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Deadly Alibi

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Last updated on 01 Dec 2016
D.I. Geraldine Steel is investigating the murder of a young whose body is found in a wheelie bin at a charity shop.  The immediate suspect is her husband, who claims he was with his girlfriend.  When Geraldine speaks with the girlfriend, she confirms the story and promises to come in the next day to the station to make a formal statement.  When she doesn't show and has seemingly disappeared, the case turns tricky.  Not only is the case a difficult one, but Geraldine is also dealing with the shock of discovering she has a twin sister, who appears to be an addict.  I really love Geraldine, she's honest, not only with herself, but also others and she works tirelessly to put the world to rights.  I can't wait to read the next book, I'm so curious to find out how things work out between the sisters.  This was an excellent read highly recommended.
Thank you Netgalley, No Exit Press and Leigh Russell for the ARC.

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