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All I Want for Halloween

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A fun, breezy spin-off from the Donnigans made cuter with the Halloween theme, making me long for autumn, fall clothes, and a PSL. The book starts with a bang, literally, when Sadie and Gear hook up at a costume party a month before Halloween, and it turns out they are a match made in hookup heaven.

Despite their intense chemistry, Sadie's massive insecurity is a huge obstacle for them. After her last boyfriend cheated on her, Sadie refuses to even entertain the idea of love or a serious relationship, despite Gear telling her and just about everyone how he feels about her. Gear constantly chases after her, but Sadie continues to act blind and deaf to her true feelings. This grew repetitious and painful, and even a bit boring. 

Luckily, Sadie and Gear's story was also full of their wickedly irreverent, and off-the-wall family members. Marie Harte has such a knack with funny, supportive family members and the hippie, biker, genius, Mafia accountant, and playboy in the Liberato and Blackstone families are some of her best. 

Another pet peeve: what was with the cover? Sadie dressed as a warrior princess the night she met Gear, so it absolutely bugged me that the cover model doesn't remotely resemble a warrior princess.
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This was an enjoyable quick read. I liked the motorcycle mechanic/reality TV concept and I got a kick out of Sadie's and Gear's families whose interactions in no way resemble those in my family. All in all, I liked the story line and the heated romance and very much appreciated the variety of supporting characters. This earned about 3.5 stars in my ongoing search for well written romances with decent plots and 3D characters.
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Yes! Yes! Yes!  Perfect story- I wouldn't change a thing.  Marie Harte is a character-creating genius.  

Inside this story you will find two characters who have been burned badly by past relationships, but find that they are perfect for each other.  Their screwball families only make me want to know more about them.  Love this book!
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This was a fun read.  It was a nice contemporary romance.

This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for the ARC for my honest review. 

I have read many books by Marie Harte and usually enjoy them.   I would rate this a 4.5.  This one was a winner-I know ti's not for everyone-there is alot of sex and there is violence.  I enjoyed the straight forward characters who both had trust issues.  They were both strong figures.  I won't give any spoilers, but the book made me laugh at myself and the characters and their craziness.  I read for many different reasons and this one was just for fun-and I truly enjoyed it. I say if you enjoy spicy romance then give it a go.  Enjoy as I certainly did!
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Gear is one smart man when his woman is upset you don't sit on your behind, you take action, “you know what? I’m going to drink, wolf down some pizza, and try to forget the verbal smackdown my brother already gave me. I can do without your **** too.” She hung up. He swore and got dressed, then took his quieter bike, the one without the monster pipes, over to Sadie’s..." I really liked this book, Sadie was so sassy.
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This story is part of the Donnigan series. It features Sadie, who is not a Donnigan but is friends with them. It starts very strangely with Saide a reality tv junkie for this motorcycle show with two friends and this guy Gears, girl friend. The show is showing that Gear has discovered that his best friend is sleeping with the girl friend. Meanwhile the friend and ex say he is the one that really cheated. Meanwhile Saidie's brother Eiott wants her to go to a Halloween party.

Then we meet Gear who was cheated and betrayed some two months before and now the show is finally on tv, he is told he must go to a halloween party with them as part of the contract. Well guess who he meets at the party. Yep Sadie and wel she beyond impresses him and it was really fun because she impresses me too.

This was a fun story with a kickass heroine and a little reality tv thrown into the storyline. At some points I found the story was over the top and not 100% believable like Gear's family, sorta a steam punk troupe that travels. It also has lots and lots of HOT sex scenes. But beyond that I really enjoyed the story and Saidie I loved.
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certainly a good story with an interesting storyline. good overall writing.
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‘All I want for Halloween’ starts out fun and gossipy in a way about celebrities that had me laughing at the parody, then made it work by introducing a female lead who seemed to know just what she was doing, and yet was funny and gutsy to boot. And I’d thought there and then, that we had a winner. 

After all, who can say that they’ve looked with disdain from afar, then came face to face with the very person you’ve been seeing on screen and been judgemental about? As someone watching from the outside, Sadie Liberato’s own reaction to the whole mess of a cheating ex and Motorcycle Madnezz’s end of an era on tv closely mirrored mine…minus the incidental meeting and the sexy times. 

But past Gear’s and Sadie’s first (rather acrobatic) public, masked-sex at the party, it was hard to sustain interest in a pairing because I couldn’t tell just what direction their relationship was going to take. Throw in the sudden influx of characters in the midway point and the copious number of sex scenes—I really did get the point early on that sex between them was hot and stratospheric and got bored when that just went on and on—, it started to fall flat at the quarter-mark of the story, when Gear and Sadie find themselves in a semblance of dating but are convinced that they’re nothing more than that while their actions prove otherwise. Adamant that their ‘relationship’ is casual, much of it felt like lust masquerading as love still, even as both eventually do come to the conclusion that they are already there with their emotions. 

Overall, I feel as though I should have liked this better than I did, but throughout it all, I simply found myself impatiently wanting to see the story get somewhere and was disappointed when it didn’t quite. Instead it dragged on and I finally started to skim, almost relieved when Gear/Sadie got it into their heads that they were on the same emotional page because that was where the story also ended.
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Love all of Marie Harte's books.  Great stories with plenty of heat and heart.
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