How It Works

NetGalley helps publishers and authors promote digital review copies to book advocates and industry professionals. Publishers make digital review copies and audiobooks available for the NetGalley community to discover, request, read, and review.

NetGalley for Members

NetGalley helps influential readers discover and recommend new books to their audiences. If you are a reviewer, blogger, librarian, bookseller, educator, journalist or other member of the media, you can use NetGalley for free to request, read, and recommend books before they are published.

Your reviews and feedback are essential to publishers and other readers!

Publishers tend to approve requests from members who have a history of providing feedback for books they’ve accessed, and who can demonstrate their reach as an early influencer or reviewer. Members improve their chances of getting approved for more books by providing meaningful reviews, by connecting their accounts to verified industry organizations (ALA, ABA, ALIA (AU), and others), and linking to their blogs, social and Goodreads accounts. Before you get started, read our guidelines on %link3%how to get approved.

Browse our available books and audiobooks from a wide variety of publishers. Members can access their approved books and audiobooks on the free NetGalley Shelf app, or other supported %link3%devices and apps.

NetGalley for Publishers

Publishers use NetGalley to build buzz, receive feedback and reviews, and discover early trends. Our platform connects publishers with reviewers, librarians, booksellers, media, and educators who discover new books on NetGalley and recommend them to their audiences. These book advocates and industry professionals can join and use NetGalley at no cost.

NetGalley is an industry-standard service that delivers secure digital files to approved readers and coordinates closely with publishers on targeted promotions to the hundreds of thousands of members using the site. Publishers receive requests to access their books from NetGalley members in exchange for feedback. Publishers can also invite their own contacts to read their books using a pre-approved link. Members can access their approved books and audiobooks on the free NetGalley Shelf app, or other supported devices and apps. In addition to offering a platform for publishers to connect with a vibrant community of readers and influencers, NetGalley also provides actionable data to help publishers draw correlations between their own efforts and reader engagement.

While there is no charge for our member community to use NetGalley, publishers do pay a set-up fee and a monthly subscription rate depending on their number of active books or audiobooks on the site. We also offer a package for independent authors, and work with marketing and PR firms, as well as other groups who manage book promotions.

Our Concierge Team provides training, strategy, and consultation to help publishers incorporate NetGalley into their overall marketing and publicity efforts. We work with over 300 publishers in North America, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, and Japan to promote and market new books.

NetGalley is part of Firebrand Technologies, which provides leading software and services to help publishers achieve success. To learn more about Firebrand's Title Management Enterprise Software, Eloquence on Demand metadata services, and Eloquence on Alert title performance monitoring service, please visit

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