A Smoldering Cyberpunk and Tech Billionaire High-Stakes Romance

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Pub Date 03 Nov 2023 | Archive Date 30 Apr 2024
Ha'ikū Press, Ha'iku Press

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He’s untouchable. She’s a notorious hacker. It’s a million-dollar cash prize. The challenge? Break him. If you can. 

Vega Flux, a notorious hacker whose single mission in life is to protect the weak from online trolls, crashes up against an impenetrable powerhouse of a man who wants nothing more than to slip the dark shroud off her persona and protect her from her torments.

In this smoldering high-stakes game of defense and one-upmanship, Vega takes a bet she knows she shouldn't and starts the largest hack she's ever attempted, against the only worthy opponent she's ever known, tech billionaire and ex-NFL tight end, Hoyt Kahoʻokalakupua. Master of his domain, Hoyt, welcomes the chance to flex his power in a true challenge. With the stakes dangerously high, and his heart on the line, he enters a game with a woman he wants it all from. There's only one fatal flaw: Hoyt and Vega are following different instructions to the same game. He's a law-abiding billionaire, and the world Vega lives in breaks every rule.

Dark passions ignite in this fast-paced thrill ride from award-winning indie author and Maui girl, Becky Healani Banks. As the torments of Vegaʻs past breach her defenses, she reaches for the one man who is uniquely capable to provide the shelter she seeks. And in that process, she touches a power she's never known, real-life love. 

He’s untouchable. She’s a notorious hacker. It’s a million-dollar cash prize. The challenge? Break him. If you can. 

Vega Flux, a notorious hacker whose single mission in life is to protect the weak...

A Note From the Publisher

Readers of high heat romantic suspense looking for culturally diverse characters with a strong female protagonist are the best fit for this title.

Readers of high heat romantic suspense looking for culturally diverse characters with a strong female protagonist are the best fit for this title.

Advance Praise

"...lots of luscious spice with Vega and Hoyt... lots." -  ARC Reviewer

"...Vega and Hoyt are the enemies to lovers you didn't know you needed. They are the hacker-world book version of Yellowstone, a drama you can't help but get sucked into... Through a chain of events that quickly spins out of control, Hoyt and Vega have to decide if their newfound love is worth fighting for. In a world that seems to want to tear them apart, can they reach for something greater than themselves and a life they desperately dream of?" - Annie S. Beta Reader

"Author Becky Banks has a talent for writing characters with quirks, and charisma, sometimes broken and in need of healing, as well as humor. She has a talented way with words to paint you into the scene; smelling, tasting, feeling everything, electrifying the air around the characters. I have read everything this author has written and Flux is my new favorite book of hers." - The Small Book Blog, (ARC Reviewer)

"A definite plus for me was your manly character Hoyt since I was married for 50+ years to a very intelligent, handsome, successful brown-skinned Hawaiian man. Highly recommend." Auntie Carla C., Beta Reader

"...lots of luscious spice with Vega and Hoyt... lots." -  ARC Reviewer

"...Vega and Hoyt are the enemies to lovers you didn't know you needed. They are the hacker-world book version of...

Marketing Plan

Promo paperback copies available for a limited time via author Instagram site @authorbeckybanks. 

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9882614-8-8

Promo paperback copies available for a limited time via author Instagram site @authorbeckybanks. 

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9882614-8-8

Available Editions

ISBN 9780988261471
PRICE $5.99 (USD)

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Featured Reviews

Let's start with oh my goodness. This is by far one of the best books I have read all year, and I have read 300 since May. I could not put this book down I read it in one sitting. The FMC was so amazing such a strong independent woman who would do anything for anyone. The MMC was such a cinnamon roll who had an amazing back story just like the FMC. It was the perfect amount of spice; I had never read the island language before in a book or really anywhere, but good golly miss molly it was so hot and so amazing to see in a book. I really hope the little easter egg at the back of the book is a book to come because I could not get enough. If you're into books with an amazing story line with some spice sprinkled in here and there this is a book for you. I will most likely read this again if i am ever in a reading slump or just want something super good to read,

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i loved this book! i think what i enjoyed the most was how refreshing it was to read about an FMC that can handle her own problems, let me tell you something about Vega Flux. She is MY IDOL!!! Honestly shes hilarious and a freaking BADASSSSSS

also I most definitely will not mind a giant billionaire Maui tech genius as our MMC, Hoyt you have my heart<3

Vega and Hoyt are uniquely capable of loving, challenging, and understanding each other that no one else has been able to do. their relationship is just goals goals and goals!!!

what to expect:

Notorious Hacker x Tech Genius
Cyberpunk vibes
Funny Bickering and side Games/Challenges
Hawaiian MMC

5 star from me all the way!!

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*I received this book free from NetGalley.*

Vega and her friends have been living place to place trying to do good while hiding from their past. He step-father caused a world of pain and trouble for her that she has been dealing with since she was little. Stolen identities cause her to have to change her and her baby sister's name to avoid unwanted attention. Most people who know her only know her online handle and nothing more. But now that her sister is going to college and she wants to be close she finds herself back in her hometown.

With her step-father in prison her friends finally convince her to relax a little, even go out with them, which is where she meets Hoyt. He's an ex-athlete who turned billionaire after he designed some security technology that was unhackable. Of course, being the hacker she was she couldn't resist going straight for him.

Hoyt lost his head and let fame get to him, but his family re-grounded him and that's when he focused on his business. Meeting a girl in a club, who basically steals his phone and hooks right into should have caused a major reaction in him, but he was intrigued and knew the tech on his phone was better than her...or so he thought. Seeing her almost get past his security piqued his curiosity and he wanted to know more about the mystery woman.

So much happens in this book as Vega and Hoyt work together. He wants to hire her, and she just wants to get past his security to win the million-dollar cash prize. However, they both can't seem to stay away from the other and eventually things heat up between the two. He offers her a life she could get used to, but just when she's planning out their future her biggest threat comes for her, and she'll run. Of course, Hoyt's a billionaire and why wouldn't he flex his connections for someone he loved. Even if it meant cleaning up everything in her past so that she didn't have to run anymore.

Flux is an intriguing journey that will wind you in directions you didn't see coming and you'll enjoy every moment of the ride. I know, because I did. It's filled with friendships that can survive anything, two stubborn people who push each other to bring their best, and sisters that will learn to trust each other. I will admit it was the cover that caught my attention, but the writing is what kept it.

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Sexy Tech Romance 😍
I enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. Vega and Hoyt have sparks flying when the first meet. As the story progresses so does their fire between them and the obstacles against them.

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i want to be vega. i want to let hoyt fuck me.

THIS WAS SO GOOD HOLY SHIT??? just go pick it up rn. it had all the thrilling mystery vibes which'll send shivers down your spine + the heart-melting bone-crushing type of romance i always love reading about.

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just finished this high octane, sexy as hell, creative, fun, did I say sexy yet?!, romance thrill ride.

go immediately & read it.

I want to be best friends with Vega and let Hoyt feed me leftovers while wearing his oversized dress shirts and sitting on the kitchen counter. I would run from Hoyt just for the pure thrill and satisfaction of knowing he would chase me and find me.

I found the backstory exciting and compelling, the interactions between Hoyt and Vega dynamic, purposeful and HOT and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED watching Hoyt’s composure slip little by little the more Vega interlaced herself into his life and his veins.

I may have been hoping for a wild, loud, bang up explosion of a conclusion, different than the neatly composed bow of a solution Hoyt delivered to Vega, but either way I absolutely loved reading this book. I want more epilogues telling me that Peace & Zane get back together and explaining how Cindy & Vega continue their friendship after their cop/fugitive/we don’t know each other situation. Please tell me more!!!!

Solid 4.5 rounded up to 5!

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“When you haven’t seen the darkness, it’s easy to be bold.”

“Flux” by Becky Banks is a new adult romance about Vega and Hoyt. Vega, a hacker that protects people in need, attempts to hack Hoyt. Hoyt, tech billionaire, thinks his life is on track being incredibly rich and successful and engage to a beautiful woman, but when Hoyt and Vega meet their lives become alight with competition and attraction to each other.

This book was so good, the beginning was a bit boring at times but once it picked up it was absolutely perfect. It’s a great billionaire romance trope but with Pacific Islander cultural aspects, family abuse, and foster care. As a native PNW I loved that it takes place in my town. The part I liked the most was that last bit of the book; throughout the book I thought it was a solid 4 but after the last part it became 5 stars for me. Definitely will be reading more by Becky Banks.
-Billionaire Romance
-Enemies to Lovers

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Banks excels in creating a tension-filled narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The clash between Vega and Hoyt, both formidable in their own right, sets the stage for a gripping tale of cyber intrigue and romantic entanglement. The author's ability to blend the fast-paced world of hacking with the high-stakes emotions of a budding romance adds depth and complexity to the storyline.

The characters of Vega and Hoyt are well-drawn, each with their own strengths, flaws, and a magnetic allure that makes their interactions compelling. Vega's mission to protect the weak and her vulnerability beneath her hacker persona create a multidimensional protagonist. Meanwhile, Hoyt's blend of tech prowess and athleticism adds a layer of complexity to his character. The chemistry between them crackles on the pages, and readers will find themselves invested in their journey.

The novel's strength lies in its exploration of the clash between two worlds—Vega's underground, rule-breaking realm and Hoyt's law-abiding, billionaire lifestyle. The tension between these contrasting environments enhances the stakes and keeps the reader engaged. As the characters navigate the challenges of their relationship, the story delves into themes of trust, vulnerability, and the power of love.

While "Flux" is a thrilling ride, some readers might find certain plot elements predictable, and the resolution, while satisfying, could have been more nuanced. Nevertheless, Becky Banks delivers a captivating and entertaining novel that seamlessly weaves together elements of romance, suspense, and technological intrigue.

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Enemies to lovers
Hacker / tech talk
MMC - tech savvy, athletic billionaire
FMC - Hacker hottie vigilante

First of all - thank you to Net Galley and the author Becky Banks for sending me this book to devour. I really enjoyed the MMC and how much pride he shows in his Hawaiian heritage. I spent too much time trying to memorize the Hawaiian words and definitions in the back of the book so thanks for including that. The time the author spent trying to bring alive the Hawaiian culture and using the right tech terminology really showed and I loved it. I enjoyed his family dynamic as well. Any dad willing to cook special food for his son's lady is a keeper in my book! MMC (Hoyt) is an ex-NFL player and billionaire who is known for his unbreachable tech security system. Comes from a loving family home but had his share of hardships. FMC (Vega) is a vigilante hottie hacker not afraid of breaking the law to help woman in need. She comes from an abusive past that threatens to haunts her, her 2 best friends, and younger sister. From the second these 2 cross paths its electric. They challenge each other, bicker, and fall fast. We even get some stalker-ish scenes. Vega's back story was heartbreaking, and Hoyt's tenderness through the book was so sweet! The spice scenes were plentiful but a little difficult to read. Some of the word choices were off-putting. Overall I'd say read this book! Don't let the tech part scare you away - I had no problem comprehending everything.

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This was a fast paced, action packed, kept you on your toes, enemies to lover story that will leave you captivated. If you like hackers and spice then you will love this book! There was great character development and depth. Highly recommend!

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This book was an absolute pleasure to read. It was so well written. The engagement between Flux and Hoyt was in a word, addictive. I wanted more of the two of them! I can see this book becoming either a movie or TV series.

Becky did an amazing job infusing some Hawaiian spirituality and culture into this book. It added a layer of solace to the story and uplifts the reader during the more cruel and severe parts. I found myself wishing Flux was real, I wanted to be her friend and offer her support.

I highly recommend this book. It has the perfect combination of dual-POV, grumpy billionaire/former pro-sports player and girl girl from the wrong side of the tracks who happens to be a brilliant hacker with a conscience.

4.5 Stars!

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This is not a story of love failing or ending, this is a story of love not always conquering all, and of the life choices we make for us and for those we love the most. A must-read.

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You are hooked into your book from the very beginning, The author has given us a story where, drama, hidden desire, love, passion, cruelty. but also security and lots of steam and heat. Highly recommended to read.

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