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I did not begin to read this book since I heard it had a cliffhanger ending.
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If there is one type of novel that I am loving lately it is the ROYALTY novels. I absolutely cannot get enough of them! Royal affair was such an outstanding debut novel from Parker Swift. It was full of heat, heart and had such an addicting story. I could not put it down!

Dylan Hale was absolutely amazing. He was so sexy and will blow you mind!  This novel was seriously so fantastic. I have a huge book hangover! I can't stop thinking about it and I finished it days ago! Lydia was such a great match to Dylan. She was a great combination of sweet and sassy and I could not get enough. Royal disaster seriously cannot get here fast enough! 4.5 stars!

I would like to thank NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for an advanced copy of this ebook for an honest review.
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I'm always up for reading new authors and I liked the premise of ROYAL AFFAIR so I took a chance on this dangerously sexy hero. I really liked Dylan. He's intelligent, gorgeous and oh-so-wicked! But the heroine, Lydia left much to be desired. I wasn't too fond of her and that made it difficult to finish the book. The writing was great and I liked the story, but the heroine was what sunk it for me. However, this won't deter me from checking out other books by the author.
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Royal Affair has a Fifty Shades feel about the narrative, with a brooding, dominant, over-protective, emotionally stunted billionaire who is brought back to life by an unexpected woman.

Lydia is a NYC girl moving to London to work with an up and coming fashion designer. While she doesn't have creative talent herself, Lydia is drawn to the behind the scenes and business aspects of the fashion industry. The oil that keeps the cogs moving. Lydia explains the draw to work in fashion in such a heart-felt way within the narrative it is easy to view her career drive through her eyes. Although Lydia has another motive for moving to London; having recently lost her father to cancer, Lydia is drawn to London on an elemental level due to the fact it was where her parents met and fell in love. Not having a relationship with her mother since she was very young makes Lydia yearn for the comfort and security she feels she will get in London.

Dylan Hale is british aristocracy through and through, hounded by the paparazzi all of his life led him to become closed off to his emotions and only indulging in secret impersonal hook-ups and coming to fully believe he has nothing else to offer. navigating life in the public eye while carrying the weight of family obligation has certainly taken its toll on Dylan. Old fashioned duty versus independence in Dylan's life. 

Dylan and Lydia meet while Lydia is travelling with a family she babysits for. While there is chemistry between the pair from the start, the social divide creates the first of many barriers for Lydia and Dylan. However, upon Lydia's move to London, Dylan's fight for distance is quickly losing the battle.

Lydia has missed out on a lot in her young life due to her responsibilities overshadowing her youth. As a former wild child, Lydia agrees to the clandestine affair Dylan offers her hoping she can keep heer emotions out of the mix. Even with the knowledge of Dylan's reluctance to acknowledge her publicly Lydia is unable to separate her body from her emotions; as the intensity of her time with Dylan increases so does the depth of her emotions. I admired Lydia's inner strength and determination to remain true to herself and not accept the limitations Dylan placed on her.

While I liked the progression of the relationship within Royal Affair there is an underlying tension and a sense of foreboding. Secrets are inferred but not disclosed, with a major twist at the end of Royal Affair leaving the path open for speculation as to what will be uncovered as the series develops. I am especially interesting in unearthing more information about Lydia's mother as I think it is going to be a game changer. I am looking forward to seeing if my suspicions are correct in Royal Disaster and Royal Treatment.
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I have mixed feelings about this book. It was an ok read for me. It reminded me of somewhat Fiftyish. Each time I would read another chapter Fifty came to mind. I enjoyed Fifty better. The thing is the book was still a page turner and a quick read. 

I guess the basis of the story didn’t really do it for me. It just seemed like the story was just about sex. I don’t understand how the characters feel for each other. How can you say you love someone when all you do is have sex!!!???. The characters hardly held any conversations. There was no chemistry at all. I can see a guy and think he is attractive and fine but after a while sex alone is never enough. You don’t fall in love just by having sex every time you see each other.  Did I tell you there was no substance between them yet. Yeah None.  I don’t know what else to say. 

Dylan is the smart dominant earl or something. He is attracted to Lydia but doesn’t want anyone to know that they are in a “relationship”. What!!!!???? 

Lydia is attracted to Dylan and is ok with settling with what Dylan was offering, even though she knew that she deserved better than that. 

The end of the book got a little intriguing. Just a little. You wouldn’t believe it it’s a sequel… Even though I am ranting, I still want to read the sequel maybe, just maybe it will be something of substance.
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I loved when Lydia's claws came out, “I know you like to call me yours and in the heat of the moment say ‘you’re mine’ and all that, but the reality is, I’m not, and you don’t actually want that. I can’t just be your secret stash of kink forever. I need to, well, I need to protect myself.” I liked Dylan's idea for romance, “now let’s go have some fun, and then I’m going to get you home and give you a birthday spanking— one for each year.” My jaw dropped, and he smiled at my shock. “And you’ll love every one.” I actually enjoyed this book immensely, and even though I hate cliffhangers I loved this book.
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Lydia is a sweet college grad about to start her dream job when she meets Dylan.  At first she doesn’t know he’s 1) a Marquess, 2) a paparazzi magnet and 3) a world renowned architect.  All Lydia knows is that she is in instant lust with this super-hot man. Dylan is all about seducing Lydia but only on his terms; which means no public appearances and he calls the shots.

This is very Fifty Shades meets Sweet filthy boy.  The sex is hot and kinky.  The attraction and sexual tension is off the charts.  The main characters are very believable but the side characters are a bit sketchy.  We have an Alpha man and a naïve younger woman.  There is some BDSM and spanking. I enjoyed this book but couldn’t help comparing it to those other books I mentioned. There is little that is original.
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Ladies meet your next book boyfriend, Dylan Hale! He's an aristocratic architect, reformed bad boy that likes to dominate... And he's available on Valentine's Day, guaranteed to make you a great date! :)
Lydia is really cool too! Seriously this book is HOT, HOT, HOT! I can't wait to see what Parker Swift has in store for the rest of the series. This book is definitely one of my top picks for the year!
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Dylan is every woman's fantasy until he opens his mouth and goes from dream guy to tempting prospect. Royal Affair takes lust, love and royalty and gives it a modern edge with a bad boy lead. I had a love/hate relationship with Dylan. His arrogance frustrated me but at the same time he could easily seduce me into forgetting that I wanted to knock some sense into him. Never have I come across a character practically becomes real before my eyes. Parker Swift delivered a heavy hitter with her debut.
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I loved this book.  The story was incredible and had just enough twists and turns to keep me hooked and up late at night reading.  I can't wait to read the next one!
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When I first saw the cover and synopsis of this book I was immediately  pulled in and I needed to know more. When I was able to get an ARC of this book I was thrilled and I dived into this story as soon as I possible . Royal Affair was fantastic.

In this book we follow Dylan and Lydia and the attraction between them was there from the  very  first  moment  they saw each other. After babysitting for a  family  in the  summer  Lydia is about to head over to London to start a new job, but while on the baby sitting job she  meets  Dylan and this  is where there story really begins. I loved the romance between them ,at first it was supposed to  be just  sex  ,  no relationship  just sex ,but I didn't  believe  that was going to work for  long because of the connection between these two .It was defiantly a tricky situation because I could understand why Dylan  would not want to  go  public with  the relationship or  have reservation  about  relationships because  he is  such a public  figure and the  things that have happen to him in the past and I could understand how  Lydia  felt  not  wanting to be secret and seeing him doing all of these things . There was a few moments where I was concerned and wondering how is this  going to work out but this story remind me of a very  important thing love will always find a way and it did  for Dylan and Lydia. There was never a dull moment  in this story and I finished it within hours Royal Affair was a  wonderful start to the  Royal Scandal  series.

Royal Affair was a  scorching hot, sexy  , swoon worthy, addictive , enchanting  story and after the ending of this book I cannot wait to get my  hands on the next  book in the Royal Scandal series  . Parker Swift If you are reading this and you want to let me read book 2 now that would be wonderful lol .
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I didn't dislike this book but I didn't get the butterflies in my tummy at the thought of the story. I enjoyed it but wasn't enthralled.
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I adored this book. First, Dylan, the hero is British. That alone is enough to get me to pick the book up. Second, he's a Marquess. I do love the aristocracy no matter what era. Third, he's absolutely filthy. Poor inexperienced, naive Lydia didn't know what hit her when she met Dylan.

My only "complaint" about the book is the amount of time we spend in Lydia's head. The POV is her's, so you'd expect to be in her head. But we spent a lot of time there when she was in a "moment" with Dylan. I would have rathered more interaction between the characters than Lydia's inner monologue. But that is a very small detraction to an otherwise fabulous, fabulous read. I can't wait to find out what happens next with this couple when the second book, Royal Disaster, comes out in April.
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I was really excited for this one. First off, the cover is gorgeous. It’s what caught my eye in the first place. Then, there was the blurb. A London Marquess with a crazy, sexy accent? Yes, please! I only wish I could have said that the book blew me away. 

Dylan Hale is a member of the British aristocracy, a prominent architect, and in line for a dukedom.  And, to top it off, he has particular tastes. He’s never one to stay with any one girl, so he is caught off guard when he catches sight of the wholesome Lydia Bell. 

Traveling as a nanny for a rich family, Lydia Bell is down on her luck. She doesn’t expect to meet someone like Dylan who attracts her like none other. She doesn't expect anything to come from it. That is, until her job in fashion design takes her to his world. Pretty soon, one night isn’t enough.

I started this book absolutely loving it. Lydia has such a joyous spirit, and she’s in the middle of judging her charge’s diving techniques - mock scowling -  when she meets successful businessman and royal himself, Dylan Hale. I loved how out of her element Lydia is, but how easily she can laugh at herself too. And how the Dylan she sees isn’t what she gets.

I withdrew my hand as soon as I could manage and brought my arms back to my waist. Then I went to smooth my skirt, remembering too late that I wasn’t wearing a skirt. It turned into a little thigh tap, which probably looked bizarre, like: Yup, I’ve got legs. At this point, I kind of wanted to disappear.

“You’re quite the taskmaster,” he said.

I looked at him, puzzled, and then I realized he was looking at the children. “Oh! Well, you know, kids these days. They just aren’t willing to put in the hard work it takes to be an Olympian.”

Soon, however, the story turns, and the similarites between it and 50 Shades of Grey didn't do it for me. Dylan likes to take charge - which is fine, I’m totally okay with this - but I didn’t like how it effected Lydia’s character. At this point, I’m looking for a female character who blows me away: she has an inner strength, she’s savvy, and she can fake confidence (or have confidence) like nobody’s business. Lydia is, at that, but she isn’t.

Dylan exuded total competence, and I was pretty sure I was completely out of my depth.

Why? You’re working for an awesome company in London, England. You're funny and accomplished. I never fell in love with Lydia's character, and that’s something that must happen for me to keep reading. 

I was hoping the story line as a whole would deviate more, showcase another side to both characters that it would elevate the plot. I never found that. 

Royal Affair misses its mark occasionally, but there were some great moments, and I still give it three stars. If you read the 50 Shades of Grey series and loved it, I would definitely give this one a try.
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Royal Affair (A Royal Scandal Novel; Book One)
by Parker Swift (A.C Review)
ISBN: 978-1-4555-9803-8 (e-book)
            978-1-4555-9804-5 (POD edition)

Lydia had never been lucky in love; so why did she think that meeting a bad boy Dylan, would be any different? They meet why she was running feral with the two rambunctious children, she was hired to care for over the summer. He kissed her and just walked away; however, he could not just stay away. Dylan had an internship and a job with a prestigious fashion designer in England; and though she was in no way interested in fashion, she was intrigued by the business and art of it all. Lydia and Dylan connected and against her better judgment had a toe curling sex that made her body nearly beg for more. The catch? She had to stay a secret! Can Lydia get the love she deserves; while Dylan gets the secrets he commands? Guess you got to keep reading.

I have to take a second and breathe, the passion and the seduction, and mystery of it all had me painting the entire book! I am beginning to think that I so live in the wrong country! Parker did a tantalizing and the toe curling job describing the sensual and at times madding pull these two have for each other. This book gave your toes a curler without the need of the vulgar and exotic talk that I have come to find as a constant when reading romance books these days! I commend Parker on a task well done! I find myself wishing to be in the place of Lydia on almost all accounts, and some points actually felt as though I was in that spot. This book was well written and very well described! I can't wait to see what happens next!

This book was an AC so to be expected, there was a few miss-spellings and grammar issues; however that in no way took anything away from the book! Okay so this is the end of my Rants of this book.....Oh yeah one rant....I hate cliff hangers...but you will have to read to find out what I mean!

I give this book a 5 out of 5 star review. I am going to recommend it to all my girlfriends, this book is differently sure to get their motor's running! Parker did a great job writing it, and I know when released in February 2017, it will be on the top of the best sellers list!

Unfortunately, like I said it is not available as of yet for purchase; you must wait till February. When it does come available I am sure that Parker will have it up on her website. Here is her contact info....don't forget to show her and of course I some love! 
Twitter: @the_ParkerSwift
Facebook: /ParkerSwiftAuthor
Instagram @Parker.Swift
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*fans self*

You guys. YOU GUYS. This was AMAZING. It reminded me a lot of the Royals Saga by Geneva Lee, but was unique enough that it didn't feel like a copycat. I am in love with Lydia, the smart and driven protagonist. She's had a hard time, but she's chasing her dreams in London. Dylan, on the other hand. Wow. Hot, titled, AND a successful architect?

Note: this book ends with a combination HFN and cliff hanger! I'm DYING for the next book, and this one hasn't even officially been published yet!

(I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review. And y'all, I am already planning to buy the rest of the series.)
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I received this book for an honest review via net galley. I haven't read any books by Parker Swift but I loved this. Just a heads up the book does end on a cliff-hanger and I hope I'm lucky enough to get to read it before that one comes out also. I really loved the pace of the book and loved the characters and the build of their relationship. Now on to what I thought about the book.

Lydia is trying to get her life back on track after her dad dies. Lydia literally has no family anymore and has felt like she can't get her footing since her dads passing. She works the summer as a nanny and meets sexy Dylan. Lydia feels a connection to Dylan and they share a steamy kiss but thinks that is it. After all she is a nobody in her eyes. Dylan is a Duke, architect, and has to have control in the bedroom. He pretty much offers a no strings attached relationship with Lydia after she arrives in London to work for a fashion designer. Dylan has a rocky past and lost a friend when their friendship was made public. They have a hot, steamy, and fast relationship will it last?

Like I said this book ends on a cliff-hanger and I hope to have some questions answered. Dylan is hiding something. Where is Lydia's mom will we find out more in the next two books. Will Dylan get more kinky! Bah I love dirty talking men. Please check this out it was so worth it.
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My library doesn't typically buy a lot of erotica, unless it's as an ebook. I'm not certain if we'll buy this. It was an interesting  read. I know that erotica typically does the cliff hanger thing, but I'm not a big fan of that. I actually liked this book a lot more until the last few pages
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