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When the Last Lion Roars

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Gregory K, Educator

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What a beautiful and absolutely crushing account of the history and fate of one of Earth's great creatures.  Evans' own emotional investment drips off the pages and makes it impossible for the reader to ignore the wondrous sweep of big cat history and presence.  But my goodness, how wretched are we that we will soon wipe these beasts from existence?  To be honest, I wept.  The science is captivating- I got the same nerdy joy I got reading the now classic The Genius of Birds- but it's Evans' true love and admiration for lions that really sold this book for me.  I will be giving it as a gift to multiple people this holiday.  When the Last Lion Roars is an important and timely read.  If you like cats, history, science, or current events- this one's for you.

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