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A Plague of Giants

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Hearne’s new fantasy epic takes a masterful twist with ingenious story telling and world building. Through the Raelech Bard Fintan’s kenning (magic), which gifts him perfect memory and the ability to take on the mannerisms and story of the people of this world, we learn what has transpired to cause this congregation of displaced peoples on Survivor Field in Pelemyn.
This is no dry historical epistle rehash of recent battles and diary musings. Fintan’s performances are contrasted with the daily life of Dervan, the quiet historian charged with recording this tale. As the story progresses, we learn how his quotidian life is no longer as quiet routine as before the giants or Fintan arrived.
The storytelling device works masterfully to thread together and not merely explain but also help educate as to all the massive recent changes and upheavals for this land. One steps away from Fintan’s stage each day with better understanding why a particular character chose to react how they must, and how each of those choices create consequences that ripple throughout the magical world of kennings Hearne has built. I eagerly await the next book!
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