The 7 Chakra Crystals

A Guide to Find Your Balance and Peace

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Pub Date 13 Jun 2023 | Archive Date 13 Jun 2023

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Explore this beautiful, illustrated manual to learn about crystals and their beneficial relationship with chakras. For beginners and experts alike, The 7 Chakra Crystals invites readers to find beauty and balance in everyday life.

Crystals have been used for centuries to heal physical and emotional issues. When a chakra is compromised by unsolved traumas, it tends to work poorly, and the related organs can get sick in time. To avoid that, many use crystals or stones to restore the balanced frequency of the chakra, putting it back at work harmoniously.
This book, conceived as an illustrated manual, includes:
  • A detailed breakdown of the seven chakras
  • Descriptions of the properties of different crystals, and connects them with their relative seven chakras
  • Instructions for each crystal's vibrations, times, and usage details, including the most suitable cleansing techniques.
Explore this beautiful, illustrated manual to learn about crystals and their beneficial relationship with chakras. For beginners and experts alike, The 7 Chakra Crystals invites readers to find...

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We regret this E-galley is not available for Kindle viewing.

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Featured Reviews

I liked the idea of this book, making the concept of Chakras more accessible to a Western audience, although Western books invariable adapt the ideas to new age practices, like using crystals. In this case, I ca see a real compatibility.

The book is well presented with full colour pictures and begins with explanations of the Chakras themselves, adding associations to colours and harmonising notes. It gives the Sanskrit names, which I personally don't think is necessary but others might appreciate knowing them.

It then explains the connection between Chakras, organs and illness which is very useful information. It then gives 9 stones for 7 Chakras. What? Ok, well, a couple of them are directed towards body parts not on the Chakra chart. Interesting details and fun facts about each stone are given, though if you're thinking of placing the stones on your body, you'll have to work out which goes where yourself.

What threw me was that starting with chapter 5, a lot more stones come into the picture and the book becomes more of an overall crystal book! Though the entries for each stone are just a page per stone, the information is interesting and this book would make a nice addition to any collection of books on crystals.

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This book is an excellent reference guide for anyone who looking to explore the world of chakras and crystal healing. Filled with detailed imagery, this book provides all the information needed about the history of chakras and how to connect with them.

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This is a good resource for teens who are into crystals. It would make a great coffee table book. The illustrations are go very well with the branding of the book

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I’m always up for a chakra book, and crystals are definitely my thing — so this book drew me in like a magnet.

7 Chakra Crystals provides a surface skimming intro on what crystal therapy is and how crystals have been worked with through the ages.

Getting into the stones and chakras — I love reading this stuff. I might know it like that back of my hand, but a refresher is always inspiring! The concepts are broken down into clear and straightforward definitions helping newbies find their way in the vocabulary of energy, subtle body, vibrations and frequency. It has a great format for the chakra and crystal correspondences with fun illustrations. This would be a great gift for beginners!

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A delightfully informative read! Having some experience with crystals, but none with chakras, I found the information easy to understand.

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This is a lovely guide to the 7 chakras and the use of crystals for each specific one. The book details what each crystal means and the relation to the chakras. It also explains how each is associated to the chakra and what it does in relation to that association. It's a lovely guide with nice illustrations to go with the explanations.

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I enjoyed this book and learned many tidbits. I’m not completely new to crystals and chakras, but probably closer to beginner than advanced. The illustrations were really nice accompaniment to the info. I liked how the info was formatted, very easy to read. Note there are photos toward the back of the book! It would’ve been nice to see each of those on the relevant page but that would’ve change the look a bit. Overall a good read and have already recommended to a friend with similar interests.

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Easy to read illustrated guide to Chakra work using crystals. Overview of the seven major chakras, the connection between the chakras, orange and ilnesses, pairing stones with chakrad, chakras and Zodiac Signs. cleansing and purifying the crystals, and the many uses of crystals in the forms of elixirs, forms and lotions, and usage timed. Photo catalog

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"Seven Chakra Crystals: A Guide to Find Your Peace and Balance" by Luca Apicella is a comprehensive and informative guidebook on chakras and crystal healing. The book offers practical guidance and techniques for using crystals to balance and align the seven chakras, as well as improving overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

One of the things that stands out about this book is the clear and concise writing style that makes complex concepts easy to understand. The author provides a detailed explanation of the seven chakras, their properties, and how they correspond to different areas of the body, as well as how to identify any imbalances in these energy centers.

The book also offers practical advice on choosing and using crystals for chakra healing, including how to cleanse and charge the stones, and how to meditate with them for maximum benefit. The author provides detailed information on the properties and uses of different crystals, making it easy for readers to select the right stones for their needs.

Another aspect of this book that I found helpful is the inclusion of practical exercises and meditations that readers can do at home to balance and heal their chakras. These exercises are easy to follow and can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences.

Overall, "Seven Chakra Crystals: A Guide to Find Your Peace and Balance" is an excellent resource for anyone interested in chakra healing and crystal therapy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this book provides a wealth of information and practical guidance that can help you achieve greater peace, balance, and well-being in your life. Highly recommended

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Thank you Andrews McMeel for the advance reading copy.

I like the book as a whole. The cover, the colourful illustrations and how each chakra gets explained. The important features of each chakra has been highlighted towards the end of each chapter. Short but providing enough information for the ones who are too busy to read or gets bored too soon when reading nonfiction books, this one is for you.

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Very educational and informative. Super easy to understand and goes in depth about the different chakras and crystals that go along with them.

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Awesome and beautiful book that helped me further understand the seven chakras and a variety of crystals.

I enjoyed the beautiful pictures and the easy to read pages as they presented a clear and detailed overview of what the various chakras are.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. 5 stars!

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"Seven Chakra Crystals: A Guide to Find Your Balance and Peace" by Luca Apicella is written in a friendly and approachable tone, this book introduces the concept of chakras, provides practical guidance on using crystals for chakra healing, and offers a wealth of information on crystals in general.

The book begins with an explanation of the seven chakras, their associations with colors, harmonizing notes, organs, and illnesses. It then introduces nine stones for each chakra, along with interesting details and fun facts about each stone. What sets this book apart is its comprehensive coverage of crystals, including their properties, uses, cleansing and charging methods, and different ways to use them. The author's clear and concise writing style, along with detailed illustrations, make complex concepts easy to understand.

The book also includes practical exercises and meditations for hands-on chakra healing, making it suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Whether you're interested in chakras, crystals, or both, "Seven Chakra Crystals" is a valuable resource that can help you on your journey towards greater balance, peace, and well-being.

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