Every Season Is Soup Season

85+ Souper-Adaptable Recipes to Batch, Share, Reinvent, and Enjoy

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Pub Date 19 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 18 Sep 2023

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From the author of the bestselling Platters and Boards comes this versatile collection of 85+ go-to recipes for soups, soup fixings, and more. Plus 100 beautiful photos that will make you instantly crave a luscious bowl of soup! Every day is a good day for soup!

From broths and gazpachos to chowders and chilis, this flexible cookbook is overflowing with scrumptious soups for every season. These simple base recipes for healthy, yummy soups are easy to prepare and so satisfying. And the best part? You can riff on them endlessly with toppings and fixings—add mini meatballs, grilled cheese croutons, or a handful of grains. Or transform yesterday’s soup into an entirely new dish: Carrot-Orange-Ginger Soup becomes a savory breakfast oatmeal; leftover Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho makes a pitcher of Bloody Marias; French Onion Soup is reinvented as a bubbling, golden strata!

Soup lovers, healthy eaters, and busy parents and professionals will love these veggie-forward recipes that never get old and make weeknight cooking a breeze. Tips for batching and freezing soups and instructions for using an Instant Pot or a slow cooker ensure stress-free meals, with less time in the kitchen and more time at the table. With gorgeous photography and a bonus section on soup accompaniments (think breads, salads, and slaws), Every Season Is Soup Season is a one-stop-shop cookbook. Everyday soups have never been so simple—or so incredibly delicious. 

From the author of the bestselling Platters and Boards comes this versatile collection of 85+ go-to recipes for soups, soup fixings, and more. Plus 100 beautiful photos that will make you instantly...

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Featured Reviews

Every Season is Soup Season by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel

I'm so excited about this cookbook! I'm always looking for new soup recipes. It starts with about 20 pages of general information about soups - equipment, flavors, serving and storing. It is organized by season and includes two additional sections including soup enhancers and accompaniments.

What I really like is that each soup recipe is followed by another recipe that provides a twist on using the soup recipe.

The cookbook includes a clear table of contents as well as an index, and the photography is beautiful. I appreciate the mix of familiar soups as well as a good number with new ingredient combinations.

Thank you to #Netgalley and Chronicle Books for a free copy of #EverySeasonIsSoupSeason by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

5 stars

I loved this cookbook! I love soups and o struggle finding soups outside of the basics, here is a book with amazing and delicious recipes. These recipes range from easy to fairly complex. Also, there is more than just soup in this book, I saw deviled eggs, nachos, Mac and cheese and more.

We tried the orange carrot and ginger soup and it was splendid, I think this is a must have for my home shelf,

Was this review helpful?

Every Season is Soup Season by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel is fantastic!
Each season has a chapter dedicated to soups (and more) that capture the essence of the season. There are a couple of chapters at the end for soup enhancers and accompaniments (like amazing breads!!).
What I love in this book are the ease of the recipes and the stunning pictures! Even foods or flavors I don’t normally enjoy had such compelling descriptions and pictures, I’d be willing to try again! While the recipes provide vegetarian bases, there are many options for adding meat. Standard and metric measurements are provided.
The equipment guide is actually really helpful because there are many ways to go about making soups, stews, chili, etc… I also found the flavor guide a great tool for troubleshooting and enhancing the final product.
I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley and all opinions expressed are solely my own, freely given.

Was this review helpful?

I love to make soups so I was excited to read through this. And it’s very creative. It’s not just a soup recipe. It has additional recipes that you can make with the soup. For example, there is a master soup recipe, but then they will give you a mac and cheese recipe that will use some of the leftovers to make a whole new dish. It’s very clever. This is also broken down into the four seasons of the year, which is helpful with vegetables that are in season. Overall, this is really clever.

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy- this is my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This is definitely a cookbook I will be picking up on release. There is a variety of flavor and recipes in this book, and I love that it was separated into seasons. The recipes were perfectly curated, and I love that there are options and tips for variation as well.

The photography is beautiful and some of the pictures piqued my interest enough to try recipes I wouldnt have thought of prior,

I am excited to try some of the recipes, especially the Chickpea Noodle Soup and the Roasted Root Vegetable & Dumpling recipes.

Was this review helpful?

If you like soup, then I think this is the book for you! Organized by season, which is something I particularly enjoy in cookbooks and cooking, there's a great bit of variety in terms of flavor and texture. Every soup is vegetarian, but they all also offer a tip on how to add meat if that's what you'd prefer! There are also often tips on soup toppers (included at the end) that you can make to add on to the soup, particularly after day one to mix it up.

What I thought was particularly cool (and something I wish more cookbooks did!) was that after a good chunk of the recipes, there were "bonus" non-soup recipes that all used the previous soup as some component--essentially ways to use leftover soup in non-soup ways if you're somebody who can't eat the same thing multiple days in a row. And the leftover remixes were super (souper?) clever and unique, too, like Cauliflower & Gruyere Soup turning into a sort of faux Biscuits and Gravy, or Broccoli-Cheddar Soup turning into a pasta bake.

Every recipe had at least one photo, and I found the layout to be very clear and aesthetically pleasing. I also really liked that she included storage instructions at the end of the recipe, and whether the soup could be frozen well. I do most of my cooking for one, and I thought this cookbook did a great job of making recipes feel more manageable and accessible for solo cooking with the approach to leftovers here. There were also a couple of dessert recipes, which was fun and I didn't expect, but several of them sounded quite good!

If you like soup, particularly if you don't eat much meat or want more veggie options in your life, I'd definitely recommend this one!

Was this review helpful?

If you like soup, this is a great recipe book with the most stunning pictures! It is so much more than just soup! For each recipe, you are also given another use for the soup...whether it be the base or a topping for another main dish. A great way to use leftovers! In addition to that, the author provides recipes for Enhancers and Accompaniments to pair with the soups. Each recipe also comes with either a quick fix or meat suggestion to add variety. The book is divided by season taking advantage of seasonal produce. Most important to me, these recipes use easy to find ingredients, and the steps are easy to follow! I absolutely love this recipe book and highly recommend!

Was this review helpful?

As someone who loves making soups and stews and also primarily cooks vegetarian at home, "Every Season Is Soup Season" is quite literally everything that I could want in a soup-centric cookbook and more. I loved how the recipes were broken up by season. I loved how every recipe had a follow-up recipe that allowed for repurposing, adding a nice dose of savings and also variety to the book. I loved all the added enhancers at the very end, I loved the variety, I loved all of the helpful tips scattered about, I loved how meat is an easy addition in many of these dishes but nothing more.....the list goes on and on. This book is not only an incredible delight, but at least for my own kitchen this is a genuine must-have.

Was this review helpful?

Outstanding collection of interesting soups! And much, much more.

How many soup recipes also tell you how to use that extra cup or two of left over soup? This book does. Fascinating ideas for a second meal. For instance, one of the recipes that caught my interest is the Sweet Potato & Leek Peanut Stew. On the following page, you'll find a recipe for Spicy Peanut Noodle Stir Fry, which uses 2 cups of the soup! This book is chock-full of such recipes and I think it's a fantastic idea - one that never before occurred to me!

Also useful is a flavor guide to subtly change the soup to make it your own. And what to do if the soup is too salty, too spicy, too acidic for your taste. How about interesting accompaniments? Yes, those are in here too.

This book is a gem!

Was this review helpful?

If you like soup and variety of ingredients then pick up this cookbook. Broken up by seasons (includes farm fresh vegetables) Hot Cold soup and even better yet what to do with left over soup. By recreating dishes with leftover soup this book can definitely be for a smaller family or a family that just does not like to eat leftovers. The vibrant photos and creative recipes will keep the reader entranced and ready to pull out the Dutch oven and start cooking. The book also includes recipes/ways to "fancy up" with additional toppings. This all inclusive soup book is an amazing array of flavors and recipes that you will definitely be trying as soon as you crack the binding.

Publish Date - Sept 19n 2023 Just in time to try the fall recipes

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publishers.

Was this review helpful?

Loved the fun twists on soup in this book! I really enjoyed the soup recipes and loved that you could repurpose the soup into an additional different meal - from pasta, to dips, to frittatas, and so much more!

Thank you, Netgalley and Chronicle Books, for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

This book is a delight!!! EVERY single recipe has a picture! Why cookbooks were ever published without pictures is beyond me. I cannot Wait to try these creative flavor profiles, such as the black bean soup with orange and cumin and the purple cabbage with dill.

What I love the most was that the author included ways to repurpose leftover soup into different recipes- like the pumpkin and white bean soup with brown butter sage being repurposed into a mac m cheese with brussel sprouts?! Brilliant.

Every Season is Soup Season is a great book. 10/10 would approve

Was this review helpful?

I love cookbooks that are arranged seasonally. This is one I definitely plan on buying when it is available in print.

Was this review helpful?

I love cook books and soups are one of my favorite meals. The color images, detailed instructions not only on now to prepare and cook the meal but also how to properly store it was incredible

Was this review helpful?

This is a nice soup cookbook with a couple of creative twists. The recipes are divided by season, allowing you to focus on seasonal ingredients. It also includes lots of recipes to use the leftover soup in pasta dishes and such. There are lots of photos.

The recipes are a little bit frou frou, using a lot of ingredients like creme freche, oranges and Gruyère. They also use a lot of wheat and dairy, making them trickier for those with allergies and on special diets like vegan or paleo. I deducted one star for the lack of nutritional information. I pretty much don’t even consider a cookbook that doesn’t contain this information.

All in all, it’s an appetizing collection of recipes, though most didn’t particularly appeal to me or meet my family’s dietary needs.

I read a temporary digital version of this book via NetGalley.

Was this review helpful?

This is the perfect soup cookbook! I love that the author broke the recipes up by season. I also like how much thought was put into how each recipe is presented. The author gives you a soup recipe, but also gives you tips on how to amp it up (especially for people who eat meat as all of the recipes are vegetarian), how to use leftovers to make another meal, different options for cookware, and also how to store your soup.

The visuals are absolutely stunning. All of the food looks delicious, but aesthetic pictures of the outdoors, table settings, etc. are also included.

I can't wait to try the Gruyere, Cauliflower, & Potato Soup as well as the Coconut Pumpkin Curry Red Lentil Stew!

I'd highly recommend this for soup lovers and vegetarians (although I think this book has a recipe for almost anyone).

*e-ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

*Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Pub date: September 19, 2023

So…I love soup. It can get repetitive sometimes though, and I can’t wait to try out more of these recipes in the coming months. This has a good balance of unique new recipes and some classics, with different cooking methods, sample menus, and accompaniments. My absolute favorite part of this cookbook are the recipes after each soup recipe that repurpose the soup into a completely new dish. As someone who often only cooks for 1-2 people, I can only eat the same thing so many times before wanting to throw it out. Instead of being wasteful, one soup can now be made into exciting new dishes! This sparked my creativity and my excitement for cooking again!

Was this review helpful?

I am so excited about this cookbook. I've been talking about it a lot lately and preordered a physical copy.

I love that the recipes are vegetarian with various options for meat toppings that can be added. I'm not vegetarian myself, but I occasionally enjoy a meatless meal. My partner is uninterested in dinner if meat isn't involved. It almost feels like this was written for us! Most soup recipes are followed by a "New Twist" recipe that gives you ideas of how to repurpose your leftovers. Various cooking and freezing instructions are given for each recipe allowing you to use a stove top, slow cooker, or instant pot. I cannot wait to have this book in my hands. This just might be the Christmas gift I'm giving this year!

Was this review helpful?

Okay first, the pictures in this book are absolutely beautiful! I also love that every recipe has the option to be meatless or with meat. Along with recipes for soup it has lots of useful information too. I love that the recipes are sorted by season. I Will definitely be making lots of these!!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for my copy. This book was such a surprise and joy to read!
Loved the soup enhancer and accompaniments areas. I find it so cute and real that the whole book is veg and her husband is the one giving the protein recs, and it is done in such a respectful way.

Menu ideas were brilliant! This is so much more than a cookbook. Everything does look amazing but it actually teaches you to build flavor profiles.

Fall and Winter were my faves. Fall with its yummy comfort, and Winter so very decadent.

#EverySeasonIsSoupSeason #NetGalley

Was this review helpful?

Soup is one of my favorite foods so reviewing this book was a no-brainer. Not only does it have fabulous soup recipes, there are so many others as well.

This book is well organized, has great pictures and delicious recipes. It's a total winner and I can't wait to make some of these on my own.

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC. I voluntarily chose to review it and the opinions contained within are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a unique book! The book includes recipes not just recipes for soups, but ramen, lentils, and more.

The book is broken down by season showing just how versatile soups can be throughout the year. There's beautiful pictures and the recipes are easy to follow. There's tips on how to adapt the recipe for a crock pot or other cooking method on some recipes.

Overall a great find!

Was this review helpful?

I love this soup cookbook! There’s so many different types of soups. There’s so many tips and hacks for flavors. I love that there’s pictures of each dish so if you are the type to choose a soup based off the look then this is the cookbook for you! My favorite is the minestrone soup! I can’t wait to make this for dinner soon! I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who loves soups or just loves to cook in general!

Was this review helpful?

In a word... YUM!

This is the perfect book to take your soup loving from just Fall/Winter to all seasons.

My family really enjoyed all the recipes we tried. It even helped us change up a few favorites!

If you love soup like my family does, you need this cookbook in your kitchen.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley and Chronicle Books!
I am so excited to try out the recipes in this book! There is a huge variety of soups for the different seasons and desired flavors. The book is absolutely beautiful and the photos look stunning. My favorite thing about this book is how it breaks down each soup for taste as well as the additional recipes you can make with the soup.

Was this review helpful?

I just reviewed Every Season Is Soup Season by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel. #EverySeasonIsSoupSeason #NetGalley
[NetGalley URL]
There are so many good recipes in this book! I can't wait to try the Smores Soup in the dessert section!

Was this review helpful?

Vegetarian soup cookbook with chapters divided by season. In many cases, what makes these soups vegetarian is the use of vegetable broth instead of meat-based broths, but that is easy to change. A great feature i that each soup has one or more bonus recipes that use the same ingredients, or even the soup for an additional dish.

Was this review helpful?

This is a fantastic book! My family is a huge soup lover so I am always looking for different soup recipes. These recipes are easy to make. I also loved the photography in this book. It makes you want to get in the kitchen and start cooking!

Was this review helpful?

I cannot get over how most of these soup recipes have a second recipe that uses up some of the leftovers because we all know it's impossible to make a small amount of soup. I was really into soups this last winter so I cannot wait to test out more recipes next winter! And to test out some of the summer recipes!

Was this review helpful?

I love soup!

This cookbook gives a range of interesting soup recipes- some classics and some new! These recipes are all vegetarian, with advice for how to add meat or fish as desired.

Most of the soup recipes are followed with ideas/recipes for how to use leftovers for that particular recipe. This is a great idea! Especially when you just have a small amount left- finding ways to repurpose the soup into something new is genius!

Overall, I would say this cookbook is best for people looking for vegetarian adaptations of classic American soup recipes. Several of the recipes sound good to me, but I am not really looking for new recipes for things like French onion soup, broccoli cheddar, tomato soup, etc.

Was this review helpful?

Souper Adaptable!

I love the way this book is structured because it arranges recipes by season and encourages seasonal eating. But, you’re not held to that…it’s merely a suggestion. Seasonal eating allows the cook to buy produce and other ingredients when they are at their peak and most affordable. There is so much more to love about this cookbook though. The recipes are original and can be used as a base with which to build the next recipe. The Worcels have also provided recipes for enhancements to their soup recipes and accompaniments. I really appreciated the fact that they also touched on storage and preservation methods for their recipes. This is a very user-friendly cookbook with loads of color photos and easy-to-read and use instructions for all skill levels. I’m so excited to make the dark chocolate s’more soup over the summer. It sounds so yummy! My thanks to #ShellyWesterhausenWorcel, #WyattWorcel, #ChronicleBooks, and #NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Who doesn't love a good soup?! I love that this cookbook not only provides delicious soup recipes for every season, but also gives you different ways to use those soups in other delicious dishes. Summer is a tough time to even think about soup, but this cookbook has me wanting to try some delicious soup recipes to keep my family and myself cool in the heat. However, I am also rooting for fall/winter to come quick to try some warm soups and chilis, too! Not to mention the dessert soups! So delicious.

Was this review helpful?

Stunning pictures ! This cook book is beautiful and entices hunger by just looking at the pages .
I loved the idea of providing the recipe of the soup and then what to do with the left overs . I don’t know why more haven’t thought of it because I love the idea. It really helps with leftovers and honestly saving money since my kids don’t like leftovers but loved the new dishes created with the leftover . A new favorite is the coconut pumpkin red lentil stew . Thank you !
I will now be using this cook book regularly.
Thank you to Netgalley for a free copy.

Was this review helpful?

This is your guide to everything soup. These soups are divided into seasons so if you are trying to use fresh ingredients this will help you out. There is an introduction section that is broken down into how you can freshen up leftover, equipment guide, flavor guide, serving, storing and freezing guide. Then the recipes! There's something for ever flavor pallet you might have. There are recipes included to go along with the soups. One I want to try is stovetop pumpkin mac & cheese with roasted brussels sprouts. This includes three of the things I enjoy all together. These recipes will broaden you horizon food wise. If you are adventurous you will love trying some of these new recipes.

Was this review helpful?

As a soup lover, I am so excited to try some of these amazing recipes. I love the beautiful pictures of not only the food but nature. There are some great ideas on how toy can reuse leftover soup for additional meal ideas as well as some great tips on serving and saving your leftovers. The recipes are all vegetarian with tips on how to add different proteins and meats.

Was this review helpful?

I've always been a firm believer that soup is an always kinda food. Today is a dreary, gross, rainy day and this book definitely helped brighten my day so much. I had all the ingredients on hand already for the Broccoli Cheddar Soup and it turned out delicious! There's a follow-up recipe that includes the soup as an ingredient for a broccoli cheddar pasta dish and I couldn't be more excited to try it out.

The recipes in this book are well-written, easy to follow, and also so yummy! The pictures are also gorgeous, like scrolling through one of those fancy foodie Instagram pages.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book ahead of release in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of “Every Season is Soup Season” by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel. All opinions all my own.

This cookbook is such a good idea!! I love the title. The photography is beautiful, vibrant images of delicious looking food. The receipts are unique and I can’t to try some of them.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. I love soup! I love lamp! This book has a lot of delicious soup recipes. I’m not one to follow recipes. I like to get ideas from cook books then make them to my liking. This book is full of great ideas. I especially like how they give suggestions on how to use leftovers to make a new dish.

Was this review helpful?

I was looking for a good soup cookbook. I chose to make asparagus soup and it turned out very good. Simple enough to follow the recipe. I only viewed this book for Kindle but it's bet it even prettier in print, especially the pictures. I was also interested in the black bean soup but it required a kitchen gadget that I do not own so I wish there had been an adaption available for that recipe. Next, time I think I'll make the chowder.

Was this review helpful?

I am a big fan of soups and a professional chef for a living, so this seemed like a fun cookbook for me to check out! When going into the subject of soups, I wasn't expecting anything mind blowing. I figured it would mostly be tried and true classics with beautiful pictures. While that was partially accurate, I think this book actually goes quite a bit farther.

This book contains a great balance of old classics and unique soups. There were some soups in here that were quite unique to me, which surprised me. I also loved some new twists on old favorites like chili.

I also loved that this book used unique, but easy to make garnishes for each dish. Professional kitchens use garnishes, oils, etc. to make dishes pop, so this is teaching home cooks the basic steps to doing that.

And possibly my favorite thing about this book is the way each soup is repurposed in a second recipe. EX: Turning a tomato soup into a vodka sauce or a broccoli cheddar soup into a baked pasta dish. It allows you to take one night of cooking and turn it into multiple meals, which I love.

The photos in this are also spectacular! Soup can be hard to photograph since there isn't as many height layers, but this was done so well in this book! It would make a great coffee table book.

*Thank you to Netgalley, Shelly Westerhausen Worcel, and Chronicle Books for the advance copy. This in no way affects the objectivity of my review.

Was this review helpful?

This was an interesting cookbook! I often say that I could eat soup every day if I could. This cookbook had lots of recipes for different soups and recipes for things you can make with your soups. While I didn’t try any of the recipes (yet), they appear to be straightforward and clear. Can’t wait to make some soup!

Was this review helpful?

Wow I loved this cookbook. There were two things that set apart this cookbook for me (other that the amazing photos):
1. Recipes separated by season.
Obviously you can make whatever soup you want whenever you want, but I'd see a recipe and automatically think "oh yeah, that totally is a spring soup." In the summer, you aren't going to want to spend too much time on the hot stove top, so you'll want something faster than a winter soup that can sit a simmer for hours.
2. Its not just soup *gasp*
There were ideas for sides to serve with it or ways to make the soup go further (i.e. scoop out the bits and serve as a topping on toast)

This was fun and and a cookbook I can definitely see myself actually using.

Was this review helpful?

I can't wait to try out these recipes and I what I really enjoyed flipping through the pages is that the recipes are easy to follow with mostly staple ingredients. I also loved the photos.

Was this review helpful?

There are so many fantastic easy to make recipes in this book. Looking through the pages had my mouth watering and craving all the hearty comforting foods featured in Soup Season. I loved that the book had more than just your traditional soups, there's recipes for pastas, dips, salads and more. The Ricotta gnocchi with Vodka Sauce, the smoky french lentil soup, the caramelised onion ramen, and the savoury corn-poblano pudding particularly caught my attention. The book features great retro inspired photography that makes every dish look delicious. I imagine soup would be a hard to make look appetising in photos, yet they certainly have! It features a flavour guide which helps you to create a balanced soup, along with tips on what to do when the flavours not quite right. I'm guilty of making my soups too salty and really liked that Soup Season had easy tips to fix those little cooking errors. There's also tips for storing and freezing, some soup enhancing add on recipes, seasonal menu ideas, some colourful fun graphics between the pages, and easy to read recipe layouts. Soup Season would make the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Was this review helpful?

Firstly, I'd like to thank the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an eARC of this cookbook in exchange for an honest review!

I will say this book ALMOST hit the mark for me. I didn't quite like the way it was divided into season, although I do kind of understand why it was done that way.

WHAT I FREAKING LOVED is that it gave you recipes to use leftover soup, which is especially helpful with ones that aren't freezer friendly. Not only that, but it let you know if a soup was freezer friendly or not, which was helpful when meal prepping.

The few recipes I tried were tasty, I look forward to trying a few more!

Was this review helpful?

How can you go wrong with a book about soup? A few years ago my goal was to get really good at making soup and I wish I had this book then! There are a lot of good recipes and better yet, some tips to how to make the best soup ever.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely love soup and this book does not disappoint! It's really cool how the soup recipe ingredients are used in different forms as well. For example, the Potato and Pea stew becomes fritters!! The recipes move through the seasons so you can eat soup all year and I loved the added bonus of soup add-ons at the end.

Was this review helpful?

If you know anything about me, you know this title is all I need to be intrigued.

The book is divided seasonally and I guess because it will be published September 19 we start off strong with fall and the first recipe: Gruyère, Cauliflower, and Potato Soup! It is as mouthwatering as it sounds and it includes pickled mustard seeds! Game changer!

I am aware that this review already has too many exclamation marks, but wait there's more! Worcel also includes "new twists" for the soups. They are ways to repurpose your leftover soup and the Gruyère, Cauliflower, and Potato Soup can be used to make Gruyère, Cauliflower, and Potato "Gravy" that you can drizzle over biscuits and eggs!

Fall also includes a Pumpkin and White Bean Soup with Brown Butter Sage, Smoked Paprika Tortilla Soup, and my favorite from this section: Coconut Pumpkin Curry Red Lentil Stew.

Winter has a French Onion Soup. I know what you are thinking. Basic, right? Maybe, but the new twist is a a French Onion Strata Bake which is like a savory bread pudding! Honestly the winter offerings are not as exciting as the fall recipes, but I'd still like to try the Potato & Pea Stew with Indian Spices, the Sweet Potato & Leek Peanut Stew (and its New Twist: Spicy Peanut Noodle Stir Fry), and the Roasted Root Vegetables and Dumpling Soup (which can be used to make Dumpling Frittata with Gruyère).

I love a black-bean soup and spring includes a Pressure Cooker Black Bean Soup with Orange and Cumin. I'm not sure how I feel about orange in my black-bean soup, but I am willing to try it and will update this review when I do. Spring also brings a Caramelized Spring Onion Ramen, a Smoky French Lentil Soup with White Balsamic Reduction (that can be repurposed into a Rice & Lentil Pilaf with Pickled Raisins and Pistachios), and a Spring Vegetable Chowder.

Summer also starts off strong with a Gazpacho Verde with Ginger Vinaigrette that can be reused in a Tomato-Cucumber Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette & Verde Sauce. This is followed by a more classic Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho that, and here's where it gets interesting, can be used as a mixer to create a Bloody Maria with Pickled Watermelon Wedges! then there's the Summer Garden Minestrone that can be used to make Loaded Quinoa Burgers; a Corn & Roasted Poblano Chowder that can be used to make Corn & Roasted Poblano Fritters; and last but not least, a soup that's not really a soup: Dark Chocolate S'mores Soup.

The book finishes with two additional sections that feature recipes for soup enhancements (frizzled shallots, pickled mustard seeds, honeyed-feta with black & white sesame seeds, fennel-rye croutons, etc.) and accompaniments (peach-poblano slaw, lemon-poppyseed popovers, sun-dried tomato and manchego biscuits, brown butter pumpkin cornbread, etc).

Writing down these recipe names I realize that many are, in fact, basic; but that does not take away that from the fact that they are delicious. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo of the finished product which I always appreciate.

Was this review helpful?

I love soup no matter what time of year. It's a great way to use any extra veggies or meat we have after ledtovers have become boring. This book has several recipes that look amazing. I can't wait to actually make them. There are some that I will never try as well. Over all a pretty good book on soup.

Was this review helpful?

I am in total agreement with the author of this wonderful cookbook. It is always a good time for a yummy bowl of soup no matter the temp outside. This is good for all levels of cook. The author shares all of the basics of soup making, divides the recipes into season per her thinking, writes easy to follow delicious recipes (I've made quite a few already) and gives ideas of how to tailor then based on our own tastes as well with how to repurpose any leftovers. All the recipes are vegetarian, but with ideas and suggestions as to adding various proteins and enhance with toppers as well. What I really like about this book is it allows and endorses creativity and ways to use some leftovers to create something new and delicious eliminating waste. Lovely photography accompanies the recipes, I’ve made quite a few already and they’ve been a big hit. A great cookbook for any kitchen, but this would also make a wonderful gift. I know everyone just googles everything this days, but there is something special about a collection of cookbooks and this belongs on everyones shelf.

Was this review helpful?

I love a good soup book! This one separates soup by season but I never hold a soup to that. Soup should not be limited to a time of year. I always do soup by cravings.

What did I like? So I bookmarked a few soups to try. Broccoli and cheese, corn chowder, and French onion are a great place to start! I like to see what people do to make this soup their own. Plus it’s always delicious!

Would I recommend or buy? I think this book had quite a few different soups to offer. Nice pictures and some soup favorites make me want a copy for myself. I’d recommend to people looking to try a few soups outside basic ones. I enjoyed looking at and deciding which ones to try.

I received a complimentary copy to look at and offer a opinion.

Was this review helpful?

The title and the cover is the first thing that caught my eye. The soups look so delicious that I just had to give this cookbook a try. It's winter time where I am right now, Australia, which is weird to say since it is July and I am used to it being Summer. A nice soup is good sounding and tasting when the weather is a bit cold, especially with the high winds we have been having. A good soup warms you all the way through the bones.

The Table of Contents organizes all the soups by Season, which is something that I have not seen before. It also includes a section for soup enhancers and accompaniments. There were not a lot of soups in the cookbook that I found I wanted to try, but a few such as the roasted tomato soup, smoked paprika tortilla soup, french onion soup, and cream of asparagus to name a few. I am not a super adventurous person when it comes to my soups, I like them basic where I can taste everything and some of these were just too much for me or we couldn't try as they contain peanuts.

Each recipe comes with a picture and the pictures make you want to eat the soup right out of the book. You really do eat with your eyes first in this case. Just looking at the pictures make me hungry. The recipes are easy to follow and for the most part they include ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. I enjoyed that the ingredients included were primarily fresh whole ingredients including the homemade vegetable broth recipe that is included. My family and I are trying to eat less processed foods and this cookbook makes that easier.

The recipes included in the book will have quick fix suggestions, alternative cooking method instructions such as using a pressure cooker, and instructions for how to store. The author makes sure that these items are easy to identify by the use of the pointing finger or the brightly colored box for the quick fix suggestions.

There are no nutritional information, which is something that I wish all cookbooks had in additional to pictures. It does give you the approximate servings for each recipe, which is always helpful to know. There are some random photos of landscaping or people, which I felt was unnecessary for a cookbook.

Rating: 3 out of 5 because I am certainly going to give some of these recipes a try. I just wish they had the nutritional information. As mentioned above, I also felt that there were some unnecessary photos.

Was this review helpful?

This is a really nice book! I am a huge soup lover so receiving this ARC was super-exciting to me! Great recipes, but what is really cool are to the photographs! The scenery pics help set the mood for soup and are beautifully shot. Not to mention the actual soup pics! I am definitely buying this in hardback when it comes out just to have a copy and add it to my cookbook collection. But, back to the recipes. The Chipotle Cocoa Three-Bean Chili is divine! I think my other favorite was the Smoked Paprika Tortilla Soup and we even did the leftovers the next night in the Nachos. Nachos? What? Just buy the book! If you are a true soup lover, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you to #NetGalley, Shelly Westerhausen Worcel and Chronicle Books for this ARC. All opinions are my own.
I will publish my review to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Instagram and various other retail and social media sites upon publication.

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Who knew there were so many different soups? Such creative recipes. Sure to be something for everyone's taste. Check out, EVERY SEASON IS SOUP SEASON.

Was this review helpful?

I like that the recipes are separated by season and that the graphics look amazing. I'm not too big of a soup person but I did enjoy these recipes.

Was this review helpful?

I’m usually only a fan of soup in the colder months but some of the spring and summer ones sound sound good! I love the layout and the recipes are easy enough to follow along. The pictures of the soups and food are clear and look absolutely delicious. I also really like how there are recipes to repurpose your leftovers and recipes for sides to accompany or enhance your soup.

Definitely recommend for anyone who loves soup, cooking, and easy meals to gift others

Was this review helpful?

Shelly Westerhausen Worcel's "Every Season is Soup Season" is a soup recipe book with suggestions for soups and meals using those soups organized by season. The recipes are vegetarian, but the book includes information on meats to add to the soups if you prefer them that way.

As someone who cannot eat canned soup due to the preservatives in them, I especially liked that there were recipes that used the homemade soups to make a non soup meal. Everything from Savory Sesame-Carrot Oatmeal (which uses homemade roasted vegetable broth and carrot-orange ginger soup) to Broccoli-Cheddar Soup added to the pasta bake recipe.

The book has gorgeous photography and all of the recipes have at least one picture. The recipes look delicious and doable for the average cook. I will be trying out some of these recipes as this book has made me really hungry for soup!

Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This is more than a book of soup recipes. It also includes a recipe to use the soup in. So you get two for the price of one. Also included are accompanying breads, salads, and sauce recipes.

Was this review helpful?

I saw this on Netgalley and I was so excited that it was a ‘Read Now.’ This will be a cookbook that I will own! I’ve got quite the cookbook collection going but I cannot wait for this one.

I love soup and I know that I don’t really get as much in the Spring and Summer but there are some great options here. Mostly, my husband will not eat soup if it’s hot out. haha, There are many of your classic soups and a lot of new ideas too. One of the best things about this book is that there are options for other things to make with the leftover soup. Let me say that again, there are other meals to make from the leftovers!! I think this is such a brilliant thing to offer in a cookbook! I’m not sure how successful a lot of the second meals would be because I have freeze a lot of soup now, but it’s great to have that option. One that I really can’t wait to try is the Broccoli Cheese soup that gets repurposed into baked Broccoli Cheddar Pasta!

There are also a lot of really great-sounding mix-ins to add to your soups too. Many of them can be homemade like grilled-cheese croutons. There are tips for freezing and using different cooking methods, like an instant pot.

If you like soups anytime or just in the fall/winter then check this one out!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Chronicle Books for an e-arc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Special thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review. I absolutely loved this book, the pictures were beautiful and the recipes are outstanding, I want to try every single one! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to try their hand at cooking more. In addition to soup, I love how a few other recipes were included that pair well with the soups.

Was this review helpful?

Cookbook: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

I loved how the soups were focused on Seasons as well as some details about storying and freezing your soups properly. Also, the photos are just stunning! They are giving me a modern 70s vibe and the colors, 😍😍!

My favorite from each season:
Fall - Gruyere, Cauliflower & Potato Soup; Yes! Cauliflower is one of my top 3 favorite veggies!
Winter - French Onion Strata Bake; I love how they took one of their soup recipes and gave it a "new twist".
Spring - Red Cabbage Soup with Creme Fraiche and Dill; This dish looks stunning!!!
Summer - Summer Garden Minestrone; I actually made this last night for dinner and it was soooo tasty!

NetGalley provided Every Season is Soup Season eBook; thank you, NetGalley and Chronicle Books, for the copy in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Soup really IS for every season. It's my favorite food, and I am a sucker for every soup-centric cookbook. The book separates the soups into seasons and follows each season with a little suggestion following each season.

Was this review helpful?

NETGALLEY REVIEW | Every Season is Soup Season by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel

⭐️ Rating: 5/5
🏷️ Genre: cookbook, food, nonfiction
📝 Review: as a self proclaimed SOUP GIRLIE this cookbook had it all for me. I love, love, LOVE, that the author not only had a soup recipe but the following recipe after that was a way to repurpose the leftover soup for an entirely new meal. I think that is an amazing concept and they executed it wonderfully. I loved the little tidbits and inspiring ideas sprinkled throughout and the photos in between recipes of their home and beautiful scenery made this an even more inviting, cozy cookbook.
✔️ Final Thoughts: excellent recipes but an issue I had was there weren’t common suggestions for less-common ingredients
📚 Recommending: yes! Will also likely be purchasing for myself after publishing.

Was this review helpful?

Soup lovers will be a fan of this. Lots of variety and divided up by seasons, which is so helpful. The photos are so pretty too and there is one for each recipe, which for me personally is a must in a cookbook. The intro pages are great and I liked that it talks about how to store extra soup/leftovers etc.

Was this review helpful?

Every Season is Soup Season is a wonderful collection of recipes (and beautiful, mouthwatering pictures) with soup options for any season! Tons of variety in these pages. I love that there are little additions to many recipes for adjustments to the recipe, or ideas for leftovers to make them different! Also, there are many vegetarian recipes with a meat option, so they can be used by everyone. This is a must for every household!

Thanks Netgalley for the opportunity to review this eARC in exchange for my honest review on the book!

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed the recipes in this book my only hitch with it was that while I usually love pictures, this was VERY heavy on them. A lot didn’t have to do with the recipes, they were more atmospheric, which is nice but I felt it was over loaded and I wanted more recipes. The “new twist” on the recipes was fantastic though and my favorite part of the book. Love being able to do a whole new dish with leftovers, makes it more fun.

Was this review helpful?

Every once in awhile having a soup dish is nice, especially in the cooler month so I was hoping to find more soup recipes with this cookbook. The ingredients are listed in the left side on the page with the directions on the right. For some of the steps, there are times when it is short and others where there is more to read (it is easier to read the longer steps zoomed in while cooking with the ebook version). For the most part the recipes use ingredients that would be in season in either spring/summer/fall/winter; however, would have like to see more of a variety in the season vegetables. There are images of the dishes and some non-recipe images that I personally didn't care to see.

There are a couple recipes that seemed interesting at first glance. If looking for some different soup recipes for a certain season, then could be a good one to check out. However, for me I didn't find as many recipes that I would want to make as I was hoping with this cookbook.

Was this review helpful?

Soup to warm your soul throughout the seasons is something Shelly Westerhausen Worcel gives us in "Every Season is Soup Season."

With clear instructions and beautiful images, this book will make you want to make soup - glorious soup. And if that wasnt enough, Worcel throws in nibbles and desserts as well. This is a book families, couples and individuals will want to take a look at when planning their next meal.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for sharing an advanced copy with me.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely love homemade soup, so I was incredibly excited to find this book. I found the recipes incredibly easy to read and I don’t think I will have any issue following them.

I very much appreciated the flavor guide to correct the dishes when the seasoning is off. I have needed this in my life for a very long time.

I generally think of soup as a fall or winter food and it not something I tend to make in warmer seasons as much as I love it. I was thrilled to see this was set up by the season and there are lots of options that are refreshing and feel like something I will want to eat even when I am suffering through the heat of the south in the summer.

Excuse me, I need to stop writing this review so I can go grocery shopping because now I need soup.

Was this review helpful?

This book was a delight to read. The variety of soup recipes provided give the reader many delicious options to choose from. The ingredients were easy to find and the recipes were easy to follow

Was this review helpful?

I was wanting to get into making soups for my lunch and this wonderful book showed up. This is the best kind of meal prep, in my opinion. I can’t wait to work through the rest of the book!

Was this review helpful?

Every Season Is Soup Season by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel contains delicious soup recipes. For every season and for every palette. Full of some easy recipes and some a bit more complicated. Side dishes are just as good.
Easy to follow.

Was this review helpful?

Every Season is Soup Season. I agree! Although I tend to cook the bulk of my soups in the Fall & Winter...there are times that I just want soup no matter the temperature outside. This book has a section dedicated to each of the four seasons and over 80 recipes. There is really something for everyone!

In addition to the recipes themselves there are tons of helpful tips throughout. Like what to do if you accidentally made your soup too spicy or how to know how much soup to prepare for a crowd. What meat might go best in each soup & the tastiest way to reheat leftovers. There are also many recipes that have ideas on how to repurpose your leftovers. Pumpkin soup becomes pumpkin deviled eggs and a tortilla soup becomes a main component of baked nachos.

I especially loved the soup enhancers section...the salads and breads look amazing and would make a great side for any of the book's soups!

Colorful pages, easy to follow instructions, and healthy whole food ingredients. You can tell this book is a labor of love. After countless 100°+ days here in Texas I am more than ready for fall and all the soups...but first up...a bowl, or two, of the summery Corn & Roasted Poblano Chowder is on the menu. 5 stars.

Thank you to Chronicle Books for an ARC of this cookbook in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

As this was a free advance copy, I only had access to it on my phone. It makes it hard to go through so I read the titles of several soups and just tried those. That being said, some of the recipes were quite good. I liked the recipe ideas for the leftovers even better than the soup in certain instances. The Gruyere, cauliflower and potato soup was good but I really liked the leftover recipe where the soup was used over eggs and biscuits. Another left over recipe that stood out was the watermelon gazpacho bloody Mary. I tried about four more recipes that were all good though I admit I added meat to some. (The recipes are vegetable forward). I would definitely recommend this book and will be purchasing a hardcover copy for my cookbook collection.
I received this book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

I am a huge soup fan. I eat it year round so this book was created for me. It is presented in seasonal sections which is nice. It also includes many ideas of how to use the soup recipe to make other dishes. Photos were bright and plentiful. There are usual recipes such as Roasted Tomato but also unusual ones such as Caramelized Cabbage and Barley (can’t wait to make this one). There are also some cold soups and sweet soups. There is a section with suggested menus. Great book for soup lovers!

Was this review helpful?

Every Season is Soup Season exceeded all my expectations! The book was expertly organized, making it easy to find the perfect soup for any time of the year. The stunning photography had me drooling over each luscious bowl of soup, and the best part was discovering recipes I never thought I'd try. The flexibility of the base recipes allowed me to get creative with toppings and fixings, making each bowl a unique and delightful experience. With helpful tips for batching and freezing, using Instant Pot or slow cooker, weeknight cooking became a breeze. This cookbook is a must-have for soup lovers, health-conscious eaters, and busy individuals seeking delicious and nourishing meals without the fuss. From hearty broths to refreshing gazpachos, Every Season Is Soup Season truly makes every day a good day for soup!

Was this review helpful?

"Every Season is Soup Season" is a delightful culinary journey that earns a solid four out of five stars from me. The book's visual appeal is undeniable, thanks to its stunning pictures that vividly capture the essence of each dish. However, my only wish is that there were more soup recipes included, as they are the true star of the show. While the other recipes are still enjoyable, the focus on soups is what truly shines in this collection. Overall, a fantastic addition to any food lover's library, with just a minor longing for more of the delectable soups that make the book shine.

Was this review helpful?

Perfect for everyone who loves soup. The cookbook has great seasonal soup recipes and tips for how to fix common mistakes.

Was this review helpful?

Every Season is Soup Season is a 'comfort' cooking book. It is a perfect cookbook to gift to soup lovers. The book has tummy-filling and tasting soup recipes, along with recipes for the side dishes. The recipes in this book can be used to make a complete meal. The book also lists meat options for meat lovers. The pictures look colorful and appetizing. I am planning to purchase this book to gift to my local library.

Was this review helpful?

Soup is my favorite food group, so Shelly Westerhausen Worcel’s recipe compendium, “Every Season is Soup Season,” is a true hit with me. Like me, it’s never too hot, even in the stifling dog days of an Alabama summer, when a bowl of soup doesn’t satisfy my taste buds. I’m always in the zone for some good to the tummy soup.

Although, Worcel is a vegetarian, and all of her recipes are meat-free, she graciously provides a meat-protein footnote recommendation for those of us who enjoy a little extra ump with our veggies, broth, beans and cheese. In addition, she is a waste not, want not type of cook, and I really appreciate that. Her intriguing cookbook includes recipes on how to use leftover soup in ingenious other recipes.

Examples of her originality include White Bean Chili (one of my all-time favorites) as the primary recipe, followed by a White Bean Tater Tot Hot Dish made with any unused chili—although that would probably never be the case at our house! Each of her primary recipes includes at least one, if not more suggested variations on using leftovers—and that’s not including freezing nor gifting friends with containers of yummy goodness. This is an original and well thought-through approach to cooking, especially in a tight economy where wastefulness is poor choice for all of us.

TheBookMaven graciously thanks NetGalley, Author Shelly Westerhausen Worcel, and Publisher Chronicle Books for this advanced reader’s copy (ARC) for review.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook has so many great features! For one, every recipe starts out vegetarian but also has adaptations to make it with meat as well.

The stunning food photography will inspire you to make a yummy soup no matter what season it is.

Was this review helpful?

One of the reasons I don’t often make a big pot of soup is that there are just two of us and we don’t like to eat the same thing day after day. Shelly Westerhausen Worcel, in her excellent cookbook, Every Season Is Soup Season: 85+ Souper-Adaptable Recipes to Batch, Share, Reinvent, and Enjoy, has come up with solutions to that dilemma, and makes it possible for those with small families or those who shun leftovers to reinvent the soups into different equally mouthwatering dishes.

One thing that is helpful is a page on troubleshooting soup problems, such as too thin or too salty. There are also instructions on storing and freezing soup. Every recipe has helpful hints on adding meat or changing flavors, as well as most have a second or third recipe using the soup in a new dish. All of the recipes aren’t savory; rather, there are also a few dessert soups. All have innovative ways to use up the leftovers. There is also a chapter on soup enhancers such as broth, sauces, croutons, and toppings.

A favorite thing about this cookbook is that there are beautiful, professional photographs that make every soup (as well as the other recipes) look mouthwatering. The soups are garnished and look very appetizing. Other photos include the landscape surrounding where the author lives. Beautiful.

All told, this is one soup cookbook that is unique. The author has a good imagination and makes soups and other dishes that will appeal to everyone. The recipes are easy to follow, and I anticipate using it often.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

The first recipe I tried was the homemade roasted vegetable broth. There are a lot of ingredients but it is so worth the effort. That is a beautiful broth. I cannot wait to use it in the soups I will be trying next. The Smoked Paprika tortilla soup is amazing! The green romesco sauce is so good. My husband loved the summer garden minestrone. There are lots of pictures which I really enjoy. I like knowing how the recipe is supposed to look. It is more than soup, there are sandwiches, salads and burgers too.

Was this review helpful?

I found this to be a really unique soup book. The soup recipes are in chapters by season. Then almost all of the soups have one (and sometimes two) additional recipes to make a completely new dish using some of the leftover soup. All of the soups and revamp recipes have color photos. The intro section has a lot of good info, including how to fix common issues (i.e. too salty or thin). The final two chapters are Enhancers (sauces, toppings) and Accompaniments (salads and bread type items).
Lots of seasonal items and fresh veggies. I can see this book giving lots of inspiration, and I just love the idea of turning leftovers into a totally new recipe.

Was this review helpful?

Where I live the temperatures are still quite warm. Nonetheless, fall is coming and that is when I start to think about soup. This book definitely piqued my interest, especially with its reminder that soup is a meal for all seasons.

Warning! The photos in this book will make you hungry. Within these pages, in addition to the luscious photos, there are over 85 soup recipes. Before getting to those there are several helpful sections, for example, on storing and freezing soup. The recipes that follow are organized by season. Just two examples from each, beginning with fall: Caramelized Cabbage Barley Stew, Butternut Squash & Mushroom Lasagna Soup, French Onion Soup, Chipotle Three-Bean Chili, Spring Vegetable Chowder, Chilled Strawberry-Rhubarb Champagne Soup wit Olive Oil Cake, Dark Chocolate S’more Soup, and Corn & Roasted Potato Soup. The recipes have clear directions and some look pretty easy.

This book is one that would make a great gift. There are so many yummy sounding soups in these pages.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Every Season Is Soup Season by Shelly Westerhausen Worcel has created a mouth watering meat free with 85+ recipes for soups, soup fixings, and more. Along with it are 100 beautiful photos.
This cookbook has easy to make recipes for any occasion of any season.
With detailed recipes, tips for batching and freezing everyone will love making these delicious veggie recipes!
I’m most excited to try the onion soup! Plus many more.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You NetGalley and Chronicle Books for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!

Was this review helpful?

This book of soup recipes is organized by season, thus taking advantage of seasonal crops. The other unique thing about this cookbook is that each soup recipe is followed by one or more recipes that incorporate leftover soup. For instance, Smoky French Lentil Soup with White Balsamic Reduction can be used another day to make a Rice & Lentil Pilaf. I also liked the fact that there are instructions for storing each soup after cooking. The recipes are unique and hearty, yet are healthy with little animal fat. I loved that each recipe was accompanied by a photo of the soup/dish. That's one of my "must haves" for any cookbook. If I can't see it, I won't try the recipe. This would be a great book for anyone who likes to use vegetables at hand from their garden or local market.
Thank you NetGalley and Chronicle Books for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Soup is one of my all time favorite foods so I couldn't resist reading this one. The recipes sound delicious and unique. I can't wait to try them all. I love that the soups are all vegetarian but there are optional suggestions to add meat to each soup. The author of this cookbook is a genius and also provides recipes to make with the leftover soup the next day. There's nothing worse than wasting leftover soup but sometimes you've had your fill of it.

Was this review helpful?

I love soup, so this title immediately grabbed my attention with the beautiful pictures of soups on the cover. Many days soup is a full meal for me. I was thinking when I picked it up that I would love to find a recipe for sausage and lentil soup, and a few others.

Every day is a good day for soup! From broths and gazpachos to chowders and chilis, this flexible cookbook is overflowing with scrumptious soups for every season. These simple base recipes for healthy, yummy soups are easy to prepare and so satisfying. And the best part? You can riff on them endlessly with toppings and fixings—add mini meatballs, grilled cheese croutons, or a handful of grains. Or transform yesterday’s soup into an entirely new Carrot-Orange-Ginger Soup becomes a savory breakfast oatmeal; leftover Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho makes a pitcher of Bloody Marias; French Onion Soup is reinvented as a bubbling, golden strata!

Soup lovers, healthy eaters, and busy parents and professionals will love these veggie-forward recipes that never get old and make weeknight cooking a breeze. Tips for batching and freezing soups and instructions for using an Instant Pot or a slow cooker ensure stress-free meals, with less time in the kitchen and more time at the table. With gorgeous photography and a bonus section on soup accompaniments (think breads, salads, and slaws), Every Season Is Soup Season is a one-stop-shop cookbook. Everyday soups have never been so simple—or so incredibly delicious.

My thoughts:
I didn't find the soup recipes I wanted right away in this book, however I found many ideas for other soups. I didn't realize when I picked it up that all the recipes were for vegetarian soups; the book does give tips on how you can add various meats to the soup recipes, so that was good. I loved the way the book showed after each recipe how you could turn the soup into an entirely different dish for another time. There are lots of beautiful pictures, which is nice because I like to see what something looks like before I take the time to make the dish. The recipes were grouped into the seasons of the year the author felt the soup would be most appreciated. Some of the recipes seemed kind of exotic to me and sometimes I just like basic, hearty soups. This is a good book to keep in the kitchen that provides some great soup ideas.

Thanks to Chronicle Books through Netgalley for an advance copy.

Was this review helpful?

A MUST HAVE cookbook! It is the coolest concept I’ve come across- recipe 1 is a delicious soup. I made Gruyère, Cauliflower, and Potato Soup. Recipe 2 is a way to use leftover soup to transform it into a new creation. I turned my soup into biscuits and gravy topped with 7 minute eggs. DELICIOUS. Saves money on night 2. And shakes up your favorite tastes.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook was truly unique and something different for me. It’s not just another basic cookbook it’s creative and full of so many new ideas that will soon become your favorites. This book was packed with delicious soups along with fun food pairing and creative meals. There wonderful soup recipes and then some added meals to accompany the soup. The author also included cooking advice and guides. Even a flavor guide and tips on serving. There was something special for every season. My favorites from the book are the Roasted Tomato Soup, the Dark Chocolate S’more soup, Loaded Quinoa Burgers and the Triple-Chocolate Rye Brownies. Wonderful pictures show just what to expect from your creations. Soup is a comfort to me,no matter the season and makes me think of my mom and home. This book was so creative and fun and gave me so many new ideas for soup meals. I received as an ARC and I can’t wait to buy and give to my mom. You will enjoy this beautiful cookbook.

Was this review helpful?

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