Rite of Passage

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Pub Date 29 Aug 2012 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2022


Descended from a line of powerful witches, Courtney Wellington embodies the Wiccan Goddess who must fulfill an ancient prophecy to keep the growing powers of evil at bay. At the Summer Solstice, she must marry, and she has chosen Robert McGregor for her mate. But Courtney's plans never included falling in love with him.

Robert McGregor, Harvard Law student and society favorite, has the world within his grasp--until he meets Courtney. Irresistibly drawn to her, Robbie is soon bewitched by the lovely, vulnerable girl, despite his misgivings about who--or what--she really is. But her identity is stranger than he could ever imagine.

To fulfill the prophecy Robbie must abandon all he holds dear, but when Courtney is kidnapped, he realizes he will sacrifice everything to save her. Can the power of their love triumph over the evil forces bent on destroying them?

Descended from a line of powerful witches, Courtney Wellington embodies the Wiccan Goddess who must fulfill an ancient prophecy to keep the growing powers of evil at bay. At the Summer Solstice, she...

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Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Paranormal Fantasy Romance

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ISBN 9781612173887
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Overall an interesting story. Good plot and characters.

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This was an ok read set in Maine in the 1940's. Witches , Druids and paranormal behavior abound with a power hungry witch spellbinding the Druids to kill a powerful 20th generation witch for her magic. Seemed to drag early on and then toward the end it finished too fast. For lovers of witch stories it will be liked and appreciated.

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This was one of those books I just couldn't get into. That doesn't necessarily mean the book was bad. There's been times I've had this happen, then months later I'll give it another go and discover I quite enjoy the read.

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Set in 1947, the story follows Robert (Robbie), a Harvard Law student, as he attends a reunion in Maine. The gathering is at family friend's house where Robert meets Courtney Wellington, the beautiful niece of his hostess. Despite having a lovely girl waiting for him back home, Robert is instantly attracted to Courtney. It is a bond he cannot explain that only strengthens over their brief time together. Courtney is not all that she seems and Robert is caught between following his heart and believing the rumors floating around the English beauty. Courtney Wellington is a witch. She easily confesses this to Robert, but he doesn't take her laughing tone seriously. However, she is deadly serious. What Robert doesn't know is that he has been chosen to be her mate. On Courtney's twenty-first birthday they will perform a ritual that allows Courtney to fulfill her prophecy to become the embodiment of the goddess. The problem is that Courtney falls for Robert on her own and doesn't want him to be with her strictly because he has been chosen. For Robert, the journey is much more confusing. The life he had been never really what he thought it was. When Courtney suddenly goes missing, a group of Druids are suspected of taking her to complete their own ritual. Robert realizes then all he has to lose. He embarks on a journey with his family to get her back.
The first half of this book was rather difficult for me to get through. I think the hard part was the structure. The beginning of the novel is slow. Incredibly slow. I felt like I was slogging through it. In fact, I nearly put it down. I'm glad I didn't because the action picked up in the second half of the book. The pace was much quicker and steady. The novel alternates view points between Robert and Courtney. It was nice to see both sides of the story, however Robert's part is in first person and Courtney's is in third person. I found that to be very irritating. By the end of the book I had gotten used to it, but I just didn't personally care for it.
This book is a paranormal romance set post World War II. At times I had to stop reading and look up a few facts because I wasn't sure if the technology and history was correct for the time period. For example air conditioning, certain engines in cars, and flights across the Atlantic. I have to hand it to Mr. Symmons, because all of the fact checking I did came back accurate. It was a history lesson for me, which I enjoyed. Simon, Courtney's grandfather, explains to Robert the history behind the words pagan and heathen. I was very interested in that part.
One thing I loved about this book was how paganism is portrayed. Often, pagans and Wiccans are misrepresented in fiction. I was surprised and so pleased to see that Mr. Symmons put forth the religion as a peaceful. So often I hear people describing pagans as devil worshipers, which makes no sense because hell and Satan are not concepts in the religion. Or at least that is what I have come to understand. Not being a Wiccan myself, I cannot speak with real knowledge of the practice. Only what I've been taught from others who do practice. Does that mean all pagans are peaceful? Of course not. The same can be said for all major religions around the world. Are all the pagans in this novel peaceful? No. But they, like many of us, struggle to maintain their ideals and values. The characters in this novel are able to perform magic, which takes this struggle to a new level.
Courtney and Robert's relationship is one of those love at first sight things. Robert is skeptical in some ways and attempts to rationalized these feelings. Courtney is determined though and Robert cannot help how he feels. I found Courtney to be rather moody, but I liked Robert quite a lot. He does have a girlfriend, Rachel, back home, so it wasn't easy to watch him struggle with fidelity. I liked Courtney better at the end when she helps Rachel get over Robert. It was perhaps a bit unethical, but I believe it was meant as a kindness.
The end of the novel moves quickly once Robert and Courtney cement their relationship. Then you get the interesting twists and turns of whom to trust and who isn't actually dead. It takes a while to get there. I particularly enjoyed Simon's revelation at the end. Spoiler: Courtney and Robert don't perform the ritual. Of course this ritual was meant to save the world, so what now? Well, Simon meditates and comes up with an answer. While Mr. Symmons attempts to put in a literary and well thought out context, it came across to me as basically, "Eh, screw 'em." I know that sounds terrible, but I kind of thought it was awesome too. Of course this world saving ritual is supposed to happen on the summer solstice, which is Courtney's birthday too I believe. The plot comes down to the last possible moment. It's how almost all climatic points are built to in novels. So to see it not quite get done, was kind of refreshing. Is the world truly over? No, of course not. Humanity has a little more responsibility on their hands now, I suppose.
First thoughts finishing the novel:
That was hard to read. It wasn't the story, but the structure. I'm glad I stayed to see the end though.
Final Thoughts:
Very cool lessons on history and paganism. The underlying theme of religion was interesting and well done. I had a hard time with how it was written. I've seen other reviews where people have said exactly the opposite, so perhaps I'm in the minority on that one.

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I received a free electronic copy of this syfy novel from Netgalley, Kevin V. Symmons, and Wild Rose Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin V. Symmons Out of the Storm, and found this syfy, set in England and the US shortly after WWII and involving witches, etc. to be thoroughly entertaining, as well. This is a novel hard to put down, with characters that are easy to appreciate and a storyline that builds on itself to a most satisfactory conclusion.

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Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons is a Paranormal Romance, with heavy emphasis on the Romance. The book is very captivating. To me the book sort of fizzled a little bit towards the end when it should of really picked up. It was still a really good book though.

In the book Courtney Wellington is a witch. She has had a sad past but is also the 40th in a line of powerful witches. On her 21st birthday just 2 weeks away there will be a ceremony where not only will she wed but the ceremony will also keep humanity from chaos and self-destruction.

Robert "Robbie" McGregor thinks he has it all. He was educated in the best schools. He has a beautiful motivated girlfriend. Everything he thinks he want in life. What he doesn't know is everything is about to change. Robbie is also a chosen one.

Robbie goes to a reunion and meets Courtney. It's love at first sight. They spend all of their time together. With small hints from others at the reunion, Robbie gets wind that Courtney is a witch. When Courtney with the help of Michael, Robbie's brother, tell Robbie all about Courtney and him being a chosen one Robbie starts to understand some of the weird things he has seen and heard.

Just before the night of the ceremony Courtney is kidnapped. Robbie and the others must find her before it is too late, not only for their ceremony , but before she is used in a ceremony of another Coven.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.

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