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Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons is a Paranormal Romance, with heavy emphasis on the Romance. The book is very captivating. To me the book sort of fizzled a little bit towards the end when it should of really picked up. It was still a really good book though. 

In the book Courtney Wellington is a witch. She has had a sad past but is also the 40th in a line of powerful witches. On her 21st birthday just 2 weeks away there will be a ceremony where not only will she wed but the ceremony will also keep humanity from chaos and self-destruction. 

Robert "Robbie" McGregor thinks he has it all. He was educated in the best schools. He has a beautiful motivated girlfriend. Everything he thinks he want in life. What he doesn't know is everything is about to change. Robbie is also a chosen one. 

Robbie goes to a reunion and meets Courtney. It's love at first sight. They spend all of their time together. With small hints from others at the reunion, Robbie gets wind that Courtney is a witch. When Courtney with the help of Michael, Robbie's brother, tell Robbie all about Courtney and him being a chosen one Robbie starts to understand some of the weird things he has seen and heard. 

Just before the night of the ceremony Courtney is kidnapped. Robbie and the others must find her before it is too late, not only for their ceremony , but before she is used in a ceremony of another Coven. 

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I received a free electronic copy of this syfy novel from Netgalley, Kevin V. Symmons, and Wild Rose Press in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin V. Symmons Out of the Storm, and found this syfy, set in England and the US shortly after WWII and involving witches, etc. to be thoroughly entertaining, as well.  This is a novel hard to put down, with characters that are easy to appreciate and a storyline that builds on itself to a most satisfactory conclusion.
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