From Paris, in Love

It's Always Been You series, Book 2

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Pub Date Sep 26 2023 | Archive Date Sep 26 2023

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Miles Clark has everything he needs in his life. Well, almost everything. An exciting new job that challenges him every day, a sister and mother he loves beyond words, an amazing rugby team with his best friend Tyler, and a supportive business partner, Riley, that always makes him want to give his all. But the one person he truly wants, he cannot have. Even if it means keeping his feelings for Riley to himself.

Riley Fletcher is done being walked all over. After several years in a rocky marriage that ended in disaster, she’s determined to reclaim her life and her sole focus is now on her new business with Miles. With so much riding on their success, Riley refuses to let something as trivial as an attraction to a man get in the way. Especially when said man is her colleague.

When Miles and Riley are offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris to work with a client at the International Wine Festival, the opportunity for the firm is too good to pass up. But two weeks together in the world's most romantic city puts Riley and Miles' resolve to the test as the two do everything they can not to cave in to their desires. But what if this business getaway is exactly what they need to get past their fears and mend their bruised hearts? Will they be brave enough to say oui to opening up to love or will they fall back into old patterns and let doubts and uncertainties overcome their feelings for each other?

Who doesn't want a summer getaway to France with a tall, dark, and handsome man? From Paris, in Love is the perfect read if you want to escape to the city of love from the comfort of your own home, while enjoying a love story packed with tension, passion and pining. Fans of Elena Armas’ The Spanish Deception, and Abby Jimenez’s Part of Your World will devour this one.

Miles Clark has everything he needs in his life. Well, almost everything. An exciting new job that challenges him every day, a sister and mother he loves beyond words, an amazing rugby team with his...

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After reading Elodie's debut novel, The Last Encore, I knew that she was an instant read author for me. That book had everything that you could possibly want in a romance novel and From Paris, in Love is no different. Riley and Miles had tension so thick I thought I was going to suffocate. I love when characters have chemistry so strong that it practically jumps off the page. Miles and his pining for Riley squeezed my heart and Riley's past marriage and her trauma makes her a character you not only root for but care for deeply. Their love story is one that I simply couldn't put down. I devoured this book in 1 day because Elodie Colliard's writing is addictive. I hope everyone who picks up this book has the same heart racing experience that I had.

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From Paris, In Love tells a beautiful love story between Rylie and Miles. Both main characters have past relationship trauma they are actively working through (see trigger warnings). I love that they were in each other's lives as coworkers first. There was a solid foundation to their relationship that felt deep and meaningful. This workplace romance was refreshing to read as there was little angst between them. Most workplace romances often deal with the power dynamic or work adversaries. This was just two people who admire and respect each other, and it was so lovely to read! I love that their new partnership took them on a Paris adventure where they were able to build their bond more. There were so many memorable and swoony moments! The author, Elodie Colliard, did a wonderful job tackling difficult topics, such as manipulative and abusive relationships as well as infertility. She seamlessly delivered a romance that is both tender and steamy! I can’t say enough good things about this book and I am so sad to be leaving these characters behind.

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AMAZING! Solid. Loved it. Loved it all! It was such a good friends to lovers, workplace romance, and so much more! The Paris setting for a portion was spectacular and made me want to visit immediately. Loved!

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That's it, Elodie is officially going on my auto-buy authors list.

I don't know when was the last time that I stayed up past midnight (on a workday!) to finish a book but it was definitely the case with From Paris, in Love.

I thought Josh and Avery couldn't be topped as my favorite couple in the It's Always Been You series. Well, I was proven wrong with this book.

Miles and Riley were funny, cute and tearing-my-hair-out stubborn together and I ate it up. They're far from perfect, they both have their past scars and baggages. Their previous experiences make them even more afraid to open up for the other and this made them so much more real for me.

Starting a firm together with your recently diverced office crush is a good idea, right? Add a business trip to Paris to the mix for good measure and see how long either of you'll stay sane in the most romantic city on Earth with your bottled up feelings.

And oh my gosh...the tension between these two? Even I was frustrated as they did the good old will-they-won't-they dance.
(And of course they will, it's a romance novel after all.😅)
At some point I was ready to combust after all the back and forth.

This is a place for a little disclaimer ‼️
There's a corset ripping scene...I repeat: THERE'S A CORSET RIPPING SCENE! 😈

The spice? 😏
It's a slow burn romance but when it finally burns...oh boy, it's so worth it. 😉

Miles is definitely the perfect book boyfriend material:
"Oh, love, trust me, you won't remember your name or what country we're in by the time I'm finished with you."

This man made my jaw drop to the floor.
He's tall, handsome, knows his way around the kitchen. He also plays rugby with his friends as a hobby, and has tattoos on his arm. Did I mention that he's a dog dad too?

So, if you want to have a good time and read a romance book that'll make you forget you're reading, you should definitely pick this one up!

I'd like to thank Netgalley and the author for the e-arc of this book.

I posted my review on Goodreads too.

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"That very same day, he became my shelter.
This love is not a kind that happens suddenly, and your whole world is turned upside down in the blink of an eye. It's slow love that you don't notice right away. It's the kind of love that takes its time, shaping and revealing itself as trust and affection grow, relishing in all the quiet and tender ways that only true love will ever know. It's every touch, word, and gentle whisper."

Miles Clark and Riley Fletcher are friends. They're business partners. There's no room in their lives for them to be anything else. Except sometimes feelings work their way in and find space in the pieces of themselves they thought were broken.

When Miles and Riley's fresh off the ground PR firm is presented with the opportunity to acquire a lucrative client, they're not prepared for what this big step will mean for them. Two weeks in Paris for the International Wine Festival, an ex that can't let go, and being swept up in the romance of the City of Light.

please check trigger warnings prior to starting this book

I came into this book for a spectacular playlist *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* and the promise of a golden retriever mmc. I didn't expect to be so intensely invested in Miles and Ry so quickly.

The set up of a workplace, friends to lovers, romance in Paris sets us up for a sweeping romance. There's so much more under the surface of these two. In between grumpy Parisian interactions, a growing company, and lots of baking, we're falling in love with them while they fall in love with each other.

Miles Clark is the shining star of this book for me. He's your classic golden retriever, alpha male, tattooed love interest, but he's so much more. Miles loves Riley so purely that he's willing to set aside his emotions if it means she will be happy and thrive after everything she's been there. He loves her enough to be her safe space and not ask for anything in return. Miles is is Riley's Daylight.

The pacing of this book served their relationship perfectly, but more importantly, Riley's character arc. At her core, Riley is a strong, powerful and independent woman that is building herself back up after the devastation of her previous marriage. Her insecurities and fears dictated the way she navigated her life, and watching her come out of that shell and find a safe space in Miles was everything to me.

Elodie Colliard's ability to build complex characters that have raw, painful, human issues is impressive. Elodie brings real issues to these characters, but handles them with so much care while not shying away from the ugly parts of healing.

The book has so much heart, and all the warm and fuzzies you'd want from a romance set in Paris. From Paris, in Love is a swoon worthy romance with a soft-cinnamon roll-baking-Rugby playing mmc, a badass CEO woman, Parisian adventures, and spice that will leave you blushing. You are bound to fall in love with Miles and Riley's story and all the little bits in between.

- 5 croissants

Thank you Netgalley, Victory Editing, and Elodie Colliard for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Why did this make me cry so much???? Cutie little romcom with a sweet little chef boy and an earnest and badass lady? SHANKS YOU IN THE HEART.

There were so many very real topics addressed in this, mixed in throughout the rest of their lives as they would be in reality. Abusive relationships, infertility, workplace abuse and manipulation, starting over as an adult. And the fact that throughout it all these two were so wholeheartedly all-in for each others best interests and wanted only the best for them, made you love them all the more.

You believe in them both because they believe so much in each other. You adore them both because not only do you see how they feel about each other, you also see how they make each other feel. The dual perspectives really made it for this book, even when we knew things they didn’t and it makes you a little antsy.

Genuine, earnest, funny and also adorable.

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All the stars for this book! FROM PARIS, IN LOVE is pure perfection!

The Last Encore (Book 1 of the It's Always Been You series) was my favorite read of 2022. Ever since I read it, I added Elodie Colliard to my auto-buy authors list and I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for us with Miles and Riley's story (book 2 of the series). I had a feeling it was going to be very good and, well, I was right! I loved absolutely everything about From Paris, in Love:
🥐 Riley (the MFC): she is a force! She has been throuh a loooot, yet she is brave and perseverant. Definitely one of my favorite strong female characters of all times.
🥐 Miles (the MMC): despite his own fears and insecurities, he is so caring and supportive. He is the man of your dreams. He is a rugby player, a supportive coworker, and an amazing friend. He can cook, he has flowers tattooed on his arm, and what about the way he winks?! My oh my, the way he winks! Someone give him the perfect book boyfriend medal, please!
🥐 The romance: Miles and Riley make the perfect team! They uplift each other any chance they get and their story is truly empowering.
🥐 The spice! I am telling you: the mutual pining, the chemistry, and the spice you'll find in this book are on a whole other level.
🥐 The delicate and respectful way in which the author deals with issues such as domestic abuse and infertility.
🥐 Chapter 14: and that is how I die. I can't say anything about it, because I don't wanna spoil it for you. Just trust me when I say it is goooood! Here are some clues: 🏈🎅🏻🗓 (iykyk).
🥐 Avery and Josh's cameo.
🥐 Every single secondary character. I need a book about Amy and Tyler, one about Peter and Myriam, one about Charlee, one about Rachel... ok, I think I made myself clear.
🥐 Basically everything.
From Paris, in Love is definitely one of my favorite reads of the year. I'm gonna preorder my copy as soon as possible and I suggest you do the same...before I buy all available copies!

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. I am truly honored.

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