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The Innovation Mentality

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In 'The Innovation Mentality' Glen Llopis provides strategies of the immigrant perspective - See, Sow, Grow and Share. Each chapter has
1. Associated Behaviors and Workplace Characteristics for each strategy
2. What Opportunity Gaps does each strategy solve for?
3. Ask Yourself
4. Ask your company

There are examples of diversity at CVS, CEO of Chobani, defining personal brand value proposition, Integrated and Employee- branded communities, cross-pollination of leadership identity.

Later part of the book is devoted to 'Cultural Demographic Shift' and the problems it can solve.

"Without Strategy, Change Is Merely Substitution, Not Evolution". Tables show how these approaches are different.

"The failure to recognize that new products and services can require significantly different business models is often what leads to missed opportunities"
"Embracing a workplace culture that demands strategic focus encourages employees to unleash their full potential"
"Leadership is about the desire to be significant ,not just successful.."

Overall, you see the synergy required between individuals and the whole corporation for evolution.

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