (who happened to be one of the old group of Lindsay’s Melbourne University friends from years ago). Katherine’s claim was that Lindsay had been cheating on her and she was therefore after a huge divorce settlement from this very wealthy man. As the story line develops further, we learn that the innocent Lindsay had already recognised that Katherine was very much a gold digger, whom he had found had been spending his money outrageously. Lindsay then makes his own move by disappearing, thus preventing Katherine from getting access to any of his assets until he is declared dead (which could be after a considerable number of years). The story then settles down with attempts by the police to find Lindsay. The police then find out that Lindsay had already hired a private investigator to track down what had happened to Katherine’s first husband in Bangkok and they make good use of this information. Luke Gracias now shows his attention to detail, as it emerges that Katherine had been involved in the sale of high-level counterfeit goods, through her shop, and had connections with money laundering and drug dealing too, and Luke shows us in detail how this all works. I have probably revealed too much of the story line already, for which I apologise, but I can assure you that the overall story has much more to come (including the later use of Dogboy’s skill with dogs) and much much more to enjoy. All in all, I found this a fascinating story in a book in which I always wanted to read the next chapter to find out what was happening. Many thanks go to Net Galley for providing me a copy of this book for review.

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Dogboy vs Catfish by Luke Gracias. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this mystery.
Dogboy and Catffish get married and after just eighteen months, just as Catfish is preparing to file for divorce, Dogboy disappears.
Catfish is caught scurrying to get her hands on the money, not a simple thing when your husband is a missing person.
The police follow the trail and discover a murky world of counterfeit goods, drugs and money laundering. But just who is responsible and is Dogboy dead?
Lots of twists and turns and speculation keep this rolling along nicely and will keep readers intrigued.

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Thanks for providing a free copy of this for me to read and review.

Very enjoyable, well written, intriguing and gripping.

I'm not going to tell you all about the story as too many previous reviews have already done that but if you like a good mystery/thriller and a story you'll want to keep reading then get this.

It certainly kept me up late to reach the conclusion.

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This was a really great riddle to solve. Kept me focused the whole way through. Somer well described characters and a storyline that said true the whole way to the end. I loved the conclusion.

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I enjoyed reading this short book. I felt quite emotional upon reading the author’s note at the end as to what inspired the story. I am so glad that the author was there for his friend, Dogboy when he received the call on that fateful night. I do not agree with the author’s view that the Family Court in Australia is heavily weighted toward women. I say this as someone who’s seen so many women lose badly and being left destitute after protracted Family Court proceedings.

This is my first Luke Gracias novel. The story is divided into three parts: Part 1: Greed v Trust, Part 2 : Power v Justice, and Part 3: Dogboy v Catfish. Lindsay Kramer, aka Dogboy goes missing. We are introduced to him and his friends from University days and an event is described which explains why he’s called Dogboy. Dogboy marries Catherine fisher, aka Catfish. We read about the highs and lows of their relationship.. Catfish is a player and has a dubious talent of exploiting weaknesses and ‘taking’ people!

After Dogboy goes missing, Catfish does her utmost to get her greedy hands on his substantial assets very quickly. She elicits social media sympathy and very effectively plays the poor me card with everybody that she encounters. Some people become suspicious of her hurry to gain possession of his assets. He is, after all, apparently a missing person; this is not a murder investigation .

We read about the police investigation into the missing Dogboy. Finlay and Green, who are the investigating officers, soon realise that this is not a common and garden missing persons investigation. They have to interview many people as the parameters of the investigation widen.

There are a number of voices in this heavily plot focused book: Dogboy’s childhood friend, the police, Catfish, and other characters. There are many twists and turns in the plot and suspense is maintained. We visit a number of locations : Thailand ( where Catfish’s first husband died), Australia, and Portugal.

The book focuses upon crime, greed, love, manipulation, and abuse. The story is well told and the ending is a good one; all is explained. This is a book that I would recommend to others who enjoy reading mysteries.

My thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC.

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I loved this book, loved the mystery and thriller element, it had my heart pounding at times and just couldn't put this book down it kept me hooked till the end.

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Well this new novel from Luke Gracias is definitely different to his previous novels, The devils prayer & no light without shadow. I can't say I enjoyed it as much as his previous work, it has a very convoluted plot which has been well researched, but it seemed a bit 2 dimensional, most of the characters are not pleasant but then they are not meant to be and it did gave a very interesting insight into the Australian divorce laws, which seriously need changing. It would probably make a good tv series though.

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Wow! What a story! From the very first chapter I was sucked in. And, even though the main character, Lindsay Kramer, goes missing almost right away, his presence is evident on every page. The search for Kramer leads into the labyrinth of drugs, money laundering, and fake designer goods from Australia to Bangkok.. I would highly recommend this book!

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ebook. A complex novel. A murder mystery, a police procedural and a legal thriller all wrapped together to keep you involved right to the end. A novel that deals with love and hate, friendships and marriage, crime and punishment, and life and death. Great read!

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I liked this story, it was interesting even though I couldn't quite work out the mechanics of the scam. I'd like to know more about Dogboy but Catfish was a right piece of work.

Was this review helpful?

A complex novel with a very interesting Title! I struggled about midway through the book trying to follow, the web of all the crimes. However I like a good challenge and am very pleased that I navigated the plot right through to the conclusion. I definitely would recommend reading Dogboy v Catfish.

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I loved this book from start to finish! A great opening really hooked you in to the characters and story and I really enjoyed the way the suspense unfolded. Took a bit of concentration around the 'Endless Knot' bit to full understand what on earth was going on but some real laugh out loud moments as well, Ended as it should in my view. We all need a Dogboy in our lives!

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Kindle Copy for Review from Net Galley, and Authors Upfront.

I received a free, advance copy of this book and this is my unbiased and voluntary review.

A planned future ahead is destroyed by a missing husband become a case of possible murder. Is her husband missing or dead as things take a possible turn as his mob connections come to life.

She is stuck in a whirlwind as his assets is frozen until things are sorted out. A gripping read that will keep you glued.

Was this review helpful?

This is an excellent and interesting story, it is quite clear that the author has carried out a great deal of research. It is very much plot-driven, you only learn information about the characters that is necessary for the story. There are many twists and turns in the story, which add to the tension.

Lindsay Kramer, known as Dogboy because of his affinity with all dogs has few friends at university. However he is an excellent businessman and is soon very, very rich. Katherine Kelly Fisher, known as Catfish Kelly, is a very smart woman with a seven year old daughter. She is used to the finer things in life! Her first husband Darren went on a short business trip to Bangkok when his daughter was two, and died there in mysterious circumstances. Catfish grieved for a while, and when her daughter was five years old she met Lindsay when she was looking for premises to open a high end boutique. Soon they were married, and for a while travelled the world, living the high life. Then he started working late and going away on long business trips, and she was sure he was cheating on her. Catfish visits one of the best family lawyers in town to start divorce proceedings. Katherine is unaware that Freya Keogh is a friend of her husband’s, and her outburst saying that she will do and say anything to win does not go down well! Freya gives her a list of all the financial information she needs before proceedings can begin, assuming that it will take weeks or even months before anything can happen, but Katherine has already sorted it all out, or thinks she has.

In Australia, when people have been married for at least eighteen months the father not only has to pay maintenance for any children until the age of eighteen, plus the wife is given the house and two-thirds of any assets. Freya really doesn’t want to be involved in this obvious gold-digger’s efforts to fleece her friend, and after she is contacted by the police to be asked why she was the last known person Lindsay contacted by e-mail before he disappeared (it just said ‘Thank you’ and she had assumed it was a wrong number), she contacts Michael Kaynes, also a lawyer, to see if the police had contacted him as well. Michael was best man at Lindsay and Katherine’s wedding, and is executor of Lindsay’s will.

From there we see a lot of the police work, they are not only searching for Lindsay they are looking into the circumstances of the death of Katherine’s first husband. They discover various things that cause them to watch her as well. Many surprises are uncovered, and the story gets very exciting. The author has completely stuck to the plot, there is no padding out of the storyline, so when all the secrets start to be exposed there is an excellent build-up of tension. Lindsay is proved to have been a great deal more clever than his wife!

This is a really good read, I highly recommend it!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you again to the publisher and author for this opportunity! I actually read this novel around the time of its release earlier this year and really liked it. It was my time reading work by this author, but it certainly won't be my last. This was such a good thriller read for me, filled with plenty of suspense, high stakes, and an intricately woven web of mystery and crime. I don't want to give too much away in order to avoid spoilers, but I will say that I think this is a book best gone into blind like I did (which we all know is very rare lol). I thoroughly enjoyed the wild whiplash of an adventure this story took me on (because trust me: it's a RIDE™ lol) and would definitely recommend this out to anyone who loves thrillers/mysteries or is just interested in reading something outside of their usual comfort zone!

Was this review helpful?

The story has the right mix of drama, suspense, intrigue and clever storytelling. The tale unwinds as one quickly unravels the craftiness of the protagonist Catfish and her scheming plans to take her wealthy husband to the cleaners but there's much more murkiness under the carpet. The author brilliantly weaves in a spider's web of modus operandis that reflect the dark side of nature and business. You will get trapped in the narrative as it wrenches your heart in parts and you wait for sweet justice. The book satisfied on all counts - a must read

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An excellent book, for me, much better than the title suggests.
The story of two people who meet at college and later become married.
The marriage is not a traditional one, but is not unlike some modern ones.
Parts of the plot are excellent, some are just good. All parts are interesting, especially if you like Australia and Thailand, the main settings.
Not really a who-dunnit, but a will they get away with it.
Thanks to the publisher for an advance reading copy for honest review.

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Author of the Devils Prayer, Luke Gracias latest offering is Dogboy v Catfish. An unusual thriller it had light suspense, intrigue, action, murder, revenge, gas lighting, great police work and some crazy twists and turns! Not surprising as this is a Luke Gracias novel. Both Dogboy and Catfish are monikers for the two main protagonists. The story opens with an incident that occurs as a group of mates are returning home after a night out. This results in one of them earning the nickname Dogboy. A onetime model Katherine Kelly Fisher had elected to give herself the moniker Catfish Kelly. Dogboy and Catfish are a couple and this thriller is largely their story.

After exactly 18 months of being married Catfish decides to take her husband to the cleaners. Australian divorce laws require that one should be married for at least 18 months before they can expect their spouse to support them. Catfish aware of the law intends to benefit from it Meanwhile Lindsay Kramer aka Dogboy is missing. Catfish Kelly shows her true colours as Dogboys grieving wife. Police investigation into his disappearance leads them into the dark world of counterfeit goods and narcotics.

This novel is very different from Gracias previous novel. He is questioning the rather harsh Australian divorce laws and has chosen to weave this thrilling twisty mystery to emphasise his premise. Boy did it grab me from the start. He uses the very differing characteristics of the two main protagonists to good effect skilfully painting vivid scenes that thrilled me. The suspense increased as the pages turned thanks to the gripping storyline. Gracias also raises numerous side issues. What I found delightful was that he had woven so many exciting tropes into this high octane thriller. It had surprises galore which I can’t reveal as it would be a spoiler. Its obvious that Gracias is passionate about these injustices.

Dogboy vs Catfish is a worthy read. Hats off to Gracias for a thrilling original and his courageous expose.

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This book reads more like an incident report than a story; but while we don't necessarily learn a lot about the characters themselves, we follow their actions and there are plenty of surprises.

Katherine Fisher has built a name for herself as an influencer and purveyor of high end fashion goods. Her first husband committed suicide in Thailand and she married again - to 'Dogboy' Lindsay Kramer, a very successful entrepreneur. However, not all was for love - she intended from the start to divorce him 18 months after the marriage, which would entitle her to half their assets and maintenance.

Just as she starts to set the divorce proceedings in motion, Dogboy disappears. From there we see this materialistic woman determined to overcome all obstacles to getting her hands on his cash... but Dogboy has made arrangements of his own! Add to the mix some serious drug dealing, counterfeit design and money laundering and it makes for a high octane read. As a reader I was really rooting for Dogboy and hoping Catfish would get her come-uppance!

A really good read. Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me access to the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Just finished Dogboy , had to finish it to find out if…… What a roller coaster it turned out to be. Brilliant plots and so informative. Loved it and of course it should be a film.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this excellent read.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I started this I had not heard of this author before but wow am I glad I read the first chapter. That’s all it took and I was hooked into a suspenseful, twisty, turning ride I couldn’t get enough of.
The story is fast paced and I definitely stayed up too late reading wanting to know what happened next.

The story was quick, engrossing and interesting right up until the end. I was at the edge of my seat until the very end.
I will be reading the authors other books for sure!

4.5/5⭐️ rounded up

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The title of this book intrigued me and after reading it I must say it did not disappoint. A tale of deceit,abandonment and friendship.

Was this review helpful?

In 2013, in Australia, Katherine Fisher (Catfish) has just got married for the second time - and her wedding day is also the day that she sets the day for her divorce from Lindsay (Dogboy) Kramer!

The laws in Australia at the time, meant that in precisely 18 months after marriage, Catfish would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her five- year-old daughter, Emma, (from a previous marriage) turns 18.

Eighteen months later, just as Catfish is about to make her claim, Lindsay (Dogboy) goes missing. This means she’ll have to wait 90 days to get power of attorney over his bank account, and seven years before he can be declared dead and his will read. That simply won’t do, and Catfish is nothing if not determined, she’s simply not prepared to wait that amount of time, and she’ll use any dirty trick in the book to get her hands on the money. She’s an absolute nightmare!

This is where things become complicated - the police investigation into Lindsay’s disappearance, leads them into a very dark and dangerous world of counterfeit designer goods, money laundering, and drug smuggling.

This is a complex but clever, tension filled storyline, quite unique, and a real roller coaster ride for the reader.

Was this review helpful?

Wow what a book thank you ever so much for the opportunity to review. I could not put it down. Would definitely recommend to others

Was this review helpful?

This was a fun book. The plot was much more complex and intricate than expected -- designer goods counterfeiting, money laundering, drug smuggling, social media influence, financial fraud, the porn industry, suicide, missing persons, and dog whisperers. I enjoyed the scheming by Catfish and the counter-scheming by Dogboy.

Was this review helpful?

This was a twisty, quick read with unique, vividly drawn characters and a well paced plot. It is a relatively short, quick read, I read it straight through in one setting, finding that I couldn't stop turning the page to the next chapter. Highly recommended.

Thanks to NetGalley and the author for an advanced reader copy.

Was this review helpful?

What a fun quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery suspense, police procedural with a side of domestic drama. This story is well-written with many twists and turns just the way I like it! The Australian author wraps everything up in the end in a satisfying way. Highly recommend this book to those who are drawn to this genre.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.

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On the day she marries her second husband, Katherine "Catfish" Fisher, starts planning for her divorce in eighteen months. That is when she would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her five- year-old daughter, Emma, turns 18. However, just as Catfish was about to take her husband, Lindsay 'Dogboy' Kramer (a successful businessman and dog whisperer) to the cleaners, he goes