Yes, Chef

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Pub Date Aug 03 2023 | Archive Date Jan 15 2024

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I've sworn off romantic relationships, stifling family expectations, and self-doubt. The trifecta, really.

Returning home to run the family business is inevitable, but that doesn't mean I can't spend some time carving out my own path to culinary success. In Paris. Because who doesn't love Paris? Because Paris has the best food scene in the world. And I want to earn this my way, damn it.

The first four months of living abroad go exactly as planned. Working at one of the chicest, up-and-coming restaurants in France—not to brag—I know a Michelin star is within reach if I keep my head down, focus, and work harder than I ever have. I go to the market every morning, I run my own schedule, and I don't have to think about my cheating ex or Meredith-Blake-of-a-mother. Croissant and espresso every morning? A given. Living abroad has been perfect. It's the Nancy Meyers’s dream.

That is, until a tall, all-American golden boy enters my space as the new head chef of Teaks—my boss. Chef James Sullivan is too attractive for his own good, and I've strictly written off workplace romances.

But, lucky for me, he only chooses to acknowledge my presence when he's critiquing my work every five minutes. Maybe I can tune out those broad shoulders and denim blue eyes . . . if only those eyes would stop staring at me so intently.

Au revoir

— Claire Richards

"Yes, Chef" is an upbeat, closed-door sizzling-with-chemistry, romantic comedy that will have you believing in the magic of a 90's Rom-Com again.

I've sworn off romantic relationships, stifling family expectations, and self-doubt. The trifecta, really.

Returning home to run the family business is inevitable, but that doesn't mean I can't...

A Note From the Publisher

For future reviewers:

This is the completed manuscript, so while we're wildly grateful for any and all feedback, we're most interested in external reviews!

Whether that's a simple rating on Goodreads or Amazon or a social media review, as a debut author with absolutely no previous work to look back on, we're looking to get as many external opinions out there as possible going into launch week.

We hope you enjoy the read! And may you not crave too many croissants in the process.

For future reviewers:

This is the completed manuscript, so while we're wildly grateful for any and all feedback, we're most interested in external reviews!

Whether that's a...

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Featured Reviews

OMG!! Loved this book!! It was like a warm hug. The sceneic description of the beautiful Paris City and the slow burning romance, urrgghh, couldn't get enough of it! James is every girl's dream boyfriend. What i loved the most about the book was how Claire never gave up her trueself in pursuit of love. She was so authentic and never wavered and such a head strong character. Cant wait to read more from this author

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Yes, Chef is such a cute book! It's so easy to fall in love with the characters and imagine their story as if it were playing on a movie screen. The romance wasn't rushed and it wasn't too slow either. Everything fell together so nicely.
The only thing I would have liked is having a little more space in the end of the book. The progression of the relationship after her sister's wedding and what happened to her dad felt just a tad rushed but other than that it was really good!
It reminded me of all my favorite parts of movies and shows about chefs and Paris!

Was this review helpful?

I loved this. I lost a few hours and a meal without even realizing it. Fun story and characters, with good dialogue and a sweet romance.

Was this review helpful?

Oh, i love this book. Paris, Food. Well written characters. I hope Waitlyn Andrews has another book on the way soon!

Was this review helpful?

This was funny, lively, and swoony! I absolutely love chef/foodie/cooking romances and this delivered. There were undeniable sparks and I loved our main characters. The storyline was fantastic as well. This also made me super hungry!

Was this review helpful?

This book was adorably sweet! It was the perfect mix of romance and comedy. I even laughed out loud a couple of times which always endears me to a book. The book being set in Paris was just the cherry on top of this slow burn romance.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.

I freakin' LOVED this book. I devoured it. I read this so fast it's not even funny.

I really liked the fmc. I didn't find her annoying, which is always a plus, and I like that she was confident in herself and her abilities as a chef.

I FREAKING LOVED the fmc, James.
"Is he trying to make me fall in love with him? Because he’s one more crepe and book adventure away from it, and he doesn't even know it."

I'll be honest, I still don't understand why he didn't like her initially, BUT their banter was fun; seeing them slowly start to trust and like each other (as friends) was super enjoyable. I loved seeing all the tiny gestures he would do for her.

“So, you want to keep me?” “Are you kidding? I’ve wanted nothing more. I want you so badly I’d eat the terrible cruise food for the rest of my life if it meant you’d be sitting next to me.”

Both of them together we actually so cute. like I loved their relationship and that it wasn't insta-love.
AND here's the best part (I could totally be wrong, or it wasn't big enough to notice), BUT THERE WAS NO THIRD ACT BREAK-UP? As far as I remember, there wasn't one, and I LOVED that.
Even the cooking parts of this book was super fun to just read about.

I really, really enjoyed this book; I definitely think you should read this.

Was this review helpful?

Really liked this one! Great chemistry. The rivals-to-lovers was really fun. Great setting. I've been binging the bear on Hulu, so this was a fun, light-hearted continuation. Very enjoyable read!

Was this review helpful?

a perfect beach read!

this was laugh out loud funny and i audibly “aww”ed at our lovely mc’s who delivered a PERFECT sweet summery romance

naturally the cooking parts were very entertaining as well and made me quite hungry while reading LOL

Was this review helpful?

Oh my god, this is the perfect comfort read! I absolutely adored this book. It is well-written and I love how it is mainly set in Paris in the world of gastronomy. Spending the mornings in a café, having a usual, the daily market trips and the ease and comfort of how Claire and James spent their time together really did it to me. I liked Claire so much, being passionate and laid-back despite her background. James is ultimate book boyfriend material, so caring and attentive. I loved how their at-first resentment grew into friendship then deep love. And the food was well-detailed and literally made me drool.
Thank you Waitlyn for bringing back the feeling of 90s romcoms in a book!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of the book.

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If you 💕 an adorable dedication 〰 an excellent debut 〰 learning new cooking terminology 〰workplace romances 〰 forced proximity〰 happily ever afters 〰 a slow burn 〰 closed door romances 〰 Emily in Paris vibes then ➡️ check this book out!

Yes, Chef is the definition of a feel-good warm and fuzzy rom com. I enjoyed the Paris setting and the witty banter between the two main characters. Look up the recipe for a perfect book boyfriend and you will find James Sullivan 👨‍🍳💋. I loved the progression of James & Claire’s relationship except towards the end where it felt a little rushed to me (but that may have been because I wasn’t ready for their story to end). Overall, I thought this was a light and fun rom com that was well-written and a fanatic debut. I can’t wait to read more by this author!

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Yes,Chef will be available on August 3rd.

Was this review helpful?

Perfect blend of foodie heaven, Paris, and romance!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience ‘behind the scenes’ in a restaurant kitchen, this is the book for you.

In this food-focused romcom, Andrews made it easy for me to become part of the team as they focused on their goal of obtaining a Michelin star. I was instantly wrapped up in the intricate relationships that exist within the restaurant and privy to the reality of working behind the scenes in the service industry. I discovered the stress of shopping daily for the menu of the day and the camaraderie that blossomed between the staff and the suppliers. I learned new terms and my inner foodie was excited. I liked the experience of juggling living abroad, with parental expectations, working towards a career goal and indulging in romance. The chapter titles were a nice touch and kept me focused with each chapter.

This closed-door culinary fiction was the perfect distraction this week. I’d eagerly read another of this author’s books.

I was gifted this copy by Waitlyn Andrews and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book! What an amazing writer Waitlyn Andrews is. It's hard to believe it's a debut book. I will definitely be following this author. This is one of the best love stories I've read in a long time! So sweet and pure. Great characters and a wonderful story. You must read this, you will love Claire and James. I recommend this book to all. Thank you NetGalley, and author Waitlyn Andrews for this eARC this is my honest personal opinion, I enjoyed this book and hated for it to end. It's one of those books you start slowing down your reading to make it last longer!

Was this review helpful?

LISTEN! I have never devoured a book so fast!! The world building and story just sucks you right in. James is the personification of BOOK boyfriend. We all deserve a James, and the fact he respects boundaries -- A++++++!! Although the book had no spice, the slow burn definitely had my heart racing and this book had me smiling the whole time too.

Claire is an amazing chef who has gone through a few traumatic events. Yet, she is so strong and has so much empathy. She goes to Paris to realize her dream of being on a team that gets their first Michelin star. Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve seen some Hell’s Kitchen in my days (more like binge) to know those are so hard to acquire and even harder to maintain. She is focusing on herself, and her cooking career as best as she can. However, she then meets James Sullivan. He comes from two famous chefs already established in the restaurant world and followed in their footsteps. James was recruited to help the restaurant Teaks gain its first Michelin star. He presents himself as a stoic and cold person. But besties, I think we’ve read enough to know the boy fell first and really hard. Claire is blissfully unaware and just the subtle gestures James does makes it even sweeter. As time goes on, James learns of the past Claire is trying to heal from and he is so patient with her. They bond over their love of food and reading and over time CLAIRE FINALLY lets the man appreciate her and love her! I just would’ve loved James' POV. So envious of Claire having croissants almost every morning and enjoying her book to pass the time. I can’t give too much away, but if you like more of a slow burn and no spice, this is perfect for you.

Was this review helpful?

Such a sweet, satisfying summer romance! I found myself smiling and gleefully rooting for Claire and James throughout the entire book. It felt like a comfort read and a big adventure at the same time. This is one of the rare books that really makes you feel like you are in the setting with the characters, following them throughout their day, and doing what they do. I loved journeying with Claire and James through Paris, and watching the slow-burn, delicious pining blossom into love! The descriptions of and attention paid to food and its role in the love story were also fun to read. James is the most caring, protective, and supportive hero, and it was so wonderful to read Claire’s journey of realizing who she was and what she wanted, walking away from the parts of her life that brought her down, and just going for it. I literally could not put this book down, and can’t wait to read more from Waitlyn Andrews.

Was this review helpful?

First thought: Love, Love, Loved it!!!!

Claire moved to Paris to escape her past and get a clean start away from her family name and her ex. She is a chef who loves to improvise and she’s hoping that she can help her new restaurant earn their first Michelin star. Her past has different ideas and she soon realizes even moving across the world won’t change things and the only way forward is through. She is not looking for love and even if she was she just simply isn’t ready.

James comes from the a line of celebrity chefs and at a young age he has already earned his first Michelin star. He moved to Paris to help a new restaurant do the same. Little did he know he run into the women of his dreams. James is not one to mix business and pleasure so even though he is falling for Claire he won’t let her know that. Instead he puts up a wall where she’s concerned. He’s a stickler to following the plan, and oh boy does Claire through a wrench in it.

These two have to learn to work together as a team if their restaurant has any chance at that Michelin star. Along the way there will be bumps and roadblocks but with enough time, patience maybe they can become friends or even more.

I absolutely loved this book once I started it, I literally could not put it down and I read it in one sitting. It was just cute and sweet and made me feel back in my teens with the classic romcom movies of the late 90s early 2000s. I could easily see this being turned into a movie, as it makes you fall in love. Run and preorder this 5 star read now!

Was this review helpful?

“It suits me. Adventure always has: independence always has. I just forgot for a while.”

Our FMC has established a life for herself in France. She knows her stuff, is skilled as well as dedicated to her craft, not to mention she is passionate. Almost everyone is impressed by her work until the new head chef nitpicks at everything she does.

There are a lot of things Claire Richards finds in Paris - a new head chef, a new neighbor, a fellow American in the kitchen and someone who also comes from a well-known family. What are the chances this all happens when she tries to escape her life and work at a restaurant in Paris? It’s more likely than you think.

Nothing better than a somewhat enemies to lovers trope that ends with them pushing each other to be even better than they were when they started. There's a grumpiness/sunshine attitude, small misunderstandings, single bed problem, forced proximity (they could be roommates) and a happy ending. Add in all these and more and Waitlyn Andrews demonstrates to be a master herself. Call me a critic, five Michelin stars from me.

(This will also be posted on my Bookstagram as well.)

Was this review helpful?

A delightful surprise! This is the first I've read from the author, and from the first page, it is dripping with the character's voice. It's a fun read with strong character interactions and vivid descriptions that made me hungry at 2am.

Was this review helpful?

3.5 stars rounded up/5

A clean romance, "Yes, Chef" was a fun read. Although the author had hinted at Claire's trauma, the reveal closer to the end was aptly timed. The romance between Claire and James was cute, and his respect for her boundaries was *chef's kiss.*

Was this review helpful?

I loved reading this book. It was a comfort book to read on rainy days while reading tea or coffee. I finished this book in just three days. I liked the way Clarie and James relationship took place how Clarie became independent and stayed on her p values .
The fact that I loved the most was the cooking terms were explained at the start of the chapter.

Was this review helpful?

*thank you to NetGalley for providing me with the eARC*

As someone who went to culinary school, I was so very excited to pick this up!

Things I Liked:

-The story’s portrayal of working in a restaurant and working with its vendors: While it’s definitely a more glamorous portrayal in some scenes, the core idea of it is still the same. I liked the book showing how many restaurant pride themselves in working with seasonal ingredients, work with certain vendors, and also that rapport that you usually would have with your usual suppliers. I also think the discussion they have about going with the tried and true and innovation was also quite interesting, it’s something many chefs grapple with and it is a delicate balance. The book did good in showing glimpses of these aspects

-The slow burn between Claire and James: this story really promises a slow burn with much waiting and it was quite good. I did like seeing that slow build in their relationship as they started off not on the best foot, to friends, to more.

Things I Did Not Like As Much:

-How fast everything seemed to progress right after they got together: For all the amazing slow burn, it seemed that once that was over, the plot was moving lightning fast which in contrast to how slow the burn was, felt a bit jarring.

-The final confrontations felt a bit underpowered: As much as it’s really not meant to be a fight or be super dramatic, it would have been nice to see a more satisfying final conversation between Claire and the people back home. Obviously it’s not always realistic, but for how terrible they were built up to be, it would have been more satisfying to see a real conversation where Claire is able to show how she’s let go of the situation.

All in all, I still thoroughly enjoyed the story. Stories in the restaurant industry aren’t always the most sexy to write, but the story was able to take it and make it into quite the interesting romance.

Was this review helpful?

It’s not often that I can say that I loved everything about a book. But I did with this one! It is such a great book and so much more.
Claire moved to Paris to work as a sous-chef in an up-and-coming restaurant in the trendy part of Paris under the tutelage of one of the greatest chef there is. So it already got off on a good start! She works hard and really doesn’t want to muck it up. But then James is added to the team as the new head chef. He’s brilliant but doesn’t acknowledge Claire most of the time, or only critiques her.
So this book is kind of a dish, too. The author not only blends the perfect ingredients like the fun and excitement of cooking amazing dishes with the dynamics in the restaurant and Claire’s personal history. Because along the way, there are little hints that all isn’t well in her past. She doesn’t like her family, she fled to another country and avoids driving in a car as much as possible. Waitlyn Andrews masterfully blends this all together to a perfect story, the perfect five course meal with every dish or course or turn of the storyline an joyful experience.
You know that feeling where you are so invested in a fictional character and things take a particular turn that you wish didn’t happen? No such thing here! The book isn’t slow but the pace is perfect and the story realistic. You see Claire grow, overcome her issues and I loved the way that was handled.

I love Theo from the market.
<He reminds me of what a grandpa should be: worn hands, weathered face, gruff on the outside but soft as a ripe persimmon once you get him talking.>
I love the setting of the restaurant.
<i>The whole dining experience is an experiment in top-down hosting. I’m a server, bartender, and chef all in one, so I interact with each patron from start to finish, and the patrons can see into the kitchen as we work.</i>
I liked Claire explaining different wines. I like reading about all the different food combinations! There’s so much research in the restaurant business!

I love Evie the energizer bunny.
I love that James’ parents are famous cooks and that they are so lovely!
And I loved James Sullivan. He is incredibly supportive of Claire, giving her all the space and independence she deserves but at the same time he's always there for her, anticipating every fear or need, and he’s just perfect! He’s patient, caring, emphatic, smart, thoughtful and just a dream of a man. (In my mind he wasn’t a blonde but had brown hair, but that’s just me.)
<i>I had superficial friends, and they never seemed to know me the way James intuitively has figured me out.</i>
<i>…just the fact that he doesn’t pry or ask more questions about my past shows just how stupidly he’s in tune with reading me.</i>

Of course any other person would just have blocked Henry’s number and have a serious once-and-for-all talk with their mother to stay out of it all. But story-wise it makes sense to keep it in, also the whole wedding invitation (which I expected from the start). But I love how it was handled in the book: perfectly! Not cheesy but perfectly.

It is an easygoing, sweet book but the writing is amazing! It is not a heavy book but I was impressed with the insights and deep thoughts you come across every now and then. And it is just a lot of fun! The way she described the football match, the various dishes, James and Claire watching people pass by…
<i>The best gift reading gives to me is not the over-inflated sunshiny rainbows I claimed the other day when talking to James. It’s empathy. Reading gives you a rare insight into the motives behind why people do what they do, and since I’ve started devouring books at an insatiable rate, I feel like I have more capacity for understanding why people act in certain ways. When you take that empathic ability and apply it to people-watching? Endless entertainment.</i>

Please do yourself a favor and buy this book. You will love it! Of course it will make you want to go out to a great restaurant and have a wonderful meal. But you will want to go home quickly to finish this book. And then you’ll feel like Claire in the book:
<i>I go to sleep that night with not only a satisfied stomach but a satisfied soul.</i>

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book and I am grateful for the opportunity. All thoughts and opinions are my own. And I can highly recommend this book and have pre-ordered my own copy on Amazon. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Was this review helpful?

Claire hops over to France to be a sous chef at a restaurant on its way to a Michelin star and can’t wait for the experience. Enter in James another American who comes from legacy chef parents to run the kitchen. James is standoffish and gives little feedback to Claire, but will it stay that way or will they be forced into something more?

I loved this book and didn’t want it to end. The development of characters were fantastic and I was rooting for them every step of the way.

Thank you #NetGalley for the advance copy

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Net Galley for letting me read this book.
I loved, loved, loved it. Such a fun story and anything about Paris and cooking gets me immediately invested in the story. Great characters and story. I live near Napa and the very famous restaurant and I loved how the author writes about the Napa Valley. Plus, I have never been to Paris but know enough that what she's writing about like the cheese monger is so right on. This is a must read.

Was this review helpful?

Yes, Chef follows the story of Claire. A talented chef who recently escaped from her life to Paris to fulfill her dream of earning a Michelin Star. Her routine is interrupted when a new head chef, James, is hired at her restaurant. James is talented and culinary royalty and is helpful to everyone. Except her. As the two are thrown together can they overcome their differences and reach their goals??

This book was about ten levels of sweet. Claire is such a fun, complex character. It was amazing to see her make the decisions she needed to and how she found her own home with those decisions. And James becoming such a golden retriever boyfriend was so funny to me.

I loved this book. Thank you Netgalley and Waitlyn Andrews for an advanced copy of this book!

Was this review helpful?

❝I love you, you weirdo.❞
❝I love you too, Chef.❞

If the author's husband is anything like James Sullivan then she needs to share.

I'm not a big fan of these romance books with cartoony covers and cliche scenes but this was so good. And it was well-written.

There are so many categories of fictional men. There's the sweet guy, the cute guy, the nerdy guy, the bad boy, the hotheaded guy who hates everyone but her, and many others. But what tops them all is the respectful guy.

❝...if you need time, then you need time. Just know that I don't need time, but I'm willing to wait.❞

This man is unreal. (Yes author, I know he's your husband, but still.) The entire time I read this book, all I could think of was "me and who?" And I now believe that such romances do exist and now I'm going to go cry because I'm not Claire.

Thank you NetGalley, and thank you Waitlyn Andrews, for this book and the opportunity to be able to write this review.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a fun, foodie romance. I loved the slow burn and the development of feelings on Claire’s part. I wish we had James’ POV. While the ending was very rushed, and had a lot going on, I was still satisfied with the HEA. A great debut!

Was this review helpful?

Rich with likable, believable characters and an engaging plot

Thank you to the author and NetGalley for the arc of this book

Was this review helpful?

Between this book and MasterChef, I have spent the past week constantly hungry.

SUPER cute - although I wish that James explained why he was so standoffish with Claire in the beginning because that was never explained, I loved how easily they transitioned into friends and more. It was like that myth(?) about how frogs won't notice they're boiling if you're slowly turning up the heat - they were friends and growing more comfortable with each other, and then boom, they're basically dating.

I will say it became a bit too cheesy for me near the end and in the last chunk, their relationship was extremely rushed.

But the dynamics between them and how constantly they were talking about food/in the restaurant - so the chef/Michelin star dream isn't just a random plotline to throw the two together - clicked so well that it was fun to read.

thank you Netgalley for the free copy

Was this review helpful?

I was provided with an eARC in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and Waitlyn Andrews.

If you are in search of a quick, sweet romance read, look no further. The burn was slow, the backdrop of Paris was romantic, and the characters were likable.

For me, the characters fell a little flat, but they were still enjoyable to read. I normally read dual-POV romance and would have liked to read some in

Was this review helpful?

Loved this book!! This was such a good and fun read.
Totally fell in love with Claire and James❤️
They have such an amazing bonding 💗

Was this review helpful?

I loved the buildup of their friendship before they went further. I enjoyed how supportive Josh was of her. They way he called her 'baby' is one of my favorite minor tropes.

Was this review helpful?

Claire loves her job at a one Michelin star restaurant, and her family-owned winery but needs to get away from her family and her ex-boyfriend ASAP. She decides to move to Paris with the main goal of turning Teaks into a one Michelin star restaurant. When not working she experiments with new recipes with a side of running and reading. She enjoys her job and loves her perfect little Paris apartment, and then everything changes when James Sullivan comes to work at Teaks as her boss.
James and his family are well known in the culinary world, and he already has a star under his belt. Yes, he’s intimidating, but he is also tall and handsome and throws Claire for a loop. They have a bit of a rough start, but they slowly develop the sweetest friendship and work together well in the kitchen. James is her biggest supporter and will do anything he needs to help her achieve her goal. But they also have undeniable feelings for each other. The question is will they let their feelings get in the way of getting the star?

Was this review helpful?

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I found it very readable and compelling, the storyline and characters made me want to know what was going to happen next. I liked the way the author chose to reveal information organically, instead of infusing all the backstory through exposition. I find that usually creates a more interesting storyline, and it did here.
Two main things kept this from being a five star read for me: One, I personally enjoy spice in my romance. Here there is none. For some people that’s going to be a draw, but for me it’s not. Two, I’m not a huge fan of using psychological diagnoses offhandedly as a shorthand for certain behaviors. For example, James is referenced many, many times throughout the book as being “a little bit OCD”, or “having OCD tendencies”. I find this annoying, as it was an opportunity to provide representation, but instead it just perpetuates stereotypes.

Was this review helpful?

This is absolutely one of the best books I’ve read this year. I was interested “Yes, Chef” based on the setting alone — high-end Parisian restaurant? I’m in! I was sucked in by the incredible characters, witty banter, and the deep care the two MCs showed each other. I was truly blushing and kicking my feet the entire read.

This book is PERFECT for:
- Cooking enthusiasts
- Emily Henry lovers
- Someone looking for a sweet love story
- People who need a bit of escapism

Congratulations, Waitlyn, on a FANTASTIC debut novel. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what you do next.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this arc.

I really enjoyed this cute romance story by a debut author!

Claire Richards comes from a family famous for their wine, but is trying to pursue her dream of working in a restaurant while earning a Michelin star in Paris. James Sullivan has just took over as head chef at Teaks, with a Michelin star under his belt, he is just what the restaurant needs, as well as, what Claire needs.

I loved everything about this book. I loved Claire, how independent and determined she was as a character, I loved how she moved throughout Paris. I loved the dynamic between her and James and the walls he was able to break down. I loved the family dynamics, and the way their love story blossomed, I also loved the little tidbits/good descriptions at the top of the chapters. I finished the book in one day, and will be looking out for Waitlyn Andrews next book!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley and Waitlyn Andrews for this ARC!

Yes, Chef is a delightful romance novel by debut author, Waitlyn Andrews! Needing an escape from her life back home in Napa, Claire Richards hopes to find culinary success at an up-and-coming restaurant in Paris going for a Michelin star. When the restaurant hires new head chef James Sullivan, Claire doesn’t understand his coldness towards her. Through many hours together at the market, working in tight quarters, and walks home to their shared apartment building, a friendship develops between Claire and James and feelings begin to simmer. While trying to work through past physical, emotional, and relational pain, Claire must decide if takings things further with James is worth risking her goals and newfound independence.

Yes, Chef had really likable characters, both major and minor! Claire had a healthy confidence in herself and never wavered from who she was. James was extremely supportive and patient, and he was a great compliment to Claire. Even though there was instant attraction, I really liked that Claire and James really built their relationship over time. It seemed much more realistic and authentic this way, especially how they kind of just invaded one anothers’ lives. However, I still am a little confused why he ignored her so much at the beginning, and the end of book timeline was very fast. Even with that, this bug was warm and fuzzy, just like watching a classic romcom, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Was this review helpful?

I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Yes, Chef is the debut novel of Waitlyn Andrews, and it is DELIGHTFUL. This novel follows Claire Richards, who has moved to Paris to chase a Michelin star but ends up with more than she bargained for with new head chef James Sullivan. This book is impossible to put down, and the tension between the two main characters is incredible. The only drawback for me was rushed and unrealistic ending, especially for a character like Claire, who has so much relationship trauma. Lovers of romcoms and fade to black romances will be a big fan of this one!

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Adorable! It took me a couple chapters to start getting into this book but once I did, oh my gosh, it was so cute! I do think the ending was very rushed, which was why I gave four, not five, stars. This was the first closed door romance that I have read in a while. I forgot how much the author needs to rely on banter, brushed hands, and longing looks to build tension between the two main characters when they dont write explicit scenes. This author did a great job of that! I really loved the entire cast of characters in this book and the setting. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, flirty, rom-com novel!

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4.5 stars

"He doesn't want to control me; he just wants to smash the brains of anyone who wants to step in my way. And I don't mind that one bit." - "Yes, Chef"

This is the ideal read for fans of FX's "The Bear" that are obsessed with Carmen Berzatto; specifically - those of us that want to see Carmy and Syd get together! Honestly James has such Carmy vibes it's swoonworthy. I can not wait for James Sullivan to become BookTok's newest obsession. This is a slow burn, angsty, workplace romance. The slow burn isn't painfully long, but it does take a while for James and Claire to get together. I love that there's no annoying third act breakup and that both characters are focused on their careers. One of my favorite quotes describing their relationship is when Claire says: "It's maddening. It's empowering. It's respectful. It's just what I need." The buildup of James meeting Henry was well worth it too. Reading about James getting angry in Claire's defense was honestly so attractive. I appreciated how Waitlyn Andrews didn't shy away from describing the cruelty of gaslighting and emotional abuse when it came to the characterization of Henry. Claire's backstory, while tragic, is overtly normalized in society and I loved how James helped her realize that she deserves better. The only plot line that threw me was the speedy elopement at the end of the novel, but this didn't deter my enjoyment of the novel overall. "Yes, Chef" is one of my favorite romances that I've read this year.

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Claire has moved to Paris to pursue a career as a chef after working as one back in the states.
She is working at a restaurant that is looking to get a Michelin star. She is introduced to James, also from the states and the head chef.
She feels sparks, but will not dare anyone from work.
Claire and James find out they live close to each other and begin going to the markets for ingredients together and spending evenings after work together.
We know that Claire’s mom is difficult and Claire prefers to keep her at arms length.
This book is charming as we watch Claire and James fall in love and PARIS helps as a prefect back drop.
I only wish for more regarding how her mother dealt with her as I feel that could have been wrapped up cleaner.
This book is by a new author and thanks to @netgalley for the advance copy!

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This debut romance novel made me cheer for chefs Claire and James toiling furiously, delectably, to achieve a Michelin star for a new Parisian restaurant. The recipes they cook are delicious, the insider's look at kitchen work authentic and eye-opening, and Claire and James' slow burn to forever love truly delightful. One of my fav romances this year. Sequel, please!

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Claire has recently moved to Paris to continue her career as a chef working at a restaurant that is hoping to go for a Michelin star. Enter James Sullivan, the grumpy head chef who also comes from the states.

The slow burn in this book with the grumpy / sunshine trope was done well. It was fun to feel the tension between them and feel them falling in love. You just want to say “get together already!” I do think the ending was a little rushed however. Everything happened quickly at the end but it’s a romance so of course everyone lives happily ever after!

As someone who has worked in fine dining and met / married their spouse working in such a place, I was so excited to read this! This being a debut novel, I think the author did an excellent job. The plot was fun, with situations and language pretty spot on to what you’d find in a kitchen/restaurant. The way the food, the recipes, and earning a star were described was great. It really felt authentic and exiting.

I give this a solid 4/5 and will recommend to others because it was a fun and enjoyable read!

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Claire Richards has sworn off relationships after her last one ended badly, and she's off to Paris to live her culinary dreams. Until Chef James Sullivan waltzes into her space and criticizes everything she does.

This was a yummy food-focused romcom. I always love when romances are based on food! I wouldn't call this an enemies-to-lovers really, but I enjoyed the wordplay and energy between Claire and James. I really enjoyed the French foodie vibe. The romance was fine, but wasn't spectacular for me. Nice beach read if you like fun romcoms or the French food scene!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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What a perfect summer read. I wish I had not read the book so quickly because when it was over, I wanted more. I connected to the characters so quickly and love the setting of a kitchen in France, and all of the wonderful places that they get to go maybe want to go as well. Well done!

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Three squeeing squeezes for this wonderful debut rom-com.

This book is perfection. While I don’t have my physical copy (yet), I absolutely cannot wait to reread (and maybe creepily hug) Yes Chef while eating a delicious croissant. The restaurant atmosphere in Paris is wonderful, the side characters are entertaining, but most importantly Claire and James are an amazing couple. We may have a serious contender for book boyfriend of the year. Can James Sullivan knock Jacob Maddox off his throne?! It’s a tight race and only time will tell.

Yes Chef has a little something for every romance lover. There is a slight sunshine/grump vibe, a caretaking scene, forced proximity, and a cinnamon roll hero. This is a closed door romance and for once, I do not mind. You read that right. There is a first time for everything and the story here was fantastic even with the door firmly shut. The end was slightly too cheesy, but it was exactly what I was in the mood for. Now excuse me while I impatiently wait for Waitlyn Andrews to publish another book. In the meantime, why don’t you pick up a copy of Yes Chef for yourself and fall in love with Claire and James? You won’t be disappointed.

*Thank you to Waitlyn Andrews and Netgalley for providing this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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As someone who loves the food network as much as I do I was instantly interested by this book and was quickly sucked in to their story! Once I picked this book up I couldn’t set it down until I was done! Loved it!!!

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Thanks to Netgalley for this advance copy of Yes, Chef!

Beware - this book will have you craving croissants and espressos on the daily, it will introduce you to an excuse to have a sweet pastry in the afternoon (le gouter is a thing, y'all), and it will make you swoon for a grumpy, handsome Chef.

Claire Richards wants to step away from her family wine business and make her own name as a Chef. She dreams of getting a Michelin star and loves seeing the faces of people she cooks for. She joins a restaurant in Paris who is on its way to get one - with the help of grumpy, handsome, and very successful chef James Sullivan, who just got a star of his own in the States. When the two start working together, forced to do the morning shopping in the local market, and living next door to each other, their proximity leads to a friendship. That friendship slowly becomes something more - if only ex boyfriends, intrusive mothers, and a Michelin star would get out of the way.

What first captivated me about this book was the title. Then, forced proximity in a hot kitchen, making delicious food, and giving each other looks in between tables sealed the deal for me. This book was so lovely! James and Claire are truly sweet and supportive of each other and I love a man who is not intimidated by a strong, successful woman. The ending felt a bit rushed to me, and I did not get to enjoy them as much as I wanted to, but all in all, this was truly just chef's kiss!

Read if you like:
Workplace romance
Forced Proximity
Slow Burn
Closed Door Romance

I highly recommend this book.

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Thank you Netgalley and Waitlyn Andrews for the ARC in return for an honest review.


Listen - I'm going to be 100% honest - do I think there are there some things that could be improved upon? Sure. At times it felt a little choppy - almost as though the author repeated herself one too many times, or jumped back and forth between things that felt a little unnecessary (and this is not a bash, it could totally just be me) - BUT....

The FEELINGS I got reading this book. I am giddy with them

I LOVE LOVE LOVE both Claire and James.

Claire is getting herself back on track - the focus is her, living in Paris, cooking the best food she can, and getting her first star.

James Sullivan - a star chef from the States shows up as her Head Chef and gives her *the* feelings. But she reminds herself of what she is doing in Paris - and although she welcomes friendship - she isn't ready for anything else.

And James Sullivan (I don't know why, but I feel like his entire name needs to be used when talking about him) is the perfect "grumpy-sunshine, you know he's pining for her, wants to champion her but also doesn't want to mess anything up" type of guy. And I LOVE HIM FOR IT ALL.

Waitlyn Andrews's "authors note" states that she loves Nancy Meyers films, HEA, a 90s rom-com and strong female characters chasing goals - and that is what you get. This is a story about Claire. The fact that James Sullivan is there is a bonus - but it's really about Claire finding her shine again after a couple of life changing events.

This is a closed door, slow burn romance - but it didn't feel like it. I usually get really annoyed with slow burn - but in this case it worked so well for our characters. Our side characters were also so entertaining - I REALLY want a book about Lucy and/or Evie Sullivan (perhaps with Martin Jr the fifth???) - I feel like there could be a little series in this. And then we could go back to Claire and James and bask in their love again.

This gave me all the feels. Like I said - it might read a little choppy - BUT the FEELINGS are all there.

Plus - it mostly takes place in Paris. And in a professional kitchen. And we get to go to the market almost every single day. And talk about cheese. And wine. Just the chapter titles - which are a description of a food/ recipe/ technique - will make you giddy.

Love this and can`t wait to read whatever else Waitlyn Andrews writes.

Recommended read.

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5 star read FOR sure! Thanks for early access to the book!

I really really enjoyed this book! Characters are very well developed and I love the concept of a chef who not only cooks the meal, but also serves the meal.

The relationship between the main characters is really handled beautifully and without the angst that I've come to expect from books in this genre. Highly recommend reading the author's afterward -- SO good and a great explanation of why the book takes the turns it does.

I felt like the author really took care of me. I'd happily read any title by Waitlyn Andrews.

Thanks to NetGalley for an early copy of this book - 5 star read for me.

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