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Time Surfing

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In Time Surfing, Paul Loomans guides the reader through his seven step Zen-based method for managing time and its associated pressures. Originally published as Ik heb de tijd (2013) and translated to English by Colleen Higgins in 2017, illustrations are by Niels de Hoog. 

The system within is still helpful to readers today. Loomans’ method encourages a mindset shift. Instead of being controlled by time you learn to trust it and yourself. Drawing on his experience during a period when he was spinning multiple plates, Loomans experimented and created his system. The result is one that simple, straightforward. and comprehensive. 

The seven parts of his system form a cohesive blueprint that when applied can help reduce time stress. This reviewer found one step more valuable than others: creating a breather between activities (step 3). Microbreaks are counterintuitive, especially for those who wish to decrease attention residue. When we mono task, remain mindful and observant, trust (the system) and use intuition to guide task choice, microbreaks can greatly enhance one’s day. This system can help improve one’s sense of working on the right thing at the right time. That helps reduce stress and improve health.

Time Surfing is an easy-to-read enjoyable guide that provides a different way to think about tasks, productivity, and time.

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