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Debra Hyde has written a erotic bdsm story that will either engross your imagination for hours. As you read you may blush a little, get a little excited, or be a little embarrassed at some of the scenes that play out in the story line. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes BDSM. The story is well written and it will make you want  to finish it in one sitting to find out what happens.
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This was an extremely interesting read.  I haven't read a lot of BDSM novels it figured I would try this one out. Im glad I did. The plot was intense and I often asked myself why Liv continued to jump through all of the hoops. But it was obvious that her feelings for Cassandra were way more than just desire. It was interesting to see another side of relationships through this book and I found the author's writing to be highly engaging. Thanks for a great read!!
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I’m finding it difficult to know what to say about this book; the genre is a good ways outside of my comfort zone. A few of the things that I didn’t like about the book I suppose are more part of my own particular pet peeves, for one, I started to do an eye-roll every time the character used the words “the Void”, and secondly, while I was glad the book didn’t have f-bombs every second sentence, it did have a lot of the ‘c’ word… Which of all the words known to humanity is one of the words on my do-not-say list. I hate that word; I don’t know why people find it arousing. Anyway. That’s my own thing, and it wouldn’t be right to dock the book points just for that. One thing, however, is that the book is branded as lesbian relationship, but there’s a lot of male-on-female action in the book. Even though the woman expressly says that men are a hard-limit, a guy fingers her, then says that their mistress may order her to perform oral sex on him… If it’s a hard-limit, that means no, nothing, not interested, not happening, so these scenes just bothered me. Since I don’t usually read erotica stories, I have it on good word that this is pretty common, books branded as gay erotica have scenes with male-on-female, etc., so the gay/lesbian genre identification is more about the focus of the book rather than a concrete statement; in other words most of them are really bi, but the books are still called gay/lesbian. But if that’s the case, then it still shouldn’t happen if the character says men are a hard limit and they’re obviously not. I don’t know. I just found a problem with that.

The writing itself is fine, the story has a decent mix of sex scenes and non-sex scenes, and more than that, scenes that sort of have sexual overtones but aren’t exactly sexual in themselves, like the submissive getting a tattoo or cutting her hair because she is commanded to. So it’s not just endless sex. There’s also a number of characters who provide different relationships to the protagonist and have different views on Cassandra, the main character of the story.
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This is one of those books that you really need to know what you're getting into before buying. Same thing with rating this book. For me personally, I rate it 3 stars for how much I enjoyed it, however for the type of book it is I'd probably rate it 4 stars. What I mean by that is that this book is about as pure an S&M erotica book as you're going to get.

The book is basically about the character "L" and her learning to serve her new Master Cassandra. It's exactly as it sounds, lots of sex scenes in slave/master fashion. If that's not your thing, this book isn't for you. If you're interested in the lifestyle at all, then this is there perfect book for you. 

The writing was a little choppy for me in general and there wasn't much substance between the two characters other than sex. Even the non-sex tasks are through L and another character. Again, fine for an erotica book but I still like my erotica books with a little more plot and chemistry between the two leads.
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3.5 rounded up to 4 stars. This is a short read. I'm guessing more a novella than a novel. Only took me a couple hours to finish. It's an intense and realistic glimpse into the BDSM world. Some scenes might offend people looking for some of the more vanilla aspects like in 50 shades. 
The work this is loosely based on, The Story of O, angered me at the end. Happy to say this one gave me a much better feeling at the end. There's some hope here. It might even be possible we'll get a sequel sometime.

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Liv, mostly dominant, finds herself one night thoroughly owned and completely satisfied by Cassandra, famous Dom and wants for more. However, will she be able to fulfill all Cassandra's requests, or is there a limit called "to much"?
 This is a book that brings you deeper BDSM concept than some "coquetting" with it that most romances offer. It gives you insights on Dom/sub rules, behavior, sexual "build-up" with non-sexual play, searching for much deeper satisfaction, the blissful content that being owned and submissive means to L. 
  Although not the topic and plot that will suit everyone, this is a good book, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone eager to learn more about the BDSM construct in every-day life.
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This book is for anyone who loves S/M with depth of emotion. It's an intense read, but the author does a good job of creating a well told story around the  aspects of S/M. This book is an  untraditional romance, but there is definately love involved between the characters. In a rare glimpse of the S/M scenes, that are intense enough to border on crossing the line into abuse, the author does a beautiful job crafting characters and scenes that instead have respect and sensitivity to them. A sense of both physical and emotional respect for everyone involved in the book and characters. 

Liv called her hunger the Void, a bottomless pit of sexual desperation. She thought she knew it, and herself. Until a night with Cassandra silenced it. And brought out something in Liv she didn’t think possible: submission.

One taste of that, and Liv wanted more.

But Cassandra isn’t an easy dominant, and her demands aren’t simple. She expects Liv to earn her way into her good graces, too follow her every command and whim. How many hurdles must Liv jump before she can kneel before Cassandra? Before Cassandra will lay claim to her?

Just what will it take to become Cassandra’s “L?” And, if Liv achieves it, will the outcome be all she’s hoped for? Find out in a timeless tale, retold. Find out in Story of L.
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Title - Story of L
Author - Debra Hyde
Series - No
Genre - Erotica, LGBTQ
Publication Date - February 17th 2017
Cliffhanger - No
Rating - 4 Stars
Recommended - Yes

I really enjoyed this book. I've read a lot of M/F and M/M BDSM based novels, so to read a F/F was a nice change. The story is based on two main characters Liv and Cassandra as well a character, they are both mature characters which I also found refreshing to read since I don't often find that in the books I read.

This book is a story about nontraditional love, two characters finding a love that suits them both perfectly and provides them both with everything they need and desire.

Liv classes herself as a switch within the scene, both able to be dominant and submissive. Once she comes in contact with Cassandra who manages to go beyond all of Liv's expectations, she finds herself craving a more submissive role. Cassandra is known as a hard dom, she'll push boundaries and get what she wants but there is a side to Cassandra that people don't often see. She is looking for the perfect submissive, someone both willing to love and bend to command.

This book was good, I liked the characters, I found the story easy and pleasing to read. The scenes were hot. My only issue is that I something found that the story moved too quickly in places but apart from this, a great read.
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