No Reservations

A Novel of Friendship

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Pub Date 09 Jan 2024 | Archive Date 09 Feb 2024

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True friendship never ends.

Best friends forever. That’s the vow Joy, Diane, Rochelle and Yvette made when they were children, and even in their mid-thirties, the friends have always been there for each other—through the highs and lows of life and love. Until forever comes up against a terminal cancer diagnosis. Nothing could have prepared them for what life would look like when four became three.

But Yvette was prepared.

Her final gift to her girls is an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica like they had always talked about but kept putting off as life got in the way.

The Jamaican getaway seems to come at the perfect time as the remaining friends deal with their grief, dashed hopes, and unexpected relationship drama. Sick of putting her dreams to open a spa on hold, not to mention her husband’s lack of support, Joy decides she’s moving forward with her new business—with or without him. The thunderous ticking of Diane’s biological clock has her wondering if her desire to have a baby will ever come true, and her husband’s bizarre behavior has her questioning if he’s still on board. And after witnessing her friends’ imploding relationships, single mother Rochelle is content to do life on her own, but her heart doesn’t seem to get the memo when a new man unexpectedly enters the picture.

Guided by Yvette’s spirit, the friends must lean on each other now more than ever before as they learn to navigate their new normal, take unexpected risks and live life with no reservations.

Praise for No Reservations:

“At times both deeply emotional and heartwarmingly funny, No Reservations encapsulates the beauty of the unbreakable bond of enduring friendships and true sisterhood.” 

Farrah RochonNew York Times bestselling author of The Hookup Plan

  • Stand-alone novel with a blend of heart and heartbreak and strong cast of diverse characters
  • Perfect for fans of Jane Green, Nancy Thayer, and Kimberla Lawson Roby
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs

True friendship never ends.

Best friends forever. That’s the vow Joy, Diane, Rochelle and Yvette made when they were children, and even in their mid-thirties, the friends have always been there for...

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Featured Reviews

I received a complimentary copy of this book and the opinions expressed are my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, No Reservations by Sheryl Lister. Four sister/friends who have known each from college desk with the death of one of them and their own issues. However, they are surprised when the decreased friend leaves them instructions and tickets to Jamaica. There they deal with their issues and fortify their bond with each other. With faith and support from each other, all of their dreams come to pass.

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I loved this story it felt like a book version of girls trip without the crazy antics 😍. Now I want a book 2 about Joy because she was my fav character.

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No Reservations by Sheryl Lister is the story of four female friends, and one has just died. The other three are grieving, and also going through issues such as infertility, and marital problems. Before she died, Yvette set up a trip to Jamaica for her three friends, and we see them in the months before that, as they navigate their lives. Even though there are real problems, the book is pretty light, and there is a lot of hope and happiness, and it really shows the power of female friendship.

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This was a quick sweet read. True sister friends navigate tough times together. I liked it but didn’t love it. It was easy to read and the characters were super likeable.

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Yvette wanted her friends Joy, Diane, and Rochelle to take a trip together and celebrate life- she set it up and paid for it. This moves from the months leading up to the trip, when, unfortunately, Yvette dies, and then to the trip itself. Each of the women has an issue she's been struggling with; each issue somehow involves a male partner. Joy wants to open a spa, Diane wants to be a mom, and Rochelle just wants happiness but for each, there's a roadblock or a question. Lister does a good job of putting you in their heads and of creating their voices. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. It's a good read.

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A beautiful tale of sisterhood making one’s dreams come true and the belief that life is meant to be lived. This made me yearn for a friendship that spans decades and death. A must read.

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I read this all on one sitting. I loved the portrayal of friendship. This books is just great. Realistic, fun, touching.

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Love, Friendship, and Grief

Joy, Rochelle, Yvette, and Diane have been best friends since childhood. The have been there for each other through thick and thin, good and bad. When their circle is broken, the three remaining friends recieve a special gift. They must learn to depend on each other as life is changing for each one.

An emotional and touching story, with a prologue that had me in tears.

Thank you NetGalley and Sheryl Lister for the ARC of No Reservations.

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Thank you NetGalley and Harper Muse for this read. This was very well done. This was so good I was emotionally drawn to this book. I don’t cry when I read but this book had me crying . I enjoyed this one and I recommend it to others

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No Reservations by Sheryl Lister was an amazing and heartfelt read. The strong bond of sisterhood was felt throughout the book. The fourth sister friend, Yvette’s presence was felt and was still very much a part of this story. I loved getting the different perspectives of each female lead character. There was an engrossing story with each character that kept me engaged and turning the page.

Thank you to the publisher Harper Muse and NetGalley!

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The New Year welcomes this blockbuster women’s fiction story that is “un-put-downable”! Multi-award-winning author, Sheryl Lister gets us started with an engrossing story that chronicles true friendship between three women and one beautiful spirit who learn to live life with “no reservations”. The prologue ushers us into the story with a very emotional and poignant scene that is set in a hospital room. The four devoted friends, Yvette, Joy, Diane, and Rochelle are together. However, only three of the friends will walk out that room, leaving one to rest in eternal life.
The story is brilliantly told from the point of view of each of the remaining friends with the chapters named after them. Ms. Lister masterfully exposes, unravels, and resolves all of the issues, stumbling blocks, dreams, and plans of these three amazing women who are left to navigate the world without the 4th member of their group. In spite of not physically being with them, Yvette’s spirit is guiding them and inspiring them to “go for it”. Her last gift to them is an all-expenses paid trip to Jamaica. I love those chapters that highlight that trip.
NO RESERVATIONS is a masterpiece of women’s fiction that will surely start your 2024 reading journey off to a fantastic start. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.

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Really loved the theme of this book. Friendship, the unbreakable bonds of strong friendships and sisterhoods, and holding each other accountable! I loved how each woman checked in with each other and encouraged each other. Another theme was making sure that you didn't waste time on frivolous things or things that didn't bring you joy, which I try to live my own life by.

I would highly recommend this book to others! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Sheryl NEVER disappoints! This tale of forever friendship is a certified good read from cover to cover. Though an emotional rollercoaster, the friends/sisters learn to navigate their new normal after their vow of everlasting friendship is broken. This story is well written and the characters are so realistic. I enjoyed every moment I spent inside this book. Thank you Mrs. Lister for sharing you gift with us!! I would highly recommend this book & hope to have it selected as a read in my book club this year!

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I have been a fan of Sheryl's writing since the beginning of her romance career. And now with this women's fiction offering, she writes in this genre just as great as she does with her romances. I absolutely loved this story. This is the type of friendship all women should have and such a great example of sisterhood. My favorite part was the bit of romance that is in the story, and with me being a fan of romance, it was such a treat to see that in this book. I am so excited to see the author grow into other genres and can't wait for her next book

I received a copy of the book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review of my own thoughts and opinions

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This is such an entertaining read with four young ladies that have been the best of friends since childhood. Diane, Joy, Rochelle and Yvette are so relatable to life with each having their own story. This is an amazing heartfelt read with so many emotions. I truly enjoyed it. I cried thru some of the scenes and I laughed; it was heartbreaking, emotional and a joy to read. It showed the bond between friends Diane, Joy, Rochelle and Yvette through the ups and downs. This is true sisterhood friendship that doesn’t happen often enough in life. Yvette became ill and passes away from terminal cancer. Yvette’s gift to her best friends is an all-expense paid trip to Jamaica for her friends that they all had talked about taking together but never got around to it.

I have been a fan of Sheryl Lister since her very first book and I can say you can never go wrong when reading her books. Sheryl Lister, you did an awesome job with “No Reservations” and I can’t wait to read what you have next in store for your readers enjoyment.

I received an ARC and I am leaving my review voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

This book had me truly tearing up!! This was a beautiful story of all the ladies’ lives and their sisterhood. I enjoyed how the author (Sheryl Lister) portrayed each woman individually. How their stories, while similar, breed different outcomes. I appreciated how the author gave the raw emotion through each character! A true depiction of sisterhood and how life is too short to go through it unhappy!

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Thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for this ARC. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
This book was amazing from the first page to the last. I started this midnight and it literally kept me up. I just couldn't stop when I started. The book had all the perfect components. Wonderful storyline, setting and characters. I mostly loved the author's description of the characters, their skin and their hair. It was just beautiful.
I loved the friendship and sisterhood in this book. Yvette, Joy, Rochelle and Diane were absolutely amazing. I admire that long standing friendship. How they were always their for each other. It's something to wish for. I liked how Yvette was a major part of the book even though she was gone.
I liked how the girls supported each other through thr good and the bad of their lives. I liked their families too, their husbands and partner and their kids. It was nice to see them becoming a large family.
I enjoyed reading about Joy setting up her spa, Rochelle's self love and relationship with Warren, Diane with her husband and adoption. It was amazing to see them pick up the pieces and make it whole again. I was cheering up for them all through the book.
This book was an amazing story of love, friendship and sisterhood. It was very good and you should definitely pick it up.

Was this review helpful?

No Reservations was such a fun book. It's the story of three best friends, Rochelle, Joy and Diane, and their friend Yvette who died of cancer. The book is centered around their lives. There's Rochelle, who was married to a man who struck her. She divorced him and raised walls around her heart, until she agreed to go out with Wayne. And then there's Joy. She was in business with her husband and they had agreed in the very beginning that once the business took off, she would be able to open a day spa. Her husband Rob, didn't follow through. and then he cheated on her with their receptionist. She divorced him. And finally, Diane. She's married to Jeffrey. They had plans of starting a family but she learned that she was in early menopause and would not be able to conceive a child. So they decided to adopt, but Jeffrey seemed to renege on that plan.

When they were younger, they had taken a trip to Jamaica, the four of them, and they made an agreement that they would go back again. Before Yvette passed away, she bought plane tickets and made reservations for the three women to take the trip, knowing she was going to die.

So this book is about the lives of, and the relationship between these three women, and the memory of their dear friend, Yvette. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was playful and easy to read. It sort of felt like I was a part of their lives, like these were my girlfriends. I liked that about it. This book earned five stars from me.

Was this review helpful?

No Reservations is so good. I am talking about all the feels.

It is a one-more-chapter, page-turner kind of a read that captures your attention from the beginning to the end.
It is a beautiful story of friendship, sisterhood, and second chances entangled with forgiveness and the will to move forward even in the midst of life's moments.

It is totally book hangover-worthy.

You might want to buddy read because you will want to talk to someone during and after reading this amazing read.

Was this review helpful?

When friends become family, that is life. Four friends face many challenges in life together. These four women face various obstacles and challenges throughout life. The matriarch of the group makes them promise that they will go on a much needed girls trip. No Reservations challenges the characters as well as the readers to take inventory of their lives. Sometimes we need to be selfish in order to be a better person to ourselves and others. Many tears were shed, hugs extended, and love on full. No Reservations is a must read.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a a wonderful story. I truly enjoyed getting to know Joy, Diane, and Rochelle. Their journeys toward happiness weren't easy. Joy had a troubled marriage. Diane was struggling to have a child. And Rochelle was struggling to open her heart to happiness. The story opened with the loss of their friend Yvette. That prompted each of them to take more risks in their lives. In the end, they each made it to their happily ever after.
I really enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful women's fiction book with strong romantic elements.

I got a copy from Net Galley but ended up buying and audio version. The narrator was really good.

Was this review helpful?

This was my favorite romantic comedy novel that I've read in a long time. The characters are real, the plot grips you, and I was almost in tears by the end of it. This sweet story of friendship, love, and freedom is one for everyone. I'm so glad I got to read a copy of this!

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