Make Money Your Thing

Ditch the Shame and Design your Dream Life

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Pub Date 11 Jul 2023 | Archive Date 15 Jan 2024


Making Money Your Thing Is Easier Than You Think . . .

With inspiration from her own life, Kalee Boisvert has developed an easy-to-use system for women, young and old, to take control of their finances.

Make Money Your Thing is an approachable guide to take women on a journey from avoidance and overwhelm to feeling comfortable and in control of their finances. This book provides simple action steps to learn the basics of money management, understand the importance of balancing the books, and embrace the uniqueness of your own personal situation. The end result is women feeling good about where their finances are right now, and building a solid foundation for where you want to go in the future. When money is your “thing” you can feel completely at ease about making it work for you–and feel confident that your financial goals and dreams are all very possible.

With clear, simple steps, and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be making money your thing in no time!

Some of the concepts you’ll explore in the book.

  • Transforming money mistakes into money wisdom
  • Keep the focus on what you can control
  • Step into your power: become a money boss
  • Go on a date with your money
  • Embrace your money uniqueness

Making Money Your Thing Is Easier Than You Think . . .

With inspiration from her own life, Kalee Boisvert has developed an easy-to-use system for women, young and old, to take control of their...

A Note From the Publisher

Please contact Attention: Mickey Mikkelson for all media requests.

Please contact Attention: Mickey Mikkelson for all media requests.

Advance Praise

Kirkus Review: Financial adviser Boisvert offers women a crash course in fiscal literacy paired with a bit of friendly therapy.

The author uses her own experience as an example of how one can increase their wealth through strategy and planning. She divides her book into four simple parts and opens with an account of growing up in a financially precarious single-mom household.

First, she guides readers through discovering how they think about money, offering therapylike worksheets to examine preconceptions about money that readers may have formed as kids. The second section is about growing confidence through budgeting and demolishing excuses. Next, Boisvert encourages women to stay engaged with their income: “Because at the end of the day, it’s your money and the person who will love and care about it the most will always be you.” Along the way, she supplies examples drawn from her own life and those of women she’s helped as a financial adviser. Finally, the book urges women to truly embrace what money means in terms of what they value: traveling, education, early retirement, and so on.

She references the work of self-help authors Brené Brown and Wayne W.Dyer at various points, and although there’s a bit of an affirmational vibe to this book, it’s fully supported by solid monetary guidance and insightful personal advice. Indeed, it’s Boisvert’s affable and compassionate voice that truly makes this book stand out.

She never lectures readers on what they ought to be doing with their money; instead, she comes across as a kind friend offering invaluable counsel. Although her book’s message could have easily been watered down into something aimed at male or female readers, Boisvert admirably remains steadfast in her goal “to support women, to help them overcome their insecurities around money, and to help them believe in themselves and what they were capable of in their financial lives”—and frankly, she nails it.

A first-rate guide for women of any age looking to increase their wealth and feel confident doing so.

Kirkus Review: Financial adviser Boisvert offers women a crash course in fiscal literacy paired with a bit of friendly therapy.

The author uses her own experience as an example of how one can...

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Featured Reviews

I usually acquire women's fiction titles but I am new to Netgalley and starting to build my repitoire. I couldn't help but be interested in this title. I think it is very important for women to have financial information and resources at their fingertips. This is a great time to do so. It has great information and is broken down in easy to understand intervals for taking control of your finances.

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Hey there, folks! If you've been looking for some financial wisdom wrapped in a warm hug, look no further than Financial Bliss by Kalee Boisvert. This book is like having a best friend who's also a money guru, sharing her own experiences and showing you how to boost your wealth and confidence at the same time.

In this gem ,Kalee breaks things down into four easy-to-digest parts. She kicks it off by talking about her own upbringing in a single-mom household, dealing with money ups and downs. It's relatable and real, just like chatting with your BFF over coffee.

Part one is all about understanding your money mindset. Kalee hands out therapy-like worksheets to help you dig into those money preconceptions you've had since you were a kid. It's like having a money heart-to-heart with yourself.

Then, she moves on to building that money confidence through budgeting and kicking excuses to the curb. No more hiding from your finances; it's time to take charge like a boss!

But wait, there's more! Kalee reminds us that it's OUR money, and we should be the ones loving and caring for it the most. This ain't no fairytale; it's all about being money-savvy and owning it.

Throughout the book, she spills the beans with examples from her life and the women she's helped as a financial guru. It's like having a friend share her successes and struggles to inspire you.

And you know what? She even drops some wisdom from self-help legends like Brené Brown and Wayne W. Dyer. This book's got that affirmational vibe, but it's not just fluff—there's solid monetary advice and some personal nuggets that hit home.

The best part? The author's got this fantastic voice that feels like chatting with your closest friend. She doesn't preach or judge; she's just there to offer up some gold-star guidance.

You might be thinking, "Can't I just follow generic money advice?" Sure, you could, but Financial Bliss is all about women empowerment. The author's mission is to support and boost our confidence around money, so we can take charge of our financial lives like total bosses—and boy, does she nail it!

So, if you're a gal of any age, looking to grow your wealth while feeling like a rockstar, grab Financial Bliss and get ready to conquer your financial dreams! This book is like having your money-savvy BFF in your corner, cheering you on every step of the way. It's time to turn those dreams into dollar signs! 🤑💪#NetGalley Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to review this book, the opinions are solely my own after reading a copy.

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I thought this book was wonderful to help women understand finances and money. It also addresses the feelings that may have evolved around money due to personal experiences which I appreciated. I recently started to take control of my own finances after allowing my husband to have all the control for over 12 years.

Thank you so much to #Netgalley and the publishers for an advanced reader's copy for an honest review.

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Make Money Your Thing by Kalee Boisvert is a book that I needed to read. As a single woman, I often find myself intimidated by 'money talk', particularly when it comes to investing. What I learned, and my biggest takeaway here, is that I need to advocate for myself, not only in matters of finance, but in all areas of my life.

This is an empowering, easy to understand guide that I would recommend to any woman, regardless of where she finds herself on her financial journey.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Kalee Boisvert for an ARC of this title.

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I wasn't expecting to like this, to be honest, I was expecting more of the same. But once I dove in I was pleasantly surprised and actually learned quite a bit.

Ms. Boisvert knows her stuff. She uses her own experiences as examples to show how she managed to create her own wealth.

The book is divided into four parts that are comprehensive and educational. She covers everything from how people think about money to budgeting, managing and taking responsibility for your own money.

I found her easy to read, easy to comprehend and actually put some of her advice to work for myself.

As someone who is financially stable, I still thought this was insightful and helpful. I plan to give it to my friends as I think there is something in here for anyone - whether they are just starting off in life or further along in their financial journey.

Highly recommend this. I look forward to whatever else Ms. Boisvert writes.

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A liberating and motivational guide to get in control of your money. Easy to understand with a very clear tone, I loved the way this book was broken down into easy-to-understand and digest sections. It's great to re-assess your view and relationship with money and it's all done in a positive and friendly way. very empowering. Thank you

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This book is full of helpful and practical advice to gain financial stability and freedom. Easy to read and gives you a thrill to get started on this journey.

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