Card of the Day Tarot

Quick and Easy One-Card Tarot Readings For Love, Work, and Everyday Life

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Pub Date 09 Jan 2024 | Archive Date 08 Dec 2023

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Discover the power of one-card tarot readings and say goodbye to complicated, confusing, time-consuming spreads forever.

A tarot practice is a great source for advice, insight, and spiritual connection, but doing tarot readings is sometimes complicated and frustrating. Multi-card spreads can be impractical, tedious, and full of opaque and contradictory messages that take time and practice to tease out. Enter the one-card draw or “card of the day”—simple readings in which just one card is pulled and interpreted. In Card of the Day Tarot, long-time tarot reader and the resident tarot columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine, Kerry Ward, offers 12 everyday one-card tarot rituals for a variety of questions and situations, along with simplified interpretations of all 78 cards, to help you hone your intuition, reconnect with the cards, and breathe new life into your tarot practice.
Incorporating other popular spiritual practices such as meditation, aromatherapy, crystal work, breathwork, and more, Card of the Day Tarot includes a range of one-card draws, readings, and rituals that demonstrate the adaptability and flexibility of the one-card draw. The readings include:
  • Good Morning! Tarot
  • Game Face Tarot
  • Yes or No Tarot
  • Tarot Wind Down
  • Dreams of Tarot
  • One-Card Tarot for Love
  • One-Card Tarot for Career
  • Trance Tarot
  • And more!

The book also includes revamped interpretations for all 78 cards, offering simplified messages for each one depending on the type of question being asked. Each card includes a life lesson, an affirmation, a reassurance, a yes/no designation, a direct call to action, and more, making this an easy reference guide that will work with any tarot deck.

Whether you’re a beginner reader still learning the meanings of the cards or an experienced practitioner looking for an easy way to bring more tarot into your life, Card of the Day Tarot is a practical, visually stunning guide to conducting meaningful tarot readings in your everyday life—without frustration, confusion, or hours of interpretation. It’s a must-have addition to your tarot shelf!
Discover the power of one-card tarot readings and say goodbye to complicated, confusing, time-consuming spreads forever.

A tarot practice is a great source for advice, insight, and spiritual...

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Featured Reviews

A wonderful reference for Tarot Cards! I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to Tarot and this book was insightful and helpful. I specifically love the card interpretations and the question suggestions. Will be referencing this book for time to come!

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I don’t know about you but I had two tarot decks given to me and not a clue with what to do with them. I used them for big spreads but definitely not thought about them on a daily basis. This book changed all of that!
Card of the Day Tarot given some history and reasoning as to why you might want to use a deck more than you thought. Throughout this beautiful book and it’s gorgeous art all the cards are explained in detail and how it relates to the day to day. I found myself dusting off my old decks and trying this out today. It was quick and easy to find the card I chose in this and easy to understand how this can be a guide to my day or my question I have for my deck.
I loved the art and how it made me feel reading the card. This is a fun exercise to add to my day to give a little external insight to an internal problem. This would be great for a beginner or to give as a gift WITH a deck.

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As someone who works with tarot on my spiritual path, I can honestly say that I love this book. It has some great, very approachable, rituals and meditations that appeal to my witchy side. The art is beautiful and intuitive, and the interpretations work with all tarot decks. This book is a gem for anyone who does a daily tarot card draw, and if you don't, after getting your hands on this book, you'll want to.
Thank you #Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book and give it an honest review, and thank you #FairWindsPress for getting it out there.

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I've been reading tarot cards for years and I have a collection of tarot books and I love when I can learn something new from each one. This book did just that for me! I really like it. Layout is well done and being able to understand the cards was super simple. Highly recommend this one.

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I love how this book shows you muttiole ways on how to use a tarot deck. A very informative and helpful guide for beginners and practitioners who wants or needs new ideas on how to use their deck.

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This was a helpful book with lots of tips for one card reads. A lot of the ideas given were ones I will use. I especially liked how they set the intention before the read. Great book.

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Thank you to Net Galley and Quarto Publishing Group for a digital ARC of this title in exchange for my honest review. I have many Tarot decks, a couple of which speak to me more than others. I have multiple books for spreads, meanings, study, etc. This book is unique in that it's ONE CARD. I love that. Many times I just want a quick check in. This book helps with that.

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I'm in love with this book and I genuinely can't wait to get myself a physical copy of it.
There are a ton of books teaching you how to read the cards, but this one makes tarots approachable, which helps tremendously especially if you're a beginner. It makes you want to pick up your deck and play with it without the pressure of multiple spreads and impossible mixes. Card of the Day Tarot makes it easy and fun.
Gorgeous illustrations. I loved it so much, Kudos to the author Kerry Ward!!

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Tbh, I liked this book way more than I expected to. I was a bit skeptical of one card picks because it never seemed like it would be able to provide in depth info. I was surprised by all the info this book had on how to do them. There were so many different ideas presented that I never even imagined it truly felt like I had a completely new way of using my cards. I was so impressed. This a must read if you’re looking for a new way to interpret information.

Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for the arc.

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This book is a great pick for anyone looking to bring some calmness and reflection to their life. You do not need to know anything about tarot to read this book. In fact, it is the perfect guide for someone just starting out with tarot- Ward includes "twelve everyday one-card tarot rituals" and information about interpreting each card. I loved how simple these were but also how applicable they can be to everyday life, and how great they can be for reflection. I could see myself doing the morning and nightly rituals and journaling about them in a notebook.

I also really appreciated the information Ward includes that is about meditation, relaxation, and reflection in general. She includes breathing and muscle relaxation exercises along with the tarot information.

Lastly, I cannot finish without mentioning the artwork. Each ritual and each tarot card has its own full page, full color watercolor masterpiece. And each picture is beautifully detailed!

I would definitely recommend this and it would be perfect as a gift for someone getting into tarot.

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I love that this is centered around one card Tarot readings. I don't always have time to do a 20 card spread and dive deep into a situation. But, these prompts and ideas are perfect. Definitely following the theme of the title. Then, the book goes into a bit about each card, to help when you actually do your reading. This is just enough information to be helpful, but not overwhelming. So I appreciate the author, and the manner in which they presented the cards. This is really the only resource you need to do your daily card reading. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital ARC of this book.

Was this review helpful?

What a stunning, beautifully illustrated guidebook! Kerry Ward's Card of the Day Tarot provides you with EXACTLY what I keep telling my friends and naysayers: Tarot is an aid to self-examination: each card has layers of meaning that have evolved over the years, and it can be the key to unlocking and releasing your current dilemma or inner torment.

Like Carl Jung, I look for nuances of meaning or guidance in my tarot practice. In this guidebook, Ward provides you with psychological insights, affirmations and suggestions for each card. Kerry Ward is incredibly supportive. Reading through this book was empowering and motivating. I felt ready to join the Knight of Swords and conquer my doubts and opposition (in a positive, kind, mindful and meaningful way, of course!)

I like the idea of choosing just ONE card a day (although I have always preferred the standard Celtic Cross spread: I like to see the big picture and try to pinpoint where I can change the direction of my thinking or actions in order to get back on emotional track.)

There are no pointing fingers here: we all go through slumps and cringe under self-doubt or recrimination. Ward often exhorts you to put on your big girl or boy pants, examine your true feelings and motivations, and either leave what is not working behind you with a graceful, if regretful wave goodbye, or work on fixing what you may have inadvertently broken.

You can learn a lot about yourself from this book. It lifted my mood and brightened my spirits. I would definitely love to have a hard copy of this book on my already overflowing bookshelf. Highly, highly recommended!

My thanks to the author, Kerry Ward, her publisher, Fair Winds Press, and NetGalley for an ARC of this most excellent guidebook in exchange for an honest review. 5 out of 5 well deserved stars.

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The Tarot has been on my list of things to learn for ages, I had even bought myself a tarot card set a few months ago but the little booklet that came with it was not very helpful! So I was thrilled when I saw the Card of the Day Tarot was available.

It is packed full of useful information on how to make the most of the tarot and to get clarity in your everyday life. I especially loved the illustrations in the book - so beautiful and captivating! This is a book that I will be going back to again and again.

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I’ve been reading tarot cards for just over two decades. I am by no means a novice.

I have read and own countless books on reading the tarot. It is hard to find new tarot books that I can honestly say I would recommend.

Refreshingly, this is one of them!
While this is not a deep, thorough guide - it is perfect for getting in to the habit of a more relaxed yet, focused approach of doing one card readings.

Kerry Ward is a professional tarot reader herself and the love she put in to this book is evident. Please, do yourself a favor and do not skip the introductory part of this book. She drops several gems I felt were significant to understanding what the goal of the book is. Her perspective on tarot interpretations and tarot overall is refreshing.

There are several rituals, meditations and active reflections in the first section of the book that mix so well with deeply learning tarot but not in a stuffy or overwhelming way.

While I believe most of these are possible for novice and advanced readers; there is one which brings in the act of trance which may be difficult for some to dive in to immediately.

The rest of the book goes in to one card readings for love, career, and more and appropriate days to do so, some affirmations and more.

The bulk of the book is one card readings card interpretations. This I feel is an excellent section as I can see it being a book one could easily go to daily and quickly get information when doing one card draws.

Last but not least, the artist Adam Ohlers, who illustrated this is amazing. The watercolor artwork is a wonderful fit for the book as all of the art gave even more depth to the content.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher Fair Winds and the author Kerry Ward for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

Was this review helpful?

I love this book. This is a Tarot guide not necessarily for a beginner, but for someone wanting to really integrate tarot into their daily life. This book starts with numerous card-of-the-day rituals with different timings and goals. From starting your day off intentionally, to answering your deep questions about love, and ending your day with reflection. Further, this book gives you a great way to read the cards in one-card pulls. Sometimes books teaching the meanings of the cards can get overwhelming, but this one really strips these cards down to their basics in a way that makes this book PERFECT for those wanting a simple one card draw. Honestly I see myself turning back to this book on multiple occasions, and I would highly recommend it to any tarot user.

Was this review helpful?

The art in this book makes it worth the purchase in itself. It’s just beautiful. The info is all great too. Full disclosure, I am not really a follower of tarot but I know a lot about it and my wonderful goddaughter is a tarot reader. This is one of my favorite tarot books that I’ve read. Recommended.

Was this review helpful?

Beautifully illustrated by Adam Oehlers and thoughtfully executed by Kerry Ward, “Card of the Day TAROT— Quick and Easy One-Card Tarot Readings for Love, Work, and Everyday Life” provides users with suggestions on daily one-card readings; positive affirmations; challenges to overcome; and other tips about maximizing your cards to enhance your relationships, career, personal life, dreams and so much more.

As Tarot professional Ward notes in her dedication of this gorgeous little reference guide, there are many Tarot decks gathering dust from lack of use. Typically, this is because laying a complete spread takes more time, thought and effort.

Therefore, she developed this great little motivational tool to encourage enthusiasts to take their decks out and pull a card-a-day for inspiration and direction.

She’s included lots of potential questions to ask for your daily consultation, as well as a page of outcomes for every card in both the Major and Minor Arcanas. So, maximize your decks for insights into your life on a daily basis using Ward’s simple methods.

JoyReaderGirl1 graciously thanks NetGalley, Author Kerry Ward, and Publisher Fair Winds Publishing, an imprint of The Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc. for this advanced reader’s copy (ARC) for review.

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