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Million Dollar Habits

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Lucy S, Reviewer

Last updated on 27 Jul 2017

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This book has a great focus on 'habit', the habits that successful people use and what they are so that you can apply them to your own life. I really liked the use of quotations and famous figures in this book. Additionally, I loved how Tracy (the author) stated a habit and then backed this up with information from psychology, for example. However, references to the bible may not be for some. I felt that some of the points made were really interesting and something different to what I have heard or read before. Furthermore, there are questions for you to answer in relation to your own life which may help you actually implement some of the things that Tracy talks about. I was surprised by how much information was actually in this book, I appreciated that it did not ramble on about the same point but rather had just the right amount of writing and then introduced another. Overall, this was an interesting book and if you would like to read about different theories relating to success, you may want to read it.

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