Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding

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Pub Date 30 Apr 2024 | Archive Date 30 Apr 2024

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Kindhearted Archie is back! Her Poppy Uncle is getting married in a big Indian wedding, and Archie and new friend Emma realize that love and fun are universal.

In this cross-cultural friendship story, Archie helps Emma, who isn’t Indian, learn everything she needs to know when Archie’s Poppy Uncle and Emma’s Auntie Julie get married. The girls go to the mehendi party and sangeet together. They help Julie at the wedding, steal Poppy’s shoes, and eat ladoos at the reception. Now Archie and Emma are friends—and cousins!

Archie’s adventures celebrate Indian culture! We first met Archie in Archie Celebrates Diwali and now join her in the follow-up Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding. Backmatter in Archie's books feature kid-friendly resources to enrich the reading experience.
Kindhearted Archie is back! Her Poppy Uncle is getting married in a big Indian wedding, and Archie and new friend Emma realize that love and fun are universal.

In this cross-cultural friendship story...

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Featured Reviews

This is a wonderful book to teach non-Indian people what to expect from an Indian wedding. Archie explains everything to a white girl, her future cousin, what is going on. What she keeps repeating, throughout, that the most important thing is to have fun and be happy.

Great pictures, and there is a glossary in the back to explain words that Archie throws around that aren’t explicitly explained.

The last book about Archie explained Diwali to her white friends, so it makes sense that this is another story that explains something, while telling a cute story.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review. This book is coming out the 30th of April 2024

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This is a cute story about a young Indian girl named Archana (aka Archie) who is excited about her Poppy Uncle's forthcoming wedding to a foreigner, Miss Julie. Archie is less excited about the fact that she has to keep an eye on her little brother Krishna during the festivities. So she is even less pleased when she is given the added responsibility of looking after Miss Julie's niece, Emma.

But as it turns out, Emma is really nice and helps Archie look after Krishna. In return, Archie has the opportunity to teach Emma all about the more interesting wedding traditions, including that of stealing the bridegroom's shoes for ransom!

The two girls are also able to help Miss Julie when things are going wrong for her at one point. So in fact, they end up saving the day. Even if it's only the three of them who know about that...

The illustrations are adorable, and the story is a good introduction to Indian culture wrt Hindu weddings. Children of the target age group should find this an enjoyable read.

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Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding is an adorable book about Archie teaching her new friend and soon-to-be cousin, Emma about Indian weddings. Archie involves Emma in the preparation that takes place before the big day and teaches her that they’re supposed to have fun and be happy at Indian weddings.

This book will teach young children about some of the traditions and customs that can possibly be seen in Indian weddings. I love how there is a note at the back of the book that discusses how East Asian weddings vary by region, depending on local customs and variations. There is also a glossary at the back of the book to define words that students may not recognize.

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4 Stars

I missed the first book where Archie, aka Archana, celebrates Diwali, but got this well in time. This book has a mellowed version of Indian weddings for kiddos to have a glimpse into our culture.
Archie’s Poppy Uncle is marrying Miss Julie (who looks adorable in Indian wear). So, he brings Julie’s niece, Emma, and asks Archie to ensure she has a good time at the wedding. Archie is already too busy helping everyone and babysitting her little brother, Krishna. But Emma is a darling, and the girls get on well very soon.
The story is sweet and simple and gives a rough gist of different celebrations in a Hindu wedding. It’s also highly simplified to prevent readers from feeling overwhelmed. Our weddings have a lot going on and are too much fun!
The illustrations are cute and vibrant. The color schemes are well done to create appealing artwork on every page. The Ganesha murti in Archie’s house is a lovely touch. Beautiful! I love the bindis, bangles, necklaces, and earrings they wear. Can’t have an Indian wedding without dressing up. ;)
I’m not sure why no one explained to Julie how mehendi works. It seems odd that they’d leave her panicking about something like that (especially when she is all dressed up, which is hard with mehendi on both hands.) Someone helped her, so it makes sense they would have talked about the mehendi. Not to mention, it has to be rubbed off first, and coconut or clove oil is applied to the hands to deepen the color (which takes a few hours).
It would have been better if Julie panicked about her wedding saree (which is bound to be heavy) or felt worried she might forget the rituals. Archie could assure her about it (most brides are jittery, anyway).
Still, the book does a good job. There’s a note at the end mentioning the differences in Hindu wedding rituals based on region. I appreciate that. (Stealing the groom’s shoes is not a part of South Indian Hindu weddings). There’s a glossary, too, which is another plus. And finally, on the last page, we have a picture of the author on her wedding day. How cool is that? I totally love this!
To summarize, Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding is a cute, sweet, and compact little book that gives a glimpse into Indian weddings. It’s a good place to start.
Thank you, NetGalley and Charlesbridge, for the eARC. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.

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**Thank you to NetGalley and Charlesbridge Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an honest review**

Archie's uncle Poppy is getting married, and we follow her as she experiences all the parts of the wedding. From the mehndi party to the end of the ceremony, she shows us what it's like to attend an Indian Hindu wedding.

This book is great for teaching children about the cultures of those that are different from them, and encouraging them to celebrate those differences.

Parwinder's illustrations are beautiful and really capture all of the details. At the end, there is an author's note and a glossary of terms.

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Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding is a beautiful story and introduction to Indian wedding customs. Archie explains everything to her future cousin about the Indian customs, and we get to go along for the fun and exciting ride! Beautiful illustrations. What a wonderful way to introduce new cultures to kids!

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this advanced review copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review on the book!

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“It’s an Indian wedding. You’re supposed to have fun and be happy.”

I love when a children’s book can be fun, educational for the child and parent, and also includes beautiful illustrations.

This book felt like an invitation for readers to enjoy the festivities, and I truly appreciated the description at the end of the book, along with the glossary.

I think children will love the traditions being shared through this story, and will want to revisit this book often.

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We start the story with Archie and her family preparing for a wedding.
Archie is a lovable character and she helps plenty throughout the book. We see her helping her new cousin, Emma, learn about Indian wedding traditions. She watches over Krishna, her little brother. And even helps the bride fix her mehndi, in a touching bathroom scene. That scene is one of my favorites, there’s something magical about restrooms that brings women together.

In the end of the story, Archie and Emma dance and celebrate their auntie and uncles wedding. The girls are friends and cousins now.
It’s a perfect story to not only teach Indian wedding traditions, but also celebrate family and culture.

The illustrations in the book were beautiful. I loved how happy and colorful the illustrations were. So much detail was put into it; Like the mehndi on the brides hands and the bangles and jewelry on many of the characters. I also liked the patterns on the clothes and even the bits of gray hair on some of the characters.

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This is a super sweet picture book about an Indian girl helping her soon-to-be cousin navigate the indian wedding of their aunt/uncle. I loved how wholesomely the different aspects of the wedding were explained (mehndi, the groom's entrance, stealing the shoes), and it was just very cute!!

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Loved it! I am a bit older than the intended audience but I believe children's books can be read by anyone and good children's books are enjoyable for everyone. This was the case for Archie celebrates an Indian wedding! It also allowed me to learn some new things about Indian weddings

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This was so cute and a lot of fun! It is a great introduction to a traditional Indian wedding. I actually went to one last year and was so nervous; this would have been great to have read before then.

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I just love this series. Kudos to the author and the artists.

Thank you, Charlesbridge, for always providing me an ARC.

This book gives a great insight on how traditional weddings, in most parts of India happen even though there are totally different rituals and ceremonies happening for weddings for the diverse communities in the country.

The illustration is so well done. The writing is awesome and perfect for the target audience.

I love the representation as well.

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A fun book that is told through the prospective of Archie as she explains the Indian wedding festivities to her new cousin, Emma. Emma has never been to an Indian wedding before and so Archie explains to her the different aspects of the festivities. This book is a cute way to introduce kids to different cultures.

I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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I received this book from NetGalley. This is a great book for introducing kids to Indian culture. Wedding traditions are very specific within cultures soon being able to look at Indian weddings vs a more western wedding is a great starting point for broader conversations. The art work is beautiful. It’s also a great look at how it might feel to be introduced into a new culture as an outsider. Archie is a great guide for both the characters in the book and the readers. It’s a great addition to any kids book collection.

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Archie loves helping with her uncle's wedding plans, but if babysitting her little brother wasn't enough, she finds that she has to take care of the bride's non-Indian niece as well. Archie patiently explains the Indian wedding traditions, and soon Emma and Archie can relax and enjoy the festivities. But a lot happens, and it's hard to make sure everyone is having a good time.

This is such a happy book. I just couldn't stop smiling as I read it. The plot is superseded by the many helpful explanations throughout, but there was just enough of a story to keep things interesting. I've read previous Archie books, and I love that they introduce a little bit of the culture of India alongside a fun narrative and thrilling illustrations.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC. All opinions are my own.

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This is a great read for young kids who would love to get a whiff of other cultures. Amazing and Colourful illustrations to engage the readers. Archie comes across as a responsible and a helpful child. This book could be commended for being a starting point for good character building. In families with multiple cultures, this would be a great way to start involving the kids and introducing the cultures to them.

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In this cute multicultural picture book, the main character's uncle is getting married. She meets her future cousin and teaches her about Indian wedding traditions, helping her better understand everything and feel included. This book will appeal to people who are interested in learning about cultural wedding traditions, and it explains common Indian wedding practices to other people without over-explaining them for an Indian audience. This is really cute, with a nice message about inclusion and family togetherness.

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A fantastic story about fun, friendship, and (of course!) an Indian wedding! "Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding" gives non-Indians (like myself) a look into the different traditions and activities that make up a wedding celebration. The refrain of "it's an Indian wedding. You're supposed to have fun and be happy" is a theme throughout this book, bringing both the Indian and Anglo families together for a joyful wedding!

Informative and beautifully illustrated, this is definitely a book I'll recommend to add to our collection.

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Kindhearted Archie is back! Her Poppy Uncle is getting married in a big Indian wedding, and Archie and new friend Emma realize that love and fun are universal.

So cute and heart-warming!

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This is a very wonderful book for young kids who want to learn about other cultures. The illustrations are amazing and beautiful and I am sure it would catch the attention of kids. Thanks Netgalley for this ARC.

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Indian weddings are truly unique and magical…and complicated! This engaging picture book helps to demystify the event for readers who have never been to one before. When Archie’s uncle is set to marry a non-Indian woman, Archie teaches her soon-to-be family about everything from the henna to the mantras by the fire, and of course the desserts. She inspires them to quit worrying about all of the specific customs and remember that at an Indian wedding, “You’re supposed to have fun and be happy.”

Illustrator Parwinder Singh makes the event come to life with dazzling scenes and an eye for detail. There is a glossary to explain some of the terminology, as well as a more detailed explanation of the customs during the ceremony itself. It was a bit difficult to understand how all the characters were related at first, but a second read-through helped sort it out. This book serves as an inviting and authentic introduction to Indian weddings for kids of many ages.

Thank you to Charlesbridge and NetGalley for providing this advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Loved this book and illustrations. Archie’s Uncle is being married in an Indian wedding. This story went even more in depth into the traditions of a Hindu wedding. Archie helps Emma, the niece of the bride understand the ceremony and the celebrations the night before. They end up bonding and having a great time. I received an ARC and wrote an unbiased review. I really enjoy learning about new cultures and this book was a true delight. The illustrations were colorful and meaningful.

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Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding was a great way to introduce readers of all ages to Indian wedding customs. It was also just a very sweet story about reaching out of your comfort zone and including people. Highly recommend if you're wanting to learn more about Indian weddings.

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Book 141 of 200 ~ 2023


Again, I love reading about other cultures, and in this one, it is beautifully told with glorious illustrations that brought me back to my ex bestie's amazing punjabi wedding.

Though it is from a different Indian denomination, there are similarities that I recognised. Most importantly, it is about family, friends, love, fun, and celebration. This was all captured fantabulously in this book. Love it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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I really enjoyed this story! The illustrations were beautiful, the story was fun yet educational. This is a book I would add to my personal collection, and my school Libraries as well.

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Archie is attending her Uncle's wedding and meets a friend who has never been before.

Very colorful illustrations and interesting story. I think it could have done slightly more explaining of the traditions, but all-in-all a good story.

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I received a copy of this eBook for an honest review from NetGalley.

This is a beautiful book about a Indian wedding though the eyes of the grooms niece. She gets the honor of teaching the brides niece about the customs of an Indian wedding. It is wonderfully illustrated with colorful pictures. The nieces become family and friends over the celebrations,

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I received an electronic ARC from Charlesbridge through NetGalley.
Archie is back and enjoying the build up to her Poppy Uncle's wedding. She meets a new friend when Julie's niece comes, and the two of them share everything that is happening with readers. The artwork is brightly colored and pulls readers in to be part of this celebration as well. Informative text and a glosary are included at the end for further learning.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you so much to Charlesbridge for providing an eARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Archie is a young girl looking forward to her Poppy Uncle’s wedding to her friend Emma’s Aunt Julie! She teaches the reader — and Emma, who isn’t Indian — about all of the traditions that come with an Indian wedding, from the mehendi party to the sangeet party to stealing Poppy Uncle’s shoes!
This book was a joy to read. Being Indian myself, it was lovely to see these traditions through a child’s eyes, and they’re explained in a way that a child of any ethnicity or age can understand them. I loved seeing how Archie and Emma’s friendship grew as the story progressed, and the illustrations were wonderful! So colorful and lively, just like an Indian wedding should be.

The backmatter was the perfect finishing touch! A glossary is included for the Indian terms that children may not be familiar with, along with a small explanation of what an actual Indian wedding ceremony entails, written in a way that readers of all ages can understand.

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"It's an Indian wedding. You're supposed to have fun and be happy." So says Archie and she prepares for her Poppy Uncle's wedding to Miss Julie. When her uncle asks her to make sure Emma, a guest of the bride, enjoys herself, Archie helps Emma feel at home with the traditions of an Indian wedding. As the festivities progress, Archie sees Emma as more that a task, but as a friend and Emma begins to enjoy the unfamiliar festivities of the wedding. They even help put the bride at ease by telling her, "It's an Indian wedding. You're supposed to have fun and be happy."

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“Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding” by Mitali Banerjee Ruths is a delightful and culturally enriching children’s book that provides young readers insight into the vibrant and joyous traditions of an Indian wedding. While specific critical reviews are not available, the book’s presence on platforms such as Goodreads and Amazon, as well as the author’s other well-received work, “Archie Celebrates Diwali,” suggests that it is a valuable and engaging resource for children and families interested in learning about different cultures and traditions. The book’s focus on the celebration of an Indian wedding, as well as the author’s previous work centred on Diwali, one of the most significant festivals in India, indicates that it offers an authentic and immersive experience, allowing young readers to explore the cultural and social dimensions of Indian traditions. The positive ratings and reviews on Goodreads further underscore the book’s appeal and potential to captivate and educate young audiences.

While the absence of specific critical reviews limits the depth of the assessment, the book’s availability on reputable platforms and its focus on the cultural and celebratory aspects of an Indian wedding position it as a valuable and authentic resource for children and families. Its potential to foster cultural awareness and appreciation, as well as its engaging and visually appealing narrative, make it a valuable addition to children’s literature, particularly for those interested in exploring diverse cultural traditions.

In conclusion, “Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding” by Mitali Banerjee Ruths appears to be a well-received and culturally significant children’s book, offering an authentic and immersive exploration of the traditions and celebrations associated with an Indian wedding. Its presence on reputable platforms and its focus on fostering cultural awareness and appreciation make it a valuable and engaging resource for children and families interested in learning about and celebrating diverse cultural traditions.

Was this review helpful?

This story is a wonderful introduction to Indian wedding customs including the pageantry, family, and traditions that are incorporated. Readers are able to learn all about this process through the eyes of Archie.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this story! It was a great way to explain some of the traditions associated with an Indian Wedding to someone who might be unfamiliar. The illustrations were really well done. My daughter enjoyed it as well, and wants a copy for her bookshelf!

Was this review helpful?

This is a delightful picture book that explains traditional Indian weddings in a manner that is understandable and relatable to children! The art was beautiful and the storyline moved quickly and efficiently.

Was this review helpful?

A delightful way to explain a few traditions associated with Indian weddings. The bright and colourful illistrations are as enjoyable as the narration

Was this review helpful?

This a great book to explain and prepare your little one for a traditional indian wedding! As far as what my friends has told me it’s accurate but even i learned a few new things from this book. Love the representation.

Was this review helpful?

"It's an Indian wedding Auntie Julie, a lot of things happen. You're supposed to have fun and be happy!"

This is my favorite quote from this wonderful book. I really liked this book. It is a great 'guide' for non-Indian people who want to learn more about an Indian wedding. I also think it is really suitable for kids.

The illustrations are gorgeous, even in black and white.

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