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Autumn Sonata

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Last updated on 12 Sep 2017

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This book is set in Europe during the second world War, and Fleur and Hugh meet in 1943. Theirs is a whirlwind romance and no sooner are they married than Hugh, a pilot, is taken prisoner under the belief that he's a spy. What starts as a week, goes into two years and Fleur is forced to move on for there's no news of Hugh and she moves to Paris with her father and godmother to start a fresh. She meets Arvind, and they get married on the day that Hugh returns to London after years of undergoing torture and recuperation.

I loved the whole premise of lovers being torn apart by war, and looked forward to a deeply moving story.
I also loved the way Hugh's frustration came through in the book because most books written on war have mostly been told from the perspective of the families that were left behind. For Hugh to fight for his life by holding onto his love for Fleur, that did make me sad and for him to return and see that the world moved on and he has to do the same whilst dealing with the memories of being tortured at two concentration camps, that was unbearable.

It's well written in a way and that's all I can say on it, if you love some historical romance you could give it a try and share your thought too.
I received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review and I am glad I got to read on a different perspective on the War.

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