The Modern Teen’s Etiquette Playbook

Confidence, Communication, and Online Presence for the 21st Century

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Pub Date 03 Dec 2023 | Archive Date 28 Dec 2023

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Are you a parent searching for a one-of-a-kind social skills guide that helps your teen thrive in both offline and online worlds? Look no further!

This groundbreaking book on etiquette for teens is specifically designed for today's digital age, covering not only traditional etiquette but also the essential art of netiquette.

Discover how mastering etiquette and netiquette can boost your teen's self-confidence in unfamiliar social settings and bring numerous benefits, such as impressing future bosses, avoiding conflicts, and steering clear of unintentional faux pas.

This unique book covers essential topics such as:

•    Self-care and personal presentation: hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and deportment.
•    Posture and body language: tips and exercises to improve stance, walking, and non-verbal communication.
•    Navigating various social situations: car etiquette, building entry and exit, stairway safety, and dining decorum.
•    Dressing for success: understanding body types, choosing the right colors, and sending the right message with clothing.
•    Mastering introductions: making a great first impression and handling awkward moments with poise.
•    Conversation starters: breaking the ice, using humor, and engaging in meaningful discussions.
•    Dining etiquette: what to expect from waiters, how to eat different types of food, and managing formal and casual meals.
•    Netiquette: navigating social media, texting, and other digital interactions responsibly, maintaining a positive online presence, and understanding online privacy.
•    Dating manners: cultivating a respectful and attractive presence in both offline and online dating scenarios.
•    Planning for the future: preparing for job interviews, internships, and professional opportunities in an increasingly digital world.

Give your teen the tools they need to flourish in today's interconnected world by teaching them the art of etiquette and netiquette. This book will help them build a strong foundation for personal and professional success, ensuring they stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression both offline and online.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your teen's life – grab your copy today and invest in their bright future!

Are you a parent searching for a one-of-a-kind social skills guide that helps your teen thrive in both offline and online worlds? Look no further!

This groundbreaking book on etiquette for teens is...

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This can be useful to people of all ages. Informative and easy to follow
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Picture this: A teen sways through the pages, guided by the rhythm of relatable anecdotes and pop-culture references. The playbook doesn't just teach manners; it orchestrates a symphony of social finesse. From decoding cryptic emojis to mastering the art of casual conversation, it's a crash course in the high-stakes game of being a teen in the 21st century.
Alla Kesser Gross has curated a blend of wit, wisdom, and a sprinkle of savvy advice that transforms the often awkward dance of adolescence into a choreography of cool. Despite living in a world where social norms are as fluid as a TikTok dance.

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An indispensable resource for young adults. This comprehensive guide tackles the intricacies of modern-day etiquette, offering a wealth of practical advice for navigating both offline and online social situations. From personal hygiene and body language to dining decorum and netiquette, this book covers it all. What’s extra special about this book is its relevance to today's digital age, providing essential tips for maintaining a positive online presence and understanding online privacy. Whether your teen is preparing for job interviews, social gatherings, or online interactions, this book equips them with the tools they need to excel. The Modern Teen’s Etiquette Playbook is a fantastic resource for building self-confidence, fostering strong interpersonal skills, and ensuring success in both personal and professional life.

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Hey there, fellow parents and teens, if you want to up your social game and become the coolest, most polite, and tech-savvy folks in town, you've got to grab The Modern Teen’s Etiquette Playbook! Seriously, this book is a game-changer for navigating the wild world of modern etiquette and netiquette. It's like having a secret weapon in your back pocket that'll help you ace job interviews, make awesome first impressions, and rule the online realm like a pro. From personal grooming tips to nifty body language hacks and even how to tackle those tricky online interactions, this book covers it all. And guess what? It's not your boring old etiquette guide; it's packed with fun, useful advice that'll make you the star of any social situation. So, don't miss out on this epic guide to becoming the most awesome, confident, and polite teen in town – grab your copy now and start slaying both online and offline!

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