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Executive Team

Angela Bole - CEO
Shane Archer - Chief Technology Officer
Lindsey Lochner - Executive Vice President
Kristina Radke - VP, Business Growth & Engagement
Mary Pratt - Director of Product Management
Tarah Theoret - Senior Director, Community Experience

NetGalley Experience Team

Kelly Gallucci - Executive Editor, We Are Bookish
Alicia Schaefer - Manager, Community Support
Hallie Fields - Social Media Assistant Manager
Brianna Paulino - Email Marketing Specialist
Alyce Reese - Marketing Specialist
Katie Versluis - Customer Success Manager
Darcy Piedmonte - Senior Sales Manager
Mark O'Brien - Sales Assistant
Megan McCormick - Community Support Agent


Stuart Evers - Director, NetGalley UK
Natalie Fox - Administrative Assistant (UK)
Maria Bodmer - Community Manager & Chargée de Relations Éditeurs
Prudence Servan - Marketing and Administrative Assistant, NetGalley France
Karina Elm - Managing Director (Germany)
Larissa Güth - Director, NetGalley Germany
Karlotta Lehnert - Trainee NetGalley Germany & Readers First
Nobuto Fujiyoshi - Sales Manager (Japan)

NetGalley Technical Team

Darren Shifflett - Engineering Manager
Brandon Hayes - Senior DevOps Engineer
Mike Salem - Senior Engineer
Aaron Opela - Senior Engineer
Preston Brynie - Engineer
Ryan Archer - Engineer
Amanda Delatorre - Engineer
Tim Coon - Engineer
Todd Twiggs - Engineer
Curt Hendley - Project Manager
Emily Lau - Technical Project Manager
Andrew Heaton - Visual Design