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Cover Image: House. Tree. Person.

House. Tree. Person.

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Mo C, Reviewer

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I eagerly recommend Catriona McPherson’s “House. Tree. Person.” as an intriguing 4 star read.
I do enjoy reading Catriona McPherson’s books based in the Galloway region and enjoy following the characters journey’s between the towns that my family spoke of during my childhood. 

This book is a good paced thriller filled with so much suspense you just don’t know what the twist is until the very end (or at least I didn’t). 

This book was an easy, yet engrossing, read and had me hooked early on.  The author tells the backstory at the perfect pace to ensure the reader turns page after page. 

Thanks to Catriona McPherson, Midnight Ink and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this engrossing suspense novel.

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