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The Science of Cooking

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penny s, Reviewer

I love good infographics and I love to understand the science behind why some things I cook work and some … definitely do not. To have at my fingertips a book full of both is a delight. Farrimond's beautiful reference is great for novice or experienced cook. It offers clear photos, helpful illustrations, and lots of information. This title covers a vast range of information from basics about taste, flavors, and kitchen essentials to all the aspects of cooking: meat and poultry, fish and seafood, eggs and dairy (including cheese), and more. Are you curious about the process as a popcorn kernel pops? Wonder how does sous-vide works? Or would you like to understand about the cell anatomy as a banana goes from unripe to overripe? Do you want to know the secret behind caramelization? If so _The Science of Cooking_ is for you. This reader and cook believes it's a great gift for anyone curious about the food they cook and eat.
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