The Chalk Man

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Wow!!! This book had me up all night, the twists and turns were all over the shop. The book is about Eddie and his group of friends who truly have one of the worst summers ever back in the 80's and then you cut back to the present and the past is back to haunt them! It's a murder mystery in a way and flits from the past to the present giving snippets of the story! I totally loved it and couldn't bear to stop reading! It all starts with a box of chalk and ends with murder! 
The ending totally got me the final twist was a good one and I was screaming silently (hubby was sleeping it was 4am) for them not to go back into the woods! What a bloody good book seriously you have to read this novel, I can't wait for more from the author and can't believe it's over!!!
Totally amazing read a five star author!
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This book for me started as 5*...

Eddie and his friends are just like every other normal twelve year olds, but one Summer changed their lives. Eddie, Hoppo, Fat Gav, Metal Mickey and NIcky are fabulous characters and typical kids of the era. 

The boys adopted a secret code, they draw chalk men, each boy having their own color chalk, so the others know who sent the 'message'.  But soon 'the chalk men' take up a life of their own, and lead the boys to a dead girl.

Later, the grown up Eddie, now a teacher and very nerdy, receives a letter... a picture of chalk man. This sets in motion the secrets and ghosts of the past, not only concerning Eddie but everyone he knew, parents, teachers, neighbours. 

Set in the 1986 and 2016 the start of this book is absolutely fabulous. It is tense and gripping and for me I could see why it is billed as THE thriller of 2018.

The Chalk Man, a debut by C J Tudor is brilliantly plotted. Her descriptions of the 1980s brought back my childhood and this tale is written to creep and scare the reader.  The ending is one I never expected and I was left thinking 'OMG', but.......

What started as a 5* slid to a 3*, right before that terrific end. Without giving away spoilers, the reveal and the 'fight in the woods' was a terrible and unrealistic finale. I just didn't 'buy' it.  So for me this book dipped at this point only to rise again with the final chapter. 

I have to say this is a great read and most will probably think what I am talking about. The Chalk Man is an amazing thriller and don't get me wrong I loved it, it was for me like one those movies that leave you thinking 'oh was that it' and I was a tad disappointed. 

The cover is very impressive, every time I picked it up I found myself trying to dust the chalk off, it is very convincing and with that title just a dream of a design. 

Recommended read.
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My favourite book of the year!!!  This outstanding book has it all.  Brilliant characters that you feel that you know so well and a plot that is to die for.  This book has it all in spades.  I cannot recommend this novel highly enough.  A total must read.
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