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An American Marriage

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Aside from the unneeded racial comments towards the beginning of the book, I enjoyed the book.
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I loved this book so much! The ending was so unsatisfying that it took some of the initial happiness away and left me wanting answers. But anyway, what a great writer this woman is!

Story is about what happens to a marriage when a husband, wrongly accused, goes to prison. Main question is - can modern marriages stand the test of time? I wondered about the adjective 'American' in the title and I still don't see why is this story specifically related to American and not all other similar marriages across the world, but, oh well.  I liked how we could follow the story from different POVs, their motives were well elaborated. That didn't make me love the husband any more than little, but I appreciate a well-crafted character. Celestial is such an interesting woman and I really enjoyed her story and her strength, pride and ease. Basically, I loved them all and I felt for them all. Just like when you hear a sad story about someone you know, neighbor or a coworker and you feel invested because you saw them and had some ideas about what they are going through. So, good job, Miss Jones!

I loved the style, I will certainly follow Tayari Jones' future work, this was such a pleasure for me. Although I was left with a lot of questions about the ending, I liked the questions that resonated with me after reading about many deeper issues, not related to the plot. This novel had a lot of strong convictions worth discussing or at least mentioning.
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I think Tayari Jones has a clear, accessible style, but this book does not have the heart of Leaving Atlanta or Silver Sparrow--for whatever reason, there just doesn't seem to be as much at stake.
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This novel cements the authors well deserved reputation. Riveting and well written.
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Great read! This novel has so many levels to it. What is marriage? What binds us to people? Would your marriage survive circumstances beyond your control? I liked that Jones gave the perspectives of Roy, Celestial and Andre. There is no clear right or wrong choices. I really enjoyed this novel.
I have a feeling that when this novel is released it will be the natural choice for book groups. So many things to discuss. Thanks so much to Netgalley for the chance to read this book!
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