The Land of Hearts

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Pub Date 18 Aug 2023 | Archive Date 08 Dec 2023

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Heartwarming Journey to Wholeness and Healing

The Land of Hearts by Antwinette Scott, is a true gem.

The story follows a cast of endearing characters, each representing a different aspect of the human experience.

The story centers around Wise-Heart, Sick-Heart, Broken-Heart, and their companions as they embark on a journey to meet the King-of-Hearts in the Great City. The author has ingeniously woven together a tale that feels both whimsical and deeply allegorical. These characters mirror our own experiences and emotions, making their journey all the more relatable.

As they traverse through Heartland, they encounter various hearts, each with their own struggles and desires. Brave-Heart, Faithful-Heart, and their companions show friendship and courage, standing up against the challenges that Naughty-Heart and his crew present. It's this battle of hearts that highlights the contrasting forces of negativity and positivity we often encounter in life.

The author's ability to infuse such profound themes into a heartwarming and accessible narrative is lovely. Not to mention, the artwork on every single page is absolutely gorgeous. The King-of-Hearts interacts with each heart, addressing their specific needs with love and understanding. These moments are a wonderful reminder to kids and adults alike that healing is possible, and that there is hope for transformation, no matter how broken or lost we may feel.

Heartwarming Journey to Wholeness and Healing

The Land of Hearts by Antwinette Scott, is a true gem.

The story follows a cast of endearing characters, each representing a different aspect of the human...

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A heartwarming children's book that takes readers on a journey of wholeness and healing. Through a cast of endearing characters, each representing different facets of human emotions, the author skillfully weaves a narrative that is both allegorical and deeply relatable. The story's central theme of positivity versus negativity is beautifully portrayed through the interactions of Brave-Heart, Faithful-Heart, and their companions with Naughty-Heart and his crew. The Land of Hearts is a delightful read that imparts valuable lessons about empathy, friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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Hey, young adventurers! Buckle up because The Land of Hearts by Antwinette Scott is like a magical rollercoaster of emotions, and it's one heck of a ride! You've got Wise-Heart, Sick-Heart, Broken-Heart, and a bunch of other heart buddies on a quest to meet the King-of-Hearts in the Great City. It's like a road trip with a whole lot of heart, literally!

What's so cool about this book is how it takes deep stuff like healing and positivity and wraps it up in a fun and relatable story. You'll meet characters that feel like your own pals and see them battle it out with the not-so-nice Naughty-Heart and his gang. It's like a superhero showdown but with feelings. Plus, the artwork in this book is drop-dead gorgeous!

But here's the real deal: The Land of Hearts"teaches you that no matter how busted or down you feel, there's hope for healing and change. It's like a warm hug for your heart and a must-read for kids and grown-ups who need a little inspiration and a lot of love. So, dive into this heartwarming adventure, and you'll come out feeling like a superhero of your own heart!

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"Antwinette Scott's 'The Land of Hearts' is a captivating journey toward healing and self-discovery.

The book introduces a charming ensemble of characters - Wise-Heart, Sick-Heart, Broken-Heart - as they embark on a quest to meet the King-of-Hearts in the Great City. Scott intricately weaves a tale that feels whimsical yet deeply allegorical, reflecting human experiences and emotions.

Traversing Heartland, the characters encounter a spectrum of hearts, each grappling with their unique struggles and aspirations. The bravery and camaraderie displayed by characters like Brave-Heart and Faithful-Heart stand resilient against the challenges posed by Naughty-Heart and companions, illustrating the dichotomy of positivity and negativity in life.

Scott masterfully integrates profound themes into an accessible narrative, making it relatable for readers of all ages. The stunning artwork throughout the book adds to its allure. The interactions between the King-of-Hearts and the hearts offer a poignant reminder that healing and transformation are achievable, offering hope to those feeling broken or lost.

'The Land of Hearts' is a delightful and heartwarming tale that resonates long after the last page. Scott's storytelling prowess shines through, delivering a powerful message of hope, resilience, and the possibility of finding wholeness amidst adversity."

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The artwork in this book is brilliant, and all the hearts, even the naughty ones are captivatingly beautiful to look at. The story has moral and emotional merit and a nice ending. Kindness and empathy might heal the sorest heart. For very young readers pictures may be enough; it will certainly melt a lot of adult hearts too! For older children there may be a need to help with some of the vocabulary that is used. But children’s understanding being stretched is a good thing. Thank you to, Antwinette Scott and NetGalley for the ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.

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