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Wendy Day lives in Michigan with her husband, four kids, two dogs, and one very entitled cat. When not writing, she’s likely to be scrolling Booktok, listening to an audiobook while attempting to cook, or curled up in a cozy chair with a glass of wine and a good book. Find out more about Wendy’s unique outlook on life at the website: Available Now: Mexico, Margaritas, and Murder Christmas, Cabernet, and Chaos Sunshine, Sangria, and Scandal Available Now: Killing Cupid We need to talk about your aim… For Callie Mcguire, love is that mysterious, magical thing you read about in books. It’s Darcy’s and Elizabeth Bennet’spassionate romance: beautiful, bittersweet, and inspiring. And it’s entirely out of reach. Callie moved all the way to Chicago to find love, and it’s been failure after failure. Almost ready to give up on the notion, she stumbles across a new dating website with an incredible promise: true love with a million-dollar satisfaction guarantee. Determined to make this her last attempt at finding her match, Callie signs up. When the results turn out to be nothing like she expected, she decides to call the whole thing off and abandon romance for a while. Little does she know that her decisions will send her life in a direction she never could have expected, and she’s forced to realize that perhaps Cupid has a little more influence in our love lives than we thought. Available Now: Hera's Revenge A curse as old as time At 24 years old, Kat Phillips has a stable job, an apartment, and her favorite taco place on speed dial. She should be happy, but she’s not. When she realizes her life might be stuck in neutral forever, Kat goes into full panic mode. She jumps in her car and heads south to the one person who she knows will understand. With her grandmother’s advice comes revelations that rock Kat’s world. Generational secrets come to light and a shocking possibility sends Kat on a thrilling search for answers before her next birthday. The clock is ticking. With her life on the line and handsome, mysterious Jace Woods tempting her heart, Kat will have to challenge fate and change her destiny. Coming Spring 2023: Dethroning Dyonisis Idolatry is back in fashion…. Life in New York City is everything Madison dreamed it would be; she has a flourishing career as an online influencer, a fabulous rent-free room in her Aunt’s brownstone, and invitations to all the best parties. But when she finds herself crouched in the storage room of a convenience store at the wrong end of a gun, her carefully curated life begins to unravel. That is until Dion, the sexy and mysterious owner of the hottest new club in town, steps in to offer her an opportunity she can’t refuse. Fame, money, love, it’s all possible for her, but at what cost?